Top 10 Best drone app – make your drone flight route safe

Which is the best drone app to make drone flight route safe?

Nowadays most people are using drone. With little practice, you can fly drone easily.  Drones are using at many locations like wedding photographers are using a drone for the aerial shot, Biker which vlogs on youtube they use drone to take a beautiful aerial shot of their tides.

When you buy new drone, the company provides an official drone app of that company.  But you should use other best drone app also. With the help of these, you can get weather condition, record your flight, safe route to fly drone, etc.

Best Drone app list

I have selected the best drone app for you. No need to download the entire app and ruin your phone storage, download only those which are useful to you and your drone.

Free flight pro – best drone app

Its touch controls are simple so beginners and professionals both can use it easily. Apps controls are customizable. Its immersive piloting mode gives high thrills and amazing sensations.

Free flight pro allows you to capture high-quality images. it supports various formats like RAW/DNG. Record high-quality video at 30mb/s and adjust white balance, saturation.

Use a flight plan to do per program autonomous flights from your Smartphone. Select GPS waypoint and create a customized route for drone. Its intelligent flight mode helps you to capture beautiful video.

With the point of interest, you can set focus on one object during the whole flying period.

DOWNLOAD Free flight pro

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Litchi – Best drone app paid

First of all, it is a paid app not free. Litchi can be used with many drone brands like DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire/Spark. With its advanced waypoint editor, you can set classic missions, selfies, panoramas, etc. panorama mode supports 3 views horizontal, vertical and spherical panoramas.

Its virtual reality mode supports most mobile google virtual reality. Track mode is used to track any object to you select.

Focus mode easily keeps focussing on the selected subject at the time of flying. Orbit mode provides advanced settings and real-time controls. Litchi is the best drone app which provides many features to make your drone control easy.


Top 10 best drone app

QuadcopterFx Simulator

Google Cardboard VR is also supported for immersive flying and FPV experience. QuadcopterFx Simulator is Designed for RC enthusiasts to practice Flying skills. It is based on physic model of quadcopter. 

Different camera mode is used in it for a better view like eye-level camera, first-person view camera, follow the camera and stabilized gimbal camera.

Set return to location feature on so your drone will return at the exact same location after completing the shoot.

With its home lock feature on drone Forward will always be Away from you and Backwards will always be towards you regardless of Quads Orientation.

DOWNLOAD QuadcopterFx simulator

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Dji Go – Best drone app

Its live HD view feature uses a real-time HD download link. With HD download link you can see the exact view of location in the app. Full camera control is given in app like you can adjust shutter speed, ISO and much more.

Live recording helps you to take professional aerial shots. To make editing your recording easy ready to use templates are given in it. Tweak your clip with music and filters.


best drone a[[ for iphone


With airmap, you can notify nearby airports about your drone. You can get real-time data of airspace rules and conditions. It supports 20 countries air traffic data. You can create a pilot profile in it. Plan your flight route for a specific duration, altitude, and airspace requirements.


best drone camera app

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UAV forecast

With UAV forecast app, you get exact conditions of weather in your app, so you can decide when to fly drone and when to not. Weather information includes all the detail like wind speed, cloud, rain, fog, visibility, etc.  App regularly changes weather data.


drone flight route app


It is a must-have app for drone user. Hover has lots of features like a no-fly zone, flight logs, weather data, etc. It has an international no-fly zone to help you navigate in the sky safely.

Choose how to track flight logs individual or team and then seamlessly track, log and maintain their drone fleet. Collect detail weather conditions of speed and direction, rain, shine, etc. Its flight readiness indicator shows whether it is safe or not to fly drone.



pix4d is can be used to convert your drone data in 3d model. It converts your consumer drone into professionals drone shoot. It is the best drone app to capture image data, RGB, multispectral, thermal data to create 3D model.

Use polygon and grid mission for general mapping and double grid model for better 3D model. Flight parameters can be adjusted for each mission base on requirements. You can use offline map with the storage of base map.  

To improve the relative and absolute accuracy of the model use ground control points. With its cloud support, you can directly upload image from device to pix4D.

DOWNLOAD Pix4dcapture


Dronedeploy provides automated flight routes for drone. You can share high-quality maps form your mobile device. With two taps on phone screen you can fly drone.

It is the best drone app for a wide range of aerial view. For beginners and professional’s automated mapping is given. You can live stream through Drobedeploy with first-person view. With in field data analysis measure elevation, distance, area. You can collaborate with team through shared maps.

DOWNLOAD Dronedeploy


It is developed by federal aviation administration to guide drone pilot whether they should fly or not drone at those locations. It shows situational awareness to user according to current or planned locations.

Different colors are used in it to warn the user about different situations like drone use is prohibited or not at that location, etc. you can see in map nearby restricted area to fly the drone.

Its planner mode is an advanced user feature to plan for feature flights. Set location and time in it and it gives you information about weather conditions and more.



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