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Drone camera has changed the way of photography and video. Drone camera has made aerial photography and video easy to everyone; with little practice, you can shoot amazing footage with best drone camera. Drone camera has also made it possible to take some extraordinary shot with drone that was impossible to take from a normal DSLR camera. With drone, you can take 360 degrees, full aerial view footage, etc.

Drones are better for the video shoot but it is also a fact that drones are too expensive also. I have covered both types of drone high-end drones and cheap drones.

Shoot stabilize video while moving is a good sign of best drone camera. Now best thing is that even budget drone camera also can shoot stabilize shake-free video.

Nowadays to fly drone you should take care of locations where you can or can’t fly drone. Weather conditions, wind speed, etc also matters for flying drone. For all these point able things there are apps available. Install drone apps and you know everything to fly a safe drone.

Best drone camera in India

DJI Mavic air – Best drone camera

It is a foldable drone camera. Its arms fold easily and its size becomes equal to a  water bottle. DJI Mavic airspeed is 68mph with 21 minutes flight time, it can travel in 10 km range to shoot video. 4K Ultra HD camera is given in it for HDP photography. With its 85 degrees field of view capture 32 Mp stunning images

In the size department, it is smaller than DJI Mavic pro 1 and 2 AND it is little bigger than DJI spark. Like DJI spark, DJI Mavic air can also be controlled by hand gesture and mobile device.

To make flying safe it uses obstacle avoidance sensor. This sensor works in three direction front, rear and down. This makes flight route very safe and it is one of big reason to choose DJI Mavic air.

Features :

  • Battery – 2375 mAh
  • Battery life – 21 minutes
  • Video – 4k at 60 fps
  • Drone range – 10 km
  • Camera – 12 MP
  • Weight – 430 gm
  • Max speed – 68 kPh
best drone camera

DJI Spark – Best selfie drone camera

This is the best drone camera for beginners and travelers.  Most of the youtubers are using it for their traveling vlog due to its small size and portability to take anywhere easily. DJI spark’s sensor can detect and avoid obstacle for a safe and stable shot.

Its active track function lets you keep focus on the moving object and track that object automatically. You can control DJI spark in 3 way: first by hand gesture, second from hand controller and third form a mobile device.

It 12 MP camera shoots perfect selfie and video at 1080P. 15 minutes of battery time is provided in it so you can use it only for a small time period. It’s some features are obstacle avoidance, GPS stabilization, object tracking, gesture control, mobile phone control flights.

Features :

  • Battery life – 16 minutes
  • Video – 1080 at 30 fps
  • Drone range – 100 meter
  • Camera – 12 MP
  • Weight – 300 gm
  • Max speed – 50 kPh
best drone camera in india

Parrot Bebop 2 – Best drone camera

If you are searching for a mid-range drone camera then you should try once Parrot Bebop 2. It includes some extra accessories but you have to pay for that little bit like optional flight controller and FPV headset.  Instead of gimbal, it uses stabilization software to do shake free video recording.

Its chassis uses rubber dampers to reduce vibration in flight. You can connect Parrot bebop 2 drone camera with your phone and control through phone easily.  But to use extra feature from app like follow me and more you have to do in-app purchase, these feature not free just like DJI drone camera apps.

Features :

  • Battery – 2700 mAh
  • Video – 1080 at 30 fps
  • Drone range – 300 meter
  • Camera – 14 MP
  • Weight – 500 gm
  • Max speed – 37 kPh
Drone camera price in india

DJI Mavic 2 zoom

Mavic 2 zoom is a portable drone camera with good battery life. DJI has changed the meaning of photography with its drone cameras.

One of the best futures of this drone camera is hyperlapse, yes you can create hyperlapse with drone in the sky. With its omnidirectional sensor, you can track object in any direction with ease.

Its well-balanced software and hardware system makes you to able to control drone in high wind with maximum speed at very responsive control. Its camera is average 12 MP but zoom lens is great which can zoom 24-48mm.

Features :

  • Battery – 3850 mAh
  • Battery life – 31 minutes
  • Video – 4K at 30 fps
  • Drone range – 8 km
  • Camera – 12 MP
  • Weight – 905 gm
  • Max speed – 72 kPh
best selfie drone camera

Parrot Anafi

Parrot Anafi was launched in mid-2018. To reduce the weight of drone carbon-fiber elements are used in it. Due to carbon fiber, it is lightweight so you can carry it anywhere easily.

It can do automatic take-off and landing. Sometimes drone may be lost or crashed due to improper map connections, so GPS based return to home function is used to make it return safely on landing place. Parrot has its drone app but it is not fully free for premium functions you have to pay.

Features :

  • Battery – 2700 mAh
  • Battery life – 25 minutes
  • Video – 4K at 30 fps
  • Drone range – 4 km
  • Camera – 16 MP
  • Weight – 320 gm
  • Max speed – 50 kPh

Zerotech dobby

This is the smallest drone and it comes fit in your pocket. You can operate it through your phone via WIFI and its range is 100 meter. This is made only for close range purpose. It is one of the cheapest drone cameras.

The main advantage of this drone is its size. Due to its compact size, you can carry it anywhere rather than those big drones which are difficult to carry their size.

Its mobile app includes features like tack object, facial reorganizations, etc.  It can shoot 4K video but only then when digital image stabilization is off.  

The control camera angle from app is hard. Due to its small size, it is not easy to operate in high wind. When weather is clear and its sunny outside with no wind you can use it easily.

Features :

  • Battery life – 9 minutes
  • Video – 4K at 30 fps
  • Camera – 14 MP
  • Weight – 199 gm
  • Max speed – 50 kPh


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