Best online multiplayer game for android

With high processor and graphics supports android phones are now capable to run high graphics online multiplayer game smoothly. Multiplayer game gives you best experience of gaming with your friends. Which are the top best online multiplayer game for android ?

Multiplayer games on android or iphone gives you best experience of gaming through and through. Playing best multiplayer games online with friends give lots of fun. In multiplayer game friends help each other to win match, so there is chance of developing teamwork sprit in you.

Both online and offline multiplayer games are available. Offline multiplayer game can be played via Bluetooth or WIFI. Online multiplayer game gives you freedom to play game with your friends from any location of the world.

In this article you will read about best online multiplayer game for android. I have selected these games as cool online multiplayer android games on the basis of its downloads, user reviews, critics reviews, ratings form user.

Best online multiplayer game for android free download

PUBG mobile – best online shooting multiplayer game

In last one year fanbase of PUBG mobile has increased in unbelievable number. Currently it is best online multiplayer game for android and best part of it that it is totally free to download.

There is different mode to play game solo, duo and squad mode. With Facebook login your Facebook friends who are playing PUBG mobile directly added to friend list in PUBG mobile game.

You have to compete with other 99 player with your team or solo to win the match. 4 types of different maps is given in it. After landing in map you have to collect gun, ammo, jacket, helmet everything which is needed to win game.

Playzone start shrinking after a period of time and you have to keep yourself inside the playzone otherwise playzone will damage your health. Best of the game is that its regularly updates its bugs and gaming experience. This is one of the best game to play with friends with online.


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Last day on earth : survival – best zombie game

Those who loves to play zombie games this game is treat for them. The best zombie strategy survival online multiplayer game is last day on earth. Story of game is set in 2027 where people is infected by unknown virus and becoming zombies.

For surviving your character collect valuable resources for building home, weapons and kill zombies. keep away intruders from areas. You can attack on other survival area to loot food, weapons and more.

If you pass the wall on the west of the map you will enter an online location where you will be able to interact with other players.

DOWNLOADLast day on earth

Asphalt 9 : Legends – Best racing game

Its stunning visuals and particle effects turn every race into a realistic experience. For racing game lover this is best online multiplayer racing game for android phone users. 50 different types of cars are available to choose.

Customize cars according to your style. Change color, features, tyres etc of cars and make it more powerful to compete with other player. Nitro booster is given to boost car. 360 degree stunt can be perform by double tap on break.

In its career mode 60 seasons and 800 events is included. Online compete with other 7 player and show of them your driving skill. Games graphics is excellent and game play is smooth. Daily events help player to earn money. With new update new car added in games.

DOWNLOADAsphalt 9 : Legends


This is an award winning free to play cross platform MOBA game. MOBA means you have to team with other players and take fight with rivals. It is 5 vs 5 game. This is strategy game for android , you have to build great strategy to win this game.

Proprietary evil cross platform game engine is used to make this game. this game engine offers beautiful, smooth graphics, superior performance and unrivaled control accuracy.

48 different is available to choose avatar for you. Different categories to play like macro play, objectives, team comps and vision control. For each avatar there are multiple competitively viable play style which depends on build path and over drivers.


Fortnite – Best multiplayer android game

Fotnite is good competition for PUBG mobile but unfortunately this is not available for all android device. Its beta version is available for selected android device.

Like pubg ypu can team up with your friend in duo or squad mode. You can play solo mode if you want to play alone. As game move forward safe zone start shrinking due to incoming storm. Player outside safe zone will take damage in health.

PUBG mobile feels like a war game instead of Fortnite feels like a lighthearted game due to its childish or cartoonist graphics.


Mortal combat 5 – Best online multiplayer FPS game

In game there is 9 class or 9 level. You can customize and level up among these 9 classes and can play solo or squad. These 9 levels are Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, or Kommander.

With every win in solo or squad match you can collect xp. As you go level up in game you can unlock high tier guns. Customize with right attachments and start dominating enemies.

In this game great graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted for a first person shooting game. Intuitive and highly customization features give you freedom to play game as you want. Modern combat 5 supports HID game controllers.

DOWNLOADMortal combat 5

Critical ops

Critical ops is another first person shooter game. Its beautifully crafted maps and challenging game modes make fighting experience competitive. With competing in intense p vs p gameplay you may increase your game skill and control on weapons.

This game has 3 challenging mode.

1. Defuse – In this one team will plant bomb and other team will try to defuse it.

2. Team deathmatch – whichever team will survive till last will win this match.

3. Gun game – In this two team fight against each other with individual player working their on way through all the weapons in the game.

Three different mode is available for matchmaking quick games, rank games and custom games. Developer gives regular updates for games which improves game performance, unlock new game mode and improve personalization.

DOWNLOADCritical ops

best online multiplayer game for android

8 Ball pool

It is most played online multiplayer game on android. Refine your skills in practice arena. Customize your cue and table in every competitive match you play. Every winning gives you coins. You can use coins to play in bigger match and you can also buy new items in the pool shop.

Playing friends is easy: sign in with your Miniclip or Facebook account and you’ll be able to challenge your friends straight from the game. Challenge friends anytime, anywhere and show off your skills.

DOWNLOAD8 Ball pool

Garena free fire

If you cant spend time on long duration games like pubg, where to win you have to survive at least 30 minute. Game duration for Garena free fire is 10 minute. This is ultimate shooting game for android.

Start searching weapons, ammo with landing and take fight with enemies and become last man standing. Be alert at the time of looting airdrop. Stay in safe zone and survive for 10 minutes to win.

DOWNLOADGarena free fire


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