Best tricks for iphone – Secret you don’t know

What if i asks you that who is leader in phone market? Then your answer would be probably iPhone. Because it comes with lots of smart feature. To speed up your iPhone you should use these best tricks for iPhone.

Older iPhone owner should use these best tricks for iPhone. These are some secret tips for IOS device to make it work faster and smoother.

I have tried these tricks and result was awesome so i thought i should share these tricks with you. In My blog geekymr – The tech zone, i always try to share articles which makes you life easier with gadgets.

Best tricks for iPhone and iPad

Here is the list of best tricks for iPhone. This list include camera trick, charging trick, 3d touch trick, quick location sharing trick etc.

Move multiple apps

Android user already using this feature for years but now apple also provided this for iPhone user to make group of similar app.

It is easy to access when similar apps are grouped in same folder like social media folder contains social media apps.

To make them in a group first long press and then hold the app icon and move it slightly, so the”x” button in the left corner dismisses. Now while holding first app select the others app by tapping them and move all other apps together to make group of them.

Charge phone with fast speed – Best tricks to charging phone fast

Is your phone getting so much time for charging?

To full day use of any phone you need a good battery life. We use lots of apps in daily life so battery drain fast.

Sometimes we need to charge battery twice or thrice in a day. With this simple best tricks for iPhone you can charge your IOS device quickly.

First do power off the iPhone or put in air plane mode at the time of charging. By this you can increase your charging speed.

Second trick to increase charging speed is close all the apps which drain your battery at time of charging like Bluetooth, WIFI, turn off data etc.

3D touch for folder notifications

When you make group of similar app in a folder, then folder show red badge when any notifications come. You will open folder and then open app to see what is in notifications. It is very time consuming process.

To save time you can see notification without opening folder. With 3D touch when you long press on notifications badge then it show for which particular app notification has come.

Set timer top stop music

Set timer for stop music is best trick for iPhone when you want to play music for a time period.

I like listening music at the time of sleeping sometimes. but i forgot to stop music because i slept and my battery drain due to continuous playing music. So now i set timer whenever i listen music at the time of sleeping.

To set timer open clock app then in stop playing option set timer. When timer comes to zero it stops all the music which is playing in iPhone.

Reopen last tab in safari

Browsing something and close the open tap by mistake. Want to reopen it without going in history setting. Use this best trick for iPhone to reopen last tab.

In safari browser if you press on the “+” button at the bottom of the browser, it reopen the tap which is recently closed.

Set custom alert – Best time saving tricks for iPhone

You can set custom alert for special person who are close to you. So when someone calls you or text you then you get know without picking up phone that who is he or she?  You can answer them if they are important. This simple and best iPhone tricks save lots of time.

Quick location share via siri – Best location sharing tricks for iPhone

You are messaging with someone and he asks about your location, what will you do to send location quickly?

To share your location when you type “i’m at” in quick keyboard then siri automatically put a current location button above keyboard. With that button you can share location quickly.

Besides locations sharing siri can helps in other things also. Like someone is asking for any person phone number in text, then siri shows contact number button above keyboard. Same process work with email also.

Set password for single app

How to set password for single app in iPhone?

Let me tell you best trick for setting password in iPhone. In setting choose screen time, choose app limit and set 30 seconds timer for all app and categories.

Go to always allowed and add apps that you don’t want to lock. Apps which you have selected to lock will require password to open it.

Set camera focus perfectly – Best camera tricks for iPhone

iPhone camera gives competition to DSLR camera in terms of photo quality. To take perfect picture focus is very important. When you move camera at the time of clicking pictures focus changes every time.

Sometime it’s annoying to set focus for every particular photo by taping on screen. You can lock focus if you don’t want to change focus every time.

To lock focus press for 2 second on screen AF FOCUS lock pop up will appear. Now click pictures in every directions without losing focus.

Quick switch between two apps

Use Home button to quick switch between two apps. With the help of swipe gesture which is given in home button you can swipe between two apps.

Shortcut for search query in iPhone

What you do when you want to search something in iPhone. You particular app which belong to that search.

What if i tell you you don’t need to open app to search query.

IOS search feature can detect certain type of quires and give you suggestions to automatically run a relevant app for that search. When you copy something from message then you see a shortcut in search interface which offers relevant app for that search query.


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