Top 20+ best tricks to improve iPhone battery life

Battery draining is common problem in all phones including iPhone. When you buy a new phone it works perfectly. After few months major issue comes out is battery. Because in starting you use few apps in phone but with time you starts using more apps in phone so battery problem issue come. So i have came with best tricks to improve iPhone battery life.

iPhone is popular for its power-pack performance in each department of phone. After few months iPhone also faces battery issues.

While you are doing some important work and “Low battery” notifications pop up on screen it is really annoying. To avoid this pop up use these best tips and tricks to increase iPhone battery life.

Simultaneously doing so many task on iPhone reduces its battery life. Even its processor is high and it is made to give you power better performance, battery issue in iPhone also exit.

Here are the top 20+ best tips to improve iPhone battery life, may be possible that you are some of tips already but i m sure you may get few new tips also in this article.

Best tricks to improve iPhone battery life

How to improve iPhone battery life is? This is major concern for every iPhone user. From below tricks improve iPhone battery life.

Turn off vibration and reduce volume

Using phone vibration for notifications reduces iPhone battery life. Few people aware of this fact that vibration use high power of energy in compare to only ringtone mode which uses less energy. So if battery indicator icon showing low battery then turn off vibration in iPhone.

Do you set your ringtone volume like me then you are doing same mistake what i did in past. Don’t set ringtone on high volume set it on medium level and see change in battery.

Prevent auto update apps

Most users don’t turn off auto update feature in iPhone. If auto update is turn on then it runs in background continuously to check any update is available or not. If update is available then it show in notifications.This process drain your iPhone battery fast. So turn off auto update apps feature and manually update apps.

Turn off auto refresh apps

In iPhone appswhich you uses often automatically being refreshed in background to collect latest information from app and shows in notification badge. Background running apps consumes so much battery. So it is better to turn off auto refresh apps.

Choose low power mode

Ever happened that you are using iPhone since morning and at end day you see that iPhone battery is low and you don’t get time to charge it. At that time you should turn on Low power mode in iPhone.

It will turn off all the process and apps which are running in the background. It increases battery life up to few hours until you get time to charge iPhone.

Update iOS

Whenever you get notification “new update is available for iOS” update iPhone iOS. updating iOS resolve many battery issue. Sometimes battery discharging problems comes due to apps which not run properly because of software problem.

Use low brightness

Brightness of iPhone play important role in battery drain. If iPhone brightness is high or full then battery discharge will be fast. To show full brightness processor takes more energy from battery.

You can set auto brightness option on or set your phone brightness on low. In indoor work you don,t need high brightness so set it on low.

Turn off data connection and wifi

What we do after using internet? we left our data connection on even we don’t need of internet at that time. Internet depends on signal strength of service provider. So when signal goes up and down, data connection which is running in background start searching for better signal and you keep thinking that why my battery is going down. So it is better to off down data connection.

Manually lock phone

After using iPhone iPhone many people leave it without locking it. they think that auto lock will lock it after few seconds.

Assumes auto lock takes 30 seconds to lock phone. If you check your phone hundreds of time and every time auto lock takes 30 seconds to lock it. Then calculate in one day how much battery is wasted in auto lock process.

So it is better to lock it manually without waiting auto lock to save battery.

Turn off app suggestions

In iPhone on the base of locations siri suggests some apps for you in notifications bar. It also tells you that which app is useful from installed and in app store at that location.

To give app suggestion siri uses location information every time. getting location regularly is battery consuming task and app suggestions are useless in most of cases. Turn off this feature to increase iPhone battery life.

Turn off locations

locations service main work is to show directions in maps with the help of GPS. Locations send and receive data over network, which usages more battery. So when you are not using map turn off location service.

Don’t select dynamic and live background

Have you ever used live background on iPhone to make it cooler? Then you would have noticed that iPhone battery drain very fast at time of using live or dynamic wallpaper.

Dynamic and live wallpaper consumes more battery in comparison static wallpaper. Use of dynamic and live wallpaper is not good for battery life. So avoid use of these wallpaper to increase iPhone battery life.

Don’t fetch email automatically

Email is important for nowadays. Many email services are available in market. iPhone automatically checks email after a giving time period. Checking email regularly by phone is battery draining task.

Instead of automatically update email checking, manually checking email save lot of battery for iPhone. By manually checking email you will never miss any important email and save your phone battery also.

Turn off fitness tracking

With the help of motion sensor iPhone tracks your fitness activity like running, walking etc. These is useful for those who are fitness enthusiastic but for those who don’t do exercise this is useless and battery consuming feature. Turn off this feature if don’t need it.

Turnoff uploading photo on iCloud

iPhone comes with a cool feature which uploads your photo and videos to iCloud automatically. it save lots of space in your iPhone but consume battery also because it runs in background. instead of auto upload manual upload photo to iCloud to save battery.

Close app after use

When we use any app after using that we leave it to run in background. and you know now that background running process consume more battery. So whenever you use any app close it after using it to improve battery life in iPhone.

Turn off display notifications for unimportant apps

With every incoming notifications iPhone display screen brighten up. there are many apps which notifications don’t need to be show on notifications panel. turn off show notifications for unimportant apps to save iPhone battery life.

Maintain temperature of iPhone

It sounds like foolish that how temperature can save battery life. But apple says that best temperature for its devices to work is between 0 degree and 35 degree. Above or below that temperature can damage iPhone battery life.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Battery uses depends on how many apps is install in your iPhone. Every app uses some portion of battery. So delete unwanted apps from iPhone to increase battery life in iPhone.

Block advertisement in safari

In the updated version of iOS you can able to block advertisement and cookies in safari. Pop up add consumes lot of batter to display add. Turn off add will improve iPhone battery life.

Turn off personal hotspot

Personal hotspot is used to share our data with any other person. Turn off after using it. Sometimes people forget to turn off hotspot after using it and in background it runs continuously and decrease your battery.

Turn off auto time zone

Your phone will automatically update its time depending on where you are in the world. Since your phone determines the time through Location Services, it uses a small amount of power. so its better to turn off this feature to save battery life.


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