How to download Instagram story

Instagram stories are going popular day by day. More than 400 million user daily using to post Instagram story. Nowadays to connect with followers Instagram story is the best way.  A few days ago I faced a little problem, I saw the Instagram story of my friend and I want to save that story but I don’t know How to download Instagram story?

There are few apps which help you to save Instagram stories. When I got to know about these apps then I decide to share these apps with you so you can also download Instagram story of that whom you follow.

You can post video or photo whatever you want in Instagram story. These photos or videos appear for 24 hours in your story feed. Use these apps to save Instagram story of your friends or any person whom you follow.

Apps to download Instagram story

In grabber – Download Instagram story

With the help of in grabber app, you can save photo and video of the Instagram story, highlights, IGTV videos, etc. In this app, you can use multiple accounts to save Instagram story of every friend.

This app is safe to use it uses encryption of accounts to save your Instagram account details. You can download the Instagram story of others and repost that story on your wall.


how to download instagram status video

Instant story saver

This app allows you to save photo and video form friend’s Instagram story or Instagram highlights. It gives sign-in option through Facebook or Instagram.

In one click you can download Instagram story and download Instagram highlights. To download story search user and then download or view their story. You can also download profile picture of anyone.


story saver for instagram

Highlights story saver

This is another great app to save Instagram story. Highlights story saver gives you the freedom to streaming. Save photo and video are shown in the gallery.

you don’t need to login to save photos from public profile. Through this app, if you watch anyone story then no seen info will be shown to that person.


how to download instagram stories automatically

Story saver to download Instagram story by YOBA

Ever Like someone Instagram story and want to download Instagram story then use story saver for Instagram. After downloading you can repost it but reposting someone else video is not a good thing.

You can log in this app with your Instagram account or Facebook account. After login, you can see all Instagram stories in the app. This app is easy to use to download Instagram story. In just 3 simple steps you can save Instagram story.


how to download instagram story pictures

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Fastsave for Instagram story download

It can save Instagram stories in your device later you can watch these. This is one of the most popular Instagram story saver apps. This allows you to save story photo and video to your device for free and forever.

You can get detail of user by long pressing on downloaded video or photo. Its download speed is fast. It has a beautiful dashboard to manage saved photo and videos. With its secret locker, you can lock downloaded photo and video.

To save photo and video for Instagram follow this steps

  • Turn ON FastSave app and Open Instagram.
  • Do “Copy Share Url” of Photos and videos.
  • Photos or videos will start downloading automatically, progress shown in the notification.


how to download instagram story videos of others

Story saver by kimcy929 – Download instagram story

It supports multiple Instagram account, so it becomes easy while you are using 2 or 3 Instagram account. This light weighted and fast loading app. The user interface is simple so easy to use. You can bookmark account which you like.


how to download story from instagram

Story saver by one tab plus

One of the best Instagram story download app. It quick saves Instagram stories. You can repost save stories on Instagram. Add any user to favorite and quickly assess their stories. With the help of the app downloading Instagram story becomes easy.


story save app

Story saver by Liam Cottle – Download Instagram story

These apps let you relive those story moments again if those moments are not in friends story feed. You can download it in this app and enjoy those later or you can repost also. You can download a live stream of any friends.

To use this app first you have to login through with your Instagram account. After login you see a tab at the bottom, use that tab to navigate between photos, videos, and live stream.  After downloading any story you can see it in your gallery also.


how to download igstories

Story saver +

If you are searching a story saver app which makes your life easier than you should try story saver+. It is a cool app. It has lots of features.  You can view and download Instagram story of anonymously of any username.

After login app, you can view and download replay stream. You can watch stream anonymously. Also, you can download highlights story. IGTV videos also can be downloaded in this app. Download profile photo at best available quality.


how to save ig story


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