How to increase internet speed in iphone or ipad

When you are doing any important work online or uploading or downloading something and internet speed is slow what you feel at that time? Frustrating ! of course everyone feel same at that time. We try in this article for your questions how to increase internet speed in iphone?

Reasons of not good internet speed are bad network provider, lower bandwidth, intruders in your wifi or network. There are many apps in apple app store to increase internet speed in ipad and iphone. Through these apps you can block unwanted people form your network so you can use all internet speed.

How to increase internet speed in iphone?

In this article we have compiled some best apps form apple app store for you . With the help of this apps you can increase your internet speed.

Fing network scanner

Sometimes our network speed decreases due to access of our wifi without our permission. They use our network bandwidth so we get less bandwidth in compare to original. To check who is connected to your network use fing network scanner. it scans your network and show all connected devices with your wifi.

It troubleshoot network issue and device issue to increase your internet speed. in advance option of app you can set automatic blocking of unknown devices, parental control etc. With its free tool you can run internet speed test, get accurate ip address of connected devices. It provides network security alert and device alert in your phone and email.

In its finbox feature you can use it advance feature like parental control, block unknown devices before joining to network, analyze bandwidth, find wifi spots, automate network speed test etc.

how to increase internet speed in iphone

Network toolbox – net security

This app comes with 43 individual tools which helps you to analyze local network with security issue. Various scanning options WIFI network, ip scanning, port scanning, SHADON scanning, are included in it. Results can be further analysis by opening IP address with one of the tool provided in this app.

It show full device information like device name, Ip address, network interface(WIFI, 3G/4G), cell and provider information. NS lookup tool gives domain information. WIFI network scan discover all devices in your network including IP, MAC, vendor, network name.

best apps to increase internet speed in iphone

DNS override

DNS override provides facility to change DNS setting of your device. It works for WIFI and cellular network, DNS and smart DNS providers. To change DNS setting it let you to choose form several popular public DNS provider such as OpenDNS, Google public DNS etc.

DNS override provides fast and secure connections between your device and your DNS provider. Without any third party VPV link it speed increase your internet speed. For inexperienced user it provides video tutorials so user can easily operate app without any experience.

best wifi finder app

open signal

Open signals is one of the best apps to increase apps to increase internet speed in iPhone. It finds nearby free WIFI spot. It shows signal map to compare performance of network in your area. it informs you about your true internet speed . Other user can also contribute their data in app to improve performance of app.

Its signal compass shows you from which directions signal is coming. Coverage maps show best and worst WIFI and 3G/4G signal. It runs speed test for download, upload and latency. To get better network follow its signal compass and walk towards signal direction. Its WIFI maps help you to fins publicly assess free WIFI.

 boost wifi speed in iphone 7

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Network analyzer lite

With its WIF device discovery tool it shows wifi devices and all other LAN devices with address and name. It can diagnose problem in WIFI network setup and network setup and internet connectivity. NetBIOS, mDNS, LLMNR or DNS name where available in its wifi scanner.

In its ping test you can do round trip delay testing and ping test for discover able severs. its ping test supports both IPV4 and IPV6. Its show full network information like default gateway, external IP, DNS server.

hwo to boost internet speed in iphone 8

Sengled boost

Sengled boost app use different bulbs to increase your WIFI speed. With each bulb you can connect your WIFI range is increased. More bulb more WIFI speed, with high speed enjoy online content without any disturbance. This apps gives high internet speed combined high efficiency, dimmable LED light.

hwo to boost wifi speed in iphone x


Basically this app is for traveler. When you go aboard and think what network should you use? This app helps you to choose best network operator with the help of cellular carrier coverage maps. You can use this app in offline mode because its maps are stored in device so you don’t need internet connections to access app. This app contains regional level maps based of each major carriers data map.

best wifi search app


iNet find out security risk in your WIFI network and make it under control. Through this app you can find out who is connected to your WIFI and which services are running. When people uses your WIFI without your permissions than speed your WIFI will be slow down. iNet shows connected devices with their IP address, so you can decide that it is intruders or not. It can store last ten scan automatically.

best app to increase wifi speed in iphone

WIFI sweetspots

Observe how wifi connection speed fluctuates over time, and locate the fastest and slowest WIFI spots in your room. Discover the perfect spot for your wireless router, access point and wireless gaming console by using WIFI sweetspots. To detect max speed it uses sound max frequency.

best wifi finder app


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