How to send Whatsapp message without adding number in your contact list?

Can we send WhatsApp message without adding number in your contact list?

In present WhatsApp is the most famous messaging platform in all age group. Everyone uses WhatsApp to be in touch with someone. To send a message from your WhatsApp you need to add that person first in your contact then you can send a message.

There are many third party apps which can send WhatsAppmessages without adding number then to your contact list.

But using third-party apps to send WhatsApp message without adding number may cause you problem because these apps put your phone privacy at risk and may be through these apps hacker so can steal your data.

Whatsapp has become a part of our daily routine; Mostly person do first thing in the morning is to check their WhatsApp to send reply good morning messages or see work-related messages etc. We can’t imagine our day without using WhatsApp.

Whatsapp group feature is awesome to keep in touch with our beloved one. Create a group of people with whom you want to do gossip or office related group etc. You can also do voice call or video call on WhatsApp.

send Whatsapp message without adding number

For everything you do on WhatsApp, you have to add someone in your contact list. Now I will tell you how to send WhatsApp message without message adding number in your contact list? It is a very simple process just follow the given steps below.

1. In your Smartphone open any browser which you are using.

Enter URL in browser search box

2. Type this Url or copy and paste this URL in the search bar of your browser.

3. Now in the place of ContactNumber put the phone number of the person whom you want to message on WhatsApp without adding number. Add “country code” before the number but don’t add “+” sign.

send Whatsapp message without adding number
Click on send message

4. Now press enter in browser then a WhatsApp window will open. In that window, they want your permission by asking that you want to send WhatsApp message to that number. Click on send message as shown in the above image.

5. in the last step you will be redirected to WhatsApp application where you can chat with that person without adding number in your contact list.

send Whatsapp message without adding number
Now chat without saving number

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most of the people in the world prefer WhatsApp over other messaging apps to send a message to another person. Whatsapp is a superb app to be in contact with your friends.

Developer started Whatsapp as a simple messaging app but after buying Facebook, Developer of WhatsApp bringing new features regularly to make it better. Whatsapp business and Whatsapp payments are proof that WhatsApp is doing everything to attract the user.


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