Top 10 tips and tricks to win pubg mobile

Welcome to geekyMR. Here is list of Top 10 tips and tricks to win pubg mobile. Craze of pubg mobile in youngsters are increasing day by day ,

Everyone wants to get chicken dinner in pubg mobile but only few lucky people get this opportunity, but now you need not to worry about chicken dinner, by using this tricks you will get chicken dinner easily.

Here is list of Top 10 tips and tricks to win pubg mobile.

1. Land carefully

Top 10 tips and tricks to win pubg mobile.

Before opening parachute choose your landing place carefully, you should jump that place where you get less enemies and quickly get loot, because pubg is game of surviving not killing.

2. Loot quickly

Your first priority after landing should be to loot. When you start looting in buildings keep one thing in mind that you get any weapon in starting and then search for other things. Gun should be your first priority then body armor then health. PUBG Mobile has a handy auto-loot to help get this done fast.

3. Customize controls

You should customize game controls according to your comfort. Sometimes game default controls are not comfortable for everyone.

control settings in pubg mobile
pubg mobile customize control setting

4. Peak and Fire

Players who play PUBG on PC are no wonder use the peek fire, but not all do it on the mobile version at least the rookie and new players aren’t aware of Peek firing.

Peeking makes you keep less visible as compared to when you open fire after taking a cover. When you lean, you are giving other players as little area as possible to shoot at you, whilst being able to hit them off.

By default, the Peek fire is disabled, you need to turn it on. Head to Settings -> Basic and swipe to the bottom until you find Peek & Fire.

pubg mobile best setting

Top 10 tips and tricks to win pubg mobile.

5. Survive more or kill more

Pubg is game of strategy not only killing people. if you want to increase your rank then on both kill and survive.

When you survive till end and you kill less or zero still there is chance of your winning in end. Your survival time also increases rank.

IF you kill more people and you die in starting then your rank will decrease. So try to survive till end of the game and along with survive try to kill enemies also.Read also Is honor view 20 worth to buy Check out the new

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6. Use right weapon attachments

Many player don’t use weapon attachments rightly or they don’t use attachments. Attachments help you to fight easily.

There are lot of attachments like half grip, vertical grip, scope,
compensators, suppressors, flash hider, extended mags and so on,

Weapons full use mostly depends on attachments. Like vertical grip is better than half grip. compensators and suppressors are better than flash hider.

7. Run on the edge of the circle in end game

Always put eye on map and circle. At starting it doesn’t matter whether you are in circle or you at the edge of circle, Because in starting all players main aim is getting loot.

As soon as circle will start become shorter, Player will go to the center of the circle. If you are in the center of the circle or nearby center there is chance that you surrounded by more enemy. So be on the edge of circle and locate other player and kill them silently.

pubg mobile map

8. Use scope rightly

In pubg there are different type of scope, Like red dot to 8X scope. Red dot and holographic is for close range, For long range we can use 8x scope but 8x ix rarely find in game.

Mostly think 8x and 6x scopes are best, But it is not true. These are good when you use 8x as 4x and 8x, and use 6x as 6x and 3x. By using these scope in different setting you can find enemy easily.

How to win pubg mobile

9. Car or leg what will you use

All know Car is better for long travel than running on leg. But in the end of circle you should avoid car. car can easily locate from distance and your enemy will know your location. While running on leg there is less chance that your location will be revealed.

10. How to open air drop

Best guns are found in air drop supplies. So when you plan to loot air drop keep in mind other players are also want to loot air drop.

Instead looting air drop you should first locate drop and then hide on safe location and wait for other players to come. When someone come to loot attack on him because their attention will on looting drop, Then do surprise attack on him and finish them and then loot drop.

So these are Top 10 tips and tricks to win pubg Mobile. Next time when you play pubg mobile use these tips and get chicken dinner easily.


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