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About the blog

Hello Friends, Welcome to geekyMR blog. One stop destination for all your information related to the andoird phone. iPhone, tips and tricks for phone, best budget gadget, how to questions.

I am writing this blog since December 2018. Technology is my passion. I always ready to learn new things in technology filed. So I decided to write the blog which should be related to the latest technology news, mobile phones, etc.

I work hard to serve you first, and best of all about the latest technology. Thanks To all users and followers who are supporting me in moving ahead. I am writing this blog only to Guides people about Technology Education, Daily Tips and tricks. If you have difficulty in any topic or doubt in mind, kindly feel free to ask us in the comment on that topic.

I have started this blog by writing about android apps, iPhone apps, tips and tricks for Android and iPhone. In the future, I will add more categories on my website.

Keep Visiting My Website And Keep Receiving Updates As New Posted. Every Week, Post Will Posted On Topics Related To The technology.

About me

Hi, I am an engineering graduate in computer science. I have done my engineering in computer science. My name is Ghanshyam Gayri. From starting I always like to learn in technology fields. I started this blog to turn my passion into my career.

Through this blog, I want to share knowledge with other people about technology. I love to travel new unknown palaces. I also love bike riding. I regularly post articles related to technology on my website geekymr – The tech zone.