Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords (100% Working)

Want to watch a Netflix show, but don’t want to renew your Netflix subscription every month? These free Netflix accounts and passwords will help you to watch Netflix for free. In my research, I found several ways to get free accounts from Netflix. Once you start watching Netflix, it becomes an addiction to watch it continuously.

Netflix has its paid subscription plans. Currently, Netflix has shut down its password-sharing features in many countries so you can’t use the Netflix password of your friend or family member. But with my methods, you can watch premium Netflix shows for free.

How To Get Free Netflix Accounts That Actually Work?

If you have a Netflix account, you can watch its content for free. But getting a premium Netflix account for free is not as tough as you think. After doing my detailed research, I came up with these 6 working methods to get free Netflix login credentials.

Free Netflix Username and Password Updated Today

Free Netflix Username and Password

To log in to the Netflix app, new users require a username and password. Here I am sharing a list of different usernames and passwords that you can use to watch Netflix shows for Free. I regularly update this list.

Username/Email addressPasswordAdded
fitnessfauinatic19@gmail.comyo>09?/Z42vh2 Days Ago
natureeoxplorer55@gmail.com7di5#H18A2 Days Ago
artisticspoul27@yahoo.comz8brjEh9rf5n2 Days Ago
stargazer88@yahoo.comWliDs1JA43Dh2 Days Ago
gamemaster64@gmail.com1ShMu4063RI85 Days Ago
petlopver77@hotmail.comyGq38KfY1q2z5 Days Ago
cofsfeeaaddict42@gmail.com4Y8BEy2DDBc15 Days Ago
movisebuff99@hotmail.comH7A8mXJG5jA65 Days Ago
diyenthdusiast12@gmail.comd4PyS9P75qgu5 Days Ago
fashionifsta25@yahoo.comYEZ3VXaAa6815 Days Ago
greenthufgmb60@gmail.comNfg823R8n7n55 Days Ago
historygfnerd73@yahoo.com0Tx0KXo1rJYT5 Days Ago
sciencegrgeek56@yahoo.comG5X4M2gmI1Ui5 Days Ago
beachbuyhm44@yahoo.comE7iJXzC032RL5 Days Ago
hikingtrahtilblazer@yahoo.comHj34ZrO0pZ7x5 Days Ago
yogazenrvmaster@gmail.comnD2m5uESfe2V5 Days Ago
adventureygseeker71@gmail.comd48OSfq6v2qm5 Days Ago
happydanrdcer28@gmail.comIdzX908Y3gtU5 Days Ago
mysterysodelver17@yahoo.comVbl8s471JY9N5 Days Ago
homecgyhef63@yahoo.comkNhyx5k67QOc5 Days Ago
sportsfheanatic81@gmail.comMATtF2z7CJ125 Days Ago
gardeninfygguru37@gmail.com44DX2V0zQbqK5 Days Ago
poetrylovlder50@yahoo.comV2vn2Ku34GiH5 Days Ago
starrynigbkhtsky@yahoo.comfXW161O39VVX5 Days Ago
fitnessfreafpk45@gmail.comn66nzGiqLDX45 Days Ago
animalresceluer22@gmail.combP37lnI4Vf6m5 Days Ago
booknehord101@gmail.comRGcw6Yw89U8m5 Days Ago
moviecrthitic78@gmail.comf59fq2C3X02Z5 Days Ago
techwhizktlid@gmail.comjTviE51439nW5 Days Ago
beachcomfkber66@yahoo.comfM1kPa9z67NO5 Days Ago
vintagecolcvlector@gmail.comR7s33Mw5W4gD5 Days Ago
artisticscribgybler@yahoo.comys3b2ol6OhBg5 Days Ago
naturephotrfog77@hotmail.com3Xezd3iKIfG05 Days Ago
musiccompfgoser89@yahoo.comQn5zxVGs4H4I5 Days Ago
gamerproho123@gmail.comj40D8WuML1Ho5 Days Ago
planetexplovorer@gmail.com2RoQA8H0yQR25 Days Ago
wanderlustdrleeamer@gmail.com3eQyzBG62WwM7 Days Ago
zenyogiflldow@yahoo.com5Q6F1tF7Pm3G7 Days Ago
diycraftsmavkn55@gmail.com22Hwx5IEE9o37 Days Ago
fashionforward24@yahoo.comi361xigvBIYm7 Days Ago
historybudkff60@yahoo.comsN1W95hYJpES7 Days Ago
scienceentckhusiast@gmail.com3509MUcDhEkb7 Days Ago
beachpartyekdude@yahoo.comOfk50K0CE1hw7 Days Ago
sustainablelifdeer@gmail.coma8hD9lArk4Ln7 Days Ago

Get Netflix Accounts From Cookies For Free

Every app and website uses cookies to store user information. It helps Netflix to recommend similar content to users. When you open the Netflix site, Netflix’s server creates a small file that contains your information and then it saves it on your PC or mobile.

Cookies also help to create a faster and smoother experience when you open the Netflix site next time.

Netflix uses the persistent cookies method to store information regarding your premium Netflix account username and password. So, every time you open Netflix, you don’t need to re-enter your username and password.

Whether you are using your mobile, PC, Roku TV, Firestick, or smart TV, this cookie function helps you with a quick login.

This method is very simple. To use this method, you need to add Netflix cookies. When you change your saved cookies with our cookies, you get a premium subscription to Netflix Premium for free. This method will work for only PC users. If you are a mobile user, you can read other solutions to get free Netflix premium accounts. Here is the process to use Netflix cookies to watch Netflix content for free.

  • Open Google Chrome browser or any other browser that you use.
  • Go to the Chrome browser extension store and find the Editthiscookie extension.
  • Click on the install the extension option. It will install it in your PC browser.
  • Now open the Netflix website.
  • Now open the Editthiscookie extension. For this click on the cookie icon from the extension list.
cookie extension
  • When you open the extension, there is an import option. This option imports cookies for any site and edits them with the existing ones.
netflix Cookie
  • If you have Netflix free cookies, you can import them into this extension or email me at – to get free Netflix cookies.
  • After entering the cookie, you need to refresh the page to activate the cookie. Now you can access the Netflix premium content for free.

Free Netflix Accounts and Password Through Facebook

Free Netflix Accounts and Password Through Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular and most used social media platforms. But do you know that you can use it to get free premium Netflix accounts and passwords?

For this method, you need a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you need to create a Facebook account first.

Open the Facebook app on your mobile or PC. On Facebook, there are many groups and pages related to Netflix. On these pages or groups, you can get different help regarding Netflix content. These groups are created to help people who can’t afford Netflix subscriptions.

Go to the search feature of Facebook and type “Free Netflix Accounts” “Free Netflix Login Credentials” or “Free Netflix Usernames and Passwords”. When you use these search terms, you will get different search results.

Now you need to check every page or group. Here you will definitely get free usernames and passwords for Netflix streaming services. You can try these credentials. You should follow those pages and groups so that when they post new login credentials for Netflix, you can use them immediately before anyone changes them.

Free Netflix Accounts Through Reddit To Use

The next one is Reddit where you can find a Netflix app account for free to use. Reddit is one of the famous forums on the internet. Same as Facebook, you also need a Reddit account to use it.

On Facebook, you have groups and pages to get information about any particular topic, on Reddit, you have a subreddit to share and get information.

In the search bar when you type “Free Netflix Account”, you get the suggestion of a subreddit for this search. You can see discussions in any subreddit and read them. Reddit will only show related queries and subreddits to your query so your chances of getting a free account are improved.

You might to check a few subreddits to get answers to your query. On Reddit, moderators are strict so don’t spam for free username and password for free Netflix access, they may ban you from the subreddit.

Get a Free Netflix Login Through Discord

Discord is a popular platform among gamers but it is also used to chat by people. On Discord, there are different channels that are created by people. These channels are not as popular as Facebook and Reddit but you can find free login passwords for Netflix free access in these channels.

Login into your Discord account and find a channel related to Netflix services. On Discord channels people share information with each other and help them to get access to premium subscriptions for free.

Use Telegram For Free Netflix Login Details

Use Telegram For Free Netflix Login Details

Telegram is a messaging app but people use it to share movies, shows, and games. Telegram lets you create a channel to connect with your audience.

In my research, When I tested Telegram to find free usernames and passwords for Netflix free access without a credit card, I found some amazing channels that share Netflix accounts. In the below screenshots, you can see the result of one of my search queries. You can try different searches to find different channels for Netflix streaming services.

If you want a Netflix account to watch a single movie or web series, instead of finding an account credential on Telegram, you should ask to channel moderator to give a link to any movie. They will provide you with the Netflix videos, movies, or shows link so you can download them.

Legal Way To Get Free Netflix Subscription

The best way to get a free subscription to Netflix is to buy a mobile data plan that offers free Netflix. To attract customers, mobile operators give different free things with mobile data plans. When you recharge your mobile data, you should check whether they have a free subscription to Netflix in their plan or not.

Maybe currently, your mobile operator doesn’t offer Netflix free account but in the future, it may. So, you should check regularly to know about free offers with the mobile data plan. In my T-Mobile account recharge, I got a free subscription to Netflix services. So without spending any extra money, I got a Netflix free new account.

Netflix Plan Details

PlanPrice(USD)Video QualityAudio QualitySimultaneous StreamsAdditional Features
Standard with ads$6.99/month1080p2.0 stereo2 screens
Standard Plan/ Netflix Basic plan$15.49/month1080p2.0 stereo, Dolby Digital 5.12 screensExtra member slots can be added for $7.99 each/month
Premium plan$19.99/month1080p, 4K2.0 stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Atmos4 screensExtra member slots can be added for $7.99 each/month

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Can You Use a Free Netflix Account With Sharing?

Previously Netflix had an option to share passwords with family members or friends. But in May 2023 Netflix stopped its password sharing policy for multiple devices.

According to the new password-sharing policy of Netflix, you can’t share the password with anyone. But by giving some extra money, you can buy additional subscriptions for others at a lower cost.

Final Thoughts

So, in this guide, I have shared free Netflix accounts and passwords for united states and other countries. Also, I have shared different ways to find free login credentials for Netfilx. There is also a legal way which you can use to find a free Netflix subscription. If any account doesn’t work for you, bookmark this page, I regularly update the accounts.


Does Netflix Offer a Free Trial Period?

No, Netflix doesn’t offer any free trial period. If you want to show any of its shows or movies, you will have to buy its plans.

Can You Get Free Netflix Logins Without Survey?

Many sites offer free Netflix subscriptions after completing surveys for them. These surveys are time-consuming. You can get free Netflix logins without doing a survey by using our above-mentioned methods.

Is It Legal To Share Netflix Accounts?

Yes, sharing a Netflix account was legal. But now there is no option in Netflix to share accounts with others on multiple devices. If Netflix finds you are sharing your account with others, they will ban your account.

Are Free Netflix Accounts Safe?

Yes, these free Netflix accounts in this guide are totally safe to use. I tried these methods and accounts personally and then shared them with you.

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