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What are the benefits of clickvio? Is clickvio helpful for your business or not? What is Clickvio? How to use Clickvio? More questions like this will be coming to your mind. We have answered all the questions related to Clickvio in this detailed Unbiased Clickvio review guide.

Email marketing plays an important role in generating leads for your business. In terms of ROI, email marketing is the most powerful marketing funnel.

In email marketing, apart from the subscriber list and email content, you need one more important thing, and that is email marketing software.

In the Clickvio review article, you will get complete information about Clickvio email marketing software, how Clickvio works? What is the Clickvio price? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Clickvio? whether you should buy Clickvio for email marketing or not? Everything you will find in the Clickvio review article.

clickvio review
clickvio review

What is Email Marketing?

Nowadays many things are available on the internet. In the current times, the internet is a perfect medium to grow the business. Through the internet, you can reach your business to many people at work time.

There are many types of digital marketing strategies to grow a business, one of them is email marketing. In email marketing, you send emails related to your product to customers. Chances of conversion are close to 50%.

With the help of an effective email marketing campaign, you can convert your readers into loyal consumers. With the help of Clickvio pre-designed templates, you will be able to tell the readers about your products easily and will also be able to sell your products to them.

In Clickvio, the chance of conversion is higher than the other email marketing software due to its pre-designed high-quality email templates.

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Clickvio Review Specifications

Product nameClickvio
Product typeEmail marketing software
DeveloperNeil Napier
Pre-designed email templetsYes, 2000+
Clickvio launch date28-oct-2020
PriceCheck a special discount for our readers
Official Clickvio websiteClick here
BonusYes, included
Money-back guaranteeYes, 30 days money-back guarantee
clickvio price
clickvio email marketing software

What is Clickvio?

Before doing a Clickvio review let’s know about Clickvio. Clickvio is an email marketing software. Neil Napier has developed Clickvio. While Neil was doing research on email marketing, he found that many users who were doing other email marketing software had a common complaint that their emails go into the spam folder due to which even after spending money they do not get leads.

One big reason why email goes to the spam folder is that many people do not know how to design email correctly.

Neil has developed Clickvio software keeping all the problems in mind. 2000+ pre-designed templates are given in Clickvio, if you use these templates, your emails will not go in the spam folder and you will get more leads.

For all niches, templates are available in the Clickvio review. Clickvio’s price is much less than other email marketing software found in the market.

Clickvio Features

Clickvio is an email marketing software. There is other email marketing software available in the market then why is Clickvio email marketing software better than them? In this section of the Clickvio review guide, we are explaining all the Clickvio features in the detail.

User Friendly

Clickvio is user-friendly software. If you have no experience in using email marketing software, you will still be able to use Clickvio easily. With the help of its detailed introduction guide, you can easily understand its working system. It also has video tutorials.

100 DFY Emails List

Get access to 100+ DFY email lists, so you get a better email engagement rate. Use it DFY email and your email creation work will be reduced. Also, CLickvio DFY’s email list is generating hundreds of thousands per month for its customers.

Drag and Drop Clickvio Feature

In Clickvio email creation is simple due to its drag and drop feature. No need to do any HTML coding to create an email, simply drag the box from its side menu and drop them into the email.

10 DFY Templates

Pre-designed templates for users are available in Clickvio. These DFY templates are specially designed for more sales. Email open rates for these templates are up to 90%.


Its inbuilt retargeting feature shows a preview of the text option to open advertiser email on Facebook, YouTube, and google.

Increase Email Open Rate

Clickvio guides you catchy subjects for your email and it increases the email open rate and also conversion gets high.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the product then Clickvio offers 30 days money-back guarantee. They will refund your whole money without asking any questions.

Fully Experienced Customer Support

Any difficulty you face while using software then you can ask their customer support then will solve your query. They are available 24*7.

Additional Widgets

To make email more attractive Clickvio has lots of additional widgets. By using these widgets you can make email attractive and the increase chances of getting leads. These additional widgets are YouTube Video Links, Instagram Post, Countdown Timers, Location, Button, Image, Divider, Spacer, Social Links, and more.

Clickvio Bonus

Clickvio gives two bonuses for their users. Both bonuses we have described in detail in a further section of the Clickvio review.

clickvio review
clickvio templates

How to Grow Business Sales With Clickvio?

Most emails of email marketing software go to the spam folder. Less than 1% of people open any email in the spam folder. This is the big reason why most email marketing software doesn’t give a huge number of leads.

An email goes to the spam folder because they are bulky in format and most email service providers count these bulky emails as spam. So in a single day if you send a number of emails and all go into the spam folder then there is no use in using email marketing software.

Clickvio uses MJMl technology that makes email more user-friendly so it doesn’t go in the folder. When an email goes into a primary folder the opening rate of email goes high and you get more conversions for your business.

Clickvio Review By Real User

clickvio review by real user

Who Can Use Clickvio?

It may be in the minds of many people that whether Clickvio is right for us or not, then in the Clickvio review below we are talking about some businesses for which Clickvio is the right choice. If you fall into one of these categories, then you should buy Clickvio. Email marketer – This is a must product for an email marketer. Clickvio main goal is to make the life of an email marketer easy. With Clickvio email marketing becomes very easy.

  • A business owner who needs to lead to growing their business.
  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Freelancer email marketer.
  • Ecommerce site owners
  • Real state business owners
  • Course sellers
  • Product sellers
  • CPA marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Lead generation marketer
email marketing software user

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Clickvio Plans – Clickvio Review

Clickvio offers 5 different types of plans for its customers. Whether you are working as an individual or you have a company Clickvio has different types of plans for everyone. In this Clickvio review, we are going to give every detail of all plans.

First Clickvio Plan Detail

Clickvio Unlimited

  • This Clickvio plan is best for the individual or freelancer.
  • In Clickvio unlimited plan you get unlimited campaigns for lead generations.
  • 2000 Pre-designed templates included in clickvio unlimited plan. Due to their high engagements feature these emails always give you better leads for your business.
  • 100 more pre-designed DFY templets are included as the Clickvio bonus for higher open rates. Clickvio research team has done lots of experiments with many email templates and then selected these templates for a better engagement rate.
  • More Clickvio bonuses are included like banners, testimonials, email signature, and more.
  • Main Clickvio bonus of its unlimited plan is its 3-day training that teaches you how to build a powerful email list from scratch. Emails collections from your niche are very important to get leads.
clickvio unlimited plan

Second Clickvio Plan

Spyvio Agency

For an email marketer, it is important to collect data of their niche but everyone is not able to get the right email list.

So Clickvio developers a tool for their customers to collect email data. The interesting part about Spyvio is that you don’t have to do anything to collect an email list it will create an email list for you from your competitor’s email list.

  • 100 subscribers account license.
  • In each account, you can save the 10000 emails list.
  • Includes agency website to sell seats into Spyvio
  • Built-in reseller portal
  • Sell at a one-time or monthly price
spyvio review

Third Plan

Clickvio + Spyvio Business

This plan is for business owners. In this they both tools at a discounted price.

  • Lots of DFY to get leads easily.
  • Freelancers get money via PayPal for their email marketing campaign for their customers.
  • DFY Client Contracts
  • NDA Contracts
  • 3x Cold Emails
clickvio spyvio review

Forth Plan


  • Live, hybrid, and evergreen webinars to increase sales.
  • Video meetings with mentors. Your mentors will solve all your problems.
  • 5 presenters for each meeting.
  • The webinar recording is available. So save the webinar and later share it
  • with anyone.
  • With screen sharing options share your screen with anyone.
meetvio plan

Fifth Plan

Funnelvio unlimited

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Smart Academy
funnelvio plan

Clickvio Price – Clickvio Rview

clickvio price
clickvio review

Clickvio Bonus

Clickvio offers 2 types of bonuses for customers. I have seen many other review articles that are claiming lots of fake bonuses but here on this Clickvio review article, we are showing only the real bonuses that you will get with Clickvio because readers’ trust is our main motto.

  1. First Clickvio Bonus – you will get 2 months free subscription to the Mailvio 25k plan. In this plan, you will get a list of 250000 email contacts. The price of this bonus is $134 but for Clickvio customers, this Clickvio bonus is totally free.
  2. Second Clickvio Bonus – The second Clickvio bonus is that they have a training session program in which they will teach you how you can generate a 6-figure income in a month.
clickvio bonus
clickvio discount price

Is Clickvio Legit or Not?

It may be in your mind that whether Clickvio is legit or not, whether investing in Clickvio will be beneficial for you or not. You will know the simple answer to this by reading a Clickvio review.

Clickvio is a legit software that helps its customers in email marketing. Due to its price being lower than other email marketing software, people sometimes get doubted. Clickvio is a trustworthy product and it is worth investing money in Clickvio.

Clickvio Review Pros and Cons

After doing a Clickvio review we have found some pros and cons of Clickvio. We always give a true and unbiased review of any product to our readers.

Clickvio Review Pros

  • 2000+ pre-designed templets
  • 10 ready-to-go email marketing templets
  • Less possibility of going email in spam folder
  • Built-in retargeting and preview text option to advertise to email opener on Google, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • For more traffic additional widgets are included that will increase your traffic on your site Bonuses are included.
  • Teaching materials to become an expert in email marketing.
  • Drag and drop option for easy email builder.
  • Fully responsive code for a better email opening rate.

Clickvio Review Cons

  • Templets for few niches are not available.

Comparison of Clickvio with other software

clickvio comparison

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Developers of Clickvio

Neil Napier, Alex Costan, and Dragan Plushovski are the developer of the Clickvio. Neil Napier is the main brain behind the Clickvio. In the past, Neil has successfully launched many marketing software. Neil Napier is an experienced person in software creation and marketing.

clickvio team review
Neil Napier
clickvio team review
Alex Costan
Product Creator
clickvio team review
Dragan Plushkovski
Affiliate Manager

Final Verdict of Clickvio Review

Clickvio is a must-have tool for email marketing. At the time of doing this Clickvio review, we are extremely impressed with Clickvio functionality and its easy-to-use functions. Nowadays in this competitive marketing era, you need some tools to grow the business. Clickvio is one of these tools. Email marketing is a great option to stay connected with your customers and tell them about your new products.

For some businesses lead generation is an important factor and the cool and stylish templates of Clickvio increase the chance of customers buying products. In this clickvio review guide, we have covered all the topics related to Clickvio. After reading the guide you can decide Clickvio is for you or not. In the end, I want to say that Clickvio is a must-have tool for an email marketer.

Clickvio Review - Best Email marketing tool [with bonus]

Is it worth to invest money in Clickvio email marketing software? In this Clickvio review guide, we have done an unbiased review of Clickvio with pros and cons.

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