The Ultimate List of eCommerce Website Features

People are moving online shopping visiting a physical stores. The growth opportunity for an e-commerce business is much higher now. However, success depends on your e-commerce website. It is because various features of your site affect shopping decisions.

Which crucial factors to keep in mind while developing the website? It must load quickly and be easy to navigate. Besides that, there are a few more things you have to consider. Here are the most crucial features you should incorporate into your e-commerce site.

Top 10 Features To Add To Your e-Commerce Website



The design of your website impacts the user experience and shopping decisions of the customers. If the customer struggles to navigate your website, they are not likely to shop and move to another website.

Customers like easy navigation on an online store and should be able to find the products they want. Moreover, the website should have effective filters to help customers find the right product.

Besides that, you must create a list of distinct categories so that the users can select one category and find multiple products under that.

In short, an aesthetically-pleasing user interface and easy navigation features can help you attract more customers and increase sales.


The speed of your e-commerce website plays a critical role in improving the user experience. Nobody likes a website that loads at a snail’s pace.

With faster Internet, the customer expects your website to open in the blink of an eye. You may offer the best products at the most affordable price, but if your website is slow, the customers may exit without placing an order.

Data Security

data security

Cyber-attacks have been growing due to easy access to advanced technologies. The criminals are on their toes to find vulnerable websites to steal users’ data.

They target e-commerce sites with poor security to steal sensitive information like bank accounts, and credit card details. That is why the security of your e-commerce website has become even more critical these days.

How will you ensure security on your website and earn the trust of the customers? You should use SSL certificates like a single domain, wildcard SSL certificate, or multi-domain SSL to encrypt users’ data and ensure no third party can access them.

When you use an SSL certificate on your website, it comes with HTTPS and a padlock on the browser that reassures the customers that their data is safe.

SEO-Optimized Content

SEO-Optimized Content

The competition in the e-commerce business is increasing as more people are joining this space. You must be aware that many people visit Google when they have to buy something.

If your e-commerce website has search engine optimized content, it will rank at the top when someone searches about a product available on your website.

It helps you attract more customers who do not know much about your website and visit Google directly. You can hire an SEO specialist for that who can help with optimizing the content.

Mobile Phone Friendly

Every individual uses a smartphone these days, and most people do online shopping from their phones. Different surveys suggest that more than half of the online shoppers access e-commerce sites from their mobile phones.

That is why your e-commerce website must be friendly to mobile phone browsers, otherwise, you will miss many customers.

Besides that, Google ranks those websites higher that are mobile-friendly. So, you must add this feature while developing your website.

Dedicated Sections For Offers and Discounts


One of the reasons online shopping has gained popularity is attractive offers and discounts. Customers love discounts, and they shop more when they get exciting deals.

The most successful e-commerce sites have dedicated sections for current and upcoming offers. Customers love to check the new deals and discounts when they want to shop for something, especially gadgets, home appliances, kitchen appliances, and other expensive products.

Most e-commerce sites update new deals frequently. It is a great idea to have a dedicated page for current and upcoming offers to engage the customers and boost sales.

Easy Checkout and Payment Option

When it comes to e-commerce websites, customers love the simplicity and easy checkout. Most customers are not tech-savvy, and they will not visit your website if they cannot checkout easily.

Your website might have all the features, but if the checkout section is complex, the customers may get annoyed. Make your website as simple as possible so that customers can add the products and move to the checkout section easily.

Moreover, you must add multiple payment options as it gives the flexibility to choose the preferred payment mode.

Multiple Language Options

Most e-commerce sites have started adding multiple language options. Even though English is a widely used language; however, not everyone is well-versed with it.

You will lose a considerable number of customers if you do not add vernacular languages. Moreover, if you want to compete with the established players, you must add multiple language options.

Another advantage of adding different languages is, that it also helps in better SEO ranking.

Home Page of The Site

The home page of your e-commerce website plays a crucial role in attracting more customers and affecting their shopping decisions.

If you think from the perspective of a customer, you will get a better idea of what you like to see on the homepage.

For instance, it has to be designed well and display the latest deals, upcoming offers, new products to be launched, sign-in, and many other options.

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Product Description and Customer Reviews

eCommerce review

Online shopping does not give an option to see the products before purchasing. Customers rely on the product description and user reviews to understand how the product is and if it is worth buying.

It is crucial to add a clear product description so that the customers can know more about the products like the manufacturer, the key features, warranty, and other essential facts.

Apart from this, most customers like to check reviews about the product before making shopping decisions. So, it is worth displaying reviews about the product and giving customers an option to add reviews after shopping. It will increase your credibility and help customers make informed decisions.

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We have discussed the top ten features to add to your e-commerce website. Remember, irrespective of the design, the website has to be easy to navigate, and safe, and it must have advanced filters to ensure customers can find what they are looking for easily. It will add to customer satisfaction, and more people will shop from your website. Moreover, you are likely to make a lot of loyal customers.

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