5 Ways To Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark

Most people download images from the internet for their projects. On the internet, there are hundreds of sites where you can download images but all image download sites are not free and Shutterstock is one of them. In this article, we will show you 5 ways how to download Shutterstock images without watermark for free?

Shutterstock has the largest collections of photos, videos, and music. This website has millions of images here you can find any type of image. Shutterstock gives options to download images from Shutterstock but only for those users who have subscriptions to Shutterstock.

When you find an image on Shutterstock you see a watermark on it. Every photo, vector, video anything on this site has Shutterstock written on it. If you try to download HD Shutterstock free images then you get a watermark on the images.

In the small size, this watermark is not visible properly but if you use the image in big size for blog, website, ads, or any other thing then your watermark is clearly visible to anyone. You would not like to use a watermark image on your blog.

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What is Shutterstock?

Free Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark

Shutterstock is a high-quality image downloading website but Shutterstock is not free. You need to take a subscription to download Shutterstock free images. Shutterstock has one of the largest collections of images. On Shutterstock, you can find any type of image.

There are hundreds of free image downloading sites like pexels, pixabay, and Unsplash from where you can download images free, and also you can use them anywhere without paying anything.

Then why do you need Shutterstock to download images? The answer to this question is the database of Shutterstock. Where other sites have limited collections of images Shutterstock has millions of images. On Shutterstock, you get every type of image.

These images you can use in your presentation, blog, advertisement, college project, company website, the video any other place. Another benefit of Shutterstock images is that the quality of the image is high resolution. On Shutterstock, every day more than lakhs of images are uploaded by different photographers.

Can We Download Free Shutterstock Images?

Free Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark

Yes, you can download free Shutterstock images but with a watermark. As you know that on Shutterstock photographers upload their images and they get money for their images. So Shutterstock free images come with a watermark.

Then how do remove watermarks from Shutterstock images? To remove the watermark, you have to sign in to the Shutterstock website and create your account. Choose the plan according to your need. There are different Shutterstock plans.

But if you want a few images like one or two then these plans are costly for you. Then how to download free Shutterstock high-quality images without a watermark? For this problem, we have solutions in this article.

How to Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark?

How to Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark?

If you want to download Shutterstock free images without a watermark then here are 5 ways to download Shutterstock images without a watermark that will help you to download free images from Shutterstock. Download HD Shutterstock images for free with these tricks.

Note: This download Shutterstock image without the watermark is an educational article. We don’t recommend you do any type of piracy. Always use Shutterstock to download images. On Shutterstock, there are copyright rules which you need to know before using any Shutterstock free image.

Method 1 – Download Shutterstock Free Images With Shutterstock Free Trial

download shutterstock images without watermark high quality

You can use the Shutterstock website to download images for free. This is the first method for how to download Shutterstock images for free without a watermark? On Shutterstock’s official website you can download Shutterstock free images without watermark.

There is a simple trick to downloading images. You can choose their free trial package where you get 10 images free to download. This is the best way to download Shutterstock images for free.

  • Go to the official Shutterstock website.
  • Now click on the signup button and enter your details.
  • Shutterstock offers 10 free image downloads for its users.
  • Now click on any image and click the download button. You get Shutterstock free images without a watermark.
  • But one thing you keep in mind is that if you don’t want to pay then before the first date of next month cancel your subscriptions.

Method 2 – Download Shutterstock Free Images From Nohat[Easiest Method]

download shutterstock images without watermark online

Another method is to free download Shutterstock images without a watermark. There are many sites where you can get Shutterstock images for free without a watermark. On Shutterstock, you get all types of images with high resolutions.

Here are some online websites which you can use to download images like



  • Open the Shutterstock website and enter a keyword related to the image which you want to download.
  • Click on the image and copy the link to the image.
  • Now got to https://nohat.cc  
  • On the right side, you see the option list. In the list, there is one option ‘Find stock’.
  • Click on find stock and enter the URL of the image and enter search.
  • You can find an image here by entering the keyword also.
  • When you see an image click on the view image you will be redirected to the add page.
  • When add will complete you get the link to the image to download.

Method 3 – Shutterstock Images Free Download Without Watermark Using FACEBOOK

how to download shutterstock images for free without watermark

This is a tricky method to download Shutterstock images for free. For this trick, You need the Mozilla Firefox browser. In the google chrome browser, this trick will not work. I have tried it in both browsers and with Firefox it works perfectly.

  • In the Firefox browser open your Facebook account.
  • Now you have to create add. So, go to this section for Facebook ads (Remember to use Firefox only)
  • In the top right corner, you see a create mockup option. Click on it and choose a single image from the option list.
  • Now on the left side of the screen, you see a select image option click on it.
  • It will open a new window with 3 options “Account image, stock image, and upload”
  • Now click on a stock image and enter the keyword of the image. Here you see lots of stock image collections from Shutterstock.
  • Select an image that you like and press enter.
  • Now left bottom corner there is an enter website URL option. You can enter any website URL.
  • Now save the project. The save button is in the top right corner.
  • The next step is important. In this step, you have to click on the eye button which is near the save option. When clicking on the eye button you see a preview of the ad and a link to the ad page.
  • Copy this link and open it in a new window.
  • The next step is a little tricky. In the new window, you see an additional copy. You have to right-click on the image and click on the View page info option.
  • A new window will open. In this click on the media option and here you get all the links to images of your ad. You have to check each image in preview mode.
  • When you get your image click on the save as button and your image will be saved on your computer.

From this method, you can download the shutter image without a watermark. This process is a little longer but this will definitely help you to get Shutterstock images free.

Method 4 – Use Watermark Removal Tools For Shutterstock Free Images

watermark removal tool

The watermark removal tool is another great option to get the Shutterstock image without a watermark. Watermark removal tools remove the watermark from any image in a few seconds. They are simple to use.

But finding the right watermark removal tool is a hard job. Sometimes you land on some fake website that can steal your information. So be aware when you use such kinds of tools.

Most of the watermark removal tools are free. They don’t charge anything to remove the watermark because they earn money through ads. The quality of the image depends on the website. Some website gives high-quality image after the Shutterstock image watermark removes but there is a possibility that they can charge for it.

Method 5 – Use Alternatives of Shutterstock For Shutterstock Free Images

When you want to download images from Shutterstock you need to buy their membership plans. There are different membership plans on Shutterstock. But none of their pack has unlimited image download options.

Their top plan gives permission to download 750 images per month. This is not a small number to download the image but if you are a media company or an advertising company then this download number is not enough for you.

A high-resolution image benefit is that it increases engagement on the website. When a user visited any website first thing which users notice is the image and if you use a low-quality image then there is a chance that the user can switch to another website.

There are alternatives for Shutterstock which provides high-quality images for blogs and other work. The main benefit of these websites is that from here you can download many images free of cost. They don’t charge anything to download images and also, they give permission to use images anywhere you want. All images on these websites are royalty-free.


shutterstock high resolution images free download

After Shutterstock Unsplash is another big name on the royalty-free image downloading website. Here you find all types of websites for free. The best alternative for Shutterstock images free download without watermark.

Unsplash images are in the CCO license means they are free to use anywhere. You can use these images for personal and professional uses. Lots of filters to find the right images. Unsplash started as a small blog and slowly emerged as a big photography brand. Whenever I need an image, I go to Unsplash.


shutterstock high resolution images free download

Another good alternative to Shutterstock. Pixabay is on the list of bookmarks of most bloggers. Every blogger visits pixabay when they need some stunning high resolutions images for their blogs.

Another benefit of Pixabay is that its app is available on both android and ios versions. So, you don’t need to open your laptop every time to download free Shutterstock images.

Like Unsplash it has also filtered for better search results. Images on Pixabay are totally royalty-free. Here you find a donate button option so to encourage photographers that they upload more images on it you can donate them.


shutterstock high resolution images free download

The third alternative on the list is Pexel. CCO license images on this website are free for any use. Pexel has good collections of images but compares to Unsplash and Pixabay this collection is small. Pexel is one of those growing websites which are becoming an alternative to Shutterstock.


The last Shutterstock alternative on the list is Stocksnap. Like another website on the list, this website has also some good collections of photos. All photos are free to use no need to give any royalty to the website. If you have any photos then you can submit them on stocksnap so other people can download them when they need them. On the home page, you find different category options for browsing websites.

Tips for Finding Unique and Original Images on Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a vast repository of stock images, and while it offers a diverse selection, finding unique and original images can be a challenge. To help you discover the perfect visuals for your projects, here are some effective tips:

A. Utilizing Advanced Search Filters

Start by using specific and relevant keywords to describe the image you are looking for. Use detailed descriptions to narrow down your search and increase the chances of finding unique results.

Use the advanced search filters to select the image orientation (landscape, portrait, square) and preferred size. This ensures you get images that fit your requirements perfectly.

Take advantage of the color search feature to find images that match your brand’s color scheme or project theme. You can also filter images based on the dominant hue for more precise results.

Depending on your project’s needs, you can choose images with specific compositions, such as close-ups, panoramic views, or images with ample copy space for text overlay.

Explore various image types like photographs, illustrations, vectors, and even video clips. Additionally, consider the style of the images – from vintage and retro to modern and minimalist.

Adjust the orientation and aspect ratio filters to suit the design layout of your project, ensuring the image integrates seamlessly.

B. Exploring Niche Collections and Contributors

Shutterstock categorizes images into various themes and collections. Explore niche categories that align with your project’s subject matter to find more specialized and unique visuals.

Some photographers and artists consistently produce exceptional work. By following their portfolios, you increase the chances of discovering exclusive and distinctive images.

Check out Shutterstock’s exclusive and premier collections, which often feature high-quality and one-of-a-kind images not available elsewhere.

If you require images depicting real-life events, people, or places, explore the editorial section. These images capture candid moments and provide an authentic touch to your projects.

Can You Get Free Images on Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is known for its high-quality images. Most people once in life need images to use in their websites, presentation, logo, YouTube videos, and more.

But when you try to download Shutterstock images for free, it comes with a watermark. Due to the watermark, you can’t use it anywhere. Shutterstock has a wide range of images so for any work, you will definitely get an image on it.

If you want to remove the watermark, you need to buy its premium plans. So, can you get free images on Shutterstock without a watermark? Yes, you can. This blog post has some interesting methods to download images from Shutterstock for free.

Can You Use Shutterstock Images For Commercial Use?

Images on Shutterstock are subjected to copyright. You need to buy them to use them on the blog or anywhere else. To use it commercially, you need to buy a license of the image.

When you buy a Shutterstock subscription, you get a license to use images anywhere for commercial or personal use.

Without the permission of the owner, you can’t use images. This situation becomes more hectic when you want to download high-quality images from it. There are free Shutterstock alternatives but they don’t have enough collection of images.

How To Cancel Shutterstock Free Trial?

How To Cancel Shutterstock Free Trial

Shutterstock has a free trial. In the free trial, you can download 10 images for free. You don’t need to pay anything to download 10 images from it.

Shutterstock free trial is a legal way to download Shutterstock images for free without a watermark. These images don’t have a watermark of the Shutterstock logo and you have the right to use these images anywhere.

When the free trial ends, Shutterstock paid plans to activate and it will deduct money. So, you have to cancel it manually before next month’s cycle starts.

To cancel Shutterstock free trial, go to the account section of your profile on the Shutterstock. Now go to the plans page and click on the “cancel plan early” option. Don’t wait for the month-end date to cancel the plan. Do it 2-3 days earlier.

How Does Shutterstock Work?

Shutterstock has more than 390+ million images in high quality. With images, here you also get videos. For business owners, Shutterstock is one of the most affordable places to get a variety of stock images.

Shutterstock is elegant, simple, and user-friendly. Shutterstock has a deep history of selling and buying stock images. Shutterstock sells royalty-free images that you can use for your personal or commercial use.

Shutterstock works in a simple way. Create an account on it and buy its subscription. Find the image on the site and download it into HD quality. If you are a photographer, you can upload images on Shutterstock and earn money through images.

How Much Do Images Cost on Shutterstock?

shutterstock plan

Shutterstock has different plans as per user requirements. From individuals to agency owners, everyone will get a perfect plan for their use. Its plans allow you to access stock images from its massive library without the worry of licensing. Let’s see what each plan costs how much.

  • On-Demand – This plan is suitable for a single user. Plan validity is one year. It costs $49-$249 per image download limit.
  • Flex Subscription – Flex plan contains images, videos, and music. A single user can access it. It costs $49 per month and you get 25 credits to use per month.
  • Image Subscription – This is the best value plan for Shutterstock. It starts at $29 per month which allows downloading 10 images. With increasing image limit, its price also increases.
  • Team – If you have agency or planning to use Shutterstock in a group, go with its team plan. You can add up to 10 team members. With the price of $479, you get a 750 image download limit per month.
  • Enterprise – This is a customized plan for big agencies. There is no direct pricing for it. Shutterstock will tell you the price as per your agency requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shutterstock Images Free to Use?

If you have subscriptions to Shutterstock then you can download images from Shutterstock and use them anywhere.

How to Remove Shutterstock Watermark Online?

Nohat. cc is the best site to remove the Shutterstock watermark online. Enter the URL of the image from which you want to remove the watermark in nohat.cc and press enter. In a few seconds, you get a download link of Shutterstock images.

How Do I Get 10 Free Images on Shutterstock?

To get 10 free images on Shutterstock, you need to use its free trial plan. In its free trial, for one month, you can download 10 images absolutely free without paying anything.

Are Shutterstock Images Free For Commercial Use?

If you have a subscription plan for Shutterstock, you can use its images commercially. It gives you the authority to use images on your website or any other platform.

Can I Cancel Shutterstock Subscription After One Month?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel it after one month, your money would be deducted so it would be better to cancel it before the end of the month to save money.

Can I Use Shutterstock Images After Subscription Ends?

Once you download images from Shutterstock in a legal way(by its paid plans), you have the right to use them anytime whether currently you have a subscription or not.

Final Words

Now you know how to download Shutterstock images without a watermark for free? In this article, you get all the methods to download watermark-free images from Shutterstock. Shutterstock is famous for its large collections of images and videos. On every image, you find the logo of Shutterstock as a watermark. But after reading this article you can easily download all the Shutterstock images for free. If you like the article share it with your friends who need to download images.

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