22 Best Totally Free People Search Sites

Every day millions of people find their old school or college friends, old colleagues, old relatives, or any person on the internet by using totally free people search sites. You can get any details like their phone numbers, address, family details, business, etc.

You can use these sites as a people-finding search engine. You can find information about an unknown person or someone known. To dig up information from these people search for free public records, You don’t need to pay anything, they are totally free background checks no credit card is needed.

By using these free search sites, you can contact your lost one. Many people nowadays leave their digital footprints on the internet which become helpful in tracking their identity. In this guide, we are sharing the best free people search sites with you, so you can find someone for free when you need them.

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Are Totally Free People Search Sites Trustworthy?

Are Totally Free People Search Sites Trustworthy

Nowadays there are many websites that give us the opportunity to find people for free. To find the identity of any person, you can use totally free people search sites. These sites gather information from social networks, public records, and government registries.

Most of the best people search sites are trustworthy. In this guide, we only added those sites that show true results and don’t waste your time.

Anyone who uses the internet has open access to find any person using a people search engine. For free, you may get most of the details about any person.

If you don’t see full information on a single free site to search for a person then you should check information on other sites. All sites have different criteria to show information. So, by visiting different free search engines to find a person, you can collect information about any person.

People leave their traces online while visiting different websites. These free people search engines collect data from all available sources and show you.

Most people use the internet so there are high chances that you get information. Few people still don’t use the internet so it is almost impossible to find information about them. Some paid sites claim that they show information about any person, so don’t fall into this trap.

How To Use Totally Free People Search Sites?

How To Use Totally Free People Search Sites?

To find out about people on these totally free people search sites is not difficult. There are many free people search sites available online, such as True People Search, WhitePages, Pipl, Zabasearch, That’s Them, and Free People Search. Every site has its own search method and features, so you should try different sites to find out which one works best for you.

  • Once you go on any completely free people finder sites, you can use a person’s phone number, social media accounts, address, email, or any other information you have. It depends on the site and what method they allow to find a person.
  • After entering the information when you click on the search button, the website will show you a list of different people associated with the given information in the search bar.
  • Some free sites to search for a person for free may provide additional information, such as links to public records or social media profiles.
  • Information on the free website to find a person is always not accurate or true so you should crosscheck it on different websites to confirm the person’s identity.
  • Free people search websites only show limited information and to show the whole information they charge money as a paid subscription.

Best Totally Free People Search Sites To Find People For Free

1. Information.com


Information.com offers one of the most powerful people lookup tools available. Unlike many other people search tools, Information.com dives deep to help you build the full picture about who someone is – so you can trust that you know everything you need to know about a person.

Their people search is also incredibly easy to perform. All you need to do is type in someone’s name, hit “search,” and within minutes, you’ll have a list of matching results you can pick from.

Once you choose the results you would like to learn more about, you’ll be given access to a basic report for free. This report will include most of the information you’ll need to get a good idea of who someone is and if they are safe – usually including their phone number, email address, and current location.

However, for a very small fee, you can start a trial membership to access the full report. This is where things get very interesting and when it becomes clear just how powerful Information.com’s search tools are.

You’ll find out basically everything possible about someone on their full report, including their aliases, alternate phone numbers, past addresses, job history, marriage records, criminal reports, bankruptcy information, court records, email addresses, and even their social media accounts and dating profiles.

However, if you want to stick to their free reports, Information.com is still immensely useful. Their database is constantly updated, their search engine is quick and easy to use, and their results are accurate.

2. Whitepages

Totally Free People Search Sites

Whitepages is one of the most popular free people search sites. Every time Whitepages has proved itself. Whether you want to look at the only address of someone or everything about him, Whitepages is the best totally free people search site.

Whitepages is known for its trusted results. It has also a sheer number of different search options like free address lookup. You can get information about anyone through public records, social media, background checks, people searches, and more.

Whitepages has the simplest user interface. You just need to enter the name of the person whom you are looking for. Within a few seconds, you will get a result.

For better results, you may give more information about the person so the website will filter search data according to information.

When it comes to databases, Whitepages has a huge database. According to some reports, Whitepages has more than 20 billion people’s data. So, you get comprehensive results for every search people lookup query.

You don’t need to find someone’s data on the Whitepages. Just type anyone’s name or other related information and press enter. Within seconds, you will get a list of people in the result. You don’t need to do complex settings to search for a person.

What Could You Find on Whitepages?

  • Personal contact information of over 275 million people
  • Age
  • Address
  • Criminal records
  • Financial records
  • Landline number
  • Relative details
  • Traffic records
  • Scam ratings
  • Line records
  • Business details
  • Carrier information

3. Intelius

site to find people

Intelius is a free people search engine that performs deep profile searches for free. With its great performance, Intelius has raised the bar for other best free websites to find a person. The Intelius site is all about finding updated information about people.

To initiate a search, just type the name of the person in the search box. Reverse lookup though the phone number is also available on the Intelius. Along with these search options, you also get an email and address search option.

To run a quick search, use location with name. Intelius is among those totally free people search sites that offer trusted results every time. By using Intelius, you can see whether your data is available on the dark web or not.

Intelius is not just a common people search site, it is the free international site to search for a person. Its search result gives you more than social and professional information about anyone.

Everything you may know about anyone. Its search result shows detailed data about people. You can see the maiden name, phone number, age, address, and more. Also, you can see background information of anyone like criminal records, financial records, and more.

Intelius free site to search for a person is loved by its users because of its easy-to-navigate interface and accurate results.


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4. Family Tree Now

family tree now site

The Family Tree Now website offers to find people’s information for free. More than 50 million visitors visit this website in a month.

Its database allows you to search using limited information or full information. Like you can search people by name and date of birth, phone number, home address, or email address. You can use any one of them to find people. Also, you can use more than one search term to get more precise results.

Its flexible search feature gives more search options to users. In its search result, you will get first, middle, and last name, full home address, and phone number details. Also, sometimes it shows information about family members completely free.

To use this site to find people for free, you don’t need to create an account on it. It is totally free background check no credit card is needed and It doesn’t ask for any card information. The family tree now gets positive reviews from its users.

After using the Family Tree Now website, you won’t need to search anymore for totally free people search sites. This site is a really good free people-finding site. Its search result shows you whole information about anyone.

5. People Finder Free

Totally Free People Search Sites in 2021

If you still thinking about how to find someone completely free try People Finder. This is another free people-finding site. In the USA, People Finder Free is one of the busiest people search websites. Every day millions of people come to this site to find data about people.

People Finder free site serves results according to the search term. Either you can search using the name or use email or phone number to search any person. The good thing is that this site also offers a reverse phone lookup service.

Whatever is your need, this website will show related information. Not all people want full information, so you can narrow down search results by what you want to see.

The whole background check of any person is easy you get on this site. On the people-finder website, you will get a complete background check of an individual. People Finder’s website has more than 6000 data centers across the world.

What Could You Find on Whitepages?

  • Phone Number Identity
  • Court records
  • Background checks
  • Age and Date of birth
  • Relatives
  • Contact number
  • Current address
  • Traffic records
  • Arrest records
  • Vital Records
Totally Free People Search Sites in usa

True people search website provides the best and true basic information in minimum time to people who are searching how to look someone up for free. Many other totally free people search websites are available but a true people search site is one of those websites which never charge anything to show information.

True People Search is a reliable website to find basic information about people. Every time you search for anything on this site, it will show the result of the person with a complete background of the person.

True people’s search website is not like other free people’s search websites that force you to create an account on their sites so they can save your data.

Without any registration, use its service free of cost. Type any name or other related information look for a person for free and it will show you the whole background of the person.

For every search for people on this site, you get quick results. If you enter only the person’s phone number still you can find information about that person using its reverse people search option. Its exact information about people increases the trust of users on this site.

zaba search free people search site

After using Zaba search, you don’t need to find any other totally free people search sites. All information, you get on Zaba search is free of cost and easily accessible.

People like Zaba search services because here you can find information about anyone whether you know him or not.

Zaba search result includes full detail of the person. It is a trusted site for finding someone in the USA for free. You will know about names, phone numbers, criminal records, family members, and other data of the people. Its data is fully trusted and confidential.

The database of the Zaba search website is updated regularly. The website interface is not complex and they improve it on a regular basis on the suggestions of users.

You can check about those people who are annoying you by making fake calls. Type its number in the search box and it will find the person in the USA and other countries and show you his/her information.

8. Peekyou

peekyou people search site in free

When looking for totally free people search sites if we don’t include the Peekyou site, it is unfair. For many years, this site has been giving free services to its users.

How to look up information on someone for free? Its name, phone number, address, or anything else. All details are public records free searches, you get on the Peekyou site. Its database contains all public information that is freely available to users.

The reverse search tool of Peekyou is superb. You can search by a person using their number or name.

Unlike other sites, Peekyou doesn’t ask its users to sign up on the website to use its free service. Many best-person search sites do background checks of users while they find personal information of anyone, but Peekyou doesn’t do it. Like all other sites on the list, Peekyou shows all the basic information about the people.

9. Truth Finder

truthfinder people search site

As the website name implies, it shows true information about people. On the Truthfinder website, you can check whole the information about any person and performs who lives at this address free search.

Data from the Truth Finder website is publicly available so you don’t need to pay to see its data and get free information about people. Go to the website and type the person name whom you want to find. Apart from names, you can find people by their phone numbers and addresses.

Its database is not limited because it uses public records to increase its database. This website can be used to find data about any person in the world.

Its search result is not complicated and you will get the only right information about the people.

One good thing about the Truth Finder free people searching site is that this website works on the self-search feature. When you find people’s addresses for free, it shows all available information on its server. Then it does a self-search on the internet and social networking sites for more available information. So, you will be notified if you find more information.

10. Mylife

mylife people search site

Mylife is the best totally free people search site for reverse searches. By using it, you can find a person’s name and other related information for free.

On Mylife, you will surely get a detailed and true report about the people. Its information will give you more knowledge about the people whom you are looking for. Its full report includes name, phone number, age, email address, home address, business information, family member’s details, and more.

You can export results to your computer. Also, you have the freedom to choose which fields from the report you need.

One thing that makes Mylife different from most other free online people search sites is its quick response time. It doesn’t take much time to collect data to show you. Within seconds, you get the result that you want.

Without giving credit card details on the site, you can search for people’s information for free.

11. Spokeo

spokeo people search site

Spokeo has been giving its service for 15 years. Slowly they have developed a large database. In starting they show results from only social media. When it was launched, the use of the Internet was limited so there was not much information about people available on the Internet.

Over time, its database increases. Now they use all methods to collect information about people so they can show better results. They check public records, social media, and digital footprints to collect data. Billions of people’s data are stored on their servers. You can use this data to find out where someone lives for free

The Spokeo search page is clean and neat. You don’t need to find where you need to write the name of the person.

Along with the name, it also gives the facility to find people by their email, address, or phone number to locate a person for free. Use a location filter to narrow down the result. Its servers are fast so, within a few seconds, you get results.

You won’t get annoying ads on the Spokeo free people address searching website. Everything works perfectly on the Spokeo. In our testing, we get almost all data about the person but when it comes to showing criminal records, it somehow shows less information.

What Could You Find on Spokeo?

  • 130 million people records
  • 3.9 Billion historical records
  • 89 Million business records
  • 120+ social networks
  • Contact information
  • Personal Details
  • Location History
  • Wealth data
  • Family details

12. Cocofinder

cocofinder free people search

If you are trying to find someone with proper detail then Cocofinder is your time saver. On Cocofinder, you can find your friends, family members, long-lost mates, and colleagues.

Cocofinder is a free search engine to find people’s data and find out where someone lives for free. When you search for someone, it scans all its servers in the whole world and shows you data. It is one of the easiest people to find the search engine.

Cocofinder checks all available content on the internet so it can make sure that you get the best result about the person you are looking for. It uses different social sites and public records to find someones old address for free. On Cocofinder, you can locate a person’s cell phone number.

What Could You Find on Cocofinder?

  • Phone number identity
  • Court records
  • Background checks
  • Age and Date of birth
  • Relatives
  • Contact numbers
  • Current address
  • Traffic tickets
  • Arrest records

13. ThatsThem

search people in free

ThatsThem is a free people finder site that doesn’t ask to create an account on it to use this site. They provide a safe environment for the user.

They always try to give the best result to the user. It collects information from all over the world when you ask any query on it. All the related information about the person is collected from all possible places on the Internet.

Its results are not fake and generated by real data. It is always a good feeling when you use this website because of the clean user interface. You don’t need to find common search options on the site. Different search options are available to find people’s identity like name, number, and more on this free people search site at no fee.

What Could You Find on ThatsThem?

  • Person’s basic information
  • Contact details
  • Residential information
  • Financial status
  • vehicle information
  • Lifestyle

14. Tineye

Totally Free People Search Sites 2

Finding the right people online is not an easy task when you don’t know about the right people search site. Once you use the Tineye site, you will know how easy is to use it and how reliable is its information.

Many totally free people’s search sites show unnecessary and fake results. But on Tineye, you only get true look-up people’s information for free.

On Tineye, you can get information about someone without wasting your time. Search people by number, name, or any other information. Tineye’s website shows you all the related details and hides unnecessary details.

real people search site

Real people search is a powerful tool to look up people for free. It has lots of features so you can narrow down the result. Apart from only looking up people by name, you have more options to find people. You can filter search results by adding age, number, email, and other queries.

Furthermore, you can add location so you get a specific amount of data in the result.

Real people search is liked by users because it doesn’t require an account to use it. You don’t need to do any payment on it to see the result. Its service is fully free and without spending any amount, you can use it lifetime.

What Could You Find on Real People Search?

  • Phone number
  • Vital Records
  • Relatives
  • Background check
  • Court records
  • Current address
  • Permanent address
  • Family members

16. People Finders

Finding the right information about anyone is easy but many totally free people search sites to make them complicated by showing unnecessary ads. People finders website is not one of them. Ads on this site are not annoying and you can easily see whole information about anyone.

Free search for people sites show information about real people. It doesn’t show fake results. You can get most of the details about the person whom you are searching for. Its background check feature shows the criminal record of the person.

17. Search People Free

Totally Free People Search Sites

This website does exactly what its name represents. This site is not so famous but once you visit this site, you won’t regret it. Its design is so impressive and its quick result makes its use easy.

Here on the free people search site, you see a search bar in the middle of the site. Here, you can find people by their names. For more accurate results, you can add the surname and middle name of the person. Also, location-based search shows exact results.

One good thing about free person search sites is that their servers are limited but they scan the internet regularly so they store lots of data inside it and update themselves every day.

18. Instant Checkmate

instant checkmate site to search people free

Instant Checkmate is a reliable totally free people search site. You can find people here by name, number, and other details. Here you get more detailed information than on other websites.

On the instant checkmate free people locater site, you can find personal details about anyone. Everything about any person you can see on this site. Age, email, mobile number, and home address are common things you get in the search results. Some sponsored links on the site may irritate you.

19. Find People Fast

search people free site

In our free people search sites list, Find People Fast is a site that gives hints about what it is offering. It offers free people search services to customers. It has ads on the site to earn money. Sometimes, these ads feel annoying.

Just like its name, it quickly shows results for any person. Its search result contains information regarding name, address, social media accounts, traffic records, etc. Here you can find any long-lost friend, family member, colleague, neighbor, etc.

Find People Fast provides important public information regarding entered names or numbers. Its phone number lookup is a powerful tool to find people.

Find people fast and collect information from public resources. Then it filters out important information about a person and arranges it into a list then presents you. It offers totally free searches without buying any subscription.

What Could You Find on Find People Fast?

  • Full name
  • Current and prior address
  • Social media account details
  • Immediate and distant relatives
  • Online dating accounts
  • Contact information
  • Criminal records
  • Traffic records

Find People Free Through Social Media Sites

20. LinkedIn

search people free on linkedin

LinkedIn is a business-focused search website. Apart from LinkedIn, there are many other websites also which are totally based on business searches. But LinkedIn is the number one site for business search.

If you have ever used LinkedIn, you may have known how popular is it among employees. LinkedIn is a free social network people search site but you need to create an account on LinkedIn to use it. You can say LinkedIn is a social media for business people.

Here you can find any information about any employee or company. It has millions of users who share their profiles with others.

On LinkedIn, you can search for the best employee for your business. You can get every detail about employees. LinkedIn is used worldwide, so you get all the information about the business. Apart from finding people, here you can learn many new things about business.

21. Facebook

social media to find people

Who doesn’t know about Facebook? Facebook is the reason why social media is famous so much. Facebook has changed the whole social media. Many social media platforms are but no one can match the popularity of Facebook.

Facebook is the best totally free people search site. Here you can find details about the person. Facebook has millions of users all over the world. They submit their information when they create an account on it.

Facebook is the best place to search for your old friend, old family member, ex-girlfriend, or ex-boyfriend. On Facebook, you can search for people by their names. Go to the search bar and type the name, it will show all the profiles related to the name.

22. Google

find people for free

One of the most used people searches engine for free. Google is free to use. Google is not only used to find people’s searches but also it is used to find an answer.

You can say Google is the main source of information on the internet. Every day millions of people search-related queries are asked on Google.

On Google, you won’t find all the information about people but a limited number of information is available on it.

Comparison Between Different Totally Free People Search Sites

Site NameDescription
WhitepagesProvides information on individuals, including name, address, phone number, and background check options
InteliusOffers background checks, reverse phone lookups, and people search options
Family Tree NowA genealogy search site that also provides people with search options
People Finder FreeOffers a free people search option with a paid option for more detailed information
True People SearchProvides name, address, phone number, and email information for individuals
Zaba SearchOffers a free people search with options for background checks and criminal records
PeekYouProvides information on individuals, including social media profiles and contact information
Truth FinderOffers background checks and people search options for a fee
MyLifeProvides information on individuals, including name, age, location, and social media profiles
SpokeoOffers a people search with options for background checks and criminal records
CocofinderProvides a free people search with options for background checks and public records
ThasthemOffers a people search with options for background checks and criminal records
TineyeA reverse image search tool that can be used to find information on individuals
Real People SearchProvides a free people search with options for background checks and public records
Instant CheckmateOffers background checks and people search options for a fee
Find People FastProvides a free people search with options for background checks and public records

How To Remove Personal Information From Whitepages?

Remove Personal Information
  1. Go to the Whitepages website or app.
  2. Search for your name or phone number to find your listing.
  3. Click on your listing to view the details.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Remove from Directory” link.
  5. Follow the instructions to verify your identity and complete the removal process.

What Are The Limitations of Free People Search Sites?

Limitations of Free People Search Sites

Free people search sites can be a useful tool for finding information about people, but they do have some limitations.

  • On free people finder sites, you won’t get the whole information about a person. They may provide basic information about anyone such as name, phone number, or address.
  • The one common disadvantage of all free people search sites is that their information is not accurate at all because these sites collect information from the public record which is not updated regularly.
  • Free people finder sites don’t provide any background checks.
  • Free people search sites may not offer advanced search options, such as searching by social security number or email address.
  • Some free people search sites ask you to pay money to get full information about anyone.

How To Find Someone’s Full Name By Phone Number Free?

find people

Many websites provide a reverse phone look-up feature. Here you can add a person’s phone number and the rest of the finding work is done by the website.

In today’s technology, with the help of the internet, you can perform many tasks online straightforwardly. You can find anyone on the internet using either its phone number or any other information.

There are many websites like Radaris, Turecaller, Zabasearch, etc. to find people by phone number. These sites collect data from many sources and compile them to show the full information about the person whom you are looking for.

You just need to enter the phone number and hit the enter button. These sites will start searching for information from their database.

How To Find Someone’s Address?

Everyone has their own reason to find the address of anyone. Use Truth Finder’s site to find someone’s address. Here you can find someone’s address by entering its name.

On its search bar, enter the first and last name. If you remember the city or state entering them, it will make the search quicker. When you click on the search button, you will get a detailed background report.

Should You Pay For People Search Engine?

Totally free people search sites offer all the information about people for free. The free person search site is the most convenient and easy method to find anyone on the internet.

Some people search engine charges money to show the information. It would be right to pay for people’s search engines.

Sometimes free people search engine doesn’t show full information or show less information. You should pay for a search engine if you aren’t getting full information on the free people finder site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Free People Search Site?

In this article, you have read about 22 free people search sites. Among them which one is good? In our research, we found all sites are legit and show genuine information. Whitepages is our top pick for the best free people search site.
To use these sites, you need different information about the people because these sites use different search models to perform a search.

Can You Find Someone’s Identity By Their Phone Number?

These days spam calls are more common. When these calls occur in the middle of the work, it becomes a very frustrating situation.
You may take a subscription to paid apps and sites to find out someone’s identity but you can use free sites also to find out who is calling.

Is Truth Finder Legit?

Truth Finder is a popular site to do background checks on people. Truth Finder is used all over the USA.
Truth Finder is a legitimate site that scans public records to find out the information about the person. It also checks social networking website data. You get an extensive background check of the person within a minute.

Is BeenVerified Free?

BeenVerified is not a free people search site. You need to purchase its paid subscription to get information.

Are There Any Legal Limitations To Using Free People Search Sites?

Using any free people search site is legal because these sites use publicly available records to scan information.

Final Words

On the internet, you can find any information. When you search for people, you get a variety of results but to get proper details, you need to use these totally free people search sites. In this guide, we have added only those sites that are free and never charge anything to show information.

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