How To Download Movies On Android With uTorrent

uTorrent is the most popular way to download a movie for free on any device. Besides the movie, you can download many other things from uTorrent like TV shows, Songs, Books, etc.

On uTorrent movies are available in all formats, you can download the supported format on your phone.

The interface of uTorrent is simple and easy to use. uTorrent is one of the easiest and fastest ways to download any movie. Since the uTorrent app is available on the Android platform all Android users can download movies easily.

But not all people are aware that how to download movies on Android with uTorrent so, this guide has step by step process of downloading movies with uTorrent.

What is uTorrent?

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uTorrent is an app that allows you to download or share files. uTorrent is a P2P(peer-to-peer) file-sharing communication protocol.

Files are shared on the internet via the P2P protocol. uTorrent is a free BitTorrent client that was first released in 2005. It is the most popular BitTorrent client.

uTorrent is the most trusted torrent downloading site which allows you to download movies, eBooks, shows, and many more. For Android users, it is a free app that is available on the Google play store.

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How To Download Movies On Android With uTorrent?

download movies from utorrent

For those people who don’t know how to download movies on android with uTorrent here is a full step-by-step process. After reading the full article you can easily download movies from uTorrent.

Step 1 – Download Utorrent For Android Phone

  • Open Google play store on Android phones.
  • Now go in the search bar and enter uTorrent and press enter.
  • From the result choose the app icon which is shown in the below image.
how to download movies on android with uTorrent
  • Now click on install, during the installation process it asks for some permission press yes, and complete installation.
How To Download Torrent File in uTorrent?

Step 2 – How To Download Torrent File in uTorrent?

  • After installing the uTorrent app on your Android phone open the uTorrent app.
  • When your first time uses the uTorrent app it shows you “How to use” tips to guide you.
  • To search for any movie, shows, or any other things on it you have to go into its search function.
  • In the left top corner, you see a search icon tap on it.
how to download movies on android with uTorrent
  • Now enter a search term in the search box. Enter the name of the movie which you want to download in the search box and press enter.
utorrent for android
  • When you press enter it gives you an option on which browser you want to use to search torrent files.
  • Tap on the browser that you want to use for searching torrents.
  • In the browse search result, you will see many different results.
  • Click on any result and in that click on the download torrent option.
how to use uTorrent on android
  • When you click on the download torrent option, you see different app options to open the file, choose uTorrent from that.
  • Now your file will be downloaded and open in the uTorrent app.
use Utorrent on android
  • In a few seconds, uTorrent will start downloading a torrent file.
  • You can see more details of the file by clicking on the torrent file.
  • You can pause and play torrent downloads according to your needs.

After finishing the download your file is ready to use. These are the simple steps to download any torrent file on Android phones.

Downloading pirated movies is illegal. Geekymr-The tech zone doesn’t support downloading pirated movies at all. Some P2P file-sharing sites are legal, but most are illegal. It would be helpful for moviemakers if you watch it in theaters.

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uTorrent Sites List

  • Torrentz2
  • LimeTorrent
  • ThePirateBay
  • YTS
  • Torrends.To
  • 1337X
  • IPTorrents

How To Use a Torrent Safely?

Nowadays many people pass their time online, most of the time they browse many websites or use social media apps but do you know that most companies steal your information through your browser. They can collect your personal information also which is stored on your mobile phones.

Safety should be a primary concern for you if you browse the net so much and especially If you are downloading any file using uTorrent or any other torrent software.

There are many VPN services that you can use to make your browsing safe. VPN provider hides your IP address.

VPN receives and sends data in an encrypted format and also encrypts the network address of the sender and receiver. We all know that nowadays data privacy is a big concern for all, so use a VPN to protect your data from hackers.

nord vpn
Credit – VPNPro

How to Use Utorrent on Android?

uTorrent is one of the famous torrent clients that is used to download movies, games, songs, and other stuff on android phones. Good thing is that uTorrent is free so you don’t have to pay anything to download from uTorrent.

To use uTorrent on Android, you need to download uTorrent from the play store. It will take less than a minute to download.

The clean and simple interface of uTorrent is a good point. uTorrent is an easy-to-use app. To download anything from uTorrent, type the name in the search bar and hit enter, and from the result select the right file to download.

Anyone can easily use uTorrent on Android. When you start the uTorrent app first time, its navigation guide shows how to use uTorrent. The easy interface of uTorrent makes use of uTorrent easy on Android.

FAQ About Download Movie on Android With u Torrent?

How Do I Download Movies Using uTorrent on Android?

To download movies using uTorrent on Android first, you need to install uTorrent on your Android phone.
uTorrent is easily available on the Google play store or any other app store. in uTorrent, there is a search bar where enter the name of the movie which you want to download. In the search result, you will see various torrent sites. Every torrent site has a different file size of the same movie. You can download movies from any torrent from the search result.

Is It Safe to Use uTorrent on Android?

uTorrent is a safe app. There is no virus or any type of malware in the uTorrent app but uTorrent sends you to third-party websites to download movies and other content. Those websites may contain viruses or malware so safely use those websites.

Is It Okay to Download Movies From uTorrent?

Yes, it is okay to download movies from uTorrent on Android. All types of movies are available on uTorrent in HD quality.

Final Words

After reading the full article now you know that downloading any movie from uTorrent is not a big task. All file formats are available in the torrent. Some torrents also show screenshots so before downloading any movie you can see the quality of the movie and decide whether you want to download it or not. I hope you learn something interesting today. If you like an article then share it with your friends on social media.

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