12 Best Home Theatre Systems in India

Want to take a theatre-like sound experience at home but can’t find a perfect home theatre system then you have come to the right place. After detailed research, we have picked the best home theatre systems in India that give a true theatre sound experience.

In this article, you will get all the necessary info about different home theater systems. Apart from reviews, we have also added buying guide that gives you a better understanding of choosing the right home theater.

As technology is progressing, the size of the television is getting smaller. Due to the small size, the television does not have a large size speaker and we have to compromise in sound quality.

People are using soundbars to get better sound quality from television but those who want the experience of true theatre sound, use home theatre.

Home theatre speaker is not only built for television, but you can also use it with mobile, pc. In this article, you get all the information related to the home theatre system review, and also we are showing some good choices for all sizes of rooms.

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Our Top 3 Recommendations

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F&D F5060X – Best Home Theatre Systems

india’s Best Home Theatre Systems

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Philips Best Home Theatre Systems in India

Best Home Theatre Systems in Low Price

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Infinity – Budget Home Theatre Systems

Best Home Theatre Systems in Low Price

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What Is Home Theatre System?

The Home theatre system is a combination of different speakers and woofers to imitate a cinema-like sound experience. While designing a home theater system company wants that you to get fully immersed in the movie or any other thing you are listening to it.

Home theaters are specially built to improve the audio quality of your TV. It turns off those useless TV speakers and gives you a louder and better sound when you watch movies or shows.

Due to the latest technology and powerful speakers you get improved sound quality in comparison to normal speakers. The best benefit of the home theatre system is that it enhances the viewing experience at home.

How to Choose Best Home Theatre Systems in India?

People use home theatre to get cinema-like sound quality at home but not all home theatres are able to deliver a cinematic sound experience. There are some points which you need to take while choosing the best home theatre system so you may get the best sound experience at home.

Output Power

In-home theatre system there are 2 parts speakers and subwoofer. Both have different output power. Output power is measured in watts. A higher number of watts means the home theatre speaker will generate powerful sound.

home theatre out put power

Watt is not doesn’t represent the quality of sound. It only represents how powerful home theatre is. The quality of sound depends on other factors which we discuss later in this article. If you are fond of powerful sound, you should go with a higher number of watts.


On the home theatre system best experience of sound, you get in surround sound mode. To get a surround sound experience you need more than 2 speakers.

home theatre speaker

Home theatres that have 5 more speakers are the best choice for surround sound. To make a surround sound setup, you need to keep 2 speakers on the front side and 2 speakers on the rear. Keep center speaker in the center of the system.

If you have more than 5 speakers, you can keep the remaining 2 speakers between the front and rear speakers. Nowadays in some home theatre center speaker is being replaced by the soundbar.

Nowadays high-end home theatre doesn’t need wires to connect speakers. The best thing about wireless speakers is that you can change their position anytime.


A subwoofer is an essential part of the home theatre system. It captures all the low frequencies of sound and then transmits them into the bass.

To get a proper movie feel bass is important. The subwoofer’s main work is to produce bass. How much the subwoofer is powerful is depends on the watt of the subwoofer.

home theatre subwoofer

Connectivity Options

In-home theatre you can connect your mobile phone, tv, computer, laptop, tablet, DVD or Blu-ray player, and more devices. A home theatre system should be able to get connected with different devices.

Wireless connectivity is better than wire. Bluetooth option in home theatre enables wireless connectivity. The wireless device becomes easy to operate from any part of the house.

When home theatre is connected to mobile through Bluetooth then you can control home theatre through mobile also.

Best Home Theatre Home Comparison Chart

Philips 5190B Home Theater5/5Black90W5.1
F&D FP5060X Home Theatre5/5Black135W5.1
Infinity JBL Home Theater5/5Black200W4.1
Sony SA-D40 Home Theatre4.9/5Grey80W4.1
Truvision Home Theatre4.8/5Red170W5.1
iBELL Home Theater4.7/5Black80W5.1
Impex Brio Home Theatre4.7/5Black45W5.1
Zebronics Zeb Home Theater4.7/5Black75W5.1
Onix Home Theatre4.6/5Black150W5.1
Panasonic Home Theatre4.5/5Black80W4.1
Philips SPA4040B Home Theatre4.5/5Black45W5.1
Zebronics Home Theatre4.4/5Black45W5.1

List of 12 Best Home Theatre System in India

People buy home theatres for powerful sound so after comparing the sound of lots of home theatres we have picked these best home theaters with powerful sound.

1. Philips SPA 5190B – Best Home Theatre Systems in India

Our Top Pick

best home theatre systems in low price


  • Watt power – 80w
  • Product dimensions – 32.6 x 18.6 x 31.7 cm
  • Weight – 9.1 kg
  • Wireless streaming feature
  • Switch between 2.1 and 5.1

The best home theater should offer a great way to experience movies and music in surround sound at home and this Philips home theater does this work perfectly. Philips is known for its quality sound systems. For the past many years, they are manufacturing quality sound products.

If you want that a home theater system immerses your room in surround sound with good bass then this Philips home theater system is for you.

Philips 5.1 home theatre system is designed for outstanding performance. Oval shape speakers with dual black color tones give a refreshing look to them. Its build quality is sturdy.

Philips home theatre includes 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer. To get the powerful cinematic sound you can set speakers around your sofa or chair. with this setup, you get excellent coverage of the low-end in your room.

To produce powerful punchy bass, it uses DeepBASS technology.

It has compact size subwoofers but due to DeepBASS technology, it hears all deepest bass tones. Bass is produced at low frequency and Philips SPA 5190B captures all the low frequencies.

Most cheap or budget home theatre systems can’t capture all low sound frequencies but Philips’s DeepBASS technology makes it possible.

It increases the audible range for low frequencies sounds and sends them to a subwoofer. In the list, Philips home theatre system has the best bass sound.

Like other best home theatre systems, Philips SPA 5190B also works with Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity means you can change songs from distance without touching home theater.

It is an easy-to-use home theatre you don’t need to learn anything new to use it. Plug speaker cable into output ports and mobile or tv cable into input ports and it is ready to use. You can also enjoy games on it.

It is compact in size so doesn’t take much space in the room. You can put it on the bookshelf also due to its lightweight speakers.

It delivers crisp sound with impressive audio quality.

The best thing about Philips SPA 5190B home theatre system is that you can switch between the 2.1 to 5.1 channels anytime.

To get a real 5.1 sound experience do Prologic mode off and for the surround sound system turn on Prologic mode but this switching option is only available when DVD mode is on into the home theatre system.


  • Low price
  • DeepBASS technology
  • Simple to setup
  • Easy switch between 2.1 to 5.1
  • Bluetooth connectivity to play song


  • Nothing found

2. F&D F5060X – India’s Best Home Theatre Systems

Runner Up

india's best home theatre systems


  • Watt power – 135w
  • Product Dimensions – 48.2 x 37.6 x 48.7 cm
  • Weight – 10.2 kg
  • 2 Way acoustic design
  • Breathing LED effects on the Woofer

F&D is not a famous name but believe us once you use F&D F5060X home theatre system you wouldn’t stop yourself by praising its sound quality.

The design of the F&D F5060X home theatre system is appealing and the color-changing light on the subwoofer looks interesting. It is built with a matte finish. The best thing about a matte finish is that it saves the body of speakers from any fingerprint marks.

Matte finish body gives a classy and premium look to the speakers.

All speakers and subwoofer are black in color and the front portion of the subwoofer changes color due to multi-colored LED lights.

The curve on the body of the subwoofer gives an elegant look to it.

For those people who are looking for a compact shape home theatre system with a powerful surround sound system, the F&D F5060X sound system is a perfect choice.

They are lightweight so moving them in any position becomes easy.

Front speakers have a 2-way acoustic design. It has a combination of the 1-inch tweeter and 3-inch full-range speaker that produces clear and crystal sound for a wide range. Its 8-inch subwoofer never compromises in bass quality.

It offers to store 100 FM radio stations. Remote control covers a 10m area for flawless connectivity. Due to its high-quality sound F&D F5060X, the home theatre system undercut big brands.

The best thing we like about F&D F5060X is that it has a dedicated app that you can install on your mobile phone and without touching the sound system, you can operate it all functions.

Another good thing about it is that it supports MP3 and WMA format for USB card readers.

The length of wire for satellite speakers is not enough. If your room size is big then you need to buy extra-long wire for speakers. If you want surround sound, you need to install speakers at a different angle, and with small length wires, it is not possible.


  • LED theme base subwoofer
  • App for easy use
  • 8-inch bass driver for subwoofer
  • Dual format decoding for the USB card reader
  • Elegant design with a minimalistic look


  • Wire length is not enough

3 Infinity Hardrock- Best Budget Home Theatre Systems in India

Budget Pick

best home theatre systems in india


  • Watt power – 200w
  • Product Dimensions – 11 x 9.3 x 17.8 cm
  • Weight – 7.1 kg
  • Compact size speaker
  • Powerful thumping bass
  • 6.2m long rear speaker cable

If you have never heard about Infinity before you may be surprised that Infinity has a rich history to make quality audio products.

It’s every product comes into the market after passing various high-standard tests. By this they make sure, you get the best quality sound system for your home.

There are many things, you would love about this Infinity home theatre system and one of them is its sheer number of speakers with a powerful wooden subwoofer.

The Infinity home theater comes with a subwoofer, 2 rear, and 2 front speakers. This setup is perfect to give a 3D surround sound effect in the room.

Its satellite speakers will never miss any beat of sound. Its clear and high-frequency sound detail gives you a truly cinematic sound experience at home.

Infinity by Harman is building quality home theatre systems for the past many years. All the speakers and subwoofer come with a black finish that looks nice and stylish.

For bass lovers, the Infinity sound system generates powerful bass with all the high-end details. To experience any movie or music high-end notes of sound are important and this Inifinity home theater system never misses any high-end beat of sound.

The size of the bass speaker is 5.2-inch and it goes to 50-watt peak power for punchy bass.

When you play sound on it, you can feel every single beat clearly.

Along with the quality sound, Infinity home theatre speakers look stylish so they will enhance the beauty of your drawing room or any other room wherever you install it.

Are you worrying that you need to rearrange your room or need to do some modifications to install a home theatre system? Don’t worry, it has long wires for speakers so you can easily put it in the room anywhere.

The long wires give an optimal placement position for speakers.

It supports all types of audio devices like PC, tablets, tv, mobile, game console, DVD player, Blu-ray players, and so on.

For wireless connectivity, it uses the Bluetooth feature. Connect mobile with its Bluetooth and enjoy wireless connectivity. The remote control gives freedom to control sound from any corner of the room.

For sound lovers, the Infinity home theatre system is worth buying accessories. It is user-friendly and in a short while, you will now know about its features.


  • 133.35 mm powerful booming bass driver
  • Compact size takes less space
  • Stylish black design
  • Supports all devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A value for money product


  • Not found any issue

4 Sony SA-D40 Home Theatre Speaker Systems

home theatre speaker systems


  • Watt power – 80w
  • Product dimensions – 29 x 46 x 41 cm
  • Weight – 8 kg
  • Compatible with your mobile phone, tablets, pcs, television, etc
  • Crystal clear natural sound

Sony doesn’t need any introduction. All we know is the quality of Sony products. Sony SA-D40 is a 4.1 home theatre speaker. Although it has a smaller number of speakers, the quality of sound is not less than any other home theatre system on the list.

Every part of the home theatre speaker system reflects the quality of Sony.

Sony has designed this home theatre to produce maximum sound quality. The subwoofer of it produces crispy and punchy bass.

The speakers do their part properly and produce a sound that is pleasing to the ears.

The good thing about the Sony home theatre system is that it is Bluetooth-enabled. You can connect all the Bluetooth-enabled devices to it and never miss any of your favorite tracks.

Bass reflex technology gives a distortion-free bass experience.

Apart from Bluetooth, you can play songs on Sony SA-D40 through a USB card, tv, mobile phones, laptops, pc, DVD/CD player.

Due to the lack of one speaker, its surround sound is not as powerful as other speakers on the list. The look of the Sony SA-D40 is not attractive.

People don’t want to get disturbed while watching a movie. Sony SA-D40 comes with remote control. This remote control provides the facility of controlling home theatre from distance without leaving your seat.

Sony SA-D40 home theatre speaker system was launched in mid-2018 and from that, it is entertaining people with impressive sound.

The output power of the home theatre is 80w. The body of the Sony SA-D40 is built with a gloss finish so you can easily clean it with a dry cotton cloth.

The speakers and subwoofer are small in size and don’t take much space in the room. They are lightweight so you can often change their position without being tired. In the box, you get 4 speakers, one subwoofer, remote control, wire for connections, and a warranty card.

With the Sony SA-D40 home theatre system, you get a one-year warranty.


  • Deliver balanced sound
  • Durable body for longer use
  • All connectivity ports are available


  • Only 80w output

5. Truvison – Best Home Theatre Systems For TV

best home theatre systems for tv


  • Watt power – 170w
  • Product dimensions – 50.2 x 39.4 x 39.4 cm
  • Weight – 14 kg
  • Dual-color body
  • Wooden cabinet for punchy bass

Truvison is not a famous name but it builds quality audio devices. Their products have a long lifespan with consistent audio quality. Truvison is built with PMPO technology.

It delivers maximum power output when you needed.

Let’s start with its looks. It looks stylish and premium. The Black and red color combination gives a stunning look to home theatre. The glossy body shines new for a longer time.

With style Truvison home theatre system for TV comes with lots of features.

The best feature of Truvison is the DTS Dolby sound. DTS Dolby sound generates powerful sound with increased dynamic range. Its signal-to-noise ratio is improved very much for better sound quality.

It has 170w total output. To give a thrilling sound experience it uses Turbotek technology.

This technology adds extra impact to audio and gives the thrilling experience of action sequences. It comes with a mic option so if you are a fan of karaoke singing, you can sing on it along with the music.

The quality of the remote is durable and you get all the functions on it so you don’t need to leave your seat to change any setting in the home theatre system.

Soft buttons on the remote always give a smooth experience to the finger.

Bluetooth or jack both options are available to connect mobile. Due to its clear audio, all the tracks are clearly audible on it. You can enjoy movies at full sound without any disturbance in sound.

Truvison delivers one of the finest Dolby sounds among all the speakers in the list of best home theatre system reviews.

Speakers are not lightweight so it would be better if you put them on a speaker stand rather than installing them on a wall.

The best thing about Truvison is that it lets you enjoy a true surround sound experience. When it comes to connection options, you get all the connection options in Truvison home theatre speakers.


  • Dolby sound enabled
  • Stylish look with durable body
  • Mid-range price
  • Immersive sound experience
  • Turbotek technology for large sound


  • Wire length is not enough for big size rooms

6. iBell 2051DLX Best 5.1 Home Theatre Systems India

best 5.1 home theatre systems india


  • Watt power – 140w
  • Product dimensions – 51 x 40 x 38.5 cm
  • weight – 10 kg
  • Ona and half year warranty
  • Glossy finish and sleek design

The next product in the list of best home theatre system review is iBell 2051DLX. This audio device definitely attracts anyone’s attention with its stunning looks.

It is stylish. Blue color ring in speakers and white color ring in subwoofer give a contrasting look to home theatre.

Let’s start with the audio quality. It has 140-watt powerful audio drivers to boost up sound performance. Big size drivers mean on the high volume you won’t feel any distortion in sound, all beat is easily audible.

It uses a subwoofer that produces clear bass without any disturbance.

If you are from those people who prefer sound quality instead of brand name, try iBell 2051DLX 5.1 home theatre systems India. Its sound quality is remarkable and also gives tough competition to big brands.

For wireless connectivity it uses Bluetooth. Who wants to go near the home theatre every time to change the audio track? Use Bluetooth to change track, and sound from anywhere in the Bluetooth range.

Its speakers are small in appearance but when they produce sound, you will be amazed by the quality of speakers. They are specially designed for high beats in the song.

Another good feature about the iBell 2051DLX best home theatre system is that it comes with a 1.5-year warranty.

One-year warranty you get with home theatre and to claim an extra 6-month warranty, you need to register on their website.

Connections to the home theatre system are not difficult due to color-coded wires. It becomes easy to put the wire in right place quickly. All connectivity options are available for iBell 2051DLX so you won’t face any device combability issues.

iBell 2051DLX is tried to give all features in the budget range. It is built with dual mic options. Both mics can be operated simultaneously. If you are a 90’s child and still using a USB to play the song then it has a USB card reader option.

One of the stylish home theatre systems on the list. Easy switch among any source option with its intuitive remote control.


  • Highest warranty period
  • Most stylish body
  • Affordable price range
  • Distortion-free audio quality
  • Seamless connectivity to all devices


  • Sometimes Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t work properly

7. Impex – Best Home Theatre For Bass Review

best home theatre for bass


  • Watt power – 45w
  • Product dimensions – 32 x 33 x 38 cm
  • Weight – 6.5 kg
  • Unique subwoofer design

Are you going to redecorate your home entertainment system? Want a stylish home theatre system with supreme sound quality, go with the Impex home theatre system. It will redefine your room in an exquisite way.

It has an ergonomic design that fits most interiors. Impex home theatre system for bass is built with some cool features and it will transform your home theatre setup into a new level.

It comes with a 5.2-inch subwoofer. It supports various song formats and makes your experience good.

Its 5 speakers and subwoofer produce all sound effects in detail. It converts the analog signal into digital for all frequencies.

It has a full black body. The Impex home theatre system features a decent look with a sophisticated design.

The overall output of the home theatre is 45w which is not enough for big-size rooms or halls.

You can play songs wirelessly on it through Bluetooth. Other connectivity options are also available in it. For a medium-sized room, this is a perfect sound system. It is a lightweight home theatre system so you can mount speakers on the wall easily.

It has different equalizer settings so you can change the music setting anytime through remote. Remote quality is also good. There is no battery in the box for the remote so you need to buy a battery for it. The surround sound of Impex feels realistic.

Anytime you can change the position of the speaker. Every time you get a different sound experience when you change speaker position.

Its good build rugged body allows you to use it daily without any squabble on the body. To listen to dialogue clearly, decrease bass. This setting will help you to listen to all the dialogue clearly during the fighting scene.


  • The overall sound experience is great
  • Supports different audio formats
  • A value for money product
  • Rugged body


  • At lower frequencies, the bass is not clear

8. Zebronics BT6860RUCF Best Economical Home Theatre Systems

best economical home theatre systems


  • Watt power – 70w
  • Product Dimensions – 39 x 35 x 45 cm
  • Weight – 5.4 kg
  • Impedance Subwoofer drive

Zebronics is famous for its budget range of products. Zebronics BT6860RUCF economical home theatre systems are a new addition to the Zebronics family. You have seen many people are using its computer accessories due to their good quality.

It gives a pleasant sound experience. Zebronics home theatre doesn’t look like a premium device. The body of the home theatre is built with plastic. 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer you get in the box.

This home theatre system is ideal for use with a PC.

You can connect it with any device easily. The sound quality of home theatre is remarkable. In this price range, it gives the best sound experience. You can’t accept more from budget range speakers.

They are not big in size so if you do have not much space in the room then the Zebronics home theatre system is the best choice for you. This home theatre is within the budget of many people. All people can’t spend more money on home theatre.

At a low price, they try to give all features.

You won’t face any connectivity issues. Either you can use its Bluetooth feature for wireless connectivity or you can use USB or cable for wired connectivity. Are you bored by listening to the same song every day? Use its FM feature to refresh your mood.

You can enjoy music as your need by adjusting the setting of the home theatre through remote control.

It is a low-price home theatre system but its build quality is undeniable. Bluetooth connectivity is fast. Within few seconds your device will be paired with a home theatre. Remote control has all options to control music.

You can switch between 2.1 to 5.1 or vice versa. 2.1 is a better option if you are using with pc.

Some people like to listen to music while working so a 2.1 setup is a good option for them. All instructions are clearly written and come in a box, so you won’t face any difficulty in the setup of the speaker.


  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity
  • Punch base sound
  • Scintillating sound experience
  • Low price tag
  • Small in size


  • Low output power

9. Onix Music System For Home Theatre

best music system for home theatre


  • Watt power – 150w
  • Product dimensions – 44 x 43 x 38 cm
  • Weight – 10 kg
  • Elegant and alluring exterior

Onix is one of those brands which is not famous but when it comes to delives quality sound, they are not behind anyone. Onix brand believes that every household needs a quality product.

It has a wide range of sound systems for home and office and this Onix music system for home theatre is one of them.

It has an output of 150 watts, which is also not available in many big brands’ home theatre systems. Now you can imagine the power of sound it produces. It creates a party-like ambiance when the sound starts playing on it.

It comes with an ultrasound performance feature.

Even with powerful bass, this feature makes sure that you get crisp and clear music. It has a built-in sound equalizer that changes its setting according to music.

Give a stylish look to your home entertainment room with its elegant and alluring exterior. Its dual-color body looks attractive and its glossy finish keeps the body of home theatre new for a longer time.

A good thing about the Onix music system for home theatre is that it has an LED light display.

You see all the notifications related to the home theatre on it. From the sofa, you can see the equalizer setting, song name, time, and many more on the LED screen.

MP3, MP3, WAV, and more various formats are supported by it. Format support option will let you play all the songs on your playlist. With all power, this home theatre produces impressive sound.

All speakers are not the same in size. The front speakers are big and the rear speakers are small.

You can hang rear speakers on the wall due to their small size and lightweight. Its subwoofer creates powerful bass that you can feel.

Onix’s home theatre system is not a disappointing deal. You are not fond of the brand and want to buy the best home theatre system, Onix is the best choice for you.


  • High output power
  • Good build quality
  • Stylish and glossy design
  • Different connectivity options


  • Rear speakers are not powerful

10. Panasonic Home Theatre System For LED TV

home theatre systems for led tv


  • Watt power – 80w
  • Product dimensions – 2.7 x 7.3 x 17.6 cm
  • Weight – 5 kg
  • Wooden and plastic body

Panasonic SC-HT40GW-K home theatre system for led tv is built to give a true sound experience. Panasonic always uses the latest features in its products.

This is not a 5.1 home theatre system. it is a 4.1 home theatre system. In the box, you get 4 speakers and a subwoofer with remoter control. Its surround sound audio quality is impressive and for a small room, it is a complete entertainment package.

Speakers are specially designed to hang on walls. Their compact design makes it suitable for a small room.

If you have less space to keep home theatre, Panasonic would be a good choice for you due to its small size.

Output power is only 80w and this is not enough for big size rooms.

Sometimes big brands charge more than product quality and Panasonic SC-HT40GW-K home theatre is an example of it. Wireless connectivity is a good feature in Panasonic home theatre speakers.

The subwoofer is made of wood. The wooden cabinet always gives powerful bass. On the top of the subwoofer, you get a touchless control panel. Using it you can change the setting of the Panasonic home theatre system for led tv.

To make impactful sound pressure it uses large size magnets in speakers. It gives the perfect combination of bass with vocal clarity.

This home theatre system is compatible with Bluetooth, aux cable, USB, and memory cards.

For a small party in the house, the Panasonic home theatre system is a good choice. Subwoofer size is big in comparison to other best home theatre systems on the list.


  • Wooden cabinet for powerful bass
  • All connectivity options are available
  • Touch control panel
  • Distortion-free sound


  • Not a stylish body
  • Overall output power is low

11. Philips SPA4040B Home Theater System With Mic

home theatre system with mic


  • Watt power – 54w
  • Product dimensions – 40 x 33.2 x 30 cm
  • Weight – 6kg
  • Rich bass experience

Another Philips sound system is in the list of best home theatres in India. Bass of Philips SPA4040B home theatre system with mic is not as powerful as other home theatres on the list. The reason for its low sound quality is its 45w output power source.

Philips SPA4040B home theatre box contains a subwoofer, 4 speakers, wires, and remote control. You get a 1-year warranty with the Philips SPA4040B sound system.

Nowadays wireless connectivity is in trend and Philips is following this trend. It has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Control all the features of home theatre from mobile through Bluetooth.

Although the bass is not powerful, the sound is clear and crisp so for a small room, this home theatre speaker is enough. To enjoy a movie clean audio is necessary.

For clear vocal it uses tweeter. Due to the good quality tweeter, all the dialogues are clearly audible.

Its bass boost technology with level control feature gives decent quality bass sound. Philips SPA4040B home theatre is portable in use. They are small in size so you can carry them anywhere.

The design of the Philips SPA4040B home theatre system with a mic is stylish. The Blue ring on the speakers gives a stunning look to the home theatre. On the subwoofer, you get a LED display screen with different control options. LED screen shows the information related to song and home theatre.

No combability issue you get when you connect it with different devices. From the USB card slot, you can see photos. Listen to all the latest news with its inbuilt FM radio.

Philips home theatre is specially designed for the Indian audience. You can enjoy Indian movies on it.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Vocals are clear
  • LED display screen


  • Bass is not powerful
  • Price is high according to features

12. Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCF Home Theater System

home theatre system


  • Watt power – 80w
  • Product Dimensions – 30.5 x 33.7 x 28.3 cm
  • weight – 5.2 kg
  • Can be easily mounted on the wall

Zebronics products are always within budget. If you don’t want to spend lots of money to get the best home theatre system and your budget is then Zebronics is the best option for you. In the low price range, you will get a quality product.

Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCF home theatre comes with 5 speakers and 1-subwoofer. Remote control has all options to control the subwoofer.

On the subwoofer, you get different buttons that control sound, equalizer, and more.

On the backside of the home theatre, you get different ports to connect different devices. It has also an LED display at the front of the subwoofer. The display screen is quite small in comparison to other home theatres but it is visible from distance.

Its perfectly designed subwoofer generates the right amount of bass. For a small area, the Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCF home theatre system is the right choice.

It supports all audio formats and is compatible with USB, mobile phones, computers, laptops, Blu-Ray players, DVD players, and so on.

People love to play music via Bluetooth. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology which is not the latest but works well. It has an inbuilt FM radio that refreshes your mood with the latest songs and news. Speakers are not big in size.

When you play a song or movie on full volume on the Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCF home theatre system, you can clearly hear the distortion of sound so for a long time period you can’t hear a song on loud volume on it.


  • Price is low
  • All connectivity options
  • Vocals are clear at low volume


  • Bluetooth connection range is short
  • Equalizer settings are not good

Can I Customize The Home Theatre System?

Yes, you can. Normally people buy a pre-setup sound system. They go in-store and choose between a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. For most people, it is the best choice but for some people like me, I prefer to customize home theatre according to my needs.

Customizing home theatre is a better choice for movie lovers a center speaker is needed in their home theater for a better movie experience.

While a music lover will pick up floor standing speakers set which he/she easily can set in a room corner to convert the room into a party hall. This process is a little time-consuming at the time of shopping but few efforts will make your home theatre a more powerful sound system.

Different Parts of Home Theatre system

AV Receiver

AV receiver is the main part of the home theatre system. You can say it is the heart of home theatre.

Its main function is to exchange signals between the input and output devices. Output devices don’t understand signals from input devices directly. They need a medium to convert those signals.

AV receiver is built to do the signal conversion. It converts the input signal into an appropriate format so the output devices don’t face any problem understanding signal.

On the rear side (In some AV receivers on the front side) you get different ports. Speakers wires and TV or other music device wires are inserted into their ports. There HDMI port option is also available so you can connect it to TV and enjoy movies with high sound.

All input and output devices are connected to the AV receiver through the wire.

It takes the signal from the input device and decodes it and sends it to the output device, from which the output device plays music.

On the AV receiver, you get all buttons to control the music. Sound change, equalizer setting, source sets, bass, and treble setting, and more buttons you get on it. By using these buttons, you can set sound according to your choice.

People give attention only to speakers when they buy the best home theatre system but they forgot to check the quality of the AV receivers. A good AV receiver enhances the overall sound experience.


The next important thing for the best home theatre system is the subwoofer. It generates powerful bass. Bass is a low-frequency element. It looks like a speaker. Its size is big in comparison to speakers. You can put it near the AV receiver for better sound quality.

It produces low-frequency sounds of high quality. For any type of music, the bass is important and the subwoofer gives a true feeling of bass. Watching any movie without the best bass experience is like eating food without spices.


In any home theatre system, speakers are needed to hear sound. The number of speakers in any home theatre depends on what type of home theatre you are using like 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1. More number of speakers means more powerful sound.

2.1 home theatre system is a basic setup. They are low in price and you get 2 speakers with them.

For small room 2.1 is a good choice. With a 2.1 sound system, you get the stereo sound effect. You get sound from only 2 directions. So, it doesn’t create any surround sound effects.

To get surround sound effects you need to go with a 4.1 or higher speaker setup. The benefit of more speakers is that you can put speakers in different directions so and get surround sound effects.

When speakers produce sound from different directions it gives a theatre-like sound experience at home.

Input and Output devices

Input devices are those devices that are used to give audio or video source to the AV receiver. Some famous input devices are DVD player, Blu-Ray player, computer, mobile and more.

AV receiver would have ports for all types of input devices. It would be better than before buying the best home theatre system you check that its AV receiver has what types of input ports.

The main output device is speakers for the home theatre system. Watt of speakers should be high for powerful signs. Also, you can use TV as an output device but on TV you get low sound quality.

Buying Guide to Select Best Home Theatre System in India

Which home theatre is perfect for you? How will you decide? In the market, there are many options available for home theatre. From cheap to high range all types of models are available. It becomes difficult to choose a perfect home theatre for you.

At the time of buying the best home theatre system, you need to check various features. Below we are explaining all the features which you need to check when you purchase a home theatre system. Maybe it is possible that in a single home theatre you wouldn’t get all features but try to get most of them.

Build Quality

Everyone wants a stylish home theatre system. Sometimes people compromise in quality due to the stylish look of it. This is not the right approach to buy a home theatre system. Build quality matters when it comes to the life of home theatre.

A low-quality product will not last for long and your money will be wasted. Would you like to spend money on a product that works well for a few months and then gets spoiled? Obviously. no one will want this situation.

To avoid such type of situation, you should always choose a quality product. Maybe it is possible that due to quality the price of home theatre would be high but, in the end, it will be a worthy deal.

If you get a good quality home theatre at a reasonable price tag then it would be an excellent deal for you. Build quality impacts on the sound of home theatre. Speakers with wooden cabinets are a good choice for powerful sound.

The plastic body of the speakers is lightweight but they can’t generate powerful sound like wooden speakers. Wooden speakers look premium and their cost may be high.

Wireless vs Wired – Which is Better Home Theatre?

With innovation in technology, wireless home theatres are becoming popular. There are many benefits of wireless speakers over wired speakers.

Wireless home theatre systems are a better option than wired home theatres. Wired home theatres need a wire to connect all speakers to the subwoofer or receiver. It set a limitation for speakers.

You have to set the speaker in the range of wire length. To avoid such a situation, you can buy extra wire for speakers but would you like a room which has wire all over. You have to hide wire behind walls or in the corner of the floor.

The good thing about the wireless home theatre system is that you don’t see any wire in the room. You get the freedom to set a speaker anywhere in the room. The best part about wireless speakers is that you can adjust their position any time when you want.

They are not connected through the wire so there is no limitation, you can keep them anywhere in the room. All speakers are connected through the wi-fi of the home theatre.

There is one disadvantage of a wireless home theatre systems is that they are costly.

You have to pay more money to use the wireless facility. People think that sound quality in wireless home theatre is not as good as wired but this is not true. Nowadays both home theatres have the same sound quality.

Watt Power

Watt power of home theatre is measured in RMS. The full form of RMS is the root mean square.

The main component of home theatre is the receiver or subwoofer. The subwoofer gives power to the speaker.

A subwoofer should be able to give enough power to the speakers so they work properly. High RMS power means the speaker will get sufficient power to generate sound. High RMS is indirectly connected to the sound quality of speakers.

RMS of the subwoofer should be equal to the total watt of speakers. If in 5.1 home theatre speaker’s total watt is 100w then the power of RMS should be equal to or more than 100w.

Lower RMS will cause problems of power distribution and it will affect the sound quality.

To make all things work perfectly watt of every part of the home theatre should be in equal range. Unmatched RMS will cause a short circuit problem if you hear music on loud audio.


20Hz to 20Khz is an audible frequency range for humans. Humans can hear any voice within this frequency range. On the home theatre box, you can see the frequency range.

Some home theatre claims that they can produce more than 20KHz frequency but what it uses of it, you can’t hear that voice. So, a frequency range of more than 20KHz is not for you. Companies use a higher frequency range to attract customers and increase the price of the home theatre system.


Surround Sound Effect

Surround sound gives a better audio experience. People buy home theatre to get a surround sound experience. Speakers play an important role to create surround sound effects.

5.1 home theatre is a good option for surround sound but if you want to experience true surround sound then choose the 7.1 home theatre system. In the 7.1 system, you get 7 different speakers which you can put in all directions.

When sound from different directions comes at a single point, it creates a surround effect.

surround sound

Room Size

Does room size matter when we select the best home theatre system in India? Yes, definitely.

Room size decides that which type of home theatre you should use.

Every home theatre system has different numbers of speakers. According to room size, you can select the speaker’s quantity. For a small room like an office cabin space, you don’t need a 5.1 or 7.1 home theatre system. 2.1 home theatre is enough for an office cabin.

For a large room, you can go with 5.1 or 7.1. If your room size is 200 square feet or more than it. 7.1 home theatre would be a good choice for you.

Before selecting the best home theatre system, you should check what space do you have in-room to keep speakers and subwoofer. Some home theatre system has tower speaker so you can keep them in the corner. You don’t need any speaker stand or shelf to keep them.

If you don’t have enough space in the room then you need to hang them on the wall or need to buy a speaker stand, it would cost you extra.

Number of Speakers

All we know is that number of speakers are proportional to sound quality. A higher number of speakers mean better and powerful sound quality.

It depends on people that how powerful sound they want.

Generally, people select the 5.1 home theatre system but if you are among those people who want a cinematic sound experience at home, go with the 7.1 home theatre system.

2, 5, or 7 speakers what you want. More speakers mean more power to sound. In this list of best home theatre systems, we have selected the best 5.1 home theatre system for you.

As we already told you that in 5.1 you get 5 speakers’ setup. Above in the article, we have told setup of 5.1 home theatre, you can check it.


Price plays an important role to buy a home theatre. People want more features in their home theatre but sometimes due to price they have to do compromise. If you see our list of best home theatre reviews, you can see that the prices of all home theatres are not high and are under the budget of many people.

home theater system price

With a low price tag, you get a stereo sound home theatre. Not all people want to watch movies on home theatre so in your budget if you are getting a stereo sound quality then it is not a bad option.

To get a surround sound feature, you have to spend more money. Home theatres below 5.1 channel don’t have any surround sound technology but their price is not high.

It would good decision if you spend some more money and choose a 5.1 home theatre, so ever you watch a movie on it you get a good sound experience.

LED Lights

This is not an important factor to consider when you buy the best home theatre system for your home but LED lights definitely enhance the beauty of the home theatre system.

speaker led light

It creates a stunning effect. Not all home theatre systems have LED lights, so if you don’t like LED lights, you can choose a home theatre without light. Some home theatre changes LED light according to beat of sound.

There is one disadvantage of LED light is that at the night they give stress to the eyes. If you get a turn-off option for LED lights, it would be a great deal.

Sound Quality

The most important factor for any home theatre system. People buy a home theatre system for their sound quality but when they don’t get proper sound, they get disappointed.

Sound quality depends on various factors like the number of speakers, power, size. To get the best sound quality you need to arrange all the speakers in their right position.


Most people keep home theatre in their drawing-room. You enjoy movies with your friend or relatives so a stylish home theatre system definitely increases the beauty of your drawing room. In our list, Truvison is the most stylish home theatre system. The dual-color tone on any home theatre will make it stylish.


Every product has its own warranty period. Most home theatre comes with one-year warranty period, on some home theatre you get more than one-year warranty.

A long warranty period is always beneficial. If the home theatre system doesn’t work properly, you can get repaired for free in the warranty period.

5.1 vs 7.1 Home Theatre System

In-home theatre different types of models are available. 2.1, 5.1, 4.1, 7.1, and more. If you know little about the home theatre system, maybe you know that these numbers represent the number of speakers in the home theatre. Like 5.1 means it has 5 speakers with one subwoofer. Now you can imagine other numbers.

5.1 and 7.1 are the most famous categories for home theatres.

The main difference between 5.1 and 7.1 is that their sound quality is different. 7.1 has better sound quality because it has more speakers.

In the 5.1 home theatre system, you get 5 speakers and a subwoofer. One speaker is for the center position below the TV. You get 2 front speakers which you have to place in the front position of you. You can set them at a 30-degree angle. Now remaining 2 speakers are needed to place on the right and left sides of you. This setup of speakers creates a surround sound effect.

In 7.1, you get 7 speakers with one subwoofer. Set 5 speakers same as 5.1 home theatre setup and you can place extra 2 speakers at the ceiling. These ceiling speakers create a height effect in sound. They reflect sound from the ceiling for a better sound experience.

Now you know the difference between 5.1 and 7.1. Obviously, 7.1 gives a better sound experience but the choice between them also depends on the room size.

For small room 7.1 is not a good choice. It has more number of speakers so you would need a big space to place all the speakers. In little space, you try to set up 7.1 then you won’t get proper sound effects, and audio from all speakers will collide and it will decrease the sound quality.

How to Connect Home Theatre to PC?

Sometimes people find it difficult to connect home theatre to PC. When you properly set up a home theatre system, your next step is to connect to it PC or TV as you wish.

To connect home theatre to PC you need a coaxial cable. On the backside of the PC, you can see ports for the audio cable. There are different ports so people get confused about which ports are right.

  • If you see the cable carefully then you may notice that there are different colors on both ends of the cable. Generally, red, yellow, and white colors are painted on cable.
  • Now see the port of home theatre and PC, you can see that both have the same color ports.
  • These colors make all work easy. You have to put the same color cable into the same color port.
  • After inserting the cable into the port go to the audio setting of the PC and change it to the output or speaker.

There is also one more method which you can use to connect a home theatre system to a PC.

You can use the Bluetooth feature of the home theatre. This method is simple.

To connect home theatre to PC through Bluetooth, you need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices.

Now search Bluetooth name of home theatre into PC and when you find it, pair them. It is very simple in comparison to the first method. Also, the benefit of Bluetooth connectivity is that you can put a home theatre system at any place in the room.

How Home Theatre Works?

If you don’t how home theatre works then there is no need to worry. When you buy a home theatre their working process is not important for you.

For those people who are interested in technical knowledge of home theatre and want to know how home theatre produces sound, we are giving knowledge of the home theatre system working process.

The main work of home theatre is to generate audio. In-home theatre subwoofer is an important thing. It receives a signal from an input device and transmits it to an output device.

Signals which subwoofer receive are not in normal form, they are in coded mode. The subwoofer converts those signals into different frequencies according to code.

A frequency that is hearable by the human ear is in the range of 20Hz to 20KHz. Subwoofer converts signal between this frequency range.

So basically, the subwoofer does the main work of the home theatre system. It receives signals from a connected device, converts them, and sends them to the speakers.

For a better decoding experience, you can use an AV receiver for home theatre. Av receiver converts signal perfectly and the sound quality which you get from the AV receiver is more powerful and pleasing in comparison to the subwoofer.

What is the Best set up to Get the Best Sound From Home Theatre?

Below we are giving some tips which will help you to get the best sound from your home theatre system.

  • Draw a proper plan for the home theatre system. Instead of putting speakers anywhere, you can set their position according to plan. On the internet, you can find different types of home theatre setup plans and choose according to your room specification.
  • Subwoofer produces bass and keeping it in any closed place is not the right choice. You need an open place to keep subwoofers so it would produce quality bass sound. Some people keep them inside the TV cabinet and this is totally wrong position for it.
  • Wireless or wire, which type of speakers you have. If you have wireless speakers, you can place them anywhere and later adjust their position.
  • In wire speakers if you are hiding wire behind the walls then first check the right positions of speakers, test them, and when you are satisfying that you are getting perfect sound then install it on the wall.

Type of Speakers in Home Theatre System

For best home theatre system speakers are one of the most important things. Speakers need to place in the right position according to the sound setting. A proper setup of speakers will give good sound quality. Let’s see in a home theatre system which types of speakers you are getting.

Front Speakers

In every home theatre system, you get 2 front speakers which you can place on the left and right sides of the television.

When you listen to music or a movie sometimes you have noticed that one side of the speaker produces more sound in comparison to the other side speakers. It becomes possible because front speakers work with all types of frequencies. So, they produce sound according to the frequency rate.

As the name suggests these speakers are placed at the front side of you. The best position for these speakers is a 20-30-degree angle in front of you.

People mostly put them near the TV for a better sound experience. You can use a speaker stand to adjust the position of the front speakers.

Centre Speaker

In every best home theatre system, there is one center speaker. As the name suggests this speaker is placed in the center position.

Usually, you see the center speaker below the television. Normally they are bigger in size than other speakers. Other speakers of home theatre give you a proper feeling of bass and treble, the center speaker delivers all the dialogue perfectly.

Surround or Back Speakers

There are no particular angles are fixed to place surround speakers. You can put them in a 90-degree position on the TV or backside of your sofa.

Their main work is to produce background music clearly. They are built to give the proper sound effect to the movie. They only produce sound effects so it is not important that what frequency they are using.

They are 2 in numbers. They are placed in the left and right of your sitting position. It would be better if you keep them at your head level. To adjust its height, you can use speaker stands or hang them on the wall with the help of a screw.

Ceiling Speakers

This speaker option you only get in a high-end home theatre system. For ceiling speakers, you need to spend a high amount of money. These speakers are built for Dolby Atoms sound. Dolby Atmos is the latest technology in sound.

The main purpose of Dolby Atoms sound is that they give a realistic feeling of sound like in movie during any scene there is airplane then height dimension feature of Dolby Atoms produces a realistic sound so you feel that airplane is near around you.

The best position for these speakers is on the ceiling. You can also keep them high on walls but you won’t get the best experience on walls.

One thing to keep in mind is that they are needed to install at the right angle to get proper sound experience so if you don’t know which angle is right for ceiling speakers then it would be better that you take help from an expert.

How to Set 5.1 Home Theatre in a Room?

People buy expensive home theatre systems but they don’t set them up properly so they can’t listen to its top sound quality.

If you put speakers anywhere then due to sound mixing you won’t get a truly cinematic sound experience. Here we are giving some tips, if you follow these tips then you will get the true sound quality of home theatre system.

Draw Plan

The first thing you need to do is draw a proper plan that how you want to install a home theatre system. You can choose a place where you want to put speakers than speakers and receivers through wires.

If you are building a new room then you can hide these wires inside walls. For this proper plan is necessary because once the room is ready then you won’t like to do holes into the wall to set the home theatre system.

Subwoofer Position

For any home theatre system, a subwoofer is its central point all speakers and other devices will be connected to it.

So, keep it at an accessible location so all the devices easily reach it. The right place to keep it is near the TV, so when you enjoy the movie you can easily use tv and receivers by sitting in one place.

Speaker Position

Now it comes to speaker position. To set up any home theatre system speaker position is important. Correct speaker angle will give you better sound quality. In every home theatre speaker, you get front speakers, main speakers, and other complimentary speakers.

As the name suggests front speaker needs to be installed in the front position. So, you can put it near the TV.

This will be the best position for front speakers. Now to make the cinema-like sound experience you need to put the main speakers at a 30-degree angle and put all other speakers at a 90-degree position.

This is the best setting for any home theatre speaker system. But different people need different sound experiences so before giving the final setup to the room you need to check home theatre sound.

If you feel that sound is not up to the mark then you can change the position of speakers and at which place you get the perfect sound, install it there.

FAQ About Best Home Theatre System

Which Home Theatre is Best in India?

Logitech Z607 is our top pick is for the best home theatre system in India. It has a powerful sound with surround sound features. Its long wire for speakers gives you the freedom to set it anywhere in the room. It has the longest wire for speakers on the list.
For a home theatre power of speakers matters and Logitech Z607 has a high power capacity. It gives a pleasant sound experience. On high volume, its sound is not harsh. Vocals are clear and the bass is punchy, which gives a true surround sound experience.

Can Home Theatre be Used For Karaoke?

Yes, you can use home theatre for karaoke but only those home theatre supports karaoke feature which has mic feature. All home theatre doesn’t come with a mic, you need to buy an extra mic for it.

Can Home Theatre be Connected to a Laptop?

Yes. Nowadays home theatre supports all types of devices. Laptop, PC, mobile, tablet, TV, all devices are compatible with home theatre. Due to the Bluetooth connectivity option, all Bluetooth-supported devise easily get connected with the home theatre system.

How Much Home Theatre Cost?

A good home theatre costs between 5-10 thousand Rs. Below 5 thousand you have to compromise with the quality of sound.

Final Words

After reading the detailed best home theatre system review, you can now decide which home theatre is best for your home. Home theatre enhances your overall sound experience. Want to enjoy movies or want to listen to energetic music while doing a workout a home theatre system with its powerful sound will give you a good sound experience. Now when people are doing more work from home the best home theatre is a must-have thing.

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