10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 Review

After the innovation of the Bluetooth speakers, music is not limited only to the house. You can take these portable speakers with you anywhere and enjoy your favorite music. Bluetooth speakers are changing the lifestyle of people. These wireless Bluetooth speakers are a good choice to listen to music as well as attend calls.

There are lots of best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 available in the market but when it comes to sound quality, not all have powerful sound according to the price. After doing considerable research, we have shortlisted some best options for you for wireless speakers.

Bluetooth wireless speakers are a good companion for traveling. These speakers come with a rechargeable battery that gives 10-12 hours of minimum playback time. Some speakers offer more battery life than it.

Nowadays portable Bluetooth speakers are portable so carrying them with you outside is easy. Some speakers are so small in size that they can easily fit in the pocket. That’s why Bluetooth speakers are becoming popular.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Runner Up

Mi Portable Speaker

Mi Portable Speaker

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Top Pick

Boat stone 1200

Boat stone 1200

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Budget Pick

Tribit XSound

Tribit XSound

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bluetooth speaker under 3000

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 Comparision Chart

NameRatingColorBattery LifeSize
Boat Stone 12005/5Black9 hoursSmall
Mi Portable5/5Black13 HoursMedium
Tribit XSound5/5Black24 hoursMedium
JBL Go 34.9/5Grey5 hoursSmall
Amkette speaker4.8/5Black and grey16 hoursBig
Infinity Fuze 2004.6/5Blue10 hoursSmall
Zebronics speaker4.4/5Black10 HoursSmall
Fire-Boltt Xplode4.3/5Black14 HoursMedium
Boat Partypal Speaker4.2/5Black and red4.5 hoursBig
Portronics SoundDrum4.0/5Black9 hoursSmall

List of 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 In India

1. Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker Under 3000

Our Top Pick

Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker Under 3000


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 9 hours
  • RGB lights
  • 14W stereo sound
  • Support Type-c charging

The boat is a popular name in the audio industry in India. It is an Indian-origin audio brand that is offering quality Bluetooth speakers at an affordable price.

Under 3000 prices range Boat stone 1200 is a good portable speaker that delivers an ear-pleasing quality sound.

Its build quality is sturdy. A soft rubberized finish provides a smooth feeling when you pick it into your hand. Boat stones 1200 speaker’s body is covered with mesh fabrics. This Bluetooth speaker looks premium.

Boat stone 1200 has an IPX7 rating which means this wireless speaker is waterproof. The water shield on the Boat stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker leaves behind the tension of water running over.

At the center of the speaker, it has a soft rubber ring that contains buttons. You can change the song and volume through buttons. LED light shows the battery level. Around the power button LED shows that the Bluetooth speaker is on or off.

its 360-design ergonomic design produces equal sound in all directions.

Also, around both sides of the speakers, you get LED lights that glow when the song plays. But this LED light also reduces the battery so you can turn off these lights it saves battery.

It comes with a strap that makes the portability of the speaker much easier.

Apart from Bluetooth, it has other connectivity options are also available. You can play music through USB, AUX, Bluetooth, and Fm.

Boat stone 1200 comes with 40mm drives that deliver 14w total sound output which is enough to create a party mood in a room. It supports a one-touch voice assistant feature. Though remote, you can initiate a voice assistant.

The sound quality of Boat stone 1200 is awesome. You can feel all high and low beats without any distortion.  To get the best sound experience keep the speaker volume at 80%. Along with bass, locals and mids are clear.

When you connect it through the phone, you can see the battery percentage in the phone.

Boat stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker is powered by a 3000mAh battery. This battery capacity gives 9 hours of battery life without RGB using RGB lights. When you turn on RGB lights, it gives 7 hours of battery life.

It’s come with a type-c charging cable that quickly charges the speaker. All these awesome features make Boat stone 1200 our top choice for the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000.


  • Single press voice assistant support
  • Easy to carry through the strap
  • 360-degree ergonomic design for a better sound experience
  • IPX 7 water-resistant design
  • Use TWS technology to add a second speaker
  • Smooth button controls


  • RGB lights reduce battery life

2. Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Budget Option

Mi Portable best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000


  • Color options – 2
  • Battery life – 13 hours
  • Type c charging port
  • 16W high-quality output
  • Dual equalizer mode
  • Weight – 400 grams

After creating huge success in the mobile industry now Mi is expanding its business. Mi portable Bluetooth speaker gives a touch coemption to other well-established audio brands.

Mi portable speaker is designed to use at home as well as outside.

People get confused with its low price. They thought that Mi is compromising with the audio and build quality, we also thought the same. But we were wrong. Like its mobile phones, Mi is offering good features at a lower price.

Mi Bluetooth speaker has a decent design. It has a durable plastic body that has an anti-slip finish. So, once you put it on any surface, it won’t slip from there due to sound vibration.

Mi wireless Bluetooth speaker has 16w output. the sound quality of this Bluetooth speaker is good and without any distortion, at high volume, you can listen to music. Even at high volume mids don’t get suppressed.

Trebles are quite enjoyable without any over-sharpening. You can’t complain about the bass of the Mi speaker. It has thumpy bass.

Mi Bluetooth speaker is specially designed for long trips. Thanks to its long 13 hours battery life, you can enjoy your holiday. It comes with a 2600 mAh battery.

Thanks to its round design, it delivers sound in all directions. What makes Mi speaker different from others is that it has dual equalizer modes. In normal and deep bass mode, you can switch to anyone with a button click.

To get a stereo sound input, you can pair 2 Mi Bluetooth speakers.

Want to do a pool party, here is a Bluetooth speaker, you can take with you. Mi speaker is built with IPX7 water-resistant feature. Mi speaker can play music under 1-meter water for half an hour. No other Bluetooth speaker on the list can do this.

A convenient loop stirp on the speaker makes it easy to carry with you. You can do hands-free calling through it. It also comes with a voice assistant feature. It works in the 80 Hz to 20KHz frequency range. Type-c charging port quickly charges it.


  • Dual equalizer setting
  • Deliver balanced sound with high bass
  • Built-in microphone and voice assistant support
  • Can play music underwater
  • Anti-slip pads


  • No LED light indicators

3. Tribit XSound Bluetooth Speaker

Budget Pick

best bluetooth speakers under 3000


  • Color options – 2
  • Battery life – 24 hours
  • 16w powerful speaker output
  • 100 ft wireless connectivity range
  • Weight – 390 grams

Tribit XSound offers a dual-driver of 8w each. This is an upgraded version of its previous version. Tribit XSound Bluetooth speakers offer an optimal sound experience. You can easily carry this Bluetooth speaker with you outside.

Tribit XSound speaker is the budget range speaker from Tribit. The rounded rectangle design of the Tribit XSound gives a fresh look to the speaker.

Playback buttons are placed at the top of the speaker so they are easy to access. On the speaker, it has fabric-based plastic material and on the button side, it has rubber plastic that gives a soft touch to it.

Tribit XSound wireless speaker is IPX7 rated so it can withstand water splashes and drizzle. You can use it near the pool without thinking about water splashes.

Tribit XSound speaker has dual speakers that have 8w output power each. 2 passive radiators inside it give a powerful sound experience. Both 40mm drivers are placed at the left and the right size so you can get a balanced sound experience.

Tribit XSound Bluetooth speaker under 3000 creates an immersive listening experience. Its bass radiators and dual drives are able to deliver shocking sound performance. At full volume, its sound doesn’t get distorted.

Its Bluetooth 5.0 technology works from the 100 ft range. So, you can roam in the house without connectivity issues.

Tribit XSound speaker supports the voice assistant feature. To enable its voice assistant, you need to hold and press the multifunction button on the speaker.

Are you planning to party outside? Tribit XSound speaker won’t disappoint you. Its 24 hours long battery life keeps the music pumping all day.

Tribit XSound comes with a built-in microphone so you can answer phone calls even you are taking shower or cooking.

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  • Durable build quality
  • Dual speakers with radiators
  • Compact design with good sound
  • Super long battery life
  • Built-in microphone connectivity


  • No LED indicators

4. JBL Go 3 Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Go 3 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – 16
  • Small size good for traveling use
  • Battrey life – 5 hours
  • Anti-shine color body
  • Weight – 209 grams

JBL Go 3 is a highly portable Bluetooth speaker for traveling. JBL has been consistent with sound quality that makes it a tough competitor for other brands. JBL GO 3 is a true travel companion under 3000 Rs.

JBL GO 3 has 16 different stylish color options that give you a wide range of selections. Its rectangle shape body is heavy and tough.

Its body is built with fabric texture material. Both sides of the speaker have a plastic body. JBL Go 3 Bluetooth wireless speaker gives a premium feel due to its compact design and good quality material.

JBL Go 3 speaker comes with an IPX7 water-resistant tag that shows this Bluetooth speaker is water-resistant. Don’t worry about minor splashes and raindrops, it can handle them easily.

JBL Go 3 speaker is small in the size, even you can carry it inside your pocket. JBL Go 3 Bluetooth speaker comes with a hook that is placed at one side of the speaker. You can use this hook to tie the speaker on your jeans.

Volume control and play buttons are placed at the top of the speaker. There is no LED indicator on the speaker.

JBL Go 3 Bluetooth speaker looks small but when it comes to sound it won’t disappoint you. It has quality sound with a good amount of bass.

Those who want to create a cool environment while working JBL Go 3 is a good choice. For the party, this speaker is not a good choice. JBL Go 3 has the capacity to power up a mid-size room through its sound.

The Bass of the speaker is good not much but the trebles and vocals are good. Lows and mids are clear and give every detail of the music. Bass could have been much better. But not all people love heavy bass so this is not an issue.

JBL GO 3 offers 5 hours of decent battery life. To increase the battery life, listen to music at 50% volume. This Bluetooth speaker works on the Bluetooth 5.1 technology that has fast and reliable connectivity.


  • Portable size makes it a good option for traveling
  • Quality balanced sound
  • Lightweight premium design
  • Hook for easy portability
  • Multiple interesting color options


  • Not for a heavy sound lover

5. Amkette Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

amkette wireless bluetooth speaker


  • Color options – single
  • Battery life – 16 hours
  • Superbass boom raditor
  • Premium metalic finish
  • Weight – 800 grams

Amkette is maybe a new name for you but outside India, this is a good audio brand. In our research when we come to know about the Amkette brand, we got surprised by its amazing features and low price.

Amkette has big body than others on the list so you might feel uneasy carrying it with you while traveling.

It has a square shape design that gives a retro look to this Bluetooth speaker.

To build its body, Amkette has used polycarbonate material. This material gives a durable and sturdy life to the speaker. The metal grill on the speaker makes it stronger.

Amkette has a waterproof body due to its IPX7 water-resistant feature. You can take it for a pool party without bothering about water splashes. It is not lightweight like others but it comes with a strap that makes it possible to carry it with you.

Amkette Bluetooth speaker has a dual body tone. The Black and grey color combination gives a stylish look to the speaker. The Grey strip on the top of the speaker looks impressive. Also, all buttons are placed on this strip.

Amkette has 16w output for a speaker that produces high-quality sounds. Speaker is good for big size room even you can use it for a party. You can play songs at a high volume without any distortion. For the party, its loudness is good.

For bass lovers, it has a deep bass sound. On all frequency’s vocals are clear.

Amkette comes with a good quality built-in microphone that offers a hands-free calling feature.

There are lots of connectivity options are available for the Amkette Bluetooth speakers. You connect the device through an aux cable, Sd card, or pen drive. Amkette has a dedicated button for the voice assistant feature.

Amkette gives 16 hours long playback time. The best thing we like about Amkette is that it has an inbuilt power bank that can charge a mobile phone.


  • Dedicated voice assistant button
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Balanced and pleasing sound at max volume
  • Inbuilt power bank
  • Whole day-long battery life


  • Not convenient to carry outside due to heavyweight

6. Infinity Fuze 200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Infinity Fuze 200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 10 hours
  • Deep bass mode
  • Durable and rugged fabric material
  • Weight – 421 grams

Infinity has gained lots of popularity due to its consistent high-quality audio experience. The body of the Infinity Fuze 200 wireless Bluetooth speaker is covered with a durable fabric. This fabric protects the speaker from dust.

Whatever sound you play on Infinity Fuze 200 speaker, its unbeatable sound quality produces superb balanced sound. No matter what you are playing, its sound never gets distorted. Infinity Fuze 200 speaker offers a deep bass experience.

Infinity Fuze 200 has 15w output power which is enough to give power to 40mm drivers. You won’t complain about the sound. Whether you play sound at high volume or low volume, you won’t hear any distortion.

The bass is punchy and clear. The highs and mids of the sound are good. The overall sound quality of the Infinity Fuze 200 Bluetooth speaker is impressive.

For music lovers, Infinity Fuze 200 has a dual equalizer mode. Equalizer modes give an impactful sound experience.

The body of Infinity Fuze 200 is wrapped with fabric material and the rest part is covered with soft plastic. This speaker has a round shape. Its base is flat so it can easily stand on the surface.

All buttons are placed on the top side of the speaker. Good thing is that it comes with a strap in the box so you can carry it with you. Buttons accessibility is good.

TWS button turns on dual connectivity mode so, through one device, you can connect 2 speakers for more powerful sound. To wake the voice assistant feature press the power button twice.

The weight of Infinity Fuze 200 is not heavy so won’t feel any tiredness while carrying it. Infinity Fuze 200 Bluetooth speaker is available in 3 funky colors black, red, and blue.

Now comes its battery life. Its battery gives you the power to play songs for 10 hours. So, for half-day, it has enough battery.

Like other Bluetooth speakers under 3000, it has also an IPX7 rating that makes it water and dustproof. In the shower or poolside, you can use this speaker.

Infinity Fuze 200 connects to devices through Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It gives a stable and reliable connection.


  • TWS functionality
  • Decent battery life
  • Good distortion-free sound
  • Small size makes it good for outdoor use
  • Rugged and durable speaker material


  • Only Bluetooth connectivity option

7. Zebronics Zeb Wireless Speaker

Zebronics Zeb Wireless Speaker


  • Color optins – 3
  • battery life – 20 hours
  • Metal hook to carry
  • 9 different RGB light modes
  • Weight – 590 grams

Zebronics Zeb Bluetooth speaker is an excellent companion for travelers due to its large battery life. One-time charge gives more than 20 hours of battery life so for more than 2 days, you don’t need to charge it while traveling.

Under the 3000 price range, Zebronics Zeb is a good Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker comes with trendy color options. Its black, blue, and red color give different choices to users. All colors are eye-catching.

The outer body of the speaker is colored black while the inner body has a pink shade that gives a stylish look to it. Pink shade makes both speakers clearly visible.

The body of the Zebronics Zeb speaker is made of durable plastic material. Its speaker is covered with high-quality fabric materials. When you take the Zebronics Zeb speaker in your hand, you will feel how premium it feels.

Zebronics hasn’t compromised anywhere in the quality of the speaker.

An orange strap is attached to the speaker to make it portable for traveling. The strap is durable and won’t break after a few uses.

Zebronics Zeb comes with dual speakers that provide 20w output. When we played sound on it all details of the sound were audible. The loudness of the sound is not irritating. From high to low all beats are clearly audible.

Its 9 RGB colors light mode gives a true party feeling when it plays music. You can do party poolside also without worrying about water splashes on the speaker.

Good thing is that the Zebronics Zeb Bluetooth speaker comes with multiple connectivity options. So, apart from Bluetooth play, you also get a USB and aux input play options.


  • 45mm dual drivers deliver powerful sound
  • Stylish and premium build quality
  • 9 different RGB light modes
  • Metal hook to carry it
  • Type c charging point


  • No voice assistant support

8. Fire Bolt Xplode Bluetooth Speaker

Fire Bolt Xplode Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – 4
  • Battery life – 14 hours
  • Monstrous sound
  • Dust and water proof
  • Weight – 180 grams

Fire Bolt Xplode wireless Bluetooth speaker is made for rough use. Its rugged body makes it possible to use it in any condition.

Its whole body is made of hard plastic that is durable. There is no soft-touch material is used for it. Fire Bolt Xplode has a rectangular boxy design.

Its decent look gives a pleasing feeling to the eyes. The metallic grill on the front protects the speakers.

The backside of the speaker has USB and aux cable connection options.

On the backside, it also has a vibrating diaphragm that vibrates when music plays. Buttons are placed on the top of the body. Buttons are slightly raised so you can easily access them.

Fire Bolt Xplode comes with 20W speakers. To fill the mid-size room with sound, Fire Bolt Xplode Bluetooth speaker has enough volume.

The Bass and vocals are balanced. The final output of sound is pleasing to the ears. Fire Bolt Xplode delivers crispy and clear sound.

Fire Bolt Xplode comes with a large subwoofer that is capable to provide full-spectrum audio.

Fire Bolt Xplode Bluetooth speaker is water safe due to its IPX7 rating. You can take it with your pool party. Its well-built body is capable to handle all types of situations when you take it with you while tracking.

Fire Bolt Xplode Bluetooth wireless speaker has a 3000 mAh battery that is capable to delivers 14 hours long playback when you play sound at 50%.


  • Delivers high power HD sound
  • Stylish and sophisticated design
  • Large size subwoofer
  • TWS stereo feature is supported
  • Bolt app supported


  • Look heavy and bulky

9. Boat Partypal Bluetooth Speaker

Boat Partypal Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – single
  • Battery life – 4.5 hours
  • Best for party
  • 6.5-iches dynamic drivers
  • Wegith – 1.65 kg

Here comes a true party speaker on the list. Boat Partypal is designed for getting a party experience. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a mic that can be used for recording.

Its powerful HD sound has the capability to turn on the party atmosphere. Boat Partypal Bluetooth speaker supports a wide frequency range 60Hz to 18KHz.

Boat Partypal speaker has multiple connectivity modes so at the party, you can play the audio through different devices. Also, you can play audio through FM radio.

Boat Partypal speaker has a 6.5-inch dynamic driver that has 15W output. Its loudness is enough to boost the party environment. RGB lights in front of the speaker help to create a party atmosphere.

Boat Partypal speaker has a square shape design. Buttons are placed on the right side of the speaker. Most of the body is built with hard plastic for a durable life. This party Bluetooth speaker doesn’t compromise the build quality.

Due to its inbuilt square chamber, its bass quality is good. You can feel a rich and thumpy bass sound. Vocals are enjoyable and deliver satisfying sound.

You can use its microphone to sing a song or make an announcement.

Now comes its battery life. Here we are a little disappointed with this Bluetooth speaker. It has only 4.5 hours of battery life which clearly not enough for a party. You need to charge it during the long party.


  • Good choice for party
  • Loud sound with heavy bass
  • External microphone for recording
  • Water-resistant for a pool party
  • Good build quality


  • Battery life is short

10. Portronics SoundDrum

Portronics SoundDrum


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 8 hours
  • 360-degree sound
  • Clear vocals
  • Weight – 300 grams

Portronics SoundDrum has a metal grill on the speaker and the remaining body has plastic. Portronics SoundDrum is not an expensive Bluetooth speaker but it doesn’t compromise the sound quality. Its design is similar to the Infinity Fuze 200.

Portronics SoundDrum Bluetooth speaker has an IPX7 rating that gives it protection from water drops.

Portronics SoundDrum is small in size and weight is less. So, you can carry it with you. For convenient carrying, it comes with a hook. You can tuck your finger in the hook.

Portronics SoundDrum has a 10W speaker that is enough to play music in a mid-size room. This speaker is not made for party use.

Portronics SoundDrum is built with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This is the latest Bluetooth technology and gives a reliable and fast connection.

What we don’t like about it is that at full volume, you can hear distortion in the music. You can hear a crackle in the sound. So, our recommendation is to listen to music on it near 80% volume. At this level, it gives perfect sound quality which you expect from this type of Bluetooth speaker under 3000.

Portronics SoundDrum wireless speaker has a 360-degree design that produces sound in every direction. Its bass quality is good not much impressive.

You can feel the highs and mids of the sound. Also, vocals are audible when you play loud sounds on them. You can play any type of music on it.

You can use its sd card, USB, and aux cable to play sound on it.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Good build quality
  • Fast and secure Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cylinder shaped design for 360-degree sound
  • Water and dust-free body


  • Bass is not much powerful

Buying Guide For Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000

Wire-Free Use

As we know that anything that contains wire has some limitations. You can take it anywhere due to wire. Bluetooth technology is developed to remove wires from our daily life. Without the wire, any device is good to use.

Wire messes in your house and offices. For example, when you carry wired headphones with you in the pocket or bag, its wire gets tangled and it becomes irritating so wireless earbuds are a better option.

The same happens with Bluetooth speakers. They don’t have any wires so you can carry them anywhere. They come with a strap or hook so it becomes easy to carry them.

You can take them into any part of the room. They don’t have wires so you won’t see scattered cables all over the floor. Wire-free devices make the room much cleaner.

wire free use of speaker


Bluetooth speakers work on wireless connectivity so they give much more freedom to the people to listen to songs. When you pair your mobile phone to any Bluetooth speaker, you don’t need to stand near the Bluetooth speaker.

Just connect the phone and speaker once and then you can move anywhere in the house and can change a song from there.

It depends that what signal range is Bluetooth speaker is offering. Before purchasing the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000, check its signal range so you can move anywhere in the house without any dysconnectivity.

speaker connectivity


Bluetooth speakers have changed the music industry. Bluetooth speakers are small in the size. They are lightweight and portable so it becomes easy to carry them anywhere.

Wire speakers don’t give you the freedom to enjoy music outside the house. You are going hiking or trekking, organizing a small party, or want to chill in the park, everywhere these Bluetooth speakers are good companions.


Battery Life

This is one of the important factors to see when you pick the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. Bluetooth speakers are wire-free so they need the power to play songs.

Every Bluetooth speaker comes with a battery. This battery store powers so the Bluetooth speaker work. How much time it will play the song depends on the battery capacity. More mAh battery is good to play a song for long hours.

You should buy a Bluetooth speaker that has more than 10 hours of battery life so you can enjoy music on your full-day trip.

bluetooth speaker battery


Bluetooth speakers are used to playing songs through wireless transmission. But Bluetooth speakers should be compatible with other devices also.

Nowadays many Bluetooth speakers support USB, SD card, Aux cable, and FM support. So, you get lots of different options to play music.

Can You Get Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000?

You’d be surprised that technology has changed the world. Now at a lower price, you can get quality things. The consumer base for Bluetooth speakers under 3000 is increasing day by day so companies are offering quality products in this price range.

At this price range, you will get a decent sound experience. You can use these Bluetooth speakers for a small 4-5 people party. These Bluetooth speakers are a full value for money product.

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Bluetooth speakers are in trend nowadays. They are comfortable to use so people are liking them. We have picked the 10 best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 for you. After comparing these speakers at various levels, we have created this list. You would definitely find a good pick for you. If you want that we review any specific one then comment its name in the comment section.

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