10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Review

Bluetooth speakers have become an essential part of our lives. You can use it while you are working out at home or chilling with your friends in the park. Nowadays in this hectic schedule music gives relaxation to the mind. Bluetooth speakers are easy to carry anywhere with you.

Bluetooth speakers never let you feel boring and this is the main aim of Bluetooth speakers. They are portable in the size and give never-ending fun.

Just charge the Bluetooth speaker and take it with you. It is wireless so connect with your phone and play sound on it. Bluetooth speakers are available in various price ranges. In this guide, we have picked the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 which are reliable and produce good sound.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Runner Up

Portronics SoundDrum

Portronics SoundDrum

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Top Pick

boAt Stone 650

boAt Stone 650

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Budget Pick

Infinity Fuze 100

Infinity Fuze 100

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Why Should You Use Bluetooth Speaker?

Here are some benefits of Bluetooth speakers.

  • Wireless connectivity of the Bluetooth speaker makes it highly portable to carry with you. In outside social gatherings, you don’t need a power source to play music on it. This feature makes it easier and more accessible to play songs.
  • Bluetooth speakers are built for outdoor use so they come with a water protection feature. So, you can use it near the pool for a party without any worry. If Bluetooth Speaker has an IPX7 rating take it with you in the pool.
  • Bluetooth speakers use less power to work so they give long battery life. Also, its battery can be charged with the USB cable through a power bank.
  • Apart from wireless connectivity, Bluetooth speaker also has wired connectivity to play songs. So, you can play songs through an SD card, pen drive, aux cable.
  • The Last benefit of the Bluetooth speaker is that all these features you get at a low price.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Comparison Chart

NameRatingColorOutputWater & Dust Resistant
boAt Stone 6505/5Black10WYes
Portronics SoundDrum5/5Grey10WYes
Infinity Fuze 1005/5Black9WYes
JBL GO Bluettooh Speaker4.9/5Black5WNo
Zebronics Feast4.8/5Black14WNo
Artis Bt77 Speaker4.8/5Black9WNo
Mivi Roam 2 Speaker4.7/5Grey5WYes
Tribit Surf Speaker4.6/5Black12WYes
Fire Boltt Xplod4.5/5Black10WYes
Philips BT20034.5/5Camouflage7WNo
best Bluetooth speakers under 2000

List of 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000

1. boAt Stone 650 Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000

Our Top Pick

boAt Stone 650 Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 7 hours
  • Weight – 655 grams
  • Power packed 10W immersive audio
  • Sides are covered with rubber material for better grip

boat stone 650 has a classy design. You get a truly immersive sound experience with a Bluetooth speaker. Its pumping drive delivers 10W of audio output. Its 3 different color choices make it more catchy and fashionable.

boat stone 650 is our top choice for the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 Rs. due to its depth in the bass and clarity in the vocals. Even you play sound at 90% volume, you won’t feel any disturbance in the sound.

boat stone Bluetooth speaker has a plastic mesh body that gives a sleek and exquisite look to the speaker.

The boAt stone 650 comes with a 10W output. This Bluetooth speaker provides a perfect stereo sound. It delivers the right amount of bass.

For connectivity, you get wired and wireless options. Either you can play songs through AUX cable or wireless connectivity. You get one year warranty on boAt stone 650.

boat stone 650 is built with IPX5 waterproof technology. So, you can carry it with you outside even in the rainy season. It is safe from water falling and splashing over it. Also, it is dustproof.

Buttons are placed at the side of the speaker. Mesh design gives a powerful grip when you hold it into your hand. boAt logo is at the center of the body and gives a superior look to the product.

boat stone 650 wireless speaker comes with an 1800 mAh powerful battery. When the battery is fully charged, you get 7 hours long entertainment of non-stop music.

It can be charged with a USB cable that comes with the speaker. 3.5 hours are needed to charge from 0 to 100%.


  • Robust design for long life
  • Integrated buttons for easy control
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry
  • Dual connectivity feature
  • Stereo sound with a deep punchy sound
  • Water and dust-free design


  • No built-in FM option

2. Portronics SoundDrum Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000

Runner Up

Portronics SoundDrum Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 6 hours
  • Weight – 331 grams
  • Loud volume than your expectation
  • Solid build quality
  • Clear sound even in FM radio

Thanks to the clear sound of the Portronics SoundDrum Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy seamless music anywhere. Portronics SoundDrum speaker comes with 2x5W in-built stereo speakers. Also, it has powerful amplifiers that generate the immersive sound effect.

This Portronics SoundDrum Bluetooth speaker is a waterproof and dustproof design. It has IPX6 rated waterproof design so you can take this speaker near the pool or in the bathroom to take a relaxing shower. Its body is protected against water splashing and light raindrops.

Bluetooth connection of Portronics SoundDrum speaker is powerful and quick which makes it more convenient to use it.

Portronics SoundDrum has a plastic mesh body but is in the capsule shape design.

Play, pause, sound buttons are placed at the front of the body to give a rugged feeling to the speaker. Portronics SoundDrum speaker looks stylish. It has 3 attractive color options but we like its grey color.

The good thing about Portronics SoundDrum is that it is a compact device so there is no issue carrying it with you.

On the backside of the speaker, there is a plastic strip. Pull this strip to see more connectivity options. Here, you will get an LED indicator, USB port, Aux port, and charging port. There is a built-in FM option is also available for it.

When it comes to sound quality, the Portronics SoundDrum speaker is not behind other speakers. It delivers quality sound for 7 hours continuously due to its 1800 mAh battery life. Due to its fast charging support, it takes only 2 hours to charge the full battery.


  • A stylish speaker with long battery life
  • Built-in FM with wired and wireless connectivity
  • Compact design to carry anywhere
  • Latest IPX6 waterproof design
  • Clear sound with dual 5W speaker


  • No voice assistant feature

3. Infinity Fuze 100 Bluetooth Speaker

Budget Pick

Infinity Fuze 100 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 9 hours
  • Weight – 195 grams
  • Dual connect feature
  • Perfect and balanced sound
  • Surprisingly weighty bass

Infinity Fuze 100 is our highly recommend budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker. Despite the low price, there is no compromise on the features of this speaker. This is one of the best-selling Bluetooth speakers under 2000.

Whether you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that has enough power to play songs all day then look no further as Infinity Fuze 100 has 9 hours long battery life. So, without power interruptions play your favorite tracks.

To give a boost to your pool party, it has a dual equalizer setup that gives an impactful musical experience. Just increase or decrease volume to enjoy its powerful bass.

No matter which song you are playing on it, its unbeatable sound quality offers deep bass and precise notes so you can listen to every beat of the sound. Its punch sound helps you to set up a dance floor for a small party.

Infinity Fuze 100 is a portable speaker that is lightweight and it comes with a safety hook. You can tie the speaker to your hand, bag, or any other place while traveling.

Good thing is that Infinity Fuze 100 uses the latest IPX7 waterproof technology. Infinity Fuze 100 can submerge underwater for up to 30 minutes.

Infinity Fuze 100 has a voice assistant feature that gives you a true wireless feeling. So, without touching the speaker, you can control it through Siri or Google voice assistant.

Moreover, Infinity Fuze 100 has a dual connect feature. In this feature, you can connect 2 Fuze 100 speakers with the same device and take music volume twice.


  • Voice assistant feature
  • Dual speaker connectivity for higher sound
  • Durable and rugged fabric
  • Safety hook
  • Dual equalizer mode
  • 9 hours long music experience


  • No RGB lights

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4. JBL GO Wireless Speaker

JBL GO Wireless Speaker


  • Color options – 8
  • Battery life – 5 hours
  • Weight – 133 grams
  • Pocket friendly design
  • Noise cancelling for calling

Over the years, JBL is offering quality sound products. JBL always captures consumers’ attention with their quality music speakers. JBL GO is a wireless speaker that comes under a 2000 price tag.

JBL Go looks compact in the size but when it comes to delivering sound, it doesn’t disappoint.

The best part about this speaker is its size. This portable Bluetooth speaker is very compact in design. Even you can carry it in your jeans pocket. So, its small size makes it good to use for outdoor use. With its full charge, you get 5 hours of battery life which is less in comparison to other speakers.

Sometimes people use Bluetooth speakers as phones. Connect the speaker to the phone through Bluetooth and answer calls. For better listening of the call, it has the noise-canceling feature. It cancels out all the surrounding noise so you can talk on the call easily.

JBL GO comes with Bluetooth 5.0 feature that offers seamless connectivity over 100ft range. So, you can change the song from other rooms. Bluetooth 5.0 quickly gets connected.

JBL GO has 8 vibrant color options. JBL GO has top-notch sound quality.

Don’t be a fool at looking at its size. The audio of JBL GO is clear and you can feel bass clearly. This product is good for those who want to enjoy music outside but don’t want a heavy speaker.


  • Small, lightweight, and design
  • Noise-cancelling feature for calling
  • Vibrant color options
  • Durable and sturdy body
  • Supported voice assistant


  • Poor battery life
  • No waterproof body

5. Zebronics Sound Feast Portable Speaker

Zebronics Sound Feast Portable Speaker


  • Color options – 2
  • Battery life – 20 Hours
  • Weight – 710 grams
  • Mobile holder at top
  • Fabolous sound quality without any distortion in the bass

The fact that Zebronics always come with budget-friendly products for their customers. They design products according to customer requirements at a low price. This Zebronics portable Bluetooth speaker has some amazing features that even big brands don’t offer.

Apart from black, there is green color is also available to choose from. Build quality of Zebronics sound feast portable speaker is durable.

Size-wise Zebronics sound feast is bigger than other models so you need to carry it in the bag. It has 2 separate speakers that give stylish look to the speaker.

It has dual 7W output power. With Zebronics sound feast, you get fabulous sound quality. This portable speaker will create a true party atmosphere outside. For bass music lovers, it is a perfect choice.

On the full volume, you can listen to clear audio without any cracking in the sound.

Zebronics feast comes with a carry hand strap in the center. Buttons are placed at the front of the speaker.

The good thing about Zebronics feast is that it has a mobile phone holder at its top. You can place mobile there and enjoy movies or matches.

Once you charge Zebronics feast portable Bluetooth speaker, you get 20 hours long entertainment. Its battery is the longest on the list. For traveling it is a better companion because you can use it for 2-3 days without charging.


  • Work with latest Bluetooth technology
  • Dual 7W drivers for more power
  • Phone holder on the top
  • 20 hours long battery
  • Clear and natural sound


  • Heavy and big in the size

6. Artis BT77 Bluetooth Speaker

Artis BT77 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – 6
  • Battery life – 7 hours
  • Weight – 800 grams
  • Durable mesh fabric for long life
  • Mature, musical sound

Artis is not a famous brand but it has some quality products. When we were comparing and reviewing Bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India, we were amazed by the quality of the Artis BT77 Bluetooth headphone.

With this Bluetooth speaker, you get what you pay. It has a stylish cylindrical design with a mesh pattern that looks attractive. To protect the speaker outside, it has a hand strap. So, you can carry it in your hand.

Artis BT77 speaker works on the TWS function. So, you can amplify the power of the speaker by adding another speaker to the same mobile phone.

The power source of the Artis BT77 Bluetooth speaker is its 1500 mAh battery. Buttons on the speaker are found on the side. USB port, charging port, aux port, and other buttons all are on the single side of the speaker.

The Exterior build quality of the Artis BT77 portable Bluetooth speaker is wondrous. Both corners have stand so the speaker stays in its place. Mesh plastic body gives a solid look to the speaker.

Maybe Artis is not a known name for you but when you play a song on it, you would be amazed by its sound quality. Its sound quality is beyond words. If you are looking for a budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker for outdoor use, check the Artis BT77 speaker.


  • Hand strip for safer use
  • Bass is punchy with clear vocals
  • TWS pairing option
  • High strength mesh fabric
  • Micro SD card, aux, and wireless connectivity


  • No microphone for calling
  • No splashproof and dustproof design

7. Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Portable Speaker

Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Portable Speaker


  • Color options – 4
  • Battery life – 24 hours
  • Weight – 210 grams
  • Packed with features
  • Expansive sound

Mivi Roam 2 is a truly compact Bluetooth speaker. Small frame but big sound, this was the main thinking when Mivi designed this speaker.

To deliver loud and clear music this Bluetooth speaker uses sharp trebles, punchy bass, and detailed Mids. All these sound details improve the experience of the music and give immersive clear notes of the music.

Mivi Roam 2 comes into a square shape design. Corners are rounded to prevent any cut on the hand and plus shape holes look cool and give a rugged look to the speaker.

Mivi Roam 2 is one of the stylish Bluetooth speakers under 2000 Rs in India. At this price range, you won’t get the more stylish option. 4 attractive colors are available to choose from. This Bluetooth speaker is designed according to youth interests.

This is the cheapest model on the list but still, it has dust-free and waterproof features. Its IPX7 water-resistant feature makes sure that it can work with water splashes.

Mivi Roam 2 has a built-in 2000 mAh battery. If you play music at 50% volume, you get 24 hours long playtime. Also, it takes only 3 hours to get fully charged.

Mivi is an Indian brand that is giving tough competition to other brands. With Mivi Roam 2, you get a one-year warranty.


  • Small design makes it easy to carry anywhere
  • Full day battery life
  • Waterproof and dustproof body
  • Small size but loud music
  • Durable body


  • No voice assistant support
  • Not for party lovers

8. Tribit Surf Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Tribit Surf Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


  • Color options – 1
  • Battery life – 10 hours
  • Weight – 450 grams
  • Sensible treble and fuller bass
  • Budget price

Tribit surf Bluetooth wireless speaker offers great sound under 2000 Rs. This speaker is good for day-to-day use due to its long-lasting battery life.

Tribit surf speaker is IPX7 rated. This rating is given to those products that are waterproof and shockproof. Its waterproof feature prevents the speaker from any accidental water splashes. There is no issue with dust so you can easily use it outside.

Tirbit surf Bluetooth speaker is not a stylish speaker. It has the decent look but its body feels rigid. The front portion of the speaker is covered with mesh.

Sound buttons are on the top of the speaker. At the side, you would find a USB connector, aux connector ports.

With its 10 hours long playback time, you can listen to music all day. Tribit surf Bluetooth speaker works on Bluetooth 5.0. This is the most recent Bluetooth technology that provides a stable and secure connection.

Type-c charging port quickly charges its battery so your music experience won’t disturbed. With Tribit speaker, you can create a wireless stereo sound atmosphere.

The tribit surf speaker has a 76 mm driver that generates powerful sound outside the house. Even in a noisy place, you can listen to the music clearly. Tribit surf delivers punchy and crisp bass. Overall Tribit surf is value for money Bluetooth speaker.


  • Superior sound quality
  • Microphone and hands-free call function
  • USB c charging for fast charging
  • Wireless stereo pairing for surround sound
  • Quick and secure Bluetooth connection


  • Doesn’t look like a premium speaker
  • Single color option

9. Fire Boltt Xplod Portable Wireless Speaker

Fire Boltt Xplod Portable Wireless Speaker


  • Color options – 1
  • Battery life – 8 hours
  • Weight – 300 grams
  • ‎Rugged Rubberized Coating
  • App connectivity
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Fire Boltt Xplod comes with powerful features but is not at a high price tag. This portable wireless speaker is under many people’s budget.

In Fire Boltt Xplod speaker, you get an app control option. Download the Fire Boltt app on your phone and control the setting of the speaker. Also, this app offers to listen and earn feature.

Fire Boltt Xplod has a built-in microphone to talk on the call. So, if you are taking shower even you can talk on the call.

The styling of the Fire Boltt Xplod speaker is impressive. It has a rugged body with a fabric-wrapped exterior. Edges of the speaker have a plastic grip so you can place it vertically or horizontally. The hard plastic is used for its body that gives strength to it.

Fire Boltt Xplod gives 8 hours of non-stop music experience. When it is out of power, use a USB type-c port to fast charge it. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity and also AUX cable support is given to play music.

All control buttons are available on the speaker. Also, you can control it through the app.

Fire Boltt Xplod is built for trekking, outside parties, etc. Its IPX7 water-resistant feature makes it more comfortable to use in any condition. This Bluetooth speaker is able to submerge into the water for half an hour.


  • Rugged and attractive design
  • IPX7 waterproof and dustproof
  • Built-in microphone for calling
  • Nonslip grip
  • Clear sound in a noisy environment


  • Bluetooth connectivity is not great
  • Speaker is heavy

10. Philips BT2003 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Philips BT2003 Mini Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – 1
  • Battery life – 6 hours
  • Weight – 140 grams
  • Well-balanced sound
  • Decent bass from a small box

Philips BT2003 has the smallest design on the list. Although it is small, Philips has paid attention to making this Bluetooth speaker a great choice.

Philips BT2003 is not for party people. Its sound is low as compared to other Bluetooth speakers on the list but it will make your mood relax when you play a song on it outside.

Philips BT2003 has good word of mouth because it is small in the size and produces clear music.

Philips BT2003 is IPX7 water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. So, you can enjoy your favorite songs outdoor worry-free. Philips BT2003 is the first choice of many people who wants a compact device that has good connectivity and a clean design.

You can take this device to the camping site. With its single charge, it will give 6 hours long playback time. It quickly gets charged in almost 2 hours so with a power bank you can charge it outside. You can do your camping work because of its 33 feet of long Bluetooth connectivity.

Philips BT2003 has a handy strap so you can easily attach it to your jeans buckle. It has a multi-functional button that controls lots of different functions. Its camouflage design and sturdy body make it a good companion for adventures trip.


  • Small design easy to carry
  • Multi-functional button for easy control
  • Hassle-free wireless audio connectivity
  • Multiple connectivity modes
  • 1-year warranty


  • Sound quality is not high
  • Battery life could be better


Can a Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 be Submerged in Water?

Not all Bluetooth speakers under 2000 can be submerged in water. An IPX number represents water resistant level. Bluetooth speakers that have IPX7 and above levels can be submerged into the water for 30 minutes without any risks.
Other speakers that have lower IPX ratings are only water-resistant means they can’t be submerged but water splashes are not harmful to them.

How Much Time is Needed To Charge a Bluetooth Battery?

Total battery charging time depends on different factors like battery capacity, charging cable, etc. Generally, wireless speakers under 2000 take around 2-3 hours to get fully charged. If these speakers use fast charging cable or type-c cable then battery charging time also reduces.

Can We Use Bluetooth Speaker While Charging?

Yes, you can use a Bluetooth speaker while charging and play songs on it. But one thing to keep in mind is that if you do this, charging time will be increased. So, if you are in hurry so always charge the speaker by turning the battery off.

How To Save Bluetooth Speaker Battery?

People use Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music outside but when there is no power source near you then how will you save its battery for longer use. The best trick to save battery is to play sound always on 50% volume. This trick will enhance battery life. Also, when songs are not being played on the speaker turn on the speaker to save battery.

What Is Life of Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000?

It totally depends on how you are using the Bluetooth speaker. If you are regularly using it and not taking much care of it then its battery life reduces. Also, if you use the speaker while charging, it may impact the life of the speaker. Proper care and regular charging will increase the life of the Bluetooth speaker.


While creating this list of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000, we have compared so many features. In the list, you will find some big and bulky speakers with great sound to create a party atmosphere.

Also, the list consists of some tiny and portable speakers that can play your favorite song to make you relax anywhere. boAt stone 650 is our top recommendation for our readers. It has a sturdy body and excellent sound. Its long battery life will play music for hours.

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