10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 Review

Bluetooth speakers are compact wireless devices. It gets connected with any compatible device. Bluetooth speakers are portable so you can carry them along with you during traveling, trekking, hiking. Some Bluetooth speakers even fit in your pocket.

While buying the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500, you need to check their sound quality, battery backup, and portability. Speaker should easily fit inside your backpacks without taking up a large portion of space. These speakers will become your partner in the traveling and never let you feel boring.

In the market, there are so many options available for Bluetooth speakers under 1500 so maybe you get confused. After comparing lots of speakers, we have come up with this list so you don’t need to check all the speakers.

Our Top Recommendations

Runner Up

boAt Stone 170

boat stone 170 bluetooth speaker

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Top Pick

Infinity Fuze 100

infinity fuze 100 bluetooth speaker

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Budget Pick

Mi Outdoor

mi outdoor bluetooth speaker under 1500 rs

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best Bluetooth speaker under 1500

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 Comparison Chart

NameRatingColorOutput Power
Infinity Fuze 1005/5Black10W
boAt Stone 1705/5Electric blue5W
Mi outdoor speaker5/5Black5W
Artis BT77 speaker4.9/5Black9W
Zebronics Zeb action4.9/5Black10W
boAt Stone 2004.8/5Orange3W
Zebronics Zeb vita4.7/5Black10W
Mivi Roam 24.6/5Grey5W
Energy Sistem4.6/5Blue6W
Instaplay Insta X34.5/5Black10W

List of 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 In India

1. Infinity Fuze 100 – Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 With High Bass

Our Top Pick

Infinity Fuze 100 Bluetooth Speaker Under 1500


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 9 hours
  • Weight – 195 grams
  • Dual equlizer setting for normal and deep bass
  • 70 db signal to noise ratio for clear sound
  • Reliable build quality
  • Build quality feels premium

Infinity fuze 100 is a portable Bluetooth speaker under 1500 Rs by JBL with a dual equalizer. Its lightweight design makes it a perfect choice to carry it along with you outside.

Fuze 100 does not only look stylish but its exceptional build quality makes it a strong competitor for other speakers on the list. The outer part of the speaker has a mesh-like fabric design. The top and bottom of the speaker have rubber material for a solid grip.

The connectivity of fuze 100 is quick and easy. It can be connected to any Bluetooth device within 30ft range.

Fuze 100 is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile, laptops, etc. Bluetooth connectivity gives a truly hands-free experience. For fuze 100, you get different color options to choose from.

Fuze 100 generates quality sound. You can feel the quality of the sound during highs and mids. Its dual equalizer mode gives pumping bass and makes it the loudest on the list.

Fuze has IPX7 certification means this speaker can be submerged into the water for 30 minutes. Also, this certification makes it shockproof and dustproof. All these quality makes it a good choice to carry it for pool parties.

With fuze 100, you get 9 hours of non-stop entertainment. Its compact design does not take much space in the bag. You can easily snug it into the corner of the bag. Lightweight speakers are always good to carry outside.

To activate dual equalizer mode press the volume up and down buttons together. In addition, it has also voice assistant support. So, you can control the speaker with voice also. Overall, Infinity fuze 100 is a top choice for the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 in India.


  • Dual equalizer mode for deep baas
  • Whole day battery life
  • Built-in microphone to attend the call
  • Rugged and durable mesh fabric material
  • Dual speaker connectivity
  • Voice assistant support


  • Only Bluetooth connectivity

2. boAt stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker

Runner Up

boAt stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – 6
  • Battery life – 6 hours
  • Weight – 499 grams
  • A complete package for quality music and entertainment
  • Punch bass with clear vocals
  • Contorls keys are responsive

boAt stone 170 offers dual dynamic drives for natural sound. It has a stylish triangle drum design that offers 360-degree sound. boAt stone 170 has a stylish design that comes into 6 different color options.

This can become your perfect travel companion due to its rugged drum design. Also, it is an IPX6 rated water-resistant speaker. So, water splashes and dust are not bad for it.

Its durable tank-like body has a long life and it looks quite appealing among youngsters. This speaker stands vertically and the rubber covering on the side makes a sturdy grip. boAt logo is placed on the grill and multifunctional buttons are placed on the top.

For any Bluetooth music box, the battery is an important factor to consider. boAt stone 170 has 6 hours long battery life which is enough for a long entertainment session. This speaker comes with a micro-USB cable that quickly charges it.

Fabric grills and ADS on its body make it robust for any use.

Apart from Bluetooth, you also get an SD card slot to play music. The weight of boAt stone 170 is only 499 grams. boAt stone 170 has 5W output for the sound. You can create the stereo sound effects by adding 2 stone 170 simultaneously.

Its sound quality is good and produces clear sound with impressive bass. Stone 170 delivers thumping bass and highs. Its Bluetooth range is 10 m.


  • Good battery life
  • Compact design is good for traveling
  • Immersive sound with punchy bass
  • Integrated controls for easy use
  • Quick charging


  • No AUX cable support

3. Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Budget Pick

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – Single
  • Battery life – 20 hours
  • Weight – 210 grams
  • A premium design with classy look
  • Lively and punchy music experience
  • Less charging time

This is one of the lightest Bluetooth speakers on the list. Mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker has some amazing features that make it a good competitor such as long battery life, dynamic sound effect, support of voice assistants, etc.

Mi outdoor has a curved box-shaped design that gives premium look. It looks appealing when you hold it. The edges of the speaker are made of rubber material so if you drop them by mistake, they won’t break.

Mi outdoor bt speaker under 1500 has a strap so you can hold it in your hand while walking.

Both sides of the speaker have buttons. On the right side, you will find the volume up and down button whereas, on the left side, it has a power on/off and plays/pause button.

If battery life is more important for you rather than sound then Mi outdoor is the speaker you are looking for.

Mi Bluetooth speaker has a 2000 mAh powerful battery that plays sound for 20 hours nonstop.

Good thing is that it comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack that is placed backside of the speaker along with a charging port below the rubber cap.

Mi outdoor wireless speaker generates sound from 5W power output. It doesn’t have a loud sound but its audio quality is good. Mids and highs are clear. It has an inbuilt microphone that helps you to receive or answer calls.

In an additional feature, you get an IPX5 water-resistant certificate, a voice assistant feature, and a LED indicator to show the status of the battery.


  • Looks like a premium speaker
  • Full-day battery life
  • Rubber slip-on edges for the safety
  • Voice assistant and water-resistant
  • Lightweight design makes it a good option for jogging


  • Not for loud sound lovers

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4. Artis BT77 Wireless Speaker Under 1500

Artis BT77 Wireless Speaker Under 1500


  • Color options – Single
  • Battery life – 6 hours
  • Weight – 900 grams
  • In built FM raido
  • Great sound quality
  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity

Artis BT77 is an outdoor wireless speaker that generates high-quality sound with its 9w speaker output. If you are a party lover then Artis BT77 is for you.

The build quality of the Artis BT77 is superb. When you take it in hand, you can feel how sturdy its body is. It has a cylindrical body with mesh fabric.

To give more durability, both sides have a hard plastic stand. So, instead of a cylindrical shape, it will stand in one place. It comes with a handy strap that gives safety to the speaker. This speaker is quite heavy in comparison to others.

It has a 9W speaker that produces high-quality 360-degree sound. It gives a balanced sound with rich bass. You can play songs on the full volume on it without any distortion. You can play a song while charging it so your party never stops.

All the intuitive controls are placed on the left side of the speaker. You can instantly manage volume and playback from these buttons. So, you don’t need to pick mobile to change song or volume.

Along with Bluetooth, there are lots of connectivity options are available for it. You can play songs on it through AUX cable, USB, SD card, and FM. Bluetooth 5.0 in the Artix BT77 provides better and more secure connectivity.

There is only a single color option available. Don’t take this speaker near the pool because its body is not waterproof.


  • Good sound quality with high bass
  • FM, SD card, AUX, and USB support
  • Safety strap
  • Generates 360-degree sound for a better experience
  • Good battery life


  • A little bit heavy to carry

5. Zebronics Zeb-Action Portable Speaker under 1500

Zebronics Zeb-Action Portable Speaker under 1500


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 12 hours
  • Weight – 370 grams
  • Its audio quality justify money
  • Heavy build material
  • Blueooth connectivity is fast

Zebronics Zeb-Action is our next pick for the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 Rs in India. Zebronics always come with the latest feature and this Bluetooth speaker has the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology. It has a sleek round shape rectangular design.

The top and bottom of the speaker have RGB light. These lights change 4 different modes when you play songs.

On the front, you get Zebronics branding, and the backside has control buttons. All buttons are placed on a rubber strap. Near the control button, there is a hand strap.

The sides of the speaker have rubber coating. This coating protects the speaker from accidental falls.

Zebronics Zeb-Action speaker has a dual 5W speaker for powerful sound. Its sound impressed many people. Zebronics Zeb-Action gives an over-the-top audio experience. You won’t feel that you are listening to music on a budget-level Bluetooth speaker.

It’s RGB lighting gives a party feel. You can say this is one of the stylish speakers on the list. With a stylish look, it has a rugged body. Its low weight makes it handy to move around.

AUX cable support, charging port, and USB ports are hidden under the rubber strap.

One of the main highlights of this speaker is its battery light. Zebronics claims that it has 12 hours battery life. To increase the sound, use its TWS function and pair another Zebronics Zeb-Action speaker with and gets stereo output.


  • High bass with rich sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • TWS pairing is available
  • Rich and rugged fabric
  • Use Bluetooth 5.1 for connectivity


  • No voice assistant support

6. boAt Stone 200 portable Speaker

boAt Stone 200 portable Speaker


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 10 hours
  • Weight – 240 grams
  • Compact, portable, and robust speaker
  • Clear sound

The boAt is an emerging brand in the headphone and Bluetooth speaker market. The best thing about this brand is they offer quality products at affordable prices.

boAt stone 200 has a fabric finish. This Bluetooth speaker comes into a square shape. boAt stone 200 has a sturdy plastic body that gives durability. Its rugged water-resistant plastic body is immune to any condition.

This speaker is not for loud sound lovers. If you want to make your mood relax by playing your favorite song, this one is for you. It has 3W sound output that generates a decent amount of sound.

Its 10 hours battery life is impressive. Charge it once and full-day enjoy your favorite tracks. Control buttons and ports are placed on the side of the speaker.

For a comfortable grip, it comes with a hand strap. You can hang it on your jeans or bag.

boAt stone 200 is IPX6 water-resistant, so it is water and dust-proof. Keep it beside the pool and relax your body in the swimming pool.

It is an ultra-portable wireless speaker that can be fit into your pocket. The boAt offers a one-year warranty for this speaker.


  • Ideal to carry into pocket
  • Splash and water-resistant design
  • Budget price
  • Long enough battery life
  • TUF body


  • Sound is decent

7. Zebronics Zeb-vita Speaker

Zebronics Zeb-vita Speaker


  • Color options – 2
  • Battery life – 5 hours
  • Weight – 500 grams
  • Superb sound quality
  • Supports multiple connectivity
  • Good to use with TV

The main advantage of the Zebronics Zeb-vita speaker is its rugged build quality. It has a rectangle shape with the Zebronics logo at the front.

This speaker is unique due to the LCD display on the front. It shows information related to the song.

Zebronics Zeb-vita is good to use with TV. It can work as a soundbar due to its shape. This speaker has a full mesh design in the front and the other remaining sides have durable plastic so rough use will not make any scratch on its body.

Zebronics Zeb-vita speaker has dual 8W speaker output. You can enjoy a movie on it. All controls are mounted on the left side of the speaker.

You can play songs on it through Bluetooth, Pen drive, AUX cable, or SD card. Volume and power buttons are also mounted on the same side so sometimes it becomes difficult to use buttons.

Zebronics Zeb-vita Bluetooth speaker under 1500 has Bluetooth 5.0 that allows it to connect any Bluetooth device seamlessly. It covers a 10m area for the wireless connection. Zebronics claim 12 hours of battery life for this speaker.

This speaker delivers loud audio as its size. You won’t disappoint with sound quality. Even on the loud volume, all beats and vocals are clear. We didn’t find any beat drop when we tested it. A dual speaker setup enhances the loudness of the speaker.


  • Solid build quality for rough use
  • Impressive battery life
  • Loud and balanced sound
  • LCD display
  • Good to use with TV


  • No water resistant
  • No built-in microphone for calling

8. Mivi Roam 2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Mivi Roam 2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker


  • Color options – 4
  • Battery life – 24 hours
  • Weight – 200 grams
  • Amaing sound with clear audio
  • Loud and sufficient for indoor use

Mivi is a trustable brand among Indian users. For the last few years, Mivi is continuously creating quality products.

Loud sound in the small frame is a specialty of this Bluetooth speaker. This wireless speaker is specially designed for music lovers who want to listen to music anywhere and don’t want to carry a heavy portable speaker.

Mivi roam 2 has a 5W output speaker that generates loud and clear music by pumping out sharp treble punchy bass and detailed mids. This tiny speaker delivers outstanding performance.

This is small in size but comes with lots of features.

Its rubber body is very ergonomic and gives a perfect grip on the hand. It looks like a premium Bluetooth speaker and comes in different color options. When you take Mivi roam 2 in the hand, you can feel how lightweight it is.

Maybe you are thinking that this tiny speaker won’t have enough battery life but you are wrong. If you play the song at 70% volume, you get 24 hours battery life means you can play songs on it for 2-3 days.

Mivi roam 2 has a 2000 mAh battery capacity and it takes 2 hours to get fully charged.


  • Massive battery life
  • Very compact size
  • Waterproof design
  • Attractive funky colors
  • Built-in microphone


  • Sound loudness is decent
  • No connectivity option other than Bluetooth

9. Energy Sistem Bluetooth Speaker

Energy Sistem Bluetooth Speaker


  • Color options – 3
  • Battery life – 10 hours
  • Weight – 219 grams
  • Well balanced sound quality

Energy Sistem is a classy Bluetooth speaker on the list. You can take along an Energy Sistem speaker with you anywhere to enjoy the music from your smartphone or tablet.

At first glance, it makes a good impression. Its rectangle shape gives a classy old touch to the speaker.

Thanks to its built-in microphone, you can take calls and answer them when your hands are busy. Now take shower and talk with anyone due to this energy Sistem Bluetooth speaker.

People like those speakers that can be taken anywhere. You can thank its compact design so it becomes easy to take the speaker with you. Energy Sistem has only 219 grams weight so you can easily put it in your back pocket.

There is no USB or SD card option in the energy Sistem speaker but you can use AUX to play songs. Connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to it to listen to songs.

When you play sound on it, its passive radiator and two powerful speakers deliver clear and balanced sound.

Don’t worry about battery life. Its rechargeable battery gives 10 hours of battery life to enjoy music.


  • Hands-free calling feature
  • Unique old classy design
  • Good audio quality
  • Compact design allows you to take it with you


  • Not a waterproof speaker
  • At high volume, bass is not clear

10. Instaplay Insta X3

Instaplay Insta X3


  • Color options – Single
  • Battery life – 6 hours
  • Weight – 422 grams
  • Bass output is high

If you want to use Bluetooth speakers only inside the home then Instaplay Insta X3 is for you. This model doesn’t have any water-resistant feature so for outside use, it is not recommended.

A good point about the Instaplay Insta X3 speaker is that it can be used with Tv or pc because it has thumping bass with crystal clear audio. Its clear sound will let you enjoy the movie.

Instaplay Insta X3 uses a passive bass radiator that enhances the output of the speaker. Its accurate mids and clear highs generate quality sound. During the action scene, its volume booster AMP pumps out the volume.

Instaplay Insta X3 speaker has a 2000 mAh battery that plays songs for 6 hours without any interruption. The good thing is it doesn’t take much time for charging.

Instaplay Insta X3 Bluetooth speaker works on Bluetooth 4.2 technology which is not the latest. This thing we don’t like about this speaker. This Bluetooth technology is not fast and also sometimes it becomes a security issue.

Someone calling during playing music, its built-in microphone will give you the freedom to attend calls without picking up the phone.


  • Passive bass radiator boost bass
  • Booster AMP increase the volume
  • 12 months warranty
  • 10W dual speakers


  • Battery life is not good
  • Bluetooth connectivity is poor

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 Buying Guide

Every month new Bluetooth speakers launch at different prices. In this guide, our primary factor to choose a Bluetooth speaker was the price. We picked only those Bluetooth speakers that come under 1500 Rs.

But along with price, you should also consider other factors so you can pick the right speaker for you. In this buying guide, we will discuss those factors. Maybe a Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have all the factors but it should have most factors.

Battery Life

For any Bluetooth speaker battery life is important. If you are buying a speaker for outdoor use then battery life becomes an essential feature.

Long battery life is a must for the Bluetooth speaker. A speaker that has 6 hours of battery life is a good option to buy. For hiking and camping, a speaker with long battery life is a good option.

Size and Weight

Many people buy Bluetooth speakers to use outside. If you are among them, in this situation, you should also focus on the weight of the speaker.

A lightweight speaker is always a good option. The small compact size adds more plus points to the speaker. Compact size speakers easily fit in the bad and their small weight won’t make your body pain.

Sound Quality

Sound quality depends on the output power of the speaker. More output power means louder sound.

Sound quality also depends on the person. Some people like loud bass whereas some like balanced sound. If a Bluetooth speaker plays a song clearly on the full volume then it is a good choice to buy.

Connectivity Options

We know Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth connectivity features. But many Bluetooth speakers use other connectivity options also such as AUX cable, USB port, SD card, FM. So, if you want to play the song through a USB or card reader, you can play it is the speaker supports it. It becomes useful to get more connectivity options.


For people look is important. We all take Bluetooth speakers with us outside, so at that point, a stylish speaker makes a good impression on others. No one wants to use a bad-looking speaker. Most Bluetooth speakers are stylish in this list of best Bluetooth speakers under 1500.


Bluetooth speakers are good companions for traveling. It becomes easy to pass the route by enjoying music. Selecting the best wireless Bluetooth speakers for you becomes a dizzying experience. When you see lots of options, it becomes difficult to pick the right one. But we have picked the 10 best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 for you. We invested our time and compared lots of Bluetooth speakers then select these 10 for you.

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