10 Best Philips Home Theatre System in India

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Philips is a big name in the electronics market. They make different types of gadgets for entertainment. Are you among those people who are searching best Philips home theatre system for home? Then this post will definitely help you to pick the right Philips home theater speaker.

Nowadays the craze of online shows and web series are at the top. People love to spend hours watching their favorite movies or shows.

A right home theatre enhances the experience of the sound at home. You get a true cinema-like sound experience at home.

Philips all products are top in quality. Rarely people find any issue with them. If you have used any Philips product in the past then you know how reliable and durable, they are.

Whether you want to enjoy a movie or want to listen to energetic music during a workout, Philips’s home theatre music system will never let you disappoint.

Let’s see which is the best Philips home theatre system in India.

Types of Channel in Home Theater System

Channel is basically a number of speakers in the home theater. You have seen 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, or any other number on the home theater box. Do you know what this number represents? This number represents a combination of subwoofer and speakers.

Let’s take 5.1 as an example. In this channel 5 represents the number of speakers means it has 5 speakers set and 1 represents a number of subwoofers. All channel has single subwoofer so number after decimal would be same in all channel.

On some home theater, you would see 5.1.2 or 7.1.2. What does it mean?

5 and 1 represent speaker and subwoofer number. 2 represent the Dolby speakers. Not all home theatre comes with Dolby atoms speaker because they are expensive.

Dolby atoms speakers give a true cinematic experience at home.

2.1 Channel

This is the basic setup of a home theatre. It gives a stereo sound effect. This setup is good for small rooms.

Its 2 speakers are not enough to give a true home theatre experience. If you have a low budget and don’t want much bass then a 2.1 home theatre music system is good for you.

4.1 Channel

4.1 home theater is one of the popular channels. Its 4 speakers are able to give a better sound experience.

It doesn’t give a proper surround sound experience but almost equal to it. On the basis of the output, you can imagine the power of sound. Some companies increase the number of speakers but their output power is low so they don’t give quality sound.

5.1 Channel

5.1 is the most famous category for the home theatre system. It gives a true surround sound cinematic experience.

It has 5 speakers so you can put them in all directions for better sound quality. Its bass is good. Their price is not high so most people can afford it.

7.1 Channel

The best thing about the 7.1 channel setup is that you can put 2 speakers on the ceiling. Ceiling speakers produce better sound at the time of action sequence.

The price of a 7.1 home theater is high so not all people can afford it. People who want a full cinema-like experience at home choose the 7.1 home theater system.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best Philips Home Theatre System

Runner Up

[ Our Top Pick ]

Budget Option

Philips MMS8085B Home Theatre Tower Speakers

 Best Philips Home Theatre Review

Philips SPA4040B Budget Home Theatre System

Philips MMS8085B Home Theatre Tower Speakers
 Best Philips Home Theatre Review
Philips SPA4040B Budget Home Theatre System

List of 10 Best Philips Home Theatre Music System In India

1 Philips SPA8000B – Best Philips Home Theatre Review

Our Top Pick

Best Philips Home Theatre Review


Number of speakers – 5
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 10 KG
Item dimensions – 42.4 x 50.3 x 38 cm
Output Power – 120w

It will completely change the sound experience in your home. It doesn’t only look stylish but also its crystal-clear surround sound feature gives true cinematic sound feature in any room.

Philips SPA8000B is a 5.1 home theatre setup. It has a 120w powerful subwoofer. Speakers are lightweight so you won’t find any issue if you want to hang them into the wall. Wall mounting speakers save space in the room for other things.

Black body with little silver shade on the center of speakers and subwoofers looks attractive.

Different connectivity options are available for it like Bluetooth, USB card reader, AUX cable, etc. Its Bluetooth connectivity is robust and energy-efficient. Its seamless connectivity quickly connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Furthermore, it gets connected with MP3, PC, CD. For FM lover its FM tuner works well. In looks and sound, the Philips SPA8000B home theater music sytem is the best choice on the list.

To get a perfect surround sound experience perfect setup of home theatre setup is essential.

For the right setup put a subwoofer and a speaker below the TV cabinet. Put 2 speakers on both sides of the TV and put 2 speakers on the left or right side of your sitting position.

It captures a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz with 85 DB density of sound.

The subwoofer is built with wooden for deep bass sound. It is painted with black color like other best Philips home theatre system. The cable length of speakers is enough so you can set them in the room anywhere. Overall Philips SPA8000B is the best choice for Philips’s home theatre system.


Powerful 120w surround sound
Stunning black body
Lightweight and compact size speakers
Various connectivity options
8 inches high subwoofer


Only power on or off options are available on the subwoofer but remote works perfectly

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2 Philips MMS8085B Home Theatre Tower Speakers

Runner Up

Philips MMS8085B Home Theatre Tower Speakers


Number of speakers – 2
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 8 kg
Item dimensions – 41.5 x 28 x 55.8 cm
Output Power – 80w

Philips MMS8085B is a tower speaker system. The best thing about tower speakers is that you don’t need any speaker stand to put them. They are compact in size so don’t take much space in the room.

Corners are the best place for tower speakers in the room.

It has only 2 tower speakers but the output power of both is 80w. Philips MMS8085B home theatre is a combination of stylish design with true Philips sound. It comes with all types of port connectivity.

Like other best Philips home theatre systems, it doesn’t have 5 speaker setups but it has 2 tower speakers. Tower speakers are powerful in comparison to home theatre speakers.

To get the best sound quality from it should put both tower speakers at a 30-degree angle in front of your sitting position or you can place one tower speaker on the front side and one on the backside of you.

On the subwoofer you get all control so if the remote is not working, still you can change the setting of Philips MMS8085B homer theater.

This home theater can be connected to other devices via Bluetooth or AUX cable. It also supports the NFC feature. On AUX cable you get better sound quality. This is not a surround sound system but its stereo sound is also powerful.


Easy to setup
Produce stereo sound
Compact size subwoofer
Multiple connectivity options
No speaker stands are needed


No surround sound feature

3 Philips SPA4040B Budget Home Theatre System

Budget Option

Philips SPA4040B Budget Home Theatre System


Number of speakers – 5
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 6 kg
Item dimensions – 40 x 33.2 x 30 cm
Output Power – 45w

Now next in the list of best Philips home theatre system reviews is Philips SPA4040B. It is a budget option. It doesn’t have powerful sound but for this price tag, its sound is best from other home theatres.

Its 45w output is not enough to get a cinema-like sound experience but for gaming, it gives the best gaming sound experience. Despite the budget range home theatre system, it comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option. Check Best gaming headphones.

Its Bluetooth range is 10m and for normal room size, it is enough. Bluetooth connection is not weak and won’t disconnect while playing music. Enjoy your all favorite song on its clean sound.

It is also stylish like other best Philips home theatre system reviews in India. To make it attractive Philips has used a blue color ring on the speakers and subwoofer.

The subwoofer is designed to produce the best quality bass.

Installation of Philips SPA4040B home theater speaker is not hard. It takes few minutes to set up it. Speakers are not heavy so you can change their position anytime. Its 5-speaker setup gives a surround sound experience.

It is built with bass boost technology to control the level of the music. Through remote, you can change the equalizer setting any time according to the music.


Price is in the budget range
Wireless Bluetooth connectivity is available
Good choice for gaming
Bass boost control setting
Various equalizer modes


Bass is not powerful

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4 Philips SPA8140B Best Model in Philips Home Theatre

Best Model in Philips Home Theatre


Number of speakers – 4
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 6 kg
Item dimensions – 35.7 x 23.7 x 54.7 cm
Output Power – 50w

Philips has been making electronics devices since 1920. They always do new innovations in their products. Philips SPA8140B home theatre system would give you the ultimate listening experience.

Style-wise Philips SPA8140B home theatre looks decent but when it comes to sound, they are not behind anyone.

Wireless music streaming feature is available through Bluetooth. You won’t find any audio delay via Bluetooth. People love to play music wirelessly. Apart from Bluetooth, you get all other connectivity options.

The front portion of the speakers and subwoofer is covered with a semi-transparent cotton cover so it is safe from dust. No dust means you don’t need to clean it regularly.

It is a 4-speaker setup and all the speakers are dedicated to creating the best sound effect for movies and songs. The speaker’s size is a little bit big so it would be better if you keep it on a speaker stand or on the shelf.

The full working remote control does all-controlling work easily. You can change bass and treble setting through remote. Philips SPA8140B home theater is worth for money product.


Clean and crisp sound
Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
USB and AUX cable-supported
Low distortion
Good sound quality


Speakers are heavy and don’t look stylish

5 Philips HTL4080 Home Theatre For LED TV

Philips HTL4080 Home Theatre For LED TV


Number of speakers – 1
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 6 kg
Item dimensions – 7 x 9.2 x 96 cm
Output Power – 80w

This is one of the best Philips home theatres for TV. Nowadays TVs are becoming smarter day by day but due to their small size, their sound quality is decreasing.

To watch movies, speakers of TV are not enough. The soundbar is the solution to this problem. A soundbar with a subwoofer creates high bass sound. Philips HTL4080 soundbar has 80w output power to give the true experience of the movie.

The best thing about soundbar is that you can hang them on the wall below the TV. It doesn’t give a surround sound experience. Due to the front position below the TV, you get a good sound quality.

Philips HTL4080 home theatre is HDMI supported.

Through the HDMI port, you can connect it to the TV. You can also enjoy songs on it through Bluetooth or the optical in cable option. It is not heavy so you can mount it on a wall easily.

The easiest installation process in the list of best Philips home theatre system reviews.

It has only one soundbar so no tangled wires are visible in the room. You can carry it in the house anywhere due to the small setup. It supports a USB cable so you can play movies or view photos through the USB port.


Easy installation process
The wall-mounted option is available
HDMI port connection support
Compatible with all devices
Dialogues are audible


No inbuilt FM radio

6 Philips MMS2160B Home Theatre With Bluetooth

Philips MMS2160B Home Theatre With Bluetooth


Number of speakers – 2
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 6.5 kg
Item dimensions – 22.2 x 47.5 x 44.5 cm
Output Power – 50w

Philips MMS2160B is another tower speaker on the list. The best part about Philips MMS2160B is that it has an 8-inch subwoofer that will pump your heart with its high bass sound. Treble and bass both are balanced and clear.

Like others, it has also all connectivity options. Play music through Bluetooth or AUX cable it depends on you. Bluetooth range is good it will cover your room or hall easily.

For bass and equalizer, you get a manual adjustment feature. You can change settings according to your mood. Remote quality is good and you get all controls on remote to control Philips MMS2160B home theatre.

People think that tower speakers are not a good choice to enjoy movies but once you install Philips MMS2160B home theatre in your entertainment room, this myth will definitely get busted.

Beats are clear and even at mid-volume, you can listen to all dialogues clearly.

People are loving it and giving positive reviews after buying it. These tower speakers are one of the best Philips home theatre systems.

Tower speakers look simple but the subwoofer is stylish. The subwoofer comes with all setting options on it. The specialty of tower speakers is that they produce good quality sound even after the speakers are less in number.


Portable in carrying
Easy setup
Take less space in the room
Inbuilt FM radio with Bluetooth and AUX cable connectivity
Different audio formats are supportable


Bass is not up to the mark
Tower speakers are not attractive

7 Philips in-SPA 5190B Music System Home Theatre

Philips in-SPA 5190B Music System Home Theatre


Number of speakers – 5
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 9.5 kg
Item dimensions – 32.6 x 18.6 x 31.7 cm
Output Power – 90w

The next Best Philips home theatre is Philips in-SPA 5190B music system. People buy home theater for bass sound effects and this home theatre with its Deepbass technology gives a powerful deep bass sound experience.

Its subwoofer is compact in size. Its main work is to capture all the low-frequency voices and convert them into deep bass. It delivers sound with more punchy bass. Are you a news lover, its FM tuner lets you enjoy all the latest news on your favorite FM station?

Build quality of the home theater system is trustable and it won’t break down in few months.

It delivers premium sound performance with its 90w output speakers. You don’t need to compromise in sound quality. The design of the home theater is not attractive. It looks decent and doesn’t attract the attention of anyone.

This Philips 5.1 home theater system is designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Wireless connectivity for any home theatre is always a good choice. You can use a USB card to play songs or view photos.

The good thing about Philips in-SPA 5190B home theater is that it has switch mode. You can change its speaker setting from 2.1 to 5.1 or vice versa. For the work environment, 2.1 setup is a good choice.


Deepbass technology
Switching option between 2.1 and 5.1
Good frequency range
Support all Bluetooth enabled devices


Look is not stylish
Vocals are not clear

8 Philips SPA5162B Home Theatre System 5.1 Wireless Surround Sound

Philips SPA5162B Home Theatre System 5.1 Wireless Surround Sound


Number of speakers – 5
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 7.7 kg
Item dimensions – 35.8 x 36.8 x 31.2 cm
Output Power – 65w

Philips SPA5162B 5.1 surround sound home theatre system has a set of 5 speakers that are paired with a subwoofer. Its sound is not powerful in comparison to other best Philips home theatre systems.

Subwoofer output power is 30w and the combined output power of all speakers is 30w. You can enjoy movies on it but for a hardcore action movie, it is not a good option.

If you are a bass lover and want a punchy bass then you should choose other Philips home theaters on the list.

Vocals are clearly audible and you can listen to every dialogue clearly.

You won’t find any issue connecting it with any device. Wireless and wired connectivity options are available for it. It supports a 16 GB pen drive.

Look wise Philips SPA5162B home theater looks cools. It is stylish and the orange LED light display doesn’t give stress to eyes at night. Home theatre looks premium. When you touch it, you can feel the quality of home theater.

Philips SPA5162B home theatre is not a lightweight product. It is a little bit heavy so keep it on speaker stands for safety. Remote works properly from high distance range.


Build with multiple connectivity options
Looks premium in design
Speakers are not big in size
Use it as wireless through Bluetooth


Bass is not powerful
Speakers wire length is short

9 Philips IN-MMS6080B 2.1 Home Theater System

Philips IN-MMS6080B 2.1 Home Theater System


Number of speakers – 2
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 6.5 kg
Item dimensions – 40.6 x 24 x 46.5 cm
Output Power – 60w

Some people want to set home theater in their office. For office purposes, they need medium sound. Philips IN-MMS6080B home theatre is a great choice for office use.

Philips IN-MMS6080B is a 2.1 home theatre system. Its cutting-edge technology delivers good sound quality with 2 speakers. You can play games on it with good bass.

Its remote control is fully functional and all settings can be changed by it. This 2.1 home theater has the same connectivity options as Philips 5.1 home theater system.

It has only 2 speakers but the output of both speakers is 60w and it is more than many others 5.1 home theatre system. Like other best Philips home theatres, Philips IN-MMS6080B home theater is stylish.

This home theater system is not built for a large room. It doesn’t give a true movie experience but for office work, this is a great choice.


60w output power
Budget price
Bluetooth mode is available
Small size makes it comfortable to carry anywhere


Sound is decent
No surround sound feature

10 Philips MMS2625B Home Theater Sytem Review

Philips MMS2625B Home Theater Sytem Review


Number of speakers – 2
Bluetooth connectivity – Yes
Weight – 2.62 kg
Item dimensions – 26.4 x 15.5 x 26.2 cm
Output Power – 30w

Philips MMS2625B home theater comes with a 2.1 setup. To generate quality sound, it uses wooden to build a body of subwoofer and speakers. Another benefit of a wooden body is that wooden makes home theater durable.

Output power is low. Its 31w speakers are not capable to generate powerful bass. This home theater is suitable only for gaming or office work not for movies or music.

Bluetooth connectivity is good and it covers a 10m range. Play wireless song through it but sometimes Bluetooth connectivity cut off automatically. Other connectivity options are good.

The design of Philips MMS2625B is simple. Speakers are not heavy so you can hand them on a wall easily. Different audio formats are supportable by the Philips MMS2625B music system. For more entertainment, it has an inbuilt FM tuner that covers all radio channels in your city.

You get a one-year warranty for it. Build quality is good for this price range. The remote works properly.


Play song through wireless or wired
Small setup needs less space
Speakers are lightweight
Good for office use


Sound quality is not great
Bluetooth connectivity issue
Only stereo sound effect

Is Philips Home Theatre Good?

Philips is a good brand. Their products are always trustworthy. Philips home theatre system is a good choice.

They are durable and produce quality sound.

Not all Philips home theaters are good so we have created a list of the best Philips home theatre systems. The sound quality of them is good and clear.

People think that more speakers mean more powerful sound but this is not true. Sound depends on the output power of the speakers.

Philips has been making electronics products for many years. They have become experts in electronics products. They know what customers want so they build products according to customer demand.

Final Words

So, these are the best Philips home theatre system reviews. Philips is always a good choice for a home theater music system. Philips has a wide range of home theatres so we have picked the best-selling home theatre for you. In-home theater output power is important. Output power decides the sound quality of it. Always choose that home theatre which has high output power.

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