12 Best Gaming Chair in India Review

The gaming trend in India has surged significantly in the last 2-3 years. People are spending a lot of money on a gaming setup to get a better gaming experience. You have to play games many hours every day to become a good player and improve your gaming skills. For this, with the best gaming setup, you need the best gaming chair.

From high to low-range prices, all types of gaming chairs are included in this list. A good quality gaming chair gives full comfort to the body and keeps the body in a relaxed position.

in a gaming chair, you get comfortable support for the back and neck. In a gaming chair, you get lumbar support, neck pillows, adjustable height, adjustable armrest footrest, and more. All these features are not present in a normal chair or office chair. Let’s see which are the best gaming chairs in India.

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Benefits of Gaming Chair

best gaming chair in india

Some recent case studies show that in India now e-sport is developing as a Carrier option. Like cricket, youngsters are also showing their interest in mobile and PC gaming. They are investing a high amount in a good gaming setup with the best comfortable gaming chair.

When you invest in a gaming chair, one thing you should know is that you are investing in your health. Money is not more than health. If you are buying a gaming chair the first time then here are the benefits of a gaming chair.


comfortable gaming chair in india

When someone buys a gaming chair first thing, they check that how comfortable is it. Usually, players spend 8-10 hours daily on a gaming chair, some people spend even more time.

When anyone spends a long time on a chair then it is obvious that they need the best comfortable gaming chair in India.

The gaming chair comes with adjustable features so you can change its posture according to your comfort. Its armrest and height can be changed. When you feel tired then you can move the backrest to the backward side of the chair and take a rest on it.

The leather fabric that is used to build the seat and backrest of the chair is built with sweatproof material. For more comfort, some chair comes with a footrest to give rest to the foot while playing.

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No Health Problem

When you sit on a normal chair then after one- or two hours neck and back pain starts in the body. Most people face this issue but with a gaming chair, there is no neck and back pain issue.

To give comfort to your neck and back, the gaming chair comes with a headrest and back pillow support. Both supports are optional and you can remove them easily when don’t need them.

Health issues are common in gamers. Now people know that the best gaming chair won’t cause any health issues so they are investing more in a gaming chair.


stylish gaming chair

The style of the gaming chair makes it stands out from a normal chair. Gaming chairs are built with a bold color combination that makes them more attractive.

The aesthetics of a gaming chair makes it different from the ordinary office chair. Air windows at the backrest of the gaming chair in India give futuristic look to it. High-quality leather material shines more than a normal chair cloth.

Improves Sitting Posture

We all know that when we sit on an ordinary chair for long hours often, we need to change our sitting position to maintain our sitting posture.

Best gaming chairs are designed to give straight support to our back.

It helps to give you a better sitting position. Its back pillow also helps to improve your sitting posture.

Due to good sitting posture, blood in your body never faces any hindrance in following. Bad sitting posture sometimes causes blood circulation problems in the body.

back support in gaming chair

Adjustable Features

In every family, there are many people and the height of all people wouldn’t be the same. Not all families can afford separate gaming chairs for all people in the family. Also, when your friend comes to your house, they also sit on your gaming chair.

Adjustable height and armrest features are useful at that time when someone uses a gaming chair, they adjust height and armrest according to their comfortable position, later when you sit, you can adjust the chair.

gaming chair adjustable armrest

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Our Top 3 Recommendations

Runner Up

Cellbell CG01 – Best Gaming Chair For Comfort

Cellbell CG01 – Best Gaming Chair For Comfort

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Our Top Pick

Green Soul-Beast – Best Gaming Chair In India

Green Soul Beast – Best Gaming Chair In India

View on Amazon

Budget Pick

Pulse Best Gaming Chair For Money

Pulse Best Gaming Chair For Money

View on Amazon

List of 12 Best Gaming Chair In India

1 Green Soul Beast – Best Gaming Chair In India

Our Top Pick

best gaming chair in india


  • 4 Color options
  • Item Dimensions – 47 x 73 x 122 Centimeters
  • Seat Depth – 47 Centimeters
  • 3 years warranty
  • Material – Fabric and PU Leather

Nowadays youngsters want their own gaming setup in their room. To complete the gaming setup, you need a quality ergonomic gaming chair. The green soul is the number one gaming chair brand in India.

Green soul beast gaming chair comes with good features at a competitive price.

Green soul beast series gaming chair is available in 4 different colors. You can pick which color suits you most for your gaming setup. All 4 colors have a dual color tone.

When you sit on the chair, you can feel how comfortable it is.

For those people who are passionate about their health, this chair is the best option. This chair gives ultimate support due to its ergonomic dynamic design.

Build quality of the chair is durable. Most part of the chair is built with metal and plastic is used to build some fewer use parts. It can be bent at a 180-degree angle for full comfort. The chair is fully stable even it is titled to its full angle. You won’t fall from it from any angle.

Its adjustable feature achieves the best posture for every individual.

The adjustable height feature is smooth. According to people, the height of the chair can be adjusted at different levels.

For maximum support to the head, it comes with a removable headrest pillow. An adjustable lumbar support pillow keeps back posture straight so in a long gaming session you won’t feel back pain.

The seat of the green soul gaming chair is designed in a racing car bucket pattern. Pu leather in the seat gives comfort sitting experience to the gamer. Paddings are soft and plush.

Most people have to suffer from armrest position because in some chairs armrest can be adjusted only in height. Green soul beast series gaming chair has a 3D armrest. This armrest has 3 different positions to adjust the height, angle, and forth-back position.

A cool and comfortable sitting position is necessary for the long gaming session.

Its soft and breathable fabric prevents any type of heat build-up on your back by flowing air. These all features are enough to pick the Green soul beast series as our top contender in the list of best gaming chairs in India.


  • Breathable material
  • Soft padding foam
  • Easy to clean
  • 180-degree tilt angle
  • Neck and back support pillow
  • Smooth wheel movement


  • Color is not attractive

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2 Cellbell CG01 – Best Gaming Chair For Comfort

Runner Up

best gaming chair for comfort


  • 4 colors are available
  • Product Dimensions – 55.88 x 73.66 x 137.16 cm
  • Material – PU leather
  • 1-year warranty
  • Tilt angle – 155 degree

The next chair in the list of best gaming chairs is Cellbell CG01. CG01 is a popular model of a gaming chair from Cellbell. Its large sitting area is specially designed for PRO gamers.

The seat is built with PU leather that is durable and soft in touch.

Cellbell CG01 comfort gaming chair is designed for long gaming sessions. The price of the chair is a little bit high when you see its build quality and comfort then you know that you are investing money in the right place.

Cellbell CG01 is one of the best-looking gaming chairs on the list. You get 4 different color options. This chair gives the true feeling of a gaming chair.

It has a premium build quality that makes it possible to use it for the whole day’s gaming session. During intense gaming situations, it provides full comfort to you. This chair is designed for ergonomic comfort with an impressive recline position.

Freelancers who work from home need a chair with a good sitting position. You can use the Cellbell CG01 gaming chair in the office also. For office purposes, its black color is the right choice.

For a gaming chair back support should be comfortable. It has a winged shape design. It has neck and backrest support with lumbar support. All these supports are adjustable. So, you can sit for long hours without complaining about back or neck pain.

The dual-color tone gives a perfect gaming chair look to it. Wheels movement is smooth so you can move in any direction easily. It can be reclined up to 155-degree with full stability.

The installation process of the chair is not hard.

You can do it yourself. All the detail about installation is provided with a chair box. All the parts and hardware are labeled so at the time of installation when you read the instruction to guide you can easily understand the position of the part.


  • Comfortable lumbar support
  • Easy installation process
  • Looks attractive
  • Adjustable for everyone
  • Specially designed for a long gaming session


  • The price is a little bit high

3 Pulse Best Gaming Chair For Money

Budget Option

best gaming chair for money


  • Single color
  • Item Dimensions – 84 x 65 x 32 Centimeters
  • Material – Metal Base with PU Leather Upholstery
  • Weight capacity -130 kg
  • 3 years warranty

For the best budget gaming chair, the Pulse gaming chair is a perfect choice. Its features are similar to our previous chair in the list but with less price tag.

It has lots of cool features which you won’t find in another gaming chair in this price range.

First, let’s talk about comfort. It has a car seat design. The height of the seat base and wings are the same. You won’t feel any restriction on the seat due to its thicker body. It can withstand a weight of 300 kg.

It is built with the latest popular design but it has only a single-color option. If you love to use recline feature most of the time when you read a book or need to take a rest while gaming then its 150-degree recline seat easily withstands your weight. It is not fully 180-degree but it is well enough for comfort.

For both the seat and armrest, it has a height adjustment feature. Lumbar and headrest pillows take control of comfort.

The price of the pulse gaming chair is not high still it has a durable build quality and these features make it the best gaming chair for the money. At the low price, the pulse has managed to give a quality chair to us.

The backrest is padded with soft cushions and the seat is 5 inches thick which makes it more comfortable.

The wheelbase of the pulse gaming chair is sturdy. You won’t feel any squeaking when you move the chair. Its lightweight design helps to roam it easily anywhere.


  • Low price
  • Soft padded seat and backrest
  • Good build quality in the budget
  • Thick padding on the seat
  • Comes with different adjustable features


  • Only single-color option

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4 Casa – Best Professional Gaming Chair

casa professioanl gaming chair


  • 6 color options
  • Item dimensions – 65 x 10 x 5 cm
  • Material – Aluminium with PU leather
  • Multi-purpose chair
  • Warranty 1 year

Want to start your YouTube carrier or want to become a professional escort player then casa professional gaming chair is what you want. Its ergonomic design gives the most comfortable feeling. No back or neck pain during a long gaming session.

We add Casa gaming chair to the list of best gaming chairs because it is a true professional gaming chair.

It looks premium and when you sit on it you can feel the comfort and premium quality of the chair. To get casa professional gaming chair you need to spend some extra money in comparison to other gaming chairs on the list.

This brand is very famous outside India and many big YouTube streamers are using Casa gaming chairs. No doubt this is the best professional gaming chair in India.

Once you invest money to buy a casa gaming chair, you don’t need to think of buying a gaming chair for the next 4-5 years. It has 5 unique color variants. For your gaming setup, you definitely get a matching color.

For long gaming sessions, lumbar support is essential. In a casa professional gaming chair, you get amazing back support with an adjustable lumbar pillow.

Feeling tired while playing the game and want to take a small nap or do a rest, use its tilt mode feature. It has a 170-degree tilt mode. You can easily sleep on it. If your body weight is more than 120 kg then a casa professional gaming chair in India is not for you.

The best part about the casa gaming chair is that it is built with solid aluminum that gives strength to the chair. Breathable cushion material keeps the temperature of the chair low.

Sometimes tall people have to face back pain problems because of the short height of the chair. Casa gaming chair has a long-back design that gives better support to tall people.


  • Look premium
  • Build with aluminum
  • Breathable cushion seat
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Favorite chair of most YouTube streamers


  • High price

5 Green Soul Monster Best Gaming Chair For Posture

best gaming chair for posture


  • 5 color options
  • Item Dimensions – 50 x 71 x 133 Centimeters
  • Material – Metal with PU leather
  • Tilt angle – Up to 180 degree
  • Seat type – Flat seat

Another gaming chair from Green soul in the list of the best gaming chair. Without any doubt, you can trust the build quality of the Green soul monster gaming chair. Adjustable armrest, adjustable backrest, adjustable height all features of the best gaming chair are available in this chair.

Sometimes we feel tired when we play games like free fire, PUBG for a long time. Its lumbar support gives you a message to make the body relax. Apart from massage, it gives comfortable lower support.

This chair doesn’t have any footrest but to make the leg comfortable it has a wide spacious seat.

It is built with molded foam to give the utmost comfort. If you feel any pain in your legs while gaming for a long time you can sit cross-legged on it.

Green soul monster series gaming chair for posture is designed according to Indian users. It offers thigh and knee support for better gaming posture.

The neck pillow is built with velour upholstery. It is filled with enough padding to give full comfort to the head and neck. Its position is adjustable so you can set it behind the neck or head. The neck pillow is soft and gives proper alignment to the neck so there is no chance of pain.

Gaming chairs that don’t have adjustable armrests are not good gaming chairs. Green soul monster series gaming chair has an adjustable armrest and it can be adjusted in 4 different directions.

The armrest is made of PU carbon material that is soft in touch and durable in quality. Soft padded on armrest keeps hand pain-free.

Like the green soul beast series gaming chair, the monster series has also a 180-degree tilt angle. This is the highest in the list of best gaming chairs in India. You can take a little nap on it during long gaming sessions.


  • Premium quality gaming chair
  • 180-degree tilt angle
  • Ergonomic design for comfort use
  • 4-D armrest with soft padding
  • Wide seat


  • High price

6 Cellbell CG03 – Best Gaming Chair For Back Pain

best gaming chair for back pain


  • 4 color options
  • Item Dimensions – 55.88 x 73.66 x 137.16 cm
  • Material – Soft PU leather with metal base
  • Tilt angle – Up to 155 degree
  • 1-year warranty

Cellbell CG03 gaming chair for back pain is specially designed for long gaming sessions without back pain. Its main feature is its wide seat. If your old chair has small seat and you want to change it then the Cellbell CG03 gaming chair is worth trying.

For ultimate support, it has an ergonomic design so it becomes easy to focus on the game without any uncomfortable seating position.

For a gaming chair, its build quality is important. PU leather on top of Cellbell CG03 gaming chair and side and bottom part of the chair is built with PVC material. Along with these nylon base gives excellent reliable strength and comfort.

The weight capacity for the chair is 120 kg. When you move left or right on the chair while playing game wings on the backside of the chair keeps you at the center of the chair so you get a comfortable gaming posture.

The frame of the Cellbell CG03 gaming chair is made of 1.2 mm thick aluminum material. Padding on the seat is made of high-density cushions, in a long gaming session this padding won’t shrink.

The next feature of the Cellbell CG03 gaming chair is a high degree of recline. The back of the gaming chair can be locked at any angle between 90 to 155-degree. It is not fully reclined as a green soul gaming chair but it is comfortable.

For pro gamers, its large seat area makes it is the best gaming chair in India. Your gaming experience will definitely improve after sitting on the Cellbell CG03 gaming chair.

For the back and neck, it has a high backrest that ensures proper alignment for your body. Its 7cm adjustable armrest can be set according to the height of the gaming table. Cellbell CG03 gaming chair is a high-quality product.


  • Easy to install
  • Wide gaming seat
  • Provide ergonomic support to the body
  • Fully comfortable due to adjustable feature
  • Durable body


  • Not fully recline
  • Adjustable height for armrest is not sufficient for tall table

7 Corsair T1 – Best Gaming Chair For Tall Person

best gaming chair for tall person


  • Single color
  • Item Dimensions – 52.1 x 55.9 x 95 cm
  • Material – Alloy steel and PU leather
  • Tilt angle – 180 degree
  • 1-year warranty

Corsair is making quality products for gaming. They have a wide variety of products available for gaming like gaming headphones, keyboards, mouse, chairs, and more. They know what gamers want and this quality makes them unique from other chairs.

on the chair, the seat is designed in a closed winged pattern so it usually hugs the gamers when they sit on the chair.

Wing patterns give a comfortable experience to gamers when they move left and right while playing games.

This gaming chair is inspired by the racing gaming chair. For strength and durability, it uses a steel skeleton to make the body of the chair.

The seat of the Corsair gaming chair is wide and it can withstand 120 kg weight easily. The seat is built with dense foam cushions that give comfort and when you sit on it you can feel how comfortable it is.

Corsair gaming chair for tall person has 4 D adjustable armrest that can be moved in 4 different directions to adjust its position. An adjustable neck pillow gives proper support to the head. Behind the neck pillow, it has windows that flow the air for ventilation.

Want to play the game for a longer time period then its lumbar support makes it easy. It gives perfect support to the back and keeps it straight so you won’t feel any pain.

Want to take some rest while playing the game, pull the tilt lever of it and make it recline. It goes to a full 180-degree to give proper rest to your body.

The best part about the Corsair T1 gaming chair is that it is built with a steel body. Steel gives durability to the chair. For smooth wheel movement, it uses nylon caster rollerblade wheels. Its 360-degree movement makes it easy to do office work on it.

Corsair is making the best gaming chair in India for the past few years and it is a well-known brand in the gaming industry. You can invest in a Corsair T1 gaming chair without any hesitation.


  • Stylish dual color tone
  • Comfortable sitting with proper backrest
  • High-density foam in the seat
  • Steel Skelton for longer life
  • Nylon caster rollerblade wheels


Installation instructions are not clear

8 Savya Apex Gaming Chair With Adjustable Arms

gaming chair with adjustable arms


  • Single color
  • Item Dimensions – 124.5 x 71.1 x 52.1 cm
  • Material – Nylon
  • 306-degree swivel
  • 1-year warranty

Savya apex gaming chair with adjustable arm is breath of fresh air among all the best gaming chairs.

It looks stylish and builds quality of the chair is amazing. For easy installation, it comes with all the required hardware and necessary tools.

For a long gaming session if you are finding a budget-friendly lightweight gaming chair then the savya apex gaming chair would be a good choice for you.

Its compact design doesn’t take much space in the room so you get enough space to do other tasks. Savya has been making gaming chairs since 2009 and they have improved so much with their gaming chair quality.

Like other best gaming chairs, the savya apex gaming chair is also using PU leather to make the seat and backrest of the chair. Pu leather is untearable material. So, after a few months, you won’t face the problem of tearing or damaging the seat.

What you want to do with the armrest move it left or right, change its height, moves backward or forward all adjustments are possible with the savya apex gaming chair.

For the best gaming experience, it is important that the height of the table and chair’s arm should be the same.

Take the support of the lumbar for the back. Gamers need comfortable back support when they play games for long hours. Its lumbar support pillow is soft and adjustable.

It is built with a racing-style design and fits perfectly for most gamers. You can improve your game by playing games for hours on a savya gaming chair without facing any pain.

The main benefit of its ergonomic design is that it gives the best support and alignment when you sit on it for hours. Want to read a book on it, tilt it a little bit, and start reading books. It can be tilted to 170-degree.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and comfortable body
  • Removable neck and lumbar pillow
  • Ergonomic design for a long gaming session


  • Only single-color option
  • After few months it starts creating noise

9 Casionkart Carbonxpro Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

gaming chair with lumbar support


  • Single black color
  • Item Dimensions – 33 x 24 x 22 cm
  • Material – Polyurethane
  • 5-star Nylon Base
  • 3 years warranty

Casinokart is a trustworthy name in the gaming industry. They are especially famous for their comfort and quality gaming chairs. Casionkart carbonxpro gaming chair with lumbar support is built for all sizes of people, tall or short all people are comfortable on it.

The chair is durable and the weight capacity of the chair is 120 kg. Gold and the black color combination are perfect to give a premium look to the chair. The backrest height of the Casionkart carbonxpro gaming chair is 21 inches.

It touches all the possible contact points of your body with a chair and gives full comfort to the body. Due to its premium look, you can use this chair in the office also.

All the possible adjustment feature you get in the Casionkart carbonxpro gaming chair. When anyone plays a game on a gaming chair they move often during gaming and for this, its 360-degree swivel movement gives you the freedom to roam in the room easily.

It has wide seat so you can seat in a cross-legged position on it. Soft padding on the seat cover gives comfort to your body and also you get less tired when you sit for a long time on it.

Heavy-duty base metal construction gives full strength to the chair. The armrest is adjustable and built with an aluminum alloy so, it can withstand high pressure without getting broken.

The backrest can be reclined up to 150-degree. This recline angle is less in comparison to other chairs in the list of best gaming chairs in India. Its oversized lumbar support pillow covers your whole back and gives proper support.


  • The installation process is easy
  • Built with PU leather
  • Oversized lumbar pillow
  • Comfortable with different adjustable features


  • Not many color options
  • Some user complains about seat quality

10 Rekart Gaming Chair For Girl

Rekart gaming chair for girl


  • Single color
  • Item Dimensions – 50 x 53 x 130 cm
  • Material – skin-friendly PU leather
  • class 4 hydraulic system
  • 1-year warranty

Girl-like pink color and to keep this in mind Rekart has introduced a true girl gaming chair. This Rekart gaming chair is specially built for girls for this it is painted with pink color.

It looks like a gaming chair for girls but in terms of durability and strength, it is similar to any other gaming chair in the list of best gaming chairs in India.

It offers all the adjustment options for a chair. The Rekart gaming chair for the girl has soft cushions seat with a normal seat area. Girls are generally small in size in comparison to boys so they easily get fit in small spaces.

A strong metal base can bear a weight of 120 Kg and it is equal to other gaming chairs on the list. Windows at the backrest flow the air. Air passes through the window and makes the seat ventilated.

The soft seat and soft lower back pillow give a pleasant experience when you play games on it for long hours. Wings shape backrest give support to shoulder and arms. This all adjustable feature supports your body for long gaming sessions.

The wheelbase is made of steel and it is one of the strongest wheelbases on the list. Wheel movement is not hard, you can easily move it in any direction.

The seat and backrest are made of PU leather. This PU leather is skin-friendly so if you are wearing shorts and sitting on It, you won’t face any irritation on the body.


  • Made for girl gamers
  • Strongest wheelbase
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Give full comfort to the body


  • The armrest is not padded
  • Color is not suitable for the boy

11 Atzei Gaming Chair For ps5

gaming chair for ps5


  • Single color
  • Item Dimensions – 70 x 125 x 133
  • Material – metal with Pu leather
  • Seat height – 80 cm
  • 1-year warranty

Atzei gaming chair for PS5 is similar to all other gaming chairs in the list of best gaming chairs in India. When you see it, you can realize that it is built for long gaming sessions. The chair has large seat that has plenty of space for large people.

It has a single-color option that is red and black. This color combination suits most gaming setups. Boys mostly like red and black dual color tones. These colors give a stealthy look to the chair.

The backrest of the chair is decorated with light which gives a modern look to the chair. The seat of the chair is in wing shape. Both side corner of the seat is uplifted for better comfort.

It has a metal base frame and like other chairs, it can also bear 120 kg weight.

There are plenty of adjustable features are embedded in the chair. Whether you want to do an adjustment of height or an adjustment of armrest and backrest, all adjustments can be done easily.

If you are bored playing the game and want to rest for a while, then there is a lever on its side, pull it so that the seat will go back and now you can rest on it or read the book to freshen up the mood.

For sitting they have used Pu leather for upholstery. Thick foam padding is used to make the seat comfortable. The backrest is supported by the lumbar pillow for the long gaming session.

The wheelbase is not as strongest as other chairs and after a few months you can hear the creepy noise of wheels when you move the chair. Some user also complains that in one year their wheels get broken.


  • Thick padding in the seat
  • Adjustable armrest and backrest
  • Easy to fit process


  • The wheelbase is not strong
  • Chair quality is average
  • For this quality price is high

12 Ant Esports Gaming Chair With Flip-Up Arms

gaming chair with flip up arms


  • 2 color options
  • Item dimensions : 78 x 61 x 33 cm
  • Material – Pu leather
  • Butterfly mechanism
  • 1-year warranty

The last gaming chair in the list of best gaming chairs in India is the Ant esports gaming chair. It has a simple design. In comparison to other gaming chairs, it looks decent, not attractive.

This chair is designed for long gaming sessions but it doesn’t have any lumbar support so if you play games for a long time on the chair you may have to face back pain. This is a budget gaming chair so to maintain cost maybe the company has removed the lumbar pillow.

The chair comes with a neck rest pillow so you won’t face any neck pain while gaming. Windows at the backrest circulate air between body and chair and keep chair temperature at low.

The seat cushion is breathable and made of Pu leather. The seat is sufficient for medium size people. If you need more space to sit then this chair is not for you. The base of the wheel is made of steel for durability. The wheels are not as smooth as other chairs’ wheels.

It doesn’t have any adjustable armrest. So, to match the table and chair height you need to adjust the height of the chair.


  • Dual bold color tone
  • Neck rest pillow support
  • Thick seat for comfort


  • Fixed armrest
  • No lumbar pillow supports
  • Weak wheelbase

Buyer Guide – How to Choose Best Gaming Chair

You have decided that you are going to buy a gaming chair but don’t know which gaming chair is best.

For a gaming chair, you need to check some features before buying it. Below we have mentioned all features which you need in a gaming chair. You won’t see all features in a single gaming chair so it would be great if you select a gaming chair with the maximum feature.


gaming chair comfort

When anyone decides to buy a gaming chair first thing, they will check the comfort of the chair. A comfortable chair allows you to play games for hours without any pain. Most gaming chair comes with an ergonomic design.

In our list of best gaming chair in India, all chair has an ergonomic design. A chair with a comfortable sitting position is the first choice of people. Health is important for every people so always but a comfortable gaming chair.


The next thing you need to check in the best gaming chair is what material they are using to build a chair. Low-quality material will not last long and in one or two years you have to change the gaming chair.

Most chair uses PU leather to build the seat of the chair. PU leather is soft and breathable material. It always gives a comfortable feeling to the person who is sitting on it. Chair with PU leather uses thick padding to fill the seat.

The base of the chair should be built with metal or steel. If the base is built with plastic or low-quality metal then you should not buy it. Metal gives strength to the base of the chair so it can bear heavy weight easily.

Build Quality

Building quality gaming chairs should be tough. When you buy a gaming chair, you play games on it for hours.

If a chair starts producing creepy noise when you seat or move on it, or it breaks down after a few months of use then you are wasting your precious money.

Before buying the best gaming chair check its build quality. To check chair quality, you can check the material of the chair, how much weight it can bear.

build quality of gaming chair


Most gaming chairs are stylish because they use dual-color tones in their body. The dual-color tone gives contrast and a bright look to the chair. The design of the gaming chair is different from the normal chair.

On the gaming chair, you can see that seat is curved at the corner so when you sit on it, you get a comfortable feeling.

For a gamer, a gaming chair should look stylish. Most budget gaming chairs are not as stylish. Chairs in our list of best gaming chairs in India are stylish and use the latest pattern on the chair body.

best gaming chair design


All people have different body sizes and for this, the chair size should be different. In the market various sizes of chairs are available.

When you choose a gaming chair, you should see the size of the gaming chair. On the description or specification, you can see chair size.

A wrong size chair will not only give pain to your body but also is a waste of money. If chair size is small for your body then the sitting position will not be comfortable for you and in long gaming sessions you feel pain in your body.

Adjustable Armrest and Neck Rest

gaming chair headrest

The best part about the best gaming chair is its adjustable armrest and neck rest. People need to change their sitting position many times during gaming sessions. Adjustable feature gives you the freedom to set the chair position according to your body.

The armrest moves in different directions. If you are choosing a low-budget gaming chair then you won’t get an adjustable armrest in it. It would be better to increase your budget and buy a gaming chair with an adjustable armrest.

Lumbar Support Pillow

lumbar supppot in chair

Most people complain about back pain while playing games. The main reason for back pain is an uncomfortable sitting position.

The lumbar support on the backrest gives proper support to the bank and keeps it straight. Lumbar support is also an adjustable feature so you can change its position according to your height and comfort.


Generally, a gaming chair comes with a one-year warranty. In some gaming chairs, you can see the variation in the warranty period. Some company gives a 6-month warranty that is not enough for any chair. A gaming chair with a long warranty period is a good option.

Weight Capacity

Most people ignore the weight capacity feature but this is an important feature. A gaming chair should be able to bear your weight.

Most gaming chairs withstand 120 to 150 kg weight. If your weight is more than 150 kg then maybe you face a little problem finding the right chair for you. Choose that gaming chair that can bear 20 to 30 kg more weight from your body weight.

Recline Seat

Long gaming sessions are sometimes boring and tiring. To refresh your mood, you need to take some rest. Recline seat feature helps you to take a rest on the chair. You can tilt the chair up to 180 degrees and take a little nap on it.

Types of Gaming Chair

Do you know that how many types of gaming chairs are available in the market? Most people don’t know that which type of gaming chair is suitable for their game style. Gaming chairs give supports to your spine, hand, and leg. The best gaming chair will give full comfort to your body.

PC Gaming Chair

pc gaming chair

The PC gaming chair is a widely used gaming chair in houses. For mobile and PC, this chair is suitable for both,

If you are playing the game then the height of the chair is not your problem but if you playing the game on PC then its adjustable height feature matches the height of the chair and armrest so you get a good position of your hand on the keyboard.

PC gaming chairs are some of the best gaming chairs in India. It comes with recline seat feature so you can take a small nap between games. Most PC gaming chairs tilt up to 180-degree.

People spend lots of time on pc gaming chairs during playing PC games.

Once they start playing games, they forget other things and spend 8-10 hours on gaming chairs. This PC gaming chair is made of a thick seat that is filled with soft padding.

If you buy a PC gaming chair in a single color, you can use it for your office work also.

Their ergonomic design gives proper support to the back, thigh hand, and head. When all your body parts are in relax mode then you can enjoy the game without any issue.

Racing Style Gaming Chair

The best part about a racing-style gaming chair is its dual-color tone body that gives an attractive and stylish look to it. The racing gaming chair is inspired by the racing car chair.

On the sofa or bed, if you play the game for hours, one thing you definitely notice is that after an hour pain started in your back and neck.

Good back posture is essential if you sit on any chair for long hours. A right-back posture will circulate blood in the body with proper flow.

The racing gaming chair has a comfortable and ergonomic position.

This type of chair is built with adjustable features like armrest, backrest, height, so, you can set the position of the chair according to your body posture.

The racing gaming chair comes with a footrest. The footrest gives support for the leg. Proper comfort to the body reduces all negative effects of long sitting on the body.

Bean Bag Gaming Chair

If you play games for one or two hours and looking for the best gaming chair in the budget then a bean bad gaming chair is the best option for you.

The Bean bag is not similar to other gaming chairs. It doesn’t have any backrest or armrest.

The Bean bag doesn’t provide any back support. But the padding of the bean bag is soft so when you sit for a small-time or period on it you won’t feel any pain.

The good thing about bean bags is that they are lightweight so you can easily carry them anywhere in the house. Also, if you are not using a bean bag as a chair, you can use it to relax on it.

Bean bag is best for those gamers who spend less time gaming and playing games on mobile. For PC gamers bean bag is not the right choice.

Rocker Gaming Chair

Rocker gaming chairs are built in L shape design. Like a bean bag, this chair is also easy to carry at home. Rocker chairs are more comfortable than a bean bag.

The Rocker chair has back support. The seat of the rocker chair touches the floor like a bean bag. Rocker chairs are designed for gamers. If you invest a high amount in a rocker chair, you get a speaker and massager in the chair.

Again, same as a bean bag, a rocker gaming chair is not made for PC games because it doesn’t have any height. Its L shape design is comfortable for a short gaming period only.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

The pedestal gaming chair is a rocker gaming chair with a base. The pedestal gaming chair is best for console gaming.

Unlike a rocker gaming chair on a pedestal gaming chair, you can play games for hours.

The armrest and headrest make it different from the pedestal gaming chair. Armrest gives support and can be move-in up or down position. For the head, it has a headrest option. It is not comfortable as a PC gaming chair but for console gaming, this setup is best.

It has a pedestal so you can move on a chair in a 360-degree direction.

The pedestal gaming chair is more comfortable than a rocker gaming chair due to the armrest. Soft padding on the chair gives full support to your body. As a rocker, a pedestal gaming chair is also not built for long gaming sessions.

What is The Most Popular Gaming Chair?

Gree soul gaming chair is the most popular gaming chair in India. Its price is into the budget of many people. In the comfort department, this chair gains full points. Its soft cushion gives comfort to the full body.

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive?

Gaming chairs are built with high-quality material. It comes with different adjustable features like height, armrest, backrest, etc. Players sit for long hours on the gaming chair so the chair should be built with soft cushions. All these advanced features in the chair increase the price of the gaming chair.

FAQ About Best Gaming Chair in India

Which is The Best Gaming Chair?

Green soul beast series gaming chair is the best gaming chair. It has an ergonomic design with a comfortable seat and padding. You won’t get tired of it in a long gaming session. The price of the green soul beast series is not high. It has all features of the best gaming chair.

How Long Does the Gaming Chair Last?

It depends on the quality of the gaming chair. A budget gaming chair usually lasts for 2 years after it, it starts giving problems like wheel movement are not smooth anymore, torn seat, loose screw problem, and more. High price gaming chairs last for 4-5 years. They easily bear all your body weight for almost 5 years without giving any issue.

Should I Buy a Gaming Chair or an Office chair?

Both chairs have different uses. If you are a gamer and spend lots of time gaming then a gaming chair is suitable for you. The office chair lacks many features like adjustable neck rest, armrest, lumbar pillow, and more. For a gamer, a gaming chair is the best option.

Are Gaming Chairs More Comfortable?

Yes, definitely gaming chairs are more comfortable than any other chair. You can adjust any portion of the chair according to your body posture.

Should I Buy a Cheap Gaming Chair?

No, cheap gaming chairs are not a good option. These types of chairs are a total waste of money. They are not comfortable and easily break after use for few months.

Final Words

When you buy a gaming chair, makes sure it should have all the feature which you need in a gaming chair. A comfortable gaming chair makes your body relax and also it improves your gaming skills.

In the article, we have picked the best gaming chair on all budgets. From low to high budget all gaming chairs are reviewed here. For a gaming chair, its ergonomic design is important. With a detailed explanation, we have written all the good and bad points about gaming chairs so you can choose the best gaming chair for you.

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