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There are some multiplayer action games that people are crazy about them and Garena free fire is one of them. Along with PUBG mobile, this is one of the most played games on the internet. Free fire is available for mobile on Google play store but many people want to play free fire on the computer. Are you searching free fire game download for pc? Read this article to know the whole process.

Garena free fire game is the most downloaded game in the year 2019. With its popularity, you can imagine that It has more than 500+ million downloads on the google play store. Free fire has millions of active users all over the world.

Free fire is available in most countries. People enjoy playing multiplayer games with their friends. After the banning of PUBG mobile in India, many people shifted to the free-fire game. Free fire game is available for mobile users but by using our tricks you can play free fire game on PC.

Free Fire Game Details

Free fire is available for mobile devices but we have found ways to download free fire on PC. In India people play this game very much. Free fire is a multiplayer game, so you will enjoy this game while playing with your friend.

We are going to show step by steps process to download free fire game for windows and mac. Use Bluestacks, memu and other emulator to play Free fire game in PC.

When you play Free fire in PC, you get better experience of gaming. Your shotting aim improves and on the big screen of PC, you can see enemy easily.

Release Date23/08/2017
Developer111 Dots Studio
Game Size960 MB
Number of Map in the game3
Game modeMultiplayer or singleplayer
Suported platformsAndroid and iOS
AwardBest popular game in 2019

Free Fire Game For PC Download

garena free fire game download for pc

Free fire popularity is growing day by day. Like PUBG mobile, free fire is also organizing competitive tournaments. In the list of the battle royal games, free fire comes in the top 5.

In this game, you get 49 other players on the map, and in 10 minutes duration of the game, you have to survive and kill other players. Its most features are similar to other battle royal games.

111 dots studio is the developer of the free fire game and Garena is managing its publishing work.

You and your enemy in the game, all start with the parachute. On the map, you can decide the drop location and land there.

To survive in the game, first, you need to find guns so you can kill your enemy. The last standing player will be the winner of the free fire game.

There are different maps are available in the game. Your quick response will decide that how long will you survive in this game. To hear the sound of the enemy use the best gaming headphones for mobile.

Maybe in starting, you may face some problems to learning the game but when you play few games, you will love starting this game. Its graphics are good and it doesn’t lag like PUBG mobile. Exciting features of this battle royal game make it more interesting.

 free fire game download for pc

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How To Play Free Fire On PC

Free fire for PC is a free game. You don’t need to pay anything to play it. Free fire gives an optimized online multiplayer battle royal game experience on PC and mobile phone.

Garena free fire battle royal game is a multiplayer game but you can play it as a solo player also. The best experience of any multiplayer game comes when you play it with your friends. From any location, your friend can play with you.

On the map, you should land at that place of the part where other players are not coming so at starting of the game you don’t need to take flight with the enemies and you can collect guns and other equipment easily.

free fire for pc download

To win the game, any member of your squad should survive. After starting the match within a few minutes zone starting shrink and you need to move inside the zone otherwise your health will become low and you will die.

Regular updates come for free fire game download for PC so the interest of people remains in the game. At regular intervals, free fire introduces new features in the game so it becomes more addictive.

Control of the free fire is similar to PUBG mobile so you won’t feel any difficulty in playing free fire the first time. When you become a good player in free fire and know every detail of the game then you can also take part in its competitive game with your clan. You should pick a unique clan name for your squad.

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PC Specifications For Free Fire Game For PC

Every game has some type of requirements for PC to run a game smoothly. Below are the requirements for free fire game download for PC or gaming laptops.

ProcessorIntel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
RAM4 GB or more
Graphics cardNvidia graphics card
StorageMinimum 256 GB SSD
Screen refresh rateMore than 60 Hz
CPU clock rateMin 2.6 GHz
DirectXVersion 11 or more

Garena Free Fire Game Download For PC

After banning PUBG mobile I started playing Garena free fire game and now I am dedicated to this game. The concept of this game is similar to PUBG mobile but good thing is that its file size is low so it takes less space into the mobile and PC.

You don’t need a high-end device to play Garena free fire game. Want to do Garena free fire game download for PC, for this, you can use an emulator. with the help of emulators, you can play android games on PC and also watch TV on the laptop.

How to Download Free Fire Game For PC Windows 10?

You can easily download and play a free fire game on your mobile phone. To play free fire on the mobile, you can use mobile phones for gaming under 25000 in India. But what about gaming laptops and PC. How to play free fire game download for PC in Windows 11? Good thing is that using an emulator, you can play free fire on the PC.

In the free fire game, you get all the modern core features of a multiplayer battle royal game. In a free fire, you get 3 different maps to play Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Bermuda is the most played map in the free fire.

You can choose any map and the experience of the game is different on all maps. To win the free fire game, you need to make some strategy in every game. Collect guns, medicine, grenades, smokes, and other things in the game so it will help you when you take flight with the enemy.

Bluestacks is one of the popular emulators to play games and run mobile apps. There are other emulators that are also available but they are not good and they need more than 6 GB RAM to run properly.

free fire on bluestack
  • First, you need to install Bluestacks into your PC. Download Bluestacks from its official website.
  • After downloading it, click on the setup file and install it. Within few seconds it will be installed on the PC.
  • Now open the emulator. You see that at the home screen it has a Google play store icon, click on it and open it.
  • Sign in to the google play store account. You can use the same id which is you are using on the mobile phone or you can create a new id.
  • When you login into your account, search for a free fire game and download it.
  • The download will take few minutes depends on the speed of your internet. Its file size is almost 700 MB.
  • After downloading this game, you will see the game into the Bluestacks emulator and open the game from the emulator.
  • The game will ask for a login. Use your same old account id to login into the free fire and play it with your friends.

Now you know that free fire game download for PC how works. You will definitely love the graphics of this game. To play free fire on PC, you need to use the Bluestacks emulator every time.

play free fire on pc

Free Fire Game Download For PC in Free

Free fire game download for PC without emulator. Its smooth and simple gameplay is the main plus point of the free fire game. Unlike PUBG, the free fire game runs smoothly on low-end mobile phones and PC.

You can change control of the game and set it according to the keyboard and mouse. Game sound is good by using good quality headphones, you can hear all sounds of the game.

In any battle royal game, its tense and tactical situation is responsible to engage the player in the game. You get 18 different characters into the free-fire game which you can choose for yourself. Some merchandises are free for characters but for famous and unique merchandise, you need to pay money.

To play a free fire game on PC you can use a NOX player. This is a good software to play free fire game download for PC.

nox player
  • NOX player is available for free on the internet. Download the NOX player and install it.
  • It takes less space into your PC and when installation is completely open it.
  • Now click on the Google play store icon and launch it.
  • A sign-in screen will be prompted for the Google play store. Sign in through your Gmail id.
  • From the game section, search free fire and download it.
  • Free fire size is more than 700 MB so it will take some time to download.
  • When the free fire game download for PC is complete, you can play it on the PC or laptop for free.
garena free fire game

How to Download Free Fire Game For PC Windows 7?

If you are using windows 7 and want to download a free fire game into windows 7 then we have a solution for it. You don’t need to pay anything to download free fire into your PC. In windows 7 this game runs smoothly and good thing is that it doesn’t lag so you can enjoy the game.

Most users are using windows 7 so they want to play free fire into PC. After downloading the game, change the control of the game according to your keyboard.

You would have seen that most YouTubes are streaming free fire using their PC. They use the same method to do streaming of the free fire game. People are earning very much through YouTube and you can also earn.

To download the free fire game in windows 7, you can use MEMU player. It is an emulator just like Bluestacks and it runs all android games.

  • Visit the MEMU website and download it for free.
  • Install MEMU player into windows 7 and open it.
  • Now go to the google play store and type free fire into the search section of the play store.
  • Download free fire and install it into MEMU player.
  • Open free fire and play it with your friends.
free fire game download for windows 10

Good thing is that MEMU player is not heavy software so it runs into windows 7 easily. If you are streaming free fire on YouTube then you have to sit for long hours and it causes back pain. So, by using a comfortable gaming chair, you can give rest to your back.

FAQ About Free Fire Game Download For PC

How Can I Download Free Fire on PC?

Free fire is a good multiplayer game that is available for mobile phones. To download a free fire game into PC, you need to take the help of an emulator. Download an emulator and install it and inside the emulator, you can download a free fire game on PC and play it on PC.

Can I Play Free Fire on a 1 GB RAM PC?

No, you can’t play. The minimum requirement of RAM for free fire is 2 GB. Below this RAM game won’t run smoothly and starts lagging. You should increase the size of the RAM so you can enjoy the game and play it without lag.

Can I Run Free Fire on My PC Without Graphics Cards?

Yes, you can run but it will lag. Without a graphics card, the free fire game won’t run smoothly. When there is an intense situation in-game then this lag will give you trouble. When you are surrounded by enemies then it starts lagging if you don’t have a graphics card.

Which Emulator is Best For Free Fire in 2 GB RAM?

MEMU emulator is a good choice if you have 2 GB RAM on your PC. MEMU emulator doesn’t lag into low-end PC. It runs free fire smoothly on the 2 GB RAM.

Final Words

Free fire game down for PC in this article we have explained all the methods to download free fire games on PC. Now you can play free fire games on windows and MAC. This game is a famous battle royal game and people love to play it on mobile and PC. After reading this guide, you can download free fire on the laptop and computer.

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