12 Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000 Review

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To get a good gaming headphone you do not need to invest a high amount. In the budget, there are many good headphones available for gaming but to find it you have to do lots of searching on an online shopping site. To make you all work easy we have created a list of best gaming headphones under 5000.

A gamer can understand the value of the best gaming headsets. Headphones we have mentioned in this article are useful for both pc and mobile gaming.

Through gaming headphones, you can clearly hear the voice of the enemy, and also with its mic talking with friends becomes easy.

If you are a competitive gaming player then a gaming headphone is a must-have thing for you. Along with the best gaming PC professional gamers always choose a perfect gaming headphone. Sound in the headphone can decide a win or lose in the game.

Do you need gaming headphones?

With normal headphones, you can play any game then why you need gaming headphones. Maybe this question pop-ups in your mind when you think about buying a gaming headphone.

If you want to take full experience of any game then with a good pc or mobile you need a good gaming headphone also. Gaming headphones will enhance your gaming experience.

Gaming headphones come with the noise cancellation feature so when you play any game then it blocks all the outside noise and you get the real sound experience of any game.

You can discuss all the game plan with your friends through its microphone.

When you play any game like PUBG, APEX, or any other than you can make a strategy and decide the next move with your friends.

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Difference between gaming headphones vs normal headphones

If you have ever used any gaming headphones then you know the difference between gaming headphones vs normal headphones. Still, there are many people who don’t know what is the difference between both headphones. Let me explain in detail.

Normal headphones are used to watch movies, listen to music, talk, etc. When we listen to music then it is not necessary for us to get every little detail of the music.

In games there are so many little sounds that helps player to decide their next move like foot movement of the enemy, gun reloads sound, the difference between smoke and grenade open sound and more.

Best gaming headphones produce these sounds clearly with accurate time.

Gaming headphones come with gel-infused padding. Normally people spend 3-4 hours playing any game. When you wear any headphones for long hours then their padding and cushions become wet.

To avoid this problem gaming headphone manufacture uses gel-infused padding, so you can wear it for a long time period.

In any headphone sound is produced by the drivers.

In normal headphones, 40 mm drivers are used for sound but in gaming headphones, 50 mm drivers are used to producing a more powerful sound.

Gaming headphones give 7.1 surround sound for a better sound experience.

While creating a list of best gaming headphones under 5000 review we have looked at all these features in the headphone.

gaming headphone under 5000 review

Our Top 3 Picks For Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000

Runner Up

[ Our Top Pick]

Budget Option

Corsair HS45 Gaming Headphone

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headphones Under 5000

Logitech G 331 Wireless Gaming Headphone

Corsair HS45 Gaming Headphone
HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headphones Under 5000
Logitech G 331 Wireless Gaming Headphone

List of Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000

1 HyperX Cloud Stinger – Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000

Our Top Pick

Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000


Weight – 275 grams
Material – Plastic
No Led lights
HyperX signature memory foam

HyperX cloud stinger headphone is an amazing gaming headphone. Lots of people are using it and for under 5000 this is one of the best gaming headphones from HyperX. HyperX is famous for its gaming accessories.

HyperX cloud stinger ear cushions are incredibly soft and incredibly plush. Its cushions lock the sound into the ear.

This gaming headphone is lighter in comparison to other best gaming headphones under 5000. When you wear it for a longer time you don’t feel any weight on your head. No pressure on the head and neck.

You can twist it without worrying about it breaking. You get the signature sound of HyperX as far as balance and detail. The Bass in the headphone is a little bit punchier so get proper enjoyment of the song also. HyperX cloud stinger is great for all types of music no matter what genre you listen to or type of game you play.

This gaming headphone has all the features that a gaming headphone should have. Its 50 mm drivers deliver a powerful audio experience. This is an ideal gaming headset for gamers.

When the headphone is not in use and you put it around your neck then its 90-degree rotation feature for ear cups makes it comfortable to keep it in the neck.

HyperX has used its signature memory foam in HyperX cloud stinger gaming headphones. It gives full comfort to the ears and also covers the whole ear and works as noise cancellation.

The volume control button is given on the right ear cup. Due to the steel slider, it fits in all sizes of heads. The steel slider is made of solid steel so no fear of breaking it.

It has an in-built passive noise cancellation feature that blocks all the outside noise for a better gaming experience. Also, when you move the microphone towards the upside the microphone also works as a noise cancellation device.


Best sound quality with 7.1 surround sound
Detachable microphone
Lightweight and comfortable in wearing
Adjustable steel slider
The cable is long enough


No LED lights on the headphone

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2 Corsair HS45 – Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000 For Mobile

Runner Up

Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000 For Mobile


Weight – 520 grams
Material – Plastic
4 color options
unidirectional microphone

The next gaming headset in the list of best gaming headphones under 5000 review is Corsair HS45. It has really nice sound. Fully adjustable for all sizes of ears.

It has an absolutely awesome immersive punchy sound. The sound is loud and detailed. It just has that perfect balance of sound.

You can clearly hear the high and low beat of every sound. It’s not a rumbly muddy bass by any means that’s the cool thing about this.

It’s not muddied you just get that again that perfect sound for any game situation even music or anything like that.

Corsair HS45 gaming headphone for mobile is compatible with all the gaming consoles like PC, PS5, Xbox One, and mobile phones. Plug its 3.5 mm jack into any device and start playing games.

With Corsair HS45 gaming headphone you can communicate with your teammates in the game. It has a 55 mm neodymium driver that delivers excellent audio quality with reliable accuracy.

Corsair HS45 headphone is compatible with the 7.1 surround sound that can be enabled by plugging the USB adapter to the PC. Corsair has improved a lot with Corsair HS45 gaming headphones.

Want to play the game all the day but headphones are not comfortable then try Corsair HS45 headphone for mobile. It has comfortable foam padding that fits well over the ear. The noise-canceling feature works perfectly.

The microphone is detachable and unidirectional. It is designed to give better sound quality with high noise cancellation. A lightweight body gives you hours of gameplay without any pressure.

Like HyperX cloud string, it also has a volume control on the ear cup for easy use while gaming.


Punchy sound
Ear cup volume control
Comfortable foam padding
Excellent audio quality



3 Logitech G 331 – Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Under 5000

Budget option

Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Under 5000


Weight – 570 grams
Material – Plastic
Wireless connectivity
Frequency response: 100 Hz-20 KHz

Want stylish, lightweight, and comfortable gaming headphones in the budget then Logitech G 331 is the perfect choice for you. It is a budget wireless gaming headphone under 5000 but it has premium ear pads. Its comfortable body lets you focus on the game.

Mid and high offer well sound with decent bass performance. 50 mm audio drivers definitely make a difference in the game sound of enemy movement. It produces an expansive sound for an immersive gaming experience.

Microphone quality is quite adequate to chat with game friends. Mic thickness is 6 mm that makes sure that your friends hear all your instructions in the game.

To mute the mic just flip it upside and your friends will not be able to listen to your voice and want to talk move the mic downside. No need to detach the mic when not in use.

Logitech headphone wireless gaming under 5000 for mobile is sleek in look and a combination of black and red gives a futuristic look. An adjustable steel slider increases or decreases the height of the headphone. Compatible with all gaming devices.

The best part about Logitech G 331 wireless gaming headphones is comfort. No more pressure on the ears due to its lightweight ear cups. Ear cups rotate to 90-degree for easy use.

High-quality plastic is used to make the body. The red coating on the ear cups gives premium look to the headphone.


Immersive gaming experience
6 mm thick mic
Compatible with all devices
90-degree ear cup rotation
Incredible sound quality


No 7.1 surround sound

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4 Runmus K2 Gaming Headphone Under 5000

Runmus K2 Gaming Headphone Under 5000


Weight – 340 grams
Material – Plastic and metal
High responsive audio drivers
High-end noise cancellation

Runmus K2 gaming headphone fits in the budget of 5000 Rs. All gamers want good gaming headphones with proper noise cancellation technology.

Its lightweight design makes headphones comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions and also neck doesn’t get tired. Its surround sound feature gives the best sound experience for a multiplayer game like PUBG and more.

Runmus K2 gaming headphone under 5000 has a thick cable and it is compatible with all the devices. For gaming headphones, a good quality cable is a must-have thing. To connect it with an apple device you need to buy an adapter.

50 mm drives with surround sound system give a true gaming experience. Runmus always use the best quality material for its headphones and this feature makes it different from the other headphones in the list of best gaming headphones under 5000.

If you are saving money and investing in the low-budget gaming headphone then one thing keeps in mind that those gaming headphones don’t have quality padding and cushions. Runmus K2 gaming headphone is built with thick padding on headband and ear cups, so its price is totally justified.

Instead of using typical hard plastic to make an audio cable, Runmus has used the flexible cable that bends in any direction without breaking.

Its high responsive audio driver properly guides you that from which direction audio is coming in the game, so you can sense the movement of the enemy. Gunfire, enemy footsteps, and vehicle sound all sounds are clearly audible.


LED lights on-ear cups make it attractive
High-quality audio drivers
Turn off the mic by flipping it
Easy fit for all heads


To connect with an Apple device, you need to buy an extra adapter

5 JBL Quantum gaming Headphone Under 5000 in India

JBL Quantum gaming Headphone Under 5000 in india


Weight – 245 grams
Material – Plastic
1-year warranty
Customize sound setting

Its pure black color gives a cool look to headphones. After seeing JBL quantum headphone anyone can say that it is a fantastic aesthetics.

JBL is especially known for its sound quality. In JBL quantum gaming headphone JBL has used quantum surround sound which is powered by the quantum engine PC. This software creates a realistic sound experience for all games.

The best thing about JBL gaming headphones under 5000 in India is their voice focus directional boom mic. You have 2 ways to mute the mic. Either you can flip it to mute or you can mute it by pressing the mute button on the mic.

The voice focus feature captures your voice clearly even your mouth is far from the mic.

Sound customization is available with a JBL quantum engine software suit. Now, apart from gaming, you can use it to listen to music also. Install the software on the PC and set different sound settings. Also, it has 6 presets options.

Lightweight earcups are specially designed for the longest gaming session. The best part about ear cups cushion is that they are detachable so you clean them if they are dirty.

For connectivity, you get 2 different options. 3.5 mm and jack and USB adapter both are available so you can easily connect it to the mobile or pc.

At this price point, the JBL quantum gaming headphone in India is impressive sound. If you are thinking about streaming on YouTube or any other platforms then JBL headphone is a good choice for you. All these features make it a strong competitor in the list of best gaming headphones under 5000 review.


Lightweight memory foam
JBL signature surround sound
Voice focus mic
Customizable sound setting
USB and 3.5 mm jack for connection


Doesn’t look like a gaming headphone

6 Cosmic Byte G1500 – Budget Gaming headset

Cosmic Byte G1500  Budget Gaming headset


Weight – 550 grams
Material – plastic
Colorful breathing LED lights
Aluminium foil flat cable

So next up on our list of best gaming headphones under 5000 Rs in India is the cosmic byte g1500 budget gaming headphone. Jumping into comfort on the cosmic byte g1500 headphone. Ear cushions are very big and very plush, fully pleather top to bottom, inside and out.

They’re going to lock in that sound great but again they’re going to lock in that heat great as well you can get a little bit spicy in the long gaming sessions.

Now looking at these ear cushions, they’re more like foam rather than memory foam so when they sit on your head yeah you do feel them. They don’t really sink into your head they just kind of sit there not uncomfortable or unbearable.

it is enough to relieve those pressure points and then they adjust on your arms by the comfortable brackets so the comfort of the cosmic byte g1500 budget gaming headset is good.

It’s not stinking cozy for sure when you wear it for a long gaming session then you don’t want to get this off your head because it’s very comfortable.

When you take the cosmic byte G1500 budget gaming headset in hand, you feel that you are holding a quality product in your hand. The slider is sturdy so when expand and shrink the headband then you don’t need to worry about breaking it.

Now in end let’s talk about the main feature of the cosmic byte G1500 headphone, sound. The sound on this gaming headphone is nice and punchy with full detail. It’s just perfectly balanced. It really is even just out the box you get a really nice detailed sound.


Powerful 7.1 surround sound
Ergonomic comfortable design
Noise reduction sound card
Vibration feature


Flip mic mute option is not available

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7 Lenovo Legion H300 – Best 7.1 Headphones For Gaming

best 7.1 headphones for gaming


weight – 320 grams
Material – plastic and metal
Unique suspension headband
Rotatable PU leather ear cups

Lenovo legion H300 is a perfect dream gaming headphone under 5000 for many people.

Let’s start with the comfort. The ear cushion has a nice mesh sports material pleather lined on the inside to really lock in that sound. Protected with very nice and soft memory foam. Cushions are breathable so no sweat when you wear them for the long gaming session.

The headband is comfortable and durable as you see they have a little slider that is going to tighten it or loosen it and then again you got that swivel in the ear cups. They move all the way around so again you have no pressure points on this but also going right in line with the comfort of this headset is the build.

Lenovo legion H300 7.1 gaming headphone is made of plastic and iron but it’s really durable plastic. The headband is built by metal to give strength to the gaming headphone. It is incredibly durable. It’s just like this really nice strong but flexible plastic.

When you are searching for the best gaming headphones under 5000 review then first you should make a priority list that what you need in a gaming headphone and what is your budget?

Many people think that virtual 7.1 surround sound is necessary for the best gaming headphones but this is not true, stereo sound is also useful for gaming. Many streamers and pro gamers prefer stereo sound headphones for gaming.

The microphone is detachable here as well this microphone is a little bit smaller so a little bit moldable not much. The size of the microphone is small so it does not reach the front of your mouth and this creates problems for your teammate sometimes as they are not able to hear clear sound.


Plastic and metal body
Big size comfortable ear cups
Good sound quality
Unique headband
Budget gaming headphone


Mic length is small

8 Eksa E3000 Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 5000

gaming headphones with mic under 5000


weight – 340 grams
Material – Plastic
Anti-static microphone
Beautiful marquee design

The next contender in the list of best gaming headphones under 5000 in India is Eksa E3000 wired gaming headphones. There are so many good things to say about this gaming headset. The comfort you get with Eksa E3000 gaming headphones with a mic under 5000 is similar to expensive gaming headphones.

Ear cups are covered with nice sports material. Inside of the ear cups, it has breathable pleather lined material. It locks the sound inside. Memory foam that is used on the headband, sticks into your head so incredibly cozy.

When we talk about the adjustability of these they slide up and down on little metal arms. So, they go up and down, and then again, the ear cups go in and out.

You got two arms and they both adjust on their own so if you slide it in and out it goes up on one and down on the other so again it’s not like that traditional swivel.

It just lets every detail performance on mid, highs, bass, and everything. Everything’s performing right and you really get that vibe all right.

The Bass of Eksa E3000 gaming headphones with mic is balanced not high and not low. Not all games needed a massive amount of bass.

It keeps stating and you can tweak that sound up how you like. Everything is nice and moldable for the microphone. This microphone sounds so good but it really, it’s almost like a podcast microphone or something right the closer.


Overall sound quality is good
Bass is balanced with mid and lows
Easy to wear for a long gaming session
Breathable cushions


The microphone is not detachable

9 Razer Kraken Gaming Headphones Under 5000

Razer Kraken Gaming Headphones Under 5000


weight – 250 grams
Material – plastic
40% lighter than the competition
 care-free usage

Next on our list of best gaming headphones under 5000 is the razer Kraken gaming headset. The frequency range of the Razer Kraken gaming headphone is excellent. This headphone is compatible with all gaming devices.

There are so many things to talk about Razer Kraken gaming headphones. Its soft and breathable fabric feels light and gives full comfort to the head and ears. Memory foam sinks into your head for better comfort and griping.

To sense the movement of the enemy you need an immersive 7.1 surround sound system. Razer Kraken is built with surround sound technology.

When you invest in Razer Kraken gaming headphone then you know that you can’t go wrong.

The headphone is just 250 grams in weight and due to its ultralight design, they are designed for all-day comfort. Ear cushioned is in an oval shape for a better sound experience. Adjustable headband provides maximum flexibility and twisting and bending don’t harm the headband.

In the microphone, Raze has used cardioid technology. In cardioid technology, microphone records sound from a specific angle. This feature ensures that when you speak your voice is clearly heard by your teammates.

Also, it removes all the unnecessary other voices that come from the side and back of your mic.


Cardioid microphone
Oval ear cushions
All-day comforts
In-cable audio control


Surround sound is only available for the windows 10

10 Bengoo Gaming headphone

Bengoo Gaming headphone


Weight – 272 grams
Material – Plastic
Long flexible mic
surrounding stereo subwoofer

The next gaming headphone is a really good budget option from Bnegoo. We are really impressed with the Bengoo gaming headset. Overall, they’re very simple primarily plastic and stuff for the construction but they are lightweight in return.

It doesn’t feel flimsy at all. It has blue LED light around the ear cup that gives a proper gaming headset look to the headphone. They feature 50-millimeter neodymium drivers and the ear cups themselves are a mesh but they’re nice and thick.

It provides great padding and a great seal on your ear overall both the microphone and the cable on this headset are removable which is really nice to see. It has built-in volume control plus a mic mute button on the back of the left ear cup. The gooseneck mic sounds really good.

The end ear cups also rotate 90 degrees for a better fit on your head. With these really thick cushioned ear pads and the overall plastic construction. The lightweight body feels really nice.

What really surprised us about this gaming headset under 5000 besides the great microphone quality is the neutral sound signature overall, it’s not trying to do too much. It’s not trying to push the base. Of the fact where it gets over muddy bass is nice, tight, and punchy.

Great audio and spatial awareness overall. Bengoo is doing some great stuff in the audio space with this gaming headset.


Multi-platform compatible
Surrounding Subwoofer
49-inch long cable
Skin-friendly leather material


Drive size is small only 40 mm

11 Fire Boltt Gaming Headphone For PS4 Under 5000

Fire Boltt Gaming Headphone For PS4 Under 5000


Weight – 550 grams
Material – plastic
Easy-to-use volume adjustment
RGB gradient light

Fire boltt gaming headphone for PS4 is our pick for the best gaming headphones for ps4 under 5000. Audio of this with balanced bass and treble gives a realistic feel to the music.

Ear cups have plush memory foam and it works like a noise-canceling feature. Lights on the headphone give a fun element to it.

This gaming headphone for PS4 is equipped with a built-in USB audio sound clip that provides surround sound. Under 5000 this headphone is providing 50 mm drivers and this is a good thing.

The cable is thick and the plug is gold-plated. This type of plug is famous for reducing sound issues in the gaming headphone. The volume control wheel on the cable allows you to increase or decrease the volume of the game and teammates.

The wire is enough long so you won’t find any problem connecting it with the pc. You can easily move your chair around the pc without a shortage of cable. This headphone is not only built for the PS4 you can use it with any device you want. It is a multi-platform connected headphone.

The microphone is loud and clear. Your teammates will be able to hear your clean voice. The mic is movable and you can flip it around 120 degrees. When you flip the mic, it stops recording your voice and works as noise-canceling equipment.

Due to the good feature in the budget price this headphone is giving tough competition to the branded headphones in the list of best gaming headphones under 5000 in India.


In-built USB audio sound chip
Plug and play headphone
One key mute function
Ergonomic design with LED lights


Not compatible with Xbox one

12 GW Sades Gaming Headphone

GW Sades Gaming Headphone


Weight – 200 grams
material – plastic
Quality sound production
Durable microphone

GW sades gaming headphone looks durable but when you pick in hand then you feel that it is a lightweight product. It has 50 mm drives for surround sound and on listening you can feel that drivers deliver perfectly balanced sound.

The bass is not much high so mid and low tones are clear. Due to low bass, you won’t get distracted when you hear gunfire sound in the game.

The noise cancellation feature blocks all the outside sound so when you are at a match-winning point you won’t hear any background noise. The microphone is clear and teammates will never complain that your sound is not audible.

GW sades gaming headphone has a comfortable and soft headband with padded ear cushions. You won’t face any heating issues with these ear cushions if you wear them for all-day gaming.

This is a wired gaming headphone and it won’t stop you from taking a full gaming experience. Its 50 mm drives to enhance the gaming experience.

The microphone is not detachable, so if it not in use then you have to flip it or move it upside. But good thing is that on flipping it stops recording your voice. Its wide frequency range captures your voice clearly.


Durable design
No setup required to connect any device
Voice sensitive microphone
In-line control on the cable


Bass is not high

Buyers Guide For Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000


Normally a gamer spends 4-5 hours or more than it daily on playing games. When you wear any headphones for such a long time then you may face heating and sweat issues with the headphone. To protect yourself from this issue a gaming headphone should be comfortable.

To make any gaming headphone compatible company uses soft padding in the headband and breathable cushions for ear cups. Uncomfortable gaming headphones will ruin your gaming experience.

Nowadays companies are using liquid cooling gel in the headphone to make them more comfortable. This feature prevents heating issues. When you wear headphone for the long time period then liquid cooling starts it working and keeps headphone material cool.

Adjustable Headband

gaming headphone headband

The size of the head for all people is different. An adjustable headband helps you to adjust the headband according to the size of your head. To adjust the headband companies, use two types of material plastic and steel.

An adjustable headband built with plastic material is not a good option. They may break any time when you put more pressure when you pull it for adjustment. A steel slider is a perfect option for it. In the list of best gaming headphones under 5000, all headphones have a steel slider for durability.


There are various devices to play games like PS5, PS4, Xbox one, mobile phones, PC, Nintendo Switch, and more. All headphones are not compatible with all these devices. When you buy any gaming headphone then must check-in their description that headphone is compatible with which devices.


gaming headphone sound

Whether you are playing a game or listening to music, the sound of a headphone must be good and clear. Sound quality depends on the drivers of the headphone. A bigger driver means better sound.

For a gaming headphone, the minimum driver size should be 50 mm. Most headphones come with the surround sound feature. With surround sound technology you can hear all the small detail of the game clearly.


For gaming headphones, a good microphone is essential. Your teammates are able to hear you through the microphone. When you talk microphone to capture your voice and send it to your teammates. The microphone should be avoiding the other noise in the room.

gaming headphone mic

Wired or Wireless – Which are The Best Gaming Headphones?

People are divided on this question some prefer wired and some prefer wireless gaming headphones. For us, wired gaming headphone is a better option.

In wireless headphones, you may feel a delay of sound by one second or less than it. Maybe you are thinking that this is not a major sound delay but when you are playing any game and you are at any crucial point of the match then this delay creates a lot of problems.

Sound in wired headphones travels very fast without any delay. You get better sound clarity in wired gaming headphones.

FAQ About Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000

Is Noise Cancellation Feature Good For Gaming Headphone?

The noise cancellation feature is good for gaming headphones. The noise cancellation feature blocks all the outside noise. When you play any game then you need to concentrate on the game sound. Enemy footsteps, gunfire direction, and more sounds are important for the game. Noise cancellation helps you to concentrate on this sound without any distraction. For gaming headphones, noise cancellation is a must-have feature.

Is 7.1 Better For Gaming?

7.1 is the surround sound feature. The surround sound feature gives a true experience of gaming. With this feature, you can hear every beat of the sound, every up and down.

Which Gaming Headphone is Best Under 5000?

When we created a list of best gaming headphones under 5000 then we have compared lots of gaming headphones and last we reach the conclusion that HyperX cloud stringer is the best gaming headphone under 5000. Its powerful sound with a comfortable body design gives you a true gaming experience.

Can I Use Normal Headphone For Gaming?

Yes, you can use any normal headphones for gaming but normal headphones are not built to give a gaming experience. They are built to enjoy music so when you use them for gaming then there is a chance that it can miss small sounds of game-like footstep and more. You can’t decide from which side the enemy is coming, so it would be better if you choose a gaming headphone.

Final words

Now after reading the article you can decide that which is the best gaming headphones under 5000. We have covered all the topics related to gaming headphones. HyperX cloud stringer is our top choice for gaming headphones under 5000 in India. These all are budget gaming headphones. If you have any suggestions related to gaming headphones then please post them in the comment section, we would happy to see them.

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