10 Best Earbuds Under 5000 in India

Tired of using wired headphones and want a good wireless earbud under 5000. Apart from stylish accessories, earbuds are more convenient to use. They are lightweight and fit perfectly into the ear so carry them anywhere easily. Best earbuds under 5000 are a good choice for those who want the best true wireless earbuds in the budget price range.

Earbuds are also known as AirPods. Earbuds are the latest innovation in the headphone segment. Due to their small size and powerful sound, they are becoming the first choice of many people. Get freedom from tangled wire of headphones.

AirPods are more affordable than ever. In starting, there were limited choices for earbuds under 5000 in India but with time and innovation in the technology now anyone can buy earbuds at a lower price.

Everyone wants portable earphones. Earbuds are the most portable earphone in today’s era.

These earbuds snug fit into the ears so you can carry them into the gym or play games without any sound delay. Wired earphones are an old gadget and people are switching on truly wireless earbuds.

Our Top 3 Recommendation

Runner Up

Oppo Enco W51 Wireless Earbuds

oppo enco earbuds

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Our Top Pick

One Plus Buds Z2 Earbuds

one plus buds z2 earbuds

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Budget Pick

JBL C115 Wireless Earbuds

jbl c115 earbuds

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Earbuds Under 5000 Comparison Chart

NameRatingColorTotal Battery LifeWeight With Charging Case
OnePlus Buds Z2 True Wireless Earbuds5/5White38 Hours40 Grams
Oppo Enco W51 Earbuds5/5Black24 Hours52 Grams
JBL C115 Earbuds5/5Black21 Hours50 Grams
Boat Airdopes 441 Earbuds4.9/5Red30 Hours48.5 Grams
Jabra Elite 65T Truly Wireless Earbuds4.8/5Black21 Hours73 Grams
Noise Buds Solo4.8/5Ecru Gold36 Hours57 Grams
Crossbeats Pebble True Wireless Earbuds4.6/5Black20 hours50 Grams
SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds4.5/5Black25 Hours65 Grams
Boat Airdopes 433 Earbuds4.3/5Black25 Hours60 Grams
Ptron Bassbuds4.3/5Blue15 Hours40 Grams

10 Best Earbuds Under 5000 Review

Before creating this list of best earbuds under 5000 reviews, we have compared different earbuds on the basis of sound quality, battery life, comfort, and style and then picked the best for our readers.

1. One Plus Buds Z2 – Best AirPods in India Under 5000

Top Pick

oneplus buds z2


  • Color Options – 2
  • Weight – 4 grams
  • Good for gaming
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 5 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 33 Hours
  • 3D Stereo audio with dolby atom

One plus is famous for its quality smartphones. Now One plus is also making neckbands and earbuds. One plus buds Z2 is a budget AirPods under 5000.

Both earbuds have separate 11 mm drives for high-quality sound. It delivers a deep bass sound experience. It covers 20Hz to 20KHz frequency, so you can feel every beat of the sound.

To deliver a rich and detailed audio experience, it comes with dynamic 3D stereo and Dolby atom features.

To create a panoramic sound experience through earbuds, it uses the latest Dirac audio tuner digital technology. Vocals and treble are distinct and sharp in One plus buds Z2 earbuds under 5000.

The charging case has a rounded rectangle shape that looks stylish and the compact size of the charging case makes it easy to carry into the pocket. The plastic material of charging has decent quality.

In one plus buds Z, you get 38 hours of battery life. Good thing is that one plus buds z supports fast charging so 10 minutes charge gives 5 hours of playback time.

Use it anywhere, in the gym or house due to its IP55 water and sweat-resistant feature.

The best feature of one plus buds Z2 is its hydrophobic nano-coating. This coating repels water so you can use it in the workout. Also, this coating makes it corrosion resistant. One plus buds Z is specially designed to use in the gym.

One plus buds Z2 perfectly fits into ears and there is no fear of falling it from the ear.

Call your friends without any noise interruption. 2 microphones and a noise reduction algorithm of one plus deliver exceptional call clarity and stability. One plus buds z2 work of Bluetooth 5.0 technology.


  • Lightweight design for comfort
  • Easy fit into ears without falling fear
  • Dual microphones for better calling
  • Fast charging supports
  • Google Assistant supports
  • Dynamic 3D stereo sound


  • Doesn’t find any bad thing

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2. Oppo Enco W51 – Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under 5000

Runner Up

oppo enco w51 earbuds


  • Color Options – 2
  • Weight – 5 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 5 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 19 Hours
  • AAC audio format support

Oppo enco w51 earbud is loaded with features. The best feature of this earbud is its AI-powered noise reduction technology. This technology removes all surrounding noise through AI so you can attend calls and listen to music in any noisy condition.

Oppo enco w51 is the most popular truly wireless earbud. Its balanced audio output generates clear and loud sound.

To bring out bass from songs, it uses enhanced bass mode. Balance mode perfectly maintains high, middle, and low frequencies of music. For a better sound experience, it supports AAC audio format.

Dual TPU composite graphene diaphragm produces quality sound.

For calling it is best truly wireless earbuds under 5000, due to its anti-wind noise chamber. The environmental noise cancellation feature blocks all surrounding noise while calling. Dual microphone beamforming makes calling easy in the crowd.

Oppo enco w51 AirPods is IP55 certified so it is dustproof and waterproof.

It works on Bluetooth 5.2 and it comes with a binaural low-latency Bluetooth transmission feature. This low latency mode provides a good gaming experience.

Oppo enco w51 earbud has 24 hours of long playback time combined – 5 hours in the earbuds and 19 hours in the charging case. Its 10 mm dynamic drivers support the Dolby atoms feature.

Its inbuilt sensors work perfectly. No need to connect the earbud to the phone every time, after connecting the first time, the next time when you open the case earbuds connect automatically and close the case to disconnect it.

Also, when you take off it from the ears, music pauses and music start playing again when you put it again in the ears, this feature increase battery life.

A single charge, it plays more than 200 songs at once.

It supports the voice assistance feature and to activate it, triple tap on any side of the earbud. Double-tap of the right side to change songs.

The left side double tap will change audio mode. Its touch quickly responds. All these amazing features make it a top contender for the best earbuds under 5000 in India.


  • Intelligent touch controls
  • Automatic play and pause feature
  • Binaural low-latency option
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Bass and balance mode
  • Environmental noise-canceling feature
  • Supports voice assistance


  • Not much color option

3. JBL C115 Earbuds With Best Microphone

Budget Pick

JBL C115 Earbuds With Best Microphone


  • Color Options – 4
  • Weight – 7 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 6 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 15 Hours
  • 15 Minutes charge give one hour of playback

JBL earbuds are best for calling due to their acoustic room construction and precise tuning. Crystal clear calls are a specialty of JBL true wireless earbuds and also it delivers quality sound, thanks to 75 years of experience of JBL in audio equipment.

The design of JBL C115 earbuds is unique and its high-quality plastic body is built for rough use. Soft rubber on earbuds makes them comfortable for long use.

JBL C115 TWS earbuds easily fit inside ears. For a better grip of earbuds, you can change ear tips. Pick right ear tips for your ears, so they fit securely into your ears. Also, make firm seating within the ear twist the top of the earbud.

Its large battery backup never stops your music entertainment. Its 21 hours playback time with a charging case is enough for full-day entertainment. Its 15 minutes charge gives a 1-hour playback time, this is not enough but good for emergencies.

JBL C115 offers tap-based gestures to control calls and music. Single touch power you to receive and cut the call and also double-tap on the right earbud will activate voice assistant feature.

5.8 mm drivers of JBL C115 offer undistorted natural bass. Its pristine sound quality at high volume produces no distortion sound. Its tonally balanced sound captures full bandwidth so all beats are clearly audible.

Insta connects technology, connects wireless earbuds to the phone quickly. Both earbuds work simultaneously so no latency issue while watching movies or playing games.

The compact charging case is built with polycarbonate plastic and fits perfectly in the pocket.

It comes with an autonomous connectivity feature so you can enjoy music with either single or both earbuds. Good thing is that while charging one earbud, you can use another one for music or call. JBL C115 is good to pick for the best earbuds under 5000 for calling.


  • Deep and clear bass
  • No lag while pairing
  • Good long battery life
  • Ergonomic ear tip design
  • Mono and stereo mode
  • Hands-free call feature


  • No water and sweatproof features

4. Boat Airdopes Earbuds With Long Battery Life

Boat Airdopes Earbuds With Long Battery Life


  • Color Options – 14
  • Weight – 7.5 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 5 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 25 Hours
  • Insta wake and pair technology

The boat is an Indian company that makes the best earbuds under 5000. This is one of the highest-selling TWS earbuds of boats. It has the longest battery life on the list.

14 different color options are available to choose from. From sober to funky, all types of color options are available. Boat airdopes deliver the true wireless experience of the earbud.

Listen to music all day, thanks to its 30 hours battery life. Boat TWS Earbuds give 5 hours of playback time and the charging case gives an additional 25 hours battery. It supports a type c charging port and in only 1.5 hours it gets fully charged.

Boat TWS airdopes work on IWP (Insta wake N pair) technology. In this, as soon as someone opens the lid of the charging case, earbuds get connected to the device. Furthermore, its Bluetooth 5.0 delivers fast pairing.

To give a carefree listening experience, it is built with IPX7 water resistance technology. It works perfectly in sweat condition.

For a better calling experience, it uses a stereo calling feature so you get clear and crisp audio on call. For an enthralling audio experience, it uses 6mm drivers. A single touch on earbuds enables a voice assistance feature.

The ergonomic and aesthetic design of boat airdopes earbuds meets the need of all types of people. Its sport-centric design with secure-fit ear hooks, fit earbuds securely into ears. To activate the warranty, you need to register on the boat’s website.

Charing case looks stylish. Dual-color shade on TWS earbuds gives sporty look to it. The boat is known for giving better sound quality at less prices.

This Indian company is giving tough competition to other big brands.

Even At a low volume, you can hear beats clearly. LED lights on the TWS earbuds look impressive and give a premium touch to earbuds. Due to its small size, it perfectly fits into the helmet. For a budget price, boat earbuds under 5000 are a superb choice.


  • Color variants are too catchy
  • The magnetic lid on the charging case
  • Type c fast charging support
  • Good bass with clear vocal
  • Quite lightweight and fit securely
  • Insta wake and pair feature


  • Noise cancellation is not impressive

2. Jabra Elite 65T – Best Wireless Earbuds Under 5000

Jabra Elite 65T Best Wireless Earbuds Under 5000


  • Color Options – 4
  • Weight – 10 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 5 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 15 Hours
  • Customizable music using Jabra sound+ app

Jabra elite 65T is a portable and comfortable earbud. The elite series of Jabra is known for its quality sound.

For different ear sizes, it comes with 3 different size ear gels that securely fit in all size ears. It is built with high-quality plastic material. The fitting and finish of the Jabra Elite AirPods are good and it looks premium when you wear it.

It has touch-sensitive control that can be customized using Jabra sound+ app. One-touch will activate Alexa or Siri into the earbud. Customize music settings and touch features according to your preferences.

The charging case of Jabra elite 65T is not bulky and its small size fits in the pocket easily. With a charging case, you get 15 hours of playback time. In a single chare without a charging case earbud gives 5 hours of battery backup.

Clean vocals with high bass are a specialty of this earbud. Jabra wireless earbud is designed to give a truly wireless experience.

Good thing is that you get 2 years warranty for the dust and waterproof feature of Jabra elite 65T. To get this warranty, you need to register on the Jabra sound+ app.

While listening to music, if you remove one earbud from your ear, the music will stop, put back earbud into the ear in the next 60 seconds to play the music again. In gaming, Jabra elite 65T gives minimum sound delay.

The sound quality is good and all beats are clearly audible without any noise interruption.

To save battery, if the right earbud is out of range of the smartphone or not in the charging case for more than 15 minutes then it will automatically go into power-off mode. One hour of inactiveness also turns on power-off mode.

To charge Jabra elite 65T earbuds place them into a charging case and hold on to a multi-function button on the right earbud until the LED light flashes. Jabra elite 65T AirPods produces top-quality sound among the best earbuds under 5000.


  • Excellent balanced sound quality
  • Noise reduction feature
  • Secure and comfort fitting in ears
  • Integrated motion sensors
  • 2 years warranty on earbuds
  • Auto pause option
  • Customizable music option is available in Jabra sound+ app


  • The charging case is not attractive

6. Noise Earbuds With Active Noise Cancellation Under 5000

Noise Earbuds With Active Noise Cancellation Under 5000


  • Color Options – 4
  • Weight – 8.5 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 7 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 29 Hours
  • Transparency mode for better calling

Noise earbuds come with lots of solid features. Noise is not a big brand name but the quality of its earbud is top-notch. All big features of the best earbuds under 5000 come into noise earbuds.

Noise AirPods work on a hybrid active noise cancellation feature. It can cancel out surrounding noise up to 35DB. Its triple mic system helps to make active noise cancellation powerful.

For better calling it comes with an anti-noise inner mic, sound detecting outer mic, and calling mic.

Bluetooth 5.0 works like a charm and pairs earbuds to your phone quickly as you open the charging case. Auto play-pause music feature when earbuds are not in the ear.

In a single charge without activating noise cancellation, it offers 7 hours of playback time and if you are using the noise cancellation feature, you get 5 hours of battery life. Good thing is that the charging case offers 36 hours of battery life.

It doesn’t use the latest water resistance technology but it works on IPX4 so you can use it in water splashes for around 5 minutes.

Its sound drivers deliver flat and balanced sound and when we activate transparency mode, it gives an ambient sound experience. All types of background noise are canceled so no distortion even you listen to music at a high volume.

Touch controls are intuitive. After a few usages, you will become habitual of its touch gesture. Voice assistant supports give touch-free access to news, music, books, and more. It comes in 4 different color options and all colors are designed according to youth choice.

Smart in-ear detection mode turns off earbud when they are not in-ear and save battery.


  • 36 hours long playback time
  • Triple mic system for better calling
  • Attractive color options
  • Hybrid active noise cancellation
  • Bass is perfect for gaming
  • Transparency mode to clear surrounding sound


  • No mobile app to control earbuds

7. Crossbeats Pebble Best TWS Earbuds Under 5000

Crossbeats Pebble Best TWS Earbuds Under 5000


  • Color Options – 2
  • Weight – 3.8 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 3.5 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 15 Hours
  • Precise graphene drivers

Who wants to carry heavyweight earbuds while traveling so here is crossbeats pebble TWS earbud? This earbud is lightweight and its portable size is easy to carry while traveling.

Crossbeats pebble earbud comes with tan-colored leather sling tag so you can carry it in hand also.

The stylish look of crossbeats pebble won’t stop you flaunting it in the crowd. On the buttons, it has a copper color finish that adds a stunning look to the earbuds. Crossbeats true wireless earbud is a new definition of style.

In any earbud, its driver is important. Crossbeats pebble has balanced and precise graphene drivers. This driver is designed to deliver the original quality sound without any distortion.

Its pure bass effects generate resonance inside the ears. Along with bass, vocals and trebles are clear at high volume.

The charging case lid can be opened easily. It gives 20 hours of playback time. Crossbeats is one of the fastest charging earbuds in the list of best earbuds under 5000 in India. It needs only 60 minutes to charge it fully.

For any earbud, less charging time is a blessing. Type C charging cable does work well.

In indoors and outdoors voice quality is good. For gaming, it is not a good choice because of latency issues.

Crossbeats pebble earbud is just 4.8 grams so you won’t feel any weight in the ear. Thanks to its comfortable ear tips, you can wear it for a whole day without ear pain. IPX6 water-resistant certificate gives assurance of using it during a workout.

Touch gesture works perfectly on Crossbeats pebble and it easily senses any type of figure touch. Double-tap will play or pause music. For people who are searching for comfortable earbuds under 5000, Crossbeats pebble is a good choice.


  • Showstopper design
  • Universal comfort-fit ear tips
  • Splash-proof body
  • CVC 8.0 for noise cancellation
  • Lightweight earbuds with snug fit design
  • Graphene driver for clear and crisp sound


  • Battery life could have been more

8. Soundpeats Earbuds With Best Microphone

Soundpeats Earbuds With Best Microphone


  • Color Options – 1
  • Weight – 10 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 6 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 19 Hours
  • CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation

Soundpeats tureair2 is a popular truly wireless earbuds from Soundpeats in India. Its less price tag with decent sound quality is impressing customers. These are entry-level earbuds from Soundpeats in the Indian market.

Its charging case comes in a square shape and rounded corners keep the pocket safe from any type of cut. Matte finish exterior gives a pleasant look to the charging case. Minimal design makes it easy to carry.

On the charging case LED indicator is placed near the charging port. Type C charging port is not as fast as other best earbuds under 5000.

The magnetic seal on the lid of the charging case won’t open accidentally. It is available only in black color and no other color options are available. The fitting of the Soundpeats AirPods is perfect in ears and 3 extra ear tips are useful for all size ears.

Soundpeats earbuds work on QUALCOMM 3040 drivers that use low consumption power to work. While calling it delivers clear sound thanks to its CVC noise cancellation feature and dual-mic placement on both earbuds.

Soundpeats true wireless earbuds use 14.2 mm drivers with aptX codec feature to deliver an immersive sound experience. Vocals, trebles, and bass all things are perfectly balanced in it. In sound quality, you get more what you expect.

No such latency issue is found in this earbud, so you can use it for gaming.

On a single charge, it will give you 25 hours of enjoyment with the charging case. Standalone earbuds give 5 hours of playback time. By default, there is no option to turn off noise cancellation in this earbud.

Voice clarity is good and you would be able to lyrics of any song. Noise cancellation for calling is good and the person on another side of the call can listen to all talk.


  • The subtle sound quality in both earbuds
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Built for whole day use
  • CVC 8.0 Noise cancellation
  • Heavy driver with aptX codec feature
  • Low battery consumption


  • Sometimes it shows connectivity issues with the phone

9. Boat Airdopes 433 Earbuds For Sleeping Under 5000

Boat Airdopes 433 Earbuds For Sleeping Under 5000


  • Color Options – 3
  • Weight – 9 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 3.5 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 15 Hours
  • AAC audio format support

Airdopes 433 is an entry lever earbud for the boat. Its minimal design makes it suitable for everyday use. Good thing is that it fits securely into ears so no fear of losing it anywhere. Even you can do workouts while wearing boat airdopes 433.

This is a budget AirPods so don’t expect powerful bass sound from it. Boat airdopes 433 has 7mm, drivers, that delvers balanced bass sound with clear vocals.

Boat airdopes 433 earbud has an attractive design. This earbud is a little bit bigger in comparison to other best earbuds under 5000.

Bluetooth 5.0 gives more seamless connectivity power to the earbuds.

The charging case is made of quality plastic material. The size of the charging case is minimal so there is no issue to keep in the pocket. The matte finish on the charging case looks good. The magnetic lid keeps earbuds safe inside the charging case.

Boat airdopes 433 is designed with 7mm drivers. For clear communication over call airdopes, 433 offers a stereo calling feature. There is no noise cancellation feature is available in it. This is one disadvantage of this earbud.

There is a latency issue in boat airdopes 433 so if you are searching for good gaming headphones then it is not for you.

Both earbuds have a multi-functional button that can be used for different functions. Single or double tap on the button will activate the different options of the earbud.

If you feel any changes are needed in the setting of earbuds then press the multifunctional button on both earbuds at the same time for 3 seconds and the earbud will reset to its factory setting.

It is not a water-resistant earbud but it is sweat-resistant. IPX4 certification to the boat airdopes 433 earbuds is given to its sweat-resistant design.


  • Multi-functional button on the earbud
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Stereo calling feature
  • Access instant voice assistant
  • Aesthetically designed


  • No noise cancellation option
  • Only 3.5 hours of battery life without charging case

10. Ptron Wireless Earbuds Under 5000

Ptron Wireless Earbuds Under 5000


  • Color Options – 2
  • Weight – 5 grams
  • Earbuds Battery Life – 3.5 hours
  • Charging Case Battery Life – 15 Hours
  • AAC audio format support

Like other best earbuds under 5000, ptron earbuds also work on Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Ptron earbuds connect to any Bluetooth device automatically and quickly. Its Bluetooth connection is stable and faster.

10mm drivers into ptron earbuds deliver decent sound quality with clear and crisp sound. On loud volume, the bass is not impressive. Its high-definition rendering technology gives a cd-like sound experience.

Ptron wireless AirPods has a 10m Bluetooth range. You can use single or both earbuds at the same time for a seamless music experience. All Bluetooth-enabled devices are compatible with Ptron wireless earbuds.

Won’t feel any weight while wearing it. The weight per earbud is 4 grams. For more customizing fitting Ptron earbud comes with 3 different ear tips.

Ptron wireless earbud has waterproof nano-coating that keeps away water and sweat from them, so sensitive parts of earbuds are safe from water. Ptron earbuds are good working partners in the gym.

The charging time of Ptron wireless earbuds is not impressive. With charging case, it has only 12 hours of playback time so it is not a good choice for traveling. Ptron earbuds take one hour to get fully charged. In traveling, you can charge it through a power bank.

Easy connectivity option. Open charging case and it will automatically get connected to Bluetooth enabled device. Multi-functional buttons on earbuds are good to control music, calls, and voice assistant feature.

There is no active voice cancellation but its dual microphones use passive noise cancellation.


  • Low price range
  • Low latency issue
  • Ceramic mic for stereo calls
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Easy to access multi-functional button


  • Battery life is not enough for whole day use
  • No type c port

Buying Guide For Best Earbuds Under 5000

For best earbuds under 5000, there are many options available which one is good for you, how would you decide. In this buying guide, we are including some must-have features that you need to check into earbuds before buying them. This guide will save your hard-earned money from wasting at wrong earbuds.


Driver size represents the audio quality of earbuds. Generally, the driver size for best earbuds under 5000 is around 10mm. Few earbuds may have more than 10mm drivers and so they offer good sound at low volume.

Earbuds that have 10mm drivers are capable to produce clear and crisp sound with clear vocals and punchy bass. It depends on manufactures and how they use the capability of drivers.

wireless earbuds driver


Like mobile phones, people keep earbuds with them for the whole day. Nowadays people use them in the office, gym or any other place, so a stylish design earbud will make a good impression on you among others.

The dual-color tone design of truly wireless earbuds looks better than a single color. Dual-color shade gives a modern and stylish look to earbuds. In this list of best earbuds under 5000, all earbuds have a dual-color body.

wireless earbuds design

Battery Life

Battery life becomes an important factor when you buy the best earbuds under 5000. Earbuds works wirelessly so long battery life becomes essential for them. In a single charge how long earbuds work shows how good they are in the battery backup.

Most AirPods have 4-5 hours of battery life without a charging case and if include a charging case then the total battery life range between 25 to 30 hours. Whenever you don’t use earbuds keep them in a charging case so their battery won’t go down.

Battery life also depends on the noise cancellation feature. If noise cancellation is on then you get less battery life. Pick that earbud that gives a full-day battery backup so you won’t need to find a charging point every few hours.

earbuds battery life

Comfort and Fitting

While you are watching a movie or playing a game, you have to keep earbuds in the ear for a long time so earbuds should be comfortable so you can wear them without any pain in the ears. The comfort of AirPods depends on the quality of ear tips.

Ear tips material should be soft and comfortably fits into the ears. For better grip in the ears, the best earbuds under 5000 come with different size ear tips. Pick any ear tip that fits in your ears. A perfect fit ear tip will keep earbuds safe from falling.


In this list, all earbuds are under 5000 Rs. Price becomes an important factor for some people while buying an earbud. While reviewing earbuds under 5000, we have found that some earbuds are overpriced so we haven’t included them in the list.

In the list, you get earbuds in all price tags under 5000 so for your budget you will definitely get a perfect earbud.

wire;ess earbuds price

Bluetooth Connectivity

Wireless earbuds work on Bluetooth connectivity. Presently Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version. This Bluetooth version provides fast data transfer. It quickly connects earbuds to mobile phones.

You should always go with the latest version of Bluetooth. Bluetooth 5.0 offers seamless connectivity of AirPods. Once it connects to the device, it won’t get disconnected automatically. It provides a stable connection.


Earbuds are used to listen to music or attend calls. To do both these things, control on earbuds helps. On earbuds either you get touch control or button control.

AirPods are small in size on most earbuds you get touch control features. Only those earbuds that are cheap offer button control on earbuds. Controls do play or pause music, call attend or disconnect, track change, and more.

Touch control should be responsive so you don’t need to hard touch earbuds to operate them. Touch control is always a good choice for the best earbuds under 5000.

controls of earbuds under 5000

Water and Sweat Resistant

When we wear earphones for a long time, our ears start sweating and this sweat can damage earphone wiring so earphones should be waterproof and sweatproof.

Sweatproof earbuds can also be used in the gym. IPX rating is an indication of sweat and waterproof features. IPX6, IPX7, etc. are different IPX ratings for earbuds. A higher number means you can wear an earbud for a longer time period in sweat conditions.

water-resistant earbuds under 5000

Noise Cancellation

The last important feature which you should see while buying the best earbuds under 5000 is the noise cancellation feature. The noise cancellation feature eliminates outside noise so if you are on call, the person on the other side can hear your voice clearly.

Are Earbuds Better Than Headphones?

Earbuds are the new trend in the audio segment. There are various points where earbuds are more useful than headphones.

Easy to carry

The size of earbuds is small so it becomes easy to carry them anywhere. Earbuds come with a small charging case, put earbuds into the charging case and take it with you. Good thing is that the charging case easily fits into the pocket. You can easily slip earbuds into pockets while traveling.

Headphones are not portable so it becomes difficult to carry them with you. Headphones are big in size so they don’t come into your pocket and you need to carry them into any bag. So, if you are traveling without a bag then it becomes difficult to carry headphones with you.

Sound Quality

There is a myth that headphone has more powerful sound than earbuds. In many case studies, it is proven that earbuds produce more powerful sound than headphones when they use the same power level.

Headphone sound is good but the earbud has higher proximity to the ears in comparison to headphones. Earbuds fully fit inside the ears so there is no outside noise is audible but headphones cover the ears’ outer part so not all headphones fit perfectly on the ears.

Earbuds come with different ear tips so choose the right ear tip for your ear and enjoy high-quality sound.


There is no comparison when it comes, which is more comfortable earbuds or headphones. Earbuds are a true winner in this section. Earbuds comfortably fit inside the ear canal.

Headphone covers the top part of the head so when you wear it for a long time, you may feel a headache. If the weight of headphones is heavy then it becomes uncomfortable to wear headphones for a longer time.

The weight of earbuds is between 5 – 10 grams, so you can wear them for as much as you want without any pain. If the quality of the headphone cushion is not good then you have to face sweat issues near the ears.

Secure Fitting

Earbuds securely fit into the ears due to their small size so they are a better choice for workouts. Headphones are big in size and cover the head through their headband and you can’t use headphones during workouts. Earbuds stay at their position even you are running.


Best earbuds under 5000 are available but the same thing is not possible with headphones. To get good quality Bluetooth headphones, you need to spend around 10000 Rs. So in earbuds at less price, you get the same sound quality as headphones.

How Earbuds Are Charged?

Almost all earbuds have the same charging process. In earbuds, there are 3 batteries one in each earbud and the third one in the charging case. You need to charge all 3 batteries for regular use of earbuds.

On earbuds or charging cases there would be LED light that indicates whether earbuds have a low battery or not.

To charge earbuds, you need to put them into the charging case. In the charging case, both earbuds have separate places to keep. When the charging case starts charging the earbud, the LED light on the earbuds will start blinking.

Close the lid and leave it for some time. As soon as the battery of individual earbuds is full then the LED on that particular earbud will turn off.

It may be possible that one of the earbuds gets charged first and the other one may be a little late. So, keep them both in the charging case until the LED light on both earbuds stopped blinking.

Not its time to charge, charging case. With a charging case, you get a charging cable so insert the charging cable into the charging case and connect another side of the cable to the phone charger. Leave it for few hours. Blinking LED light shows charging status of charging case. The LED light will stop blinking when the charging case is fully charged.

Now both earbuds and charging case are fully charged so you can use them to listen to music.

Will Earbuds Fall Out?

Earbuds securely fit into the ear canal so there is a rare chance that earbuds will fall out. If the fitting of the earbud is not right for your ear then change the ear tips of the earbuds.

With earbuds, you get extra ear tips to check if they are not the right fit for your ears then you need to buy new ear tips according to your ear size. A perfectly fit earbud will not fall out.

Are earbuds safe?

Earbuds are safe to use if you use them in a proper way. Earbuds sit inside the ear canal so if you listen to music on full volume for a long time period then it will harm your ear.

According to a study on UPMC health beat, if you use earbuds lower than 60% volume and regularly take a break from music then it won’t harm your ear.

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FAQ About Best Earbuds Under 5000 in India

Which are The Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 5000?

Oppo enco W31 is the best true wireless earbuds under 5000. It comes with lots of good quality features like long battery life, intelligent touch controls buttons, binaural low-latency option for gaming, environmental noise-canceling feature, and more.

Are Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds Good?

Cheap Bluetooth earbuds are not a good option to buy. You won’t get quality sound in cheap earbuds and also no noise cancellation feature.

Can Earbuds Be Repaired?

Not all earbuds can be repaired. Especially cheap earbuds can’t be repaired. Branded earphones can be repaired if they have only software issues.

Earbuds Connect to Laptop?

Yes, you can connect earbuds to the laptop. All those devices that have Bluetooth can be connected to the earbuds.

Final Words

Earbuds are portable so they are an easy-to-use gadget. For best earbuds under 5000 Oppo enco W31 is a clear winner. After reading the article, you know which is the best earbud for your under 5000. Before buying an earbud check its battery life, sound quality, and comfort. We have also added pros and cons for all earbuds. Any queries regarding earbuds, you can ask in the comment section, our team will quickly respond.

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