Top 10 Best photo editing app for android

Which is the best photo editing app for android?

Several times pictures clicked from the phone camera is not up to the mark even sometimes high-end phones also fail to click perfect picture. Some reasons for not getting a perfect photo are improper brightness, contrast, unexpected things in the background, etc.

With a little tweak in the photo with these best free photo editing app in android phone, you will be able to add change in the photo to make it eye-catching.

Nowadays social media apps also allow to user to edit photo before posting. But their features are limited. For better editing of photo, you should use those photo editor app for android which has great functionality to make your photo stunning like snapseed, adobe lightroom, etc.

Best photo editing app for android – free download

Some apps come with predefined filters, apply those filter and your work is done. Sometimes you need more function to edit a photo like set brightness, contrast, sharpness, write text, blur, etc.

Numbers of photo editor apps are available on play store, among these I have chosen the best photo editing app for android for you.


Google’s snapseed photo editing app gives tough competition to pc photo editing software with its power pack editing tools. With basic tools like contrast, brightness, etc. it also has depth of field editor to edit a photo like a professional photographer.

With its QR look tool, you can save some set of effects and later directly use that set on photo. The selective brush gives you freedom to apply effects on the selected part of photo.

Snapseed is not hard to use with editing on a few photos it becomes easy to use app. This is one of the best free photo editing apps in android free download.

It can edit RAW DNG file and you can save it in JPG format. 29 tools are included in it like healing, brush, structure etc.  with fine and precise control.

With double exposure you can change background of any photo. Use it for serious photo editing. Its editing tools are great for selfie and photos which are taken in hurry. It is best photo editing app on android mobile.

Download Snapseed

best photo editing app for android

Picsart photo studio

With 500 millions install picsart is among top photo editing app in google play store.

Apply effects at the time of taking photo with built in camera tool. It is free but some extra features are paid but you don’t need to buy that feature. Because you can use free background images, stickers as photo effect share by other picsart user.

It’s all tools available in brush mode so you can apply it on selective part of photo. It allows making double exposure using layers.

With its cutout tool you can convert your photo into stickers and share it with online picsart community or with your friends.

Picsart offers more tools for editing like scene mode, stickers, layer adjustment than any other app.

It is favorite of millions of android user due to its sheer number of editing tool given in it. It is one of the top photo editing app for android.

DOWNLOAD Picsart photo studio

best photo editing app on android
Picsart photo studio


VSCo is Instagram like social media app but where instagram focus on social media rather than on photo editing, Vsco has more focus on photo editing. Compared to iIstagram filter vsco filters gives classy touch to your photo.

To make it simple vsco show four tools at once on screen. Each tool contains Huge number of filters to change the look of photo.

VSCO has all the high quality editing tools just like other android photo editing apps.

It offers exposure, contrast and temperature correction, as well as a very useful alignment tool for straightening horizons.

When you completed editing upload your image on vsco community or other social platforms.

One disadvantage of vsco is that you can’t save photo on your phone. To get photo only you can do is that email it or upload in cloud storage.

DOWNLOAD VSCOphoto editing app

best photo editor


For quick and easy photo editing use Afterlight app. It has simple design but with some good photo enhancing tool. There are 27 fully adjustable filters with 14 guest filter by Instagram users. 77 different frames are available to post photo on Instagram.

It works with RAW file and it has set of textures including prism effects, light leaks, overlay effects. Afterlight allows you to upload images directly on social media. It is best photo editing app for android download.

DOWNLOAD Afterlightbest photo editor app

best photo editing app for android in the world


Its user interface is clean and simple to adjust the filters. 110+ unique filters are available to enhance your photo quality.

Its artificial intelligence OpenGL ES 3.0 uploads photo quickly and machine deep learning methods apply effects smoothly on photo and make photo eye catching.

For selfie photo it removes blemish automatically with only one tap. To improve skin glow it uses smart skin whiting technology. 

With usual filter like smart skin whiting , remove blemish it has also funk filters, fancy magic effects for photo.

To convert you into a comic character uses funk filter like sin city character. With fancy effects you can turn your photo into watercolor fairy scene.

DOWNLOAD Bonfire best free photo editing app

best photo editing app for android offline

Photo director

This app focuses more on manual editing rather than filters. With it’s in app camera feature allows you to apply live effects on photo to save your precious time. To enhance your photography it has feature rich photo editor and creative collage maker.

Apply white balance, saturation in real time and make creative adjustment directly from camera. This app gives you array of tools to turn your photo into eye catching image.

Picture retouch allows you to adjust HSL sliders and RGB channels in photo. With Photo fx apply effects both on whole picture or selected part of picture.

In app camera provides wide range of pro camera feature. Content aware removals tool crop out unwanted objects form photo.

Radial or liner blur makes focus on particular part of picture and blurred out remaining image. After editing besides of sharing on social media platform you can set edited photo as your mobile wallpaper without leaving app.

DOWNLOAD Photo director Top Photo editing app for android

top free photo editor app for android phone
Photo director

Adobe Lightroom CC

With adobe lightroom app you can enjoy photoshop desktop feature at your mobile. it works with RAW files.

With slider you can adjust the light, detail, color, distortion, and grain of your photo. Lightroom CC can be the perfect app for editing images on-the-go.

Lightroom also provides a robust premium offering filled with advanced photo editing features to take your photography to the next level.

With preset make changes in photo on single touch. To change color, exposure, aperture use curves. Clarity and dehaze give new breathe to your photo.

Healing brush removes noise form photo. Selective adjustment gives freedom to edit selective part of photos. For RAW editing import raw images form camera.

Back up your original photos and edits to access them on other devices, as well as through Lightroom cloud on web.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to automatically tag and organize your photos based on the objects or people that are in them. A quick search for “mountains” or “Maria” will surface all the photos with those elements in them

DOWNLOAD Adobe Lightroom cc photo editing app for selfie

best picture app
Adobe Lightroom CC

Photo editor pro

To create stunning image it has stylish effects, filters, grids and draw tools. 60 filters are available for editing like Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa. Blur background gives you DSLR effects on photo.

To make stunning artwork mix and blend two images and see results. With body retouch get slim body or get a perfect figure. Change hairstyle adds tattoos so many things you can do with photo editor app.

It allows you to cool glitch effects to photo. Its effects make your photo eye catching with Glitch effects, double exposure, photo blender etc. It is the best photo editor free.

DOWNLOADphoto editor pro

photo editor app for android
Photo editor pro


It is simple and convenient for beginners. You can use pixlr for quick editing or for deep image editing. Balance out color in one touch auto fix.

Use double exposure to layer multiple photo. In overlay adjust photo tone or cool it down or add shades.

Its favorite’s button will remember all your favorite effects. In app all editing tools are organized in five categories.

These category arrangements make it easy to use to inexperienced user. Overall pixlr is best photo editing app for android.


best photoshop app


It is most powerful perspective- and lens correction tool. This photo editing app lets you adjust the perspective of your images so that everything lines up perfectly.

With a variety of unrivalled features and awe-inspiring in-app extensions MRRW and 4PNTS, this fine application is the go-to editing tool for sophisticated photography enthusiasts like yourself.

Correct horizontal and vertical lines as well lens distortions for shots taken with adapters, DLSRs, with a GoPro or a drone camera.

With the one-of-a-kind full auto-cropping functionality and the self-explanatory, intuitive user interface, SKRWT is the missing link in high-end smartphone photography. 


photo apps for android


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