10 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Phone tracker apps allow you to track anyone’s activity through a phone. But can you do it without knowing the person? Yes, it is possible with the best phone tracker app without permission. These apps work secretly so a person doesn’t know, that you are tracking him or her.

People want to keep eye on their children or family member. Also, if you lose your phone, these apps easily track and locate your phone number location. With innovations, phone tracking apps are getting better. Earlier, if you use a phone tracker app, it shows notifications on the mobile so the mobile owner knows someone is tracking him.

Kids or family members won’t like it if you track them. But nowadays there are many apps that won’t show any notification on the mobile and also don’t need any permission to access the location of the phone. So, no one knows you are tracking them.

Most phone tracker apps without permission are not free. You need to buy their subscription to use them. You can try their free trial, if you like, you can buy their plans. In this article, we have hand-picked the best apps to track phone locations without permission.

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Why Do People Want To Track Phone Location Without Permission?

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Without taking the permission of anyone, you can track its location through the best phone finder app but why do you need to do this. For every person, the reason may be different.

For children, their parents want to track location to know where children are going. By phone tracking apps, they can spy on their children’s activities. In teenage, people can do wrong things. These apps show location to parents so they know whether their children are going to any wrong place or not.

People use a location tracker app that doesn’t need any permission to spy on their life partners. Cheating your life partner is not a new thing. If you have doubts about your life partner, you can install a phone tracker app on their phone. So, if they tell lies about their location, you would know.

Apart from these reasons, people can use phone tracking apps for personal reasons. You can track their online behavior and activities. You can watch if any of your family members are doing any wrong thing or not.

Are There Apps To Track Other Phones Without Permission?

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

The app market is growing rapidly. Every day new apps are being launched. Nowadays with apps, you can track anyone’s location without their permission.

Phone tracker apps use GPS functionality to find out the location of the phone. These apps work in the background and don’t show any notification or alert to the phone owner. So, they won’t know, you are tracking them.

To find out the location of the mobile phone, either you can check it through the coordinate or open map on the phone and get the exact location of the phone. It brings you the ability to see the location of the tracked device on your phone.

All phone spy app’s features are not the same. So, before purchasing anyone checks the features. Some phone tracker apps show you the location when you request and some apps prompt you alert when a tracked device goes near the selected location.

In this guide, we have picked both free and paid best phone tracker apps without permission but free apps are not so useful.

How Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission Work?

Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Spying or tracking someone is not a new thing. Mobile phone is an important part of people’s life. We all don’t go outside the house without a mobile phone.

We only keep our mobile phones aside when we sleep. Otherwise all day, we keep mobile phones close to us. So, to track anyone, a mobile phone is a good device. Nowadays there are many phone tracking apps to track anyone’s activities without their permission and knowledge.

But people don’t know how best phone tracker apps without permission work. These apps work on the GPS tracking service. In GPS technology, there are multiple satellites that are connected to each other and share information.

Phone tracker apps use these satellites to get the exact location of people. These phone tracker apps are built with multiple features so you get the most from apps.

They not only track GPS locations but also, track social media activities, videos and photos extraction, and SMS monitoring.

But with more features, the battery starts draining quickly. When you install it on the targeted phone keep close all unnecessary features. So, the battery drains to slow down. To track location, GPS is their main technology.

10 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

mSpy – Best App To Track Phone

mspy best phone tarcker app

mSpy app is the best phone tracking app to track your family member or friend’s phone. Without their permission, mSpy tracks the phone. Its tracking capability is good and other features of the app will give you all detail about the person from its phone.

It works on both Android and iOS devices. Its GPS tracker continuously shows the whereabouts of the targeted device. Also, you can track calls and messages on the phone. It also tracks the activities of the targeted device on social media.

This cross-platform phone tracker app without permission can be used across all major platforms. You can keep tracking your family member without letting them know.

It works pretty well with all devices. Once you successfully installed it on the target device, it automatically gets hidden from the device, so no one knows there is a tracking app on their phone.

mSpy allows you to take full control of both iPhone and Android so you can collect evidence against anyone.

As the name suggests it works as a spy app. Apart from location, it can track various activities on the targeted phone. You can check their message, and call logs, record video calls, check email, and more.

Key Features

  • mSpy allows you to view all incoming and outgoing calls with proper timestamps and durations.
  • See messages and multimedia files of the tracking phone.
  • Set a safe zone in the child’s phone like home, or school. So, when they go outside the safe zone, the app will alarm you.
  • Full control of the phone in your hand. View all installed apps and can delete or block unwanted apps from the child’s phone.
  • mSpy allows you to record the screen of the phone.
  • Expert customer care support.

mSpy Pricing

  • 1 Month – $48.99/mo*
  • 3 Months – $27.99/mo*
  • 12 Months – $11.66/mo

Visit – mSpy

Eyezy Top-Rated Cell Phone Tracker App Without Permission [Editor’s Pick]

eyezy phone location tracking app

Eyezy is an impressive phone app to track cell phones without the permission of the phone owner. Eyezy app is a powerful app but its use is not difficult. Eyezy app uses the latest technology to keep parental control on the phone.

This app works as a spy app. Eyezy uses a ton of powerful technology at its backend. Its interesting features make people fan of it.

To keep eye on the conversation in the message, it keeps eye on every keystroke on the phone. Its pinpoint feature sends you details about its location. Where they are currently and where they have been.

You can see their social calendar to check their future plans. For children, you can block websites. Only your permitted websites and apps will be shown on the phone. Set alerts, so when searching for anything controversial on the net, Eyeze will send you alerts.

It works in stealth mode to track a phone location. When it tracks someone’s phone, it does its work in the background so the phone owner won’t know what is going on on the phone. It tracks a wide range of activities.

Key Features

  • The keystroke feature shows every message of the conversation.
  • It shows deleted messages from the phone.
  • Get the exact pinpoint location of the target device.
  • See their plans on the calendar.
  • Control apps and websites.
  • Set location boundaries and get alerts when the target goes outside the boundary.


  • One Month – $47
  • 3 Months – $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months – $9.99 per month

Cocospy – Best Phone Tracking Apps

cocospy best app to track phone

Cocospy phone tracker app doesn’t need consent. People use the Cocospy app as a family security tool. Cocospy is a very stable application that gives the accurate location of the phone without the phone owner’s permission.

Cocospy tracks the device’s location in the background and keeps itself hidden in the phone. It secretly tracks Android and iOS phone locations. It can track different activities including chats, reading WhatsApp messages, call logs, SMS, browsing history, etc.

Cocospy invisibly lets you snoop on the tracked phone. You need to install it on the targeted device. Once you install it successfully, start tracking the phone from anywhere. On Cocospy, you get good customer care support.

You can use it to spy on the WhatsApp video call. You can check their Facebook activities. Parents who want to track their children’s locations without knowing them should use the Cocospy phone tracker app.

Cocospy is a secret phone tracker app that has some good quality features that are missing in other apps.

Key Features

  • It remotely tracks all calls whether it is incoming or outgoing.
  • Work for both iOS and Android. No jailbreak or root required.
  • View the location of the target. Find out its entry and exit points and time.
  • Set virtual zones for the target and receive alerts when the target breaches any zone.
  • Track messages on FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Viber.
  • Cocospy works in stealth mode so the target won’t know, you are tracking him.


Basic PlanPremium PlanFamily Plan
1-Month License   $39.99/$49.99
3-Month License   $59.99/$149.99
12-Month License   $99.99/$599.99
1-Month License   $49.99/$69.99
3-Month License   $69.99/$209.99
12-Month License   $119.99/$839.99
1-Month License   $69.99/$89.99
3-Month License   $99.99/$269.99
12-Month License   $199.99/$999.99

Visit – CocoSpy

Flexispy – Best Phone Spy App Without Permission

flexispy app to track phone without permission

If you are searching best phone tracker app without permission for Android, Flexispy is for you. It is a powerful spy app for Android devices. For iPhone, Flexispy doesn’t have any app.

With Felxispy, you can record and listen live video calls of the targeted phone. Once it is installed on the phone, you are ready to watch all personal and professional information of the targeted device. You can remotely see anything on the phone.

When you install it, it starts working and captures all activities of the phone, and uploads them to the Flexispy server. You can see this information from anywhere and anytime.

Flexispy has 150 amazing features to track a phone. It can monitor all messages and chats on WhatsApp groups, Facebook, and Snapchat, and also tracks email. It remotely opens the phone’s microphone to listen to and record all surrounding voices.

You can check the location of the phone on the map. Also, check step by step movement of the phone. You can set some hot words in the Flexispy, so when anyone types those words on the phone, Flexispy will send you an alert.

Key Features

  • It monitors all digital and audio communications of Android and iOS devices.
  • Hassle-free remote installation services.
  • Free mobile viewer app.
  • Monitor your employer or kids through it.
  • Listen to the surrounding environment of the target device.


Lite PlanPremium PlanExtreme Plan
$29 per month1 month-$68
3 months-$99
12 months-$149
3 months$199
12 months$349


umobix best app to track phone without permission

uMobix is developed for families who want to track the location of their loved ones. It monitors everything that happens to your kid’s or loved one phone in real-time.

The good thing is that uMobix is compatible with both Android and iPhone. On its site, you can enter your phone model and can check whether it is compatible with your phone or not.

uMobix is able to monitor 30+ popular apps. uMobix works as a parental control app for your kids’ phones. You can track their activities and block harmful and mind-diverting apps on their phone. It only takes 5 minutes to set up.

uMobix phone tracker app without permission updates its data after every 5 minutes. It tracks all activities of the phone and sends the report to the user. It tracks data on the targeted device in stealth mode. So, no one knows they are being tracked.

uMobix is a truly outstanding app to track phone locations. uMobix has some cool features that lacks in other apps. uMobix is an awesome phone tracking app that will intrigue you with its viability. Its use is simple.

Key Features

  • It sends real-time updates of data every 5 minutes.
  • View calls, messages, and social media chats.
  • It shows the accurate real-time location of the device with the visited place history.
  • It keeps a log of everything that the user types even passwords.
  • Manage contact list, browser history, call logs, and apps on the targeted device.
  • One-click installation process.
  • It can detect other spy apps that are installed on the target device.


  • 1-month – $49.99
  • 3-month – $27.99 per month
  • 12-month – $11.66 per month


spystelath app to locate phone location

Spystealth is a powerful tracking app for phones without permission. Spystealth allows you to track the location of the targeted device with time. Spystealth has some good GPS tracking features that make it a good competitor for others.

Check the current location of your children or your loved ones. It gives accurate real-time location. Also, show location history. It allows you to track iPhone users without their permission.

For the iOS device, you just need the username and password of the iCloud of the iPhone owner. Without rooting the Android phone, Spystealth tracks Android phone user location.

Spystealth is a light and safe tracking app for the phone. Parents are happy with the Spystealth app because of its fast and accurate performance. Every second, it updates the location of the targeted device. You can use Spystealth for any type of tracking requirements.

Key Features

  • It monitors up to 5 devices.
  • 24/7 customer care support.
  • Profanity, geo-fencing, and contact alerts.
  • Social media, photos, Gmail, Messenger, contacts monitoring.
  • The live control panel shows the real-time activity of the user.


  • Basic Plan: $24.95/month
  • Premium Plan: $59.95/month


spyic best phone tracker app without permission

Spyic is another secure phone tracker app without permission. Spyic tracks the phone with the help of GPS technology.

Spyic has some solid features. Spyic works on both Android and iPhone. Spyic offers 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like it, you can take your money back without any question. Spyic is a 100% secure app. Its customer base is situated in 190+ countries.

Spyic offers 24X7 customer care support. Its powerful monitoring features keep Spyic ahead of the competition. With its Geo-fence feature, you can create a virtual geographical boundary so you will get alert notifications when a boundary is breached.

With any device, the Spyic app works pretty well. Spyic is not visible on the target phone so they won’t know about their tracking. It runs into the background so even if you are tracking them live, they won’t know.

It comes with all the spying features which a user wants. You can keep eye on your children through the Spyic app.

It performs all basic and advanced spying works. You can spy on the message, call, and location of the phone. It gives full control of the phone so for parental control it is good.

Key Features

  • Record every activity related to calls.
  • The Sim card tracker feature notifies when the sim card is changed.
  • See the network-based location of the target device.
  • It is a powerful stealthy spy app for Android and iOS.


Basic PlanPremium PlanFamily Plan
1-Month License   $39.99
3-Month License   $59.99
12-Month License   $99.99
1-Month License   $49.99
3-Month License   $69.99
12-Month License   $119.99
1-Month License   $69.99
3-Month License   $99.99
12-Month License   $199.99


spyine phone app to track location

Spyine is a reliable and safe phone tracker app without permission. You will get all features of spying on anyone that you needed from an app. Spyine is one of the leading phone monitoring solutions. This app is compatible with any modern smartphone device.

You can set up spyine from any web browser and control it. Spyine is convenient in use. Once the app is installed and starts running, you will get a tracking update of the target device.

To set up Spyine on your iPhone or Android, you don’t need to do any jailbreak or root phone. It will take a few seconds to install. Send the person to make a coffee for you and in that time period, you can set it fully into the phone.

It covers all features of a phone tracking app. Use its stealth mode to track the GPS location of the device.

Key Features

  • Works in more than 190+ countries.
  • No need to root Android devices or Jailbreak iOS.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Multi-language customer support.


Basic PlanPremium PlanFamily Plan
1-Month License   $49.99
3-Month License   $79.99
12-Month License   $179.99
1-Month License   $59.99
3-Month License   $99.99
12-Month License   $199.99
1-Month License   $99.99
3-Month License   $199.99
12-Month License   $499.99


famisafe phone tracking app

FamiSafe is the last one on the list but it is not a normal phone tracker app. FamiSafe is flexible to perform various tracking operations on the phone. FamiSafe has a simple user interface that is easy to use.

FamiSafe works like other phone tracking apps. It sends you notifications about the target movement. It works with real-time data updates. You can track the target location every minute.

Famisafe uses the geofencing feature. In this feature, you can set a boundary on the target phone. When the target crosses the boundary, FamiSafe will send you an alert. This feature is similar to the Spyic app.

FamiSafe is widely considered a reupdated name in the phone tracking app without permission. FamiSafe allows you to read messages and social media chats on the target phone.

Key Features

  • A smart time schedule can manage how much time kids will spend on their mobiles.
  • Explicit content detection blocks explicit or offensive words from social apps.
  • Set location restrictions with geofences.
  • Get the driving report of the user.
  • Web filters and safe searches make online activity secure.


  • One month – $10.99
  • 3 Months – $20.99
  • Yearly – $60.99


hoverwatch best phone tracker apps without permission

Hoverwatch is a specialized phone tracking app to track the activity of children and employee monitoring. It will track the location and other apps on the phone.

From its official website, you can download it. Hoverwatch has some advanced features to track phones. You can set boundaries for user movement. You can see and record video calls on the phone. Some of its advanced features are key logger, geo-fencing, call-recording, message reading, etc.

Hoverwatch secretly works on the phone device. It works anonymously and on the target device, it is not visible. Its location tracker feature has higher quality and provides accurate location of the phone.

Key Features

  • The Hoverwatch app remains completely invisible on the installed phone.
  • Sms tracker watches every incoming and outgoing message.
  • Hoverwatch records all data of WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Gmail, etc.
  • From the Hoverwatch account, you can see the location of the target device.


1-Month License   $24.99
3-Month License   $59.99
12-Month License   $99.99
1-Month License   $49.99
3-Month License   $99.99
12-Month License   $199.99
1-Month License   $149.99
3-Month License   $299.99
12-Month License   $499.99

How To Find The Best Phone Tracking App Without Permission?

Phone tracker apps use GPS features to track the location of any user. On the play store and app store, there are many apps that track phone locations without the permission of the phone user. You can track someone else location without their knowledge.

A phone tracker app helps you keep eye on your kid’s movement. You remain aware of where they are going and if they are in any danger, you can find them by their phone location.

But the question comes from thousands of apps how do you find the best phone tracking app for you. Here are some points you should keep in mind when picking a phone tracker app.

  • The first criterion to choose the best phone tracker app without permission is ease of use. The app interface should be simple so a non-tech-savvy person can use it.
  • It should fulfill your requirements. You should check what offers the app is giving so you can decide whether it is useful for you or not.
  • The phone location tracker app works only when they are installed on the targeted phone. So, their installation process should be simple and quick.
  • Most phone location tracker apps aren’t free, you need to buy their paid plans. Every plan has its limitation. So, check what are you getting in its plan.
  • A phone tracker app should be comfortable with different Android and iOS versions.
  • The last important thing is good customer support. Whenever the app doesn’t respond well, customer care will help you. So, well-trained customer support is essential.

How To Track Someone’s Phone Without an App?

There is much software that tracks any phone without installing the app on the targeted phone. Mobistealth is one of the leading software to trach phones without an app.

Mobistealth is able to find out the location of both Android and iOS devices. You just need the ID of the mobile phone to track its locations. Nowadays phones are coming with an inbuilt “Find my phone” feature. This feature is helpful when you lose your phone anywhere.

Video credit – Adjo Tech

Phone Tracker App Without Permission Comparison Chart

mSpy36 tracking features10/10$$
Cocospy60-Day Money-back Guarantee10/10$$
FlexispyDeliver brand new phone with
Flexispy pre-installed
uMobixSend real-time update10/10$$$
EyezySee their private stuff9/10$$
SpystealthExpert in web & social media monitoring9/10$$$
SpyicThe Definitive Parental Control and Remote Monitoring App9/10$$
SpyinePrivately and Safely Monitor Phones and Tablets9/10$$$
FamisafeSafeguard your kids9/10$$$
HoverwatchFree mobile tracker9/10$$$

FAQ About Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Q1. Can Police Track a Phone Number From an App?

Anyone can track a phone number through the app if it has access to the app. Police use telecom services to track a phone number.

Q2. Which Activities Does a Phone Tracker App Track?

Location tracker is a common activity a phone tracker performs. Apart from it, different apps offer different functionality. Geo-fencing, audio, and video call recording, and message reading are common activities performed by a phone tracker app.

Q3. Are Free Phone Tracker Apps Useful?

There are free phone tracker apps like Google find my device but they offer limited functionality. You can only know the location of the device. Any other activity can’t be performed with free phone tracker apps. They don’t provide exact locations. They are only useful to find your phone if you forget it somewhere. For accurate and powerful tracking of a phone, you need to use a paid phone tracker app.

Q4. Can I Track Someone Using a Phone Number?

Yes, you can track anyone using a phone number. There are many websites that offer this service. But they charge for it. Sometimes, you won’t get the right location of the phone number.

Q5. Is It Legal To Use a Phone Tracker App?

It depends on how you are using a phone tracker app. If you have asked the phone owner to install the app and they know you are tracking them then it is legal. People use these apps on their kid phone to track their location. If you use it secretly and a person doesn’t know, that you are tracking it and getting all its phone information, then it is fully illegal. You may go to jail when a person will get to know about your illegal tracking activity.


Parents are using phone tracking apps to watch the activities of their children. If you want to do it secretly, you need the best phone tracker app without permission. This guide consists of some best apps to track the location of the phone. They won’t let the person know about the app. These apps are not free, you need to buy their subscription. These apps are lightweight and compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

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