15 Best Spy App For Android Without Access To Target Phone

In today’s world, technology is becoming more advanced every day. So, it is becoming important for parents to keep eye on their children. But every time they can’t watch them. With the rise of technology, the use of mobile phones is increased. If you track the mobile phone of anyone, you can find out what he or she is doing the whole day.

But can you track a phone if you don’t have access? Yes, it is possible with the best spy app for android without access to target phone.

Through these apps, you have access to your kid’s phone. You can also use these apps to track your employees or anyone else. With a spy app, you can monitor all activities of a targeted device. You can see text messages, call logs, social media chats, location, internet history, and more.

For parents, a spy app makes sure that their children are not involved in any dangerous or inappropriate activities.

Finding a spy app that works reliably without access to the target phone is a challenging task. There are many apps in the market but not all of them are trustworthy and useful. But in this guide, we have included only trustable spy apps to track Android phones.

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Mspy App

mspy app
  • Monitor every keystroke & every tap
  • See location history
  • Read their social media chats
  • See the pics they share and receive


Eyezy App

eyezy app
  • keeps you invisible while you see their activity
  • Read Texts, social media chats, pics
  • Get alerts
  • Texts, social media chats, pics


The 15 Best Spy App For Android Without Access To Target Phone

Best Spy App For Android Without Access To Target Phone

1. mSpy

mspy app for android without access to target phone

If you are looking best spy app for Android without access to target phone, the mSpy app is for you. This powerful tracking app is designed to help you keep eye on your kid or employee’s phone. You get an insight into the kid’s activities.

With the mSpy app, you can easily monitor all activities of the targeted phone without accessing it. You can see their messages, call logs, social media, GPS locations, and more.

It takes only a few minutes to set up the mSpy app. This spy app is very simple to use and after installing it, you need to log in to your account so you can see all the activities of the targeted phone. You can track any type of phone with the mSpy app.

The mSpy app has various features that make it better and more powerful than other listed apps. You can see the battery status of the targeted phone. View detailed report of phone usage. You can set alerts, so when if any alerted activity happens on the phone, you will get an alert on your phone.

With this spy app, you can set parental controls which restrict the kid to do certain activities on the phone such as blocking some sites so the kid can’t open them. It also shows hidden photos and videos of the targeted device.

Use its geofencing feature to create a safe zone. It has good GPS tracking accuracy and sends you real-time updates. It has a website and app-blocking features that let you control which websites shouldn’t your kid see. You can restrict the app installation for any app.

Its keylogger shows you all the keywords typed on the targeted cell phone. With its keyword tracking feature, you can get notifications when your kid types any included keyword from the keyword tracking list.


  • 1 Month – $48.99/mo*
  • 3 Months – $27.99/mo*
  • 12 Months – $11.66/mo

2. eyeZy

eyezy android app for spying

Eyezy is a powerful and feature-rich app for tracking an Android phone’s activities without gaining access to it. It is simple to keep an eye on your loved ones thanks to its advanced tracking features. You can track their cell phone activities, real-time location, and more.

Its user interface is straightforward. It includes a plethora of appealing spying features for tracking a cell phone. It can keep track of call logs, messages, locations, photos, videos, and so on.

With the Eyezy app, you can set geofencing around your children so that when they leave the designated areas, you will receive an alert message on your phone. When you know your loved ones are safe and secure, the Eyezy app gives you peace of mind.

To protect data on the mobile device, the eyeZy tracking app employs military-level protection coding. eyeZy has a unique feature. To track a cell phone, no GPS location is required; instead, the phone’s WIFI will be used.

Eyezy can reveal hidden apps on the targeted phone. View the phone’s web browsing history. You can program the targeted phone to activate a panic button, which will notify you if there is a threat.

Installing eyeZy does not necessitate rooting the phone. eyeZy is a low-cost, feature-rich spy app for Android phones.

This app does not require any technical knowledge to install. It is compatible with all Android devices. The Eyezy app is an excellent choice for monitoring the activities of the targeted phone.


  • One Month – $47
  • 3 Months – $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months – $9.99 per month

3. Flexispy

Best Spy App For Android Without Access To Target Phone

Parents love the phone spying app Flexispy. Most of its features are accessible without rooting your phone.

It includes all of the essential spy features for tracking a phone. Unlike mSpy, it has a call recording feature that allows you to listen in on all phone calls made by the targeted device. It allows you to listen to the phone’s surroundings. Knowing who your children spend their time with is beneficial.

Felxispy is one of the most powerful and sophisticated best spy apps for Android phones that does not require access to the target phone.
On the Flexispy website, you can purchase a cell phone pre-loaded with the Flexispy app and give it to your children. They have no idea they have a spy app on their phone. The Felxispy spy app includes a remote control camera option.

Felxispy has some interesting features such as notification of sim card change, keylogger, control camera, listening to surrounding sound, listening to live call recording, and so on. View all apps installed on the target phone.

Felxispy offers three plans: lite, premium, and extreme. You get all of its advanced features with its extreme plan. With Felxispy, you have complete control over the mobile device.

To use some of its advanced features, you must root your Android phone, which is a disadvantage of this app.


Lite PlanPremium PlanExtreme Plan
$29 per month1 month-$68
3 months-$99
12 months-$149
3 months$199
12 months$349

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4. SpyBubble

Spy App For Android Without Access To Target Phone

SpyBubble is the next best spy app for android without access to target phone. This app is designed to help you know about the target phone location, and monitor calls, messages, etc. This is an incredibly superb app that gives you full control over the phone.

The first thing we like about the Spybubble app is that it is very easy to use and it is incredibly intuitive. It doesn’t require any knowledge of cell phone tracking, after installation within minutes, you start understanding it.

Its level of control for tacking is amazing. For any particular event on the phone, you can set up alert notifications. For example, you can set an alert if any particular site is opened on the phone. This is helpful to stop your kids from doing any illegal activity on the phone.

If you have doubts about your partner or any other family member it will clear all your doubts. It shows call details, so you can find out whether your partner is doing chat with any stranger or not.

There is one downside of this app is that it doesn’t support a call recording feature. So, you can only see call logs.


  • 1 Month – $42
  • 3 Months – $23/month
  • 12 Months – $9.91/month

5. uMobix

umobix spy app for android

Check out uMobix if you want to try out the best spy apps for Android devices before purchasing them. It has fantastic spying features that set it apart from the rest of the list.

uMobix operates in the background, and its hidden feature renders it invisible to everyone. uMobix is designed to work with all Android versions. In our testing, we discovered that it works with top-tier secure Android phones.

You can use uMobix as a parental control app to track your children’s phones or as a spy app to spy on your employees at work. It has a number of social media tracking features. Its stealth mode renders it completely undetectable on the target device.

uMobix has excellent live support. You can contact its support at any time. uMobix doesn’t have a screen recording feature. You have to simply install it on the cell phone which you want to spy and afterward, you can check anything on the phone.


  • 1-month – $49.99
  • 3-month – $27.99 per month
  • 12-month – $11.66 per month
Credit – uMobix

6. Hoverwatch

hoverwatch spy app

Hoverwatch is known for its screenshot-based tracking feature for Android devices. The Hoverwatch spy app can be used without accessing the target phone. Hoverewatch has all the essential features that you expect in spying apps.

It has an awesome feature of taking screenshots of the targeted device from its screen recorder. From the targeted device, you get screenshots at a regular time period. Whatever your kid is doing on the phone, you get it in the form of a screenshot.

Another awesome feature of Hoverwatch is it takes photos of the surrounding. You can access its camera remotely to take photos without knowing kids.

Track every chat on Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Check their contact list and call details to find out with whom they are talking continuously. Use its location tracking feature to find out the current location of kids.


1-Month License   $24.99
3-Month License   $59.99
12-Month License   $99.99
1-Month License   $49.99
3-Month License   $99.99
12-Month License   $199.99
1-Month License   $149.99
3-Month License   $299.99
12-Month License   $499.99

7. Spyic

spyic app for android device

Another excellent Android spy app that does not require access to the target phone. It is the most effective spy app for monitoring all incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone.

Spyic includes a feature that displays deleted messages. It highlights all deleted messages, allowing you to see what your partner or children are concealing from you. Spyic becomes a useful undetectable Android spy app as a result. It went through all of the deleted messages.

It displays deleted messages from WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media chats in addition to deleted text messages. Spyic is a one-stop shop for monitoring all social media chat conversations.

Its unique feature is that it captures screenshots of social media apps as soon as they are opened on the target phone.

Spyic is also able to track location, browse the history, keylogger, keyword tracking, call logs, etc. It syncs all data from the target Android phone to the Spyic app, so you don’t want to do it manually.


Basic PlanPremium PlanFamily Plan
1-Month License   $39.99
3-Month License   $59.99
12-Month License   $99.99
1-Month License   $49.99
3-Month License   $69.99
12-Month License   $119.99
1-Month License   $69.99
3-Month License   $99.99
12-Month License   $199.99

8. Cocospy

spy app

Cocospy has some unique spy features that set it apart from the majority of free hidden spy apps for Android devices. It only takes a few minutes to instal on the target device. Its automatic setup requires less device permission.

Cocospy can be used on the target Android phone without gaining access to it. Nowadays, kids spend their entire day on social media apps. Cocospy keeps you up to date on your child’s or partner’s activities in real time. It sends data to the Cocospy app’s dashboard quickly.

Cocospy, like Spyic, can read deleted messages. Cocospy is a bit pricey and has a limited feature set. It does not support geofencing. When your children or partners visit a specific location, you will not receive a location alert. It doesn’t record audio calls.


Basic PlanPremium PlanFamily Plan
1-Month License   $39.99/$49.99
3-Month License   $59.99/$149.99
12-Month License   $99.99/$599.99
1-Month License   $49.99/$69.99
3-Month License   $69.99/$209.99
12-Month License   $119.99/$839.99
1-Month License   $69.99/$89.99
3-Month License   $99.99/$269.99
12-Month License   $199.99/$999.99

9. iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor android spy app

iKeyMonitor is one of the best spy apps for Android without access to the target phone that provides a free trial period to test the app’s features. It efficiently tracks the target device.

You can monitor every activity on your child’s phone using iKeyMonitor. Once you start using the iKeyMonitor reliable Android spy app, you won’t need any other best spy apps for Android without physical access. After installing the app on the target phone, you can access all of its data on your phone or PC.

You can listen to call recordings with iKeyMonitor, which does not require root access. It captures screenshots of the open app and records background noise while detecting keystrokes while chatting. It can also remotely record from the camera on the target phone.

With its stealth mode feature, the iKeyMonitor Android spy app operates in the background. As a result, your partner or children will be unaware that a spy app is installed on their phone.


  • Mobile – Free and paid
  • Desktop – $29/month

10. KidsGurad Pro

kidsguard spy app for android

KidsGurad Pro is a call recording and geofencing undetectable android spy app for tracking your children’s activities. KidsGurad Pro is a low-cost spy app for Android phones.

It can be used for basic tracking features such as location tracking, call monitoring, message reading, viewing photos and videos, and so on, as well as advanced features such as call recording, geofencing, remote access to the target phone, and so on.

You can secretly take videos and photos from the phone by remotely controlling it. As a result, you should monitor what your child is doing with their friends.

Furthermore, KidsGurad Pro does not require phone rooting. It sends you a screenshot of the currently open app. KidsGurad Pro is a true hidden spy app because it sends the majority of data when the target device is connected to the internet via WiFi.

KidsGurad Pro, unlike other best spy apps for Android, displays an entire sentence with its keylogger feature, eliminating the need to guess what was typed.


  • 1 Month Plan: $29.95 per month
  • 3 Months Plan: $16.65 per month
  • 1-Year Plan: $8.32 per month

11. Webwatcher

webwatcher hidden android spy app

Have you ever wanted to know what your kids are up to when they’re not around? So, Webwatcher is for you. Monitoring devices are becoming popular day by day.

Webwatcher is a good spy app that is used by parents. With its wide range of features, you can see throughout activities on the target phone.

With Webwatcher, you can see their GPS location, check call and web browser history, see deleted texts, check social media accounts, etc. It is also capable to take screenshots and send them to you. So, you can see what they do on their mobile.

Installation of the app is pretty simple. You just need to follow on-screen instructions and within seconds, it will be installed. Once it is installed, you can remotely access the phone and see its data.

Webwatcher allows you to see the target phone activities in a comprehensive mode. You can see every report in detail with timestamps. Even you can see how much data they have used.

The negative point about Webwatcher is that its price is not affordable. In a single license, you can use it for only one device. To track more than one device, you need to take a license for every device.


  • Android – $10/month
  • iOS – $10/month

12. TheWiSpy

thwispy spy app without access target device

For non-rooted devices, the TheWiSpy Android spy app is the best option. It allows you to see remotely the target device. You can see your kid’s social media activities remotely.

You have access to use the phone camera or mic to listen to the surrounding sound of the device. It offers environmental monitoring feature with a remote camera recording option. See, what your child has downloaded on their phone by accessing their multimedia files.

See the detail of their browsing history. Also, check how much time a child spends on a particular app by viewing the app usage. Set keywords alert so when the kid-type restricted keywords you get an alert and screenshot. TheWiSpy is a perfect spy app to track the activities of your child.


  • Basic – $8/month
  • Premium – $13/month
  • Platinum – $19/month

13. MobiStealth

mobistealth phone spy app

Next is the MobiStealth phone spy app. It shows you every small detail of your kid’s activity. With MobiStealth, you can track the location of your child. Like other best free spy apps, it shows you call logs, deleted messages, photos, and videos.

MobiStealth record every activity of the target phone. You can see screenshots of any app on your dashboard. Listen to all conversations of your kid with friends through the microphone.

MobiStealth has excellent and trained customer support that is available the whole day to help you.

MobiStealth has a well-rounded collection of spying features to keep your eye on your partner or kids remotely on Android and iOS devices.


  • Pro – $59/month
  • Pro-x – $69/month

14. Spyera

spyera phone spy app

Spyera phone spy app works with all Android os versions. An easy-to-use user-friendly app to spy on anyone. The good thing is that Spyera hidden spy app is undetectable on the target device.

Spyera can be used by a non-techy person. Its features are similar to other best spy app for Android without access to target phone. It has a clean and user-friendly interface so using the app is not difficult.

Spyera has an annual payment system plan and it offers discounts when you select annual payment which makes it affordable. It won’t make your pocket empty. Spyera doesn’t have some advanced tracking features to spy on a phone which makes it less useful than other apps in the list.


  • Mobile phone – $89/month
  • Tablet – $69/month
  • Computer – $49/month
  • All in One – $479/year

15. Xnspy

xnspy phone spy app

Its simple design makes it an excellent choice for those who are not technologically savvy. It will run in the background, undetected by the user.

The Xnspay app functions similarly to other best spy apps for Android phones. Text messages, social media chats, call logs, and GPS locations, for example, can all be tracked. It can be used to track your children, employees, or loved ones. It has a live web portal that displays the phone’s current location.

Use this app to set parental controls on the phone. You can set restrictions on the phone, so your child will only watch those contents which are allowed by you. Set limits to the use of social media platforms.


  • Yearly · $6.99
  • Quarterly $16.99
  • Monthly ·$29.99
Credit – KDCloudy

How Can I Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software on Target Phone For Free?

track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

You can’t track a cell phone location without installing paid or free Android spy apps or software on the target phone. You only need single-time access to the device to install the phone spy software. Once you installed the software, its app icon won’t be visible on the screen and you can track all activities of the phone.

With these cell phone spy apps, you can do GPS tracking of the target phone on your device anytime without knowing them.

Access the target phone remotely with free spy apps to know what your children or employees are doing.

Is There a Free App To Spy on Someone’s Phone?

best free spy apps

There are free spy apps to spy on someone’s phone activities but with limited features. You can access the trial of these free Android spy apps to find out the quality and features of the app.

People spy solely on the phone of their kids to have control over their activities. The advent of smartphones has changed the lifestyle of people. People carry smartphones with them every place so it becomes easy to spy on them without knowing them.

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What Is The Best Spy App For Android Devices?

The best spy app for Android without access to target phone is a safe way to know about your kid’s or employees’ daily routine. With these free spy apps for Android phones, you can track any activity of the target phone.

While preparing this list, we compared and tested many best Android spy apps for Android devices and at last, we found mSpy to the best spy app for Android phones. It has economical paid plans and supports most Android versions.

It has great customer care support. You can take help from the support 24/7 on the phone, by email, or by live chat. It can track almost all activities on the phone like call logs, read chats on WhatsApp groups, Facebook, and Instagram, read text messages, GPS location tracking, call tracking, and more.

FAQ About Best Spy Apps For Android Phone

Can You Track a Phone Without Downloading an App on It?

Without downloading spy apps for Android, you can’t spy on anyone’s phone. You need to install a mobile spy app on the target phone either manually or through any message link. The spy app won’t be visible on the target device.
You can track all activities on the phone. Read their messages, check their call detail, record phone calls, know their location, etc. There are many spy apps for Android that make fake claims. Before buying any mobile spy app without physical access, you should check the reviews of other users.

Are There Any Free Spy Apps For Android?

There are no free apps to spy on the Android phone. You need to buy their license. You can choose plan as your requirements.

Is There a Spy App That Can Be Installed Remotely?

There are many best Android spy apps that can be installed remotely from the above list of best spy app for Android without access to target phone. You don’t need physical access to the device. These apps allow you to track the location and other activities of the target phone. Spy apps use GPS location technology to track the phone remotely but they are not free.

Can Spyware Be Installed Via Text Message?

Yes, you can install spyware via a text message but it is not a simple task. It required lots of technical knowledge so for a normal person it is not possible.

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