How To Watch Paramount Plus on PS5?

When it comes to the streaming service, Paramount plus is a good option. On Paramount plus, you can watch the latest shows, original content, and sports. In the last few years, streaming service is at boom. It has become part of many people’s daily routines.

You can watch your favorite content whenever you want on any device. Along with TV, and PC, Paramount plus is available for gaming consoles also. This article shows how to watch Paramount plus on PS5.

You can stream its content on the Sony PlayStation console. You need a Paramount plus subscription to watch Paramount Plus on the PS5 gaming console.

What Is Paramount + Streaming Service?

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Paramount + is a streaming service that is based in the USA. It has different subscription plans. From shows to sports news, everything is available on it. It is owned by ViacomVBS company.

Paramount is not available in every country. You can watch its content if you live in the USA, the middle east, or Australia. The good thing is its content is not only available in the English language. You can watch its shows in English, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, and Norwegian.

Either you can pay monthly or yearly for its premium plan. Its basic plan offers limited content.

If you don’t want to see ads between shows, buy its premium plan. So, you can stream all your content without any ads.

Will Paramount Plus Be on PS5?

Currently, Paramount plus is not available for PS5. There is no clarification from Paramount’s side that when its streaming service will be available for PS5 users. But soon it will be available on PS5.

You can find supported devices for paramount plus here – Paramount + Supported Devices

Whenever Paramount plus supports any new device, they update the list. You can watch on-demand tv shows on Paramount plus. With its own video player, you can stream content offline. Download the content and watch it without the internet.

Can You Download Paramount Plus on PS5?

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With Paramount plus users can watch the latest movies and TV shows. It is also famous for its sports content.

Paramount streaming content is available in SD and HD quality. You can change quality according to internet connection speed.

PS5 is a gaming console but it supports streaming services also. But Paramount plus streaming service is not available on PS5. So, you can’t download Paramount plus on PS5.

How To Watch Paramount Plus on PS5?

How To Watch Paramount Plus on PS5

You can’t download Paramount plus on PS5 but still, you can watch it on PS5. There is a trick that allows you to watch Paramount plus on PS5.

To watch Paramount plus on PS5, you need a mobile phone. Use any screen mirroring app on your phone and stream its content into PS5 through the screen mirroring app. Here we are going to show screen mirroring for both iPhone and Android phones.

When you use any screen mirroring app, make sure both the phone and PS5 console is connected to the same WIFI.

In iPhone

To use screen mirroring on iPhone use the Air mirror app. It wirelessly mirrors iPhone to PS5 and other devices. There is no delay in the content mirroring.

Air mirror is the easiest and quickest way to mirror iPhone to PS5. It supports both landscape and portrait screen mirroring.

Download – Air Mirror

  • Download and install the Air mirror app on your iPhone. It is a free app.
  • Turn on the PS5 console and go to its setting.
  • In the setting, find the Remote play option and enable it.
  • Now turn on power saving mode and choose the stay connected to the internet option.
  • Now open the Air mirror app on your iPhone and login into your PSN (play station network) account.
  • Once you’ve logged successfully into your PSN account. Your iPhone will be connected to your PS5.
  • Now whatever you will play on your phone, it will be seen on the PS5.
  • So, open the Paramount plus app on your phone and stream its content on PS5.

In Android

Screen mirroring app is a good app to stream content of Android phones to PS5. With the screen mirroring app, you can watch Paramount Plus on PS5. Follow these steps to mirror your Android phone to PS5.

Download – Screen Mirroring

  • Turn on the PS5 gaming console and open the game base setting.
  • Here you can send a message to a friend.
  • Select any friend to send a message to.
  • Now in the message box type and sent this message to your friend.
  • Now click on the message in the PS5 console. A QR code will be opened.
  • Open the screen mirroring app on the phone and scan the QR code.
  • Select the start broadcast option to mirror your Android phone to your PS5 console.
  • Open the Paramount plus app on the phone to watch its content on the PS5.

Which Device Can I Use To Watch Paramount Plus on PS5?

As you know Paramount plus is directly not available on the PS5. But still, people find answers on how to watch Paramount plus on PS5.

You can use mobile phones and tablets to watch Paramount + on PS5. Paramount + is an excellent streaming platform in the USA. People watch its content regularly mainly sports content.

With any screen mirroring app, you can stream all your favorite shows of Paramount plus on the PS5. Before using the Paramount plus app, you need to log in to your Paramount plus account. You get free 7 days trial to check Paramount + features.

Can’t Find Paramount Plus on Play Station 5

Paramount plus is an on-demand streaming platform. Get rid of boredom, with its shows. Nowadays people use more than one streaming service. Paramount Plus is a popular streaming service in the USA.

If you can’t find Paramount plus on play station 5, don’t worry, this issue is not only with you. Because Paramount Plus is not available on play station 5. So, when you search for it in the app section, you get 0 results.

Can You Put Paramount Plus on PS4?

Yes, Paramount plus is available on PS4. You just need to download the Paramount + app to the PS4 gaming console and open it. Enter your username and password to log in to the app. You get an access code on the PS4 screen. Enter this code on the Paramount plus website’s activation section. Now you can watch Paramount + on PS4.


So, this was whole information about Paramount plus on PS5. It is not available on PS5 but with our methods, you can watch Paramount plus content on PS5. Buy it on any plan and watch its content. You need a phone and screen mirroring app to watch Paramount + on PS5.

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