Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV [9 Easy Fixes]

Paramount plus is a fast-growing online streaming platform. You can watch its shows on many devices such as TV, mobile, and computer. It has a wide range of movies, shows, and sports content.

Samsung smart TVs are built to give a better TV experience to viewers. Many streaming services come pre-installed into Samsung smart TV and Paramount plus are one of them.

What to do when Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV?

If Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV, you can’t watch its shows. You get a black screen, app crashes, buffers, and many other issues. But these issues are not hard to solve. We’ve prepared a series of possible fixes to solve the Paramount plus not working issue on the Samsung smart TV.

Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV – 9 Quick Solutions

paramount plus not working on samsung tv

1. Check Internet Connection

internet connection

Both Samsung smart TV and Paramount app work on an internet connection. Without an internet connection, smart TV is not smart.

Paramount plus is a streaming service so it streams content when it gets an internet connection. In the house, most devices are connected to a single router. It affects the speed of the internet. Slow internet speed cause Paramount plus not to work on Samsung TV.

Check whether other devices are getting good internet speed or not. If they have no issue with the internet, the internet is not the reason.

To solve the internet issue reset the router. You can contact the internet provider and ask them to increase the internet speed.

2. Restart Samsung TV

restart Samsung tv

Sometimes a simple solution fixes difficult problems. Restarting the Samsung TV is a quick solution to try to fix Paramount plus not working on Samsung TV.

People turn off the TV through the power button of the remote. It doesn’t turn off the TV fully.

To give a proper restart to Samsung TV, the press power button on the remote and hold it for a few seconds even after TV is off. After a few seconds, the TV will be restarted and all apps on the Samsung TV will get a fresh start.

3. Power Cycle Samsung TV

The next solution to fix Paramount + not working on Samsung TV is to restart the power cycle of your Samsung TV.

Remove the power cord of the Samsung TV. Hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds. Now wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then restart the TV. Connect it to the router.

4. Clear Cache

Any app on a smart TV store cache in its memory to work faster. Slowly this cache file size increases. When cache files are older than 2-3 years, it may cause an issue.

You should clear cache files of apps from time to time. To clear the cache of the Paramount plus app follows these steps.

  • Go to the setting section of the Samsung smart TV.
  • Open the system apps folder. Here you will see all installed apps of the TV.
  • Go to the Paramount plus app and click on it.
  • Now choose the clear cache option.
  • With cache, select clear data also.

If Paramount + not working due to cache, your issue will be resolved when you clear the cache.

5. Reinstall Paramount Plus App

reinstall paramount app

Paramount plus app works on an internet connection. Possible that app files may be infected during the update of the app. In this situation, you should delete and install a new file of the app.

  • Open the setting menu of the Samsung smart TV.
  • In the app section, select Paramount plus app.
  • Click on it and open its setting and choose to uninstall option.
  • Now restart the Samsung smart TV so all cache related to Paramount plus will be removed.
  • Go to the app store of the Samsung TV.
  • Find the Paramount plus app in the app store and download it.
  • After downloading, it will be installed on your Samsung TV.
  • Login to your Paramount plus account. If the issue is related to the app, the Paramount plus app would work perfectly.

6. Install Older Version of App

Not only Paramount Plus, but all other apps also get updates at regular intervals. Companies release updates to improve the functionality and performance of the app.

But sometimes, a new version of the app may show problems with the Samsung TV. You update the Paramount plus app and it won’t work anymore. Paramount plus starts crashing or displaying a black screen or any other issue.

To fix the Paramount plus app that is not working on Samsung TV, delete its latest version from the Samsung Tv. Now install its older version. If an older version is not available, contact Paramount plus customer support, they will guide you.

7. Change DNS Setting

change samsung tv dns setting

DNS settings also may cause issues and the result is Paramount plus app won’t work on Samsung TV. Follow these steps to change the DNS setting.

  • In the setting menu of Samsung TV, choose a general option.
  • In the list select the network setting option.
  • Find the network status option and tap on the IP setting.
  • Click on the DNS setting option and choose manually.
  • You may use your router’s DNS setting and press Ok to save the changed setting.

8. Update Software of Samsung TV

Some people turn off Samsung TV software auto-update. Samsung smart TV gets regular software updates. If auto-update is enabled, your Samsung TV will be updated automatically to the latest software version.

In the manual update setting, you get a display message to update the software.

To manually update the software, go to the TV setting and click on supports. Go to the software update option and click on it to update it. After updating the software restart the TV. You should change the setting from manual update to auto-update.

9. Call a Friend

call a friend

If all these solutions are not working, then the problem with not TV and Paramount plus app, the problem is with the Paramount plus app’s server.

You can call your friend who is using the Paramount plus app and ask them whether their Paramount plus app is working or not. If it is a server issue, almost all people will be facing this issue. Contact customer support of Paramount plus and tell them about server issues.

Why Does Paramount Plus Keep Buffering on Samsung TV?

If Paramount plus isn’t working on Samsung TV because of a network issue, you will see the buffering screen on the tv. Show of the Paramount won’t move forward and its buffer.

In this situation, you need to fix the internet issue. A good internet speed will solve the buffering issue.

You need a stable and high-speed internet connection to stream content on the OTT platform. Paramount plus needs 4 Mbps speed to run smoothly.

With paramount, there is a disadvantage that it streams content into high-definition only there is no option to choose SD mode. SD mode needs less speed to stream shows. So, when any content stream is in high-definition mode and if the internet speed is not high, you will definitely see a buffer screen on the Paramount plus app.

Reset the internet connection of the house to increase the internet speed. With high internet speed, your Paramount app won’t buffer.

How Do I Get Paramount Plus on My Samsung Smart TV?

paramount plus on samsung tv

Paramount plus app is available on the Samsung TV app store. Open the app store in the TV and find the Paramount plus app. Now click on download and install the paramount plus app.

If you get any error to download or install the Paramount plus app on the Samsung TV, you should restart the TV. Turn off the TV and wait for 2-3 minutes before again starting it.

Now again open the app store and try to install the Paramount plus app. This time app will be installed.

How To Connect Samsung TV To WIFI?

  • Press the home button of the Samsung smart TV.
  • Go to the setting option and press ok.
  • Click on the network option and choose WIFI connection.
  • Search for your home WIFI connection
  • Input the WIFI password and click on connect. It will be connected in a few seconds.


These all are quick and easy solutions for the Paramount plus app not working on Samsung smart tv. We have tried these solutions personally and they were working fine for us. Bring the paramount app to the working situation with these fixes and watch your favorite shows without any interruption.

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