What Skills Does an Individual Need to Become a Top-Tier Ludo Player?

Playing different types of board games has been one of the favorite pastimes of individuals throughout history. However, one board game that has surpassed every other in terms of popularity is ludo. According to The Economic Times, ludo’s popularity soared among the masses during the pandemic.

The multiplayer board game is played extensively by people belonging to different age groups all across the globe. The game is popular among the masses for numerous reasons. For starters, it reduces players’ anxiety and facilitates the players to become aware.

Besides this, the popular board game also improves the mental health of players. Thanks to the immense benefits that the game offers, the virtual version of ludo have become more popular than the classic offline version.

Skills You Need To Become a Pro-Ludo Player

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Thanks to the popularity of online ludo, numerous platforms allow board game enthusiasts to indulge in ludo games without hassle. All an individual requires to play a ludo game is a smartphone and a reliable Internet connection. The majority of such online platforms also offer individuals the option to play ludo earn money.

To indulge in virtual ludo games, all individuals need to do is download the online ludo game, register on the platform, and start playing. It is an excellent option for users who wish to play an exciting board game with their friends or family members virtually.

Millions of people play ludo every day with their friends, family members, or against anonymous opponents. Out of them, some players indulge in ludo games merely to have fun and chill. However, some play competitively and wish to become an expert at the game. Any individual who wishes to become a top-tier ludo player should try to develop or hone the following skills:


Even though a ludo game’s outcome depends slightly on the number appearing on the dice, what decides the fate of any ludo game majorly is how focused a player is during a ludo match. Let us consider an example.

If a player gets impressive numbers on the dice but does not play with focus and makes the wrong moves, they may end up losing the match. On the other hand, if a player is not very lucky and ends up getting bad numbers, they may turn the game around by being focused and making the right moves.

Any player who has laser-like focus during a ludo match against a skilled opponent has a higher chance of winning it as opposed to someone who is not focused.

Mental Agility

One of the main features of ludo games is that they are very unpredictable. At one moment, it may seem that a player is going to win the match, but it may not be the case. Moreover, there are instances when ludo games become very fast-paced.

Hence, every ludo player should have quick thinking skills to ensure that they counter each of their opponent’s moves. Quickly thinking and applying new moves and tricks can significantly help players catch their opponents off guard and, as a result, facilitate them to win the match.


There are instances when ludo games continue for extended periods, especially when two experts are battling it out on the ludo board. In such cases, it is essential for players to be patient.

Being patient not only facilitates a player to remain calm and composed but also allows them to make intelligent moves which may result in them winning the game. On the other hand, if a player gets impatient and makes moves in a hasty manner, it may result in them losing the match and the rewards at stake.

Hence, players who wish to obliterate their opponents in ludo games should try developing patience.

Strategic Thinking

Ludo is a game of strategy; thus, every individual who wishes to excel at the popular board game must devise effective tricks to overpower their opponents. For instance, players must make their moves strategically to ensure that their tokens or marbles reach their bases before their opponents.

They can do this in two ways – i.e., by focusing on eliminating the tokens of their opponents or by trying to save their tokens from getting eliminated by their opponent’s tokens.

Implementing strategic thinking is one of the most effective methods by which individuals can defeat any opponent in a ludo match. 


Like all other games or sports, ludo requires immense dedication as well as determination. Players who wish to defeat their opponents cannot get the job done simply by making good moves.

They must stay dedicated and determined to ensure their mind does not get off-tracked. A committed ludo player is someone who wishes to win and knows precisely how to achieve that.


Discipline allows individuals to stay committed to a cause and motivates them to keep working harder. Any individual who wishes to become a professional ludo player and be the best player in any ludo match must learn or hone discipline.

One of the most effective ways of enhancing discipline is to practice playing ludo against anonymous opponents. Doing so will not only facilitate players to improve their in-game skills but also help them in enhancing their discipline.

Ludo is one of the few board games in which luck and skill play an equally important role. However, if any player wishes to become a professional ludo player, they should focus on developing or honing their skills and not only rely on the luck factor. Individuals looking to become pro ludo players should seriously consider developing the aforementioned skills.

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