Westinghouse Roku TV Remote Not Working – 5 Quick Fixes

If your Westinghouse Roku TV remote not working, don’t worry, it is not a big issue. Many people encounter similar situations from time to time where either Westinghouse Roku TV remote won’t work or it will work with dealy.

People also encounter button issues with the Westinghouse Roku remote. In some situations, none of the buttons on the remote will work while in other cases, some buttons will work and some not.

If you have any issues with Westinghouse Roku TV remote, this guide will solve all your issues. Try solutions from here to bring back Westinghouse Roku TV remote in working condition.

Westinghouse Roku TV Remote Not Working

Westinghouse Roku TV Remote Not Working

When Westinghouse Roku TV remote won’t work, it disturbs your entertainment. From the below-mentioned solutions, you can try anything for your Westinghouse remote.

Replace Remote Batteries

The main power source for Westinghouse Roku TV remote is its batteries. With time, the batteries in the remote are not in good condition, and due to low power, the Westinghouse Roku TV remote won’t work.

Replacing those batteries are simple. Remove the back cover of the remote, remove old batteries, and insert new batteries. Put on the back cover and check the remote by pressing any button of the remote towards Westinghouse Roku TV.

Reset Westinghouse Roku TV Remote

Remote is an electronic device that works with the power of batteries. There are circuits inside the Westinghouse Roku TV remote. Due to regular use of the remote, sometimes excess charge build up inside the circuit of the Westinghouse Roku TV remote.

To deal with an excess charge from the circuit, you need to drain it. It will bring the remote into normal condition. It is a simple method but most people don’t know about it.

So how do I reset my Westinghouse TV remote? Here is the process.

To reset Westinghouse Roku TV remote, first, remove the batteries of the remote. Now after removing the batteries, press the power button of the remote for 15 seconds.

Now press all buttons of the remote randomly to make free any stuck button. You should press every button 2-3 times so if any button is stuck, it will be freed and work properly. It’s time to put batteries again in the remote.

Clean Dirt From Remote

Clean Dirt From Remote

A remote is an important device for the Westinghouse Roku TV but we don’t care about it properly. After using the remote, we keep it anywhere.

Many people use the same remote in the house. Different types of hands are touched to the remote and that makes the remote dirty. Also, dust accumulates around the buttons of the remote. From the buttonhole, dust also accumulates inside the remote and makes it unusable. Due to dirt, the remote doesn’t work properly and it faces issues while sending a signal to the Westinghouse Roku TV.

To clean dirt from the remote, follow these steps.

  • Before cleaning dirt from the remote, take out its batteries to avoid any electrical issues.
  • Take a soft damp cloth to wipe out any visible dirt from the outside of the remote.
  • Get a hair dryer and blow its air around the buttons of the remote. This can help dislodge any loose dirt
  • Now To clean the remote from the inside, you need to open it. There may be screws hidden under the battery cover or beneath stickers.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove those screws.
  • If there is no screw on the remote, pry open the remote case using a plastic opening tool or a credit card-like object.
  • Start from one corner and work your way around the remote. Be cautious not to use excessive force as you may damage the plastic clips that hold the case together.
  • Once the remote is open, you can use compressed air and cotton swabs to clean the internal components like the circuit board, rubber buttons, and contact pads.
  • After cleaning, carefully reassemble the remote by aligning the two halves and snapping them back together. Make sure all the buttons work correctly before inserting the batteries.

Power Cycle Westinghouse Roku TV

When you power cycle your Westinghouse Roku TV, it not only fixes its remote issue but also fixes other issues like Roku TV sound, etc.

To power cycle, Westinghouse Roku TV, follow these steps.

Keep the Westinghouse Roku TV on and unplug it directly from the power outlet by pulling its power cable. Now leave the TV unplugged for 30 seconds.

On your Westinghouse Roku TV, there is a power on and off button. Hold this button for 30 seconds and then plug the power cable of the Westinghouse Roku TV into the power outlet and check the remote. It will work if the issue was related to the power cycle of Westinghouse Roku TV.

Fix Remote Signal Issue

When you press any button on the Westinghouse Roku TV remote, it sends a signal to the Westinghouse Roku TV. But when there is something between the remote and the TV, the TV won’t get a signal.

Without getting any signal, how many times the buttons you press on the remote, nothing will happen. To solve the issue, check if any object is placed on the TV sensor. Remove if there is any object from the front and side of the TV. There should be nothing between the TV and the remote when you press any button on the remote.

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FAQs About Westinghouse Roku TV Remote Not Working

Can I Use My Smartphone as a Remote For The Westinghouse Roku TV?

Yes, you can download the Roku mobile app on your smartphone to use it as a remote for your Westinghouse Roku TV. Ensure that both your TV and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

I Accidentally Dropped The Remote. Could This Be The Reason It Stopped Working?

Dropping the remote might have caused physical damage, leading to its malfunction. Inspect the remote for any visible signs of damage, and if found, consider replacing the remote.

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