10 Best Laptop Brand in India to Buy in 2021

Like mobile, a laptop is also an essential thing for students and employees. To buy a laptop when you search online, you see various laptop brands like HP, Sony, Acer, and so on. Do you know among all brands which are s the best laptop brands in India?

Every laptop brand has its own features. Every brand gives its best to fulfill the requirements of customers. For many people, a laptop is part of their daily routine and without a laptop, they can’t imagine their day.

Nowadays people prefer laptops over computers because a laptop is easy to carry and more convenient to use. You can carry a laptop anywhere in the house or outside the house. The computer is not a movable device.

For school or office, the laptop is becoming the first choice for many people. In our list, we have selected the best laptop brands for students, employees, entrepreneurs, gamers, and so on. A good laptop makes your daily work easy.

How to Select the Best Laptop Brand in India?

For every profession, every brand has different laptops. Your requirements decide which laptop is good for you.

Nowadays laptop prices are not high. If you spend some time then in the budget range you can find a good laptop with the latest features. Fast SSD storage, long battery backup, high RAM, good after-sales service are essential for a good laptop.

Any brand becomes good if its after-sales service is good. All brands claim that they are giving the latest features in their laptops but we all know that after few months or a few years, you need to do the service of a laptop.

When a laptop brand gives the best after-sale service to customers then it becomes the first choice of the customer. Many brands focus on the sale of laptops and they don’t give focus on after-sale service. This is not a good thing for any laptop brand.

To select the best laptop brand in India, first, decide your budget and in your budget, compare the features of all available laptops.

Laptops are portable so people carry them anywhere. The weight of laptops should be light so you can carry them easily. The right laptop does most of the work easily so choose the best brand of laptop carefully.

10 Best Laptop Brand in India 2021


HP is the leading laptop brand in India. HP company was formed by Hewlett and Packard. They used the first letter of their names for the company names. In 1939 in California Hewlett and Packard founded HP company.

The company initially manufactured electronics items. With the beginning of the computer age, HP started making computers. HP is a multinational brand. Along with the USA, HP is selling laptops and computers all over the world.

HP has a good reputation among customers. HP laptops are reliable, stylish, and feature packs. HP laptops are for everyone for students, gamers, employees, and more. HP customer care support is excellent and its after-sale service is the best.

HP always added the latest features to their laptops. Due to the good quality and stylish laptop, HP is always the first choice for many customers. HP has a trustable reputation among customers. HP laptops offer the latest features at an affordable price range. Some HP laptops give 7-10 hours battery life. All these features make it one of the best laptop brands in India.

Best Selling HP Laptops

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The next laptop brand is Dell. Since 1984, Dell has been providing quality laptops and computers to customers. Dell is dominating the laptop market with its rough-to-use. The body of Dell laptops is built with high-quality material.

Along with a rough body, Dell laptops are stylish. Dell Inspiron series is its most famous series for laptops. Dell is known for its durable laptops. Dell was founded by Michael S. Dell.

Dell is a USA-based company and its head office is in Texas. Currently, Dell is running its business in more than 70 countries. Dell laptops are unique in look. The elegant beauty of the Dell laptop impresses anyone.

Dell’s after-sale service is impressive and almost in every city of India, you get Dell service centers. The main aim of Dell is to build laptops for everyone. Every person has a different need and Dell is building laptops according to the requirements of their customers.

Best Selling Dell Laptop


Does the Apple brand need any introduction? Apple laptops are superb in quality but their price is not on the budget of many people. The battery backup of the Apple laptop is excellent. You get more than 12 hours of battery backup on an Apple laptop.

Apple laptops run on their own OS which is named MAC. For fast and efficient typing, Apple uses a swift keyboard on their laptops. Apart from laptops, Apple is making various electronics devices since 1976.

Steve Jobs was the founder of the Apple company. Like Apple phones, Apple laptops are slim in design. You can easily carry them anywhere due to their lightweight design. Apple laptops are called MacBooks.

People buy Apple laptops because they are secure and give good battery backup. Their high-speed processor always gives fast performance to users. You don’t need to charge it several times a day. One charge will give you enough battery so you can use it the whole day.

The latest features, great functionality, slim design, and quick response are key features of an Apple laptop. Apple should have been the best laptop brand in India but due to its high price range, it is out of budget for many people.

Best Selling Apple Laptop

apple best laptop brands in india

Apple MacBook Pro

apple macbook air

Apple MacBook Air

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Sony is one of the oldest companies in the electronics market. Since 1996 Sony has been manufacturing laptops for their customers. Vaio series is famous for Sony laptops. Sony laptops are famous for their quality performance and better sound quality.

After launching the Vaio series, Sony has become one of the popular laptop brands in India. Sony laptops are available in various funky colors and because of it, these laptops are the first choice for many students.

Due to the latest hardware and software combinations, Sony laptops perform well and their tough body makes them more durable for rough use.

Inbuilt features of Sony laptops are good and you get 7-8 hours of battery life in it. Sales of Sony laptops are increasing every year due to its good customer care center support. In India, almost every city has a Sony customer care center.

Due to the quality-price of Sony laptops are high in comparison to Dell and HP laptops. With Sony laptops, you will always get the latest features. Once you buy a Sony laptop, you will never think that you have invested in the wrong place.


Lenovo is another best laptop brand in India. This is the first Chinese laptop company on our list. It has different laptop series like Y, V, Flex, Yoga, and more series. The best thing about Lenovo laptops is that their laptops are in the budget price segment.

Lenovo is providing its service in more than 70 countries since 1984. Lenovo laptops are not stylish because the company’s main focus is on the quality and features of laptops.

Like other best laptop brands in India, Lenovo has good customer support all over India. The main benefit of the Lenovo laptop is that it gives excellent performance.

Nowadays most laptops come with SSD storage for fast performance. Lenovo is also using high-quality RAM and SSD for better performance. Lenovo has gained a good name among customers.

Lenovo Yoga series is specially designed for office use. It comes with a touch screen feature. Yoga series laptops are foldable in design. For gamers, Lenovo has a Y series laptop. Y series laptops are specially designed for gamers. It has a high graphic card with SSD storage and powerful RAM.

Best Selling Lenovo Laptop

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Mi is known for its budget-friendly mobile devices. After making huge success in the mobile industry now Mi is expanding its business and manufacturing other electronic items like laptops, TV, AC, router, and more.

Mi is an emerging best laptop brand in India. Like its mobile phones, Mi laptops are budget-oriented and feature packs. The best part about the Mi laptop is that in the budget range Mi is giving beautiful and durable laptops.

Most Mi laptops come in the range of 35000 to 50000 Rs. Its budget-friendly laptops are slim in design and built with high-tech features for better performance. 7-8 hours battery life you get with Mi laptop.

Mi is a Chinese brand but in the Indian market, Mi has a good reputation. The after-sale service for the Mi laptops is good and it makes Mi’ best laptop brand in India in 2021. The smooth performance of the Mi laptop will impress you.

Best Selling Mi Laptop


The next company on the list of best laptop brands in India is Acer. Acer was founded in Taiwan in 1976. Stan Shih and Carolyn Yeh were founders of the Acer brand. Acer is famous for its office laptops.

Enough big-size display, fast-performing processes are the main features of Acer laptops. Battery capacity is also enough for 5-6 hours of use. The sound of Acer laptops is good so you can use it for gaming also.

The slim and elegant design makes it attractive. Students want a stylish laptop with performance and Acer fulfills their all requirements.

Best Selling Acer Laptop


Samsung is known for its mobile and other electronics products but now slowly Samsung is making its appearance in the laptop market. Samsung is emerging as the best laptop brand in India. Samsung is famous for its quality products.

Samsung is a South Korean company and very famous in India. Samsung has gained customer trust by making durable laptops.

For any brand, after-sale service should be good to gain the trust of customers. Samsung is making mobile and electronics items since long ago so it has a wide range of customer service centers across India.

Samsung always gives high-tech features and the latest design in its laptop. Whether you are a student or an office employee, Samsung has laptops for all professions. According to the need of customers, Samsung has a wide range of laptops.

The display of Samsung laptops is quite sharp so you can see every image in its real color. Performance-wise Samsung laptop will never disappoint you. It’s easy to type keyboard always helps you to type fast. All these qualities make Samsung the best laptop brand in India.


Our list is incomplete without adding Asus to the list of the best laptop brand in India. Like Acer, Asus’s head office is also in Taiwan. In the laptop market, Asus is a big name. Its high-end performance is the main reason for its success.

In Asus laptops, you will get all the latest features. Its super-fast performance is always loved by everyone.

Its slim design with easy to carry feature makes it a perfect choice for freelancers. Freelancers do their work from any place and the small size of Asus’s laptops makes it the perfect laptop for freelancers.

Asus laptops are available from low to high budget range. When we compare the price of Asus and other laptops then we can easily see that price of Asus laptops is not high. Students can spend a lot of money on laptops and for them, the Asus laptop is a good option.

Best Selling Asus Laptop


The last brand is in the list of best laptop brands in India is Microsoft. Everyone knows that from starting of the computer industry Microsoft is serving its services to its customers. After making huge success in the software industry, Microsoft has entered into hardware industry.

Microsoft laptops are suitable for any profession. The price of Microsoft laptops is high but Microsoft knows that what their customers want and due to their deep knowledge of the software industry they make quality laptops for customers.

The surface series from Microsoft is the most famous. The best part about Microsoft laptops is that they can be used as a touch tablet. You can detach the keyboard from it and use it as like touch screen device.

Customer support from Microsoft is excellent. Microsoft offices are all over the world. For Indian consumers, Microsoft has launched some budget-oriented laptops.

Best Selling Microsoft Laptop

FAQ About Best Laptop Brand

Which Brand of Laptop is Best?

Dell and HP both are good laptop brands. For the budget and high price segment, both brands have good quality laptops. Their laptops come with all the latest features and are thin in the size.

Which is The No 1 Laptop Brand In India?

HP is the number 1 laptop brand in India. Its laptops are durable and the affordable price of HP laptops is within the budget of many people.

Which Laptop Lasts The Longest?

The laptop is an electronic device so its life depends on how its owner uses it. Some people use laptops carelessly so a good quality laptop will not work longer in that situation. Your usage and laptop quality will decide that how long a laptop will last.

Which Laptop Brand Has Best Battery Life?

Dell laptop brand has a longer battery life in comparison to other laptops. Dell budget laptops have around 5 hours of battery life, for normal work, it is enough.

What Are The Worst Computer Brands?

Avita laptop brand is not good for powerful use. Avita laptops are cheap so they don’t offer impressive features.

Final Words

Every person has its own requirements so their choice for the best laptop brand in India may be different. We have picked the best brands in India for laptops for you. Full detail about every laptop brand is available in our article. If budget is not an issue then you should buy Apple laptops and for in the budget range, HP laptops are best.

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