8 Best Touchscreen Laptop Under 50000 in India

best touchscreen laptop under 50000 review

People prefer laptops over computers because laptops are more comfortable in use and you can easily carry them anywhere. Since starting, laptops were famous for their easy-to-use feature. Nowadays to make laptops more useful, laptops are coming with touchscreen features. Touchscreen laptops are expensive and not everyone can spend their hard-earned money on them so … Read more

10 Best Study Chair For Students in India

best study chair for students in india

If students keep their sitting position correct while studying, they can study without getting tired for a long time. The study chair should be comfortable so that students do not get tired. Let’s see which are the best study chair for students in India? Many children sit in one place for hours and study, due … Read more

12 Best Gaming Chair in India Review

best gaming chair in india

The gaming trend in India has surged significantly in the last 2-3 years. People are spending a lot of money on a gaming setup to get a better gaming experience. You have to play games many hours every day to become a good player and improve your gaming skills. For this, with the best gaming … Read more

What Is Impedance In Headphone?

what is impedance in headphone

I’ve tested quite a few headphone amps in the past and one thing I always measure is the impedance of the headphone output. In combination with the impedance of a pair of headphones, it can have a considerable effect on the frequency response. There are some points you can follow to get the best performance … Read more

12 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1000

best bluetooth earphones under 1000 review

Bluetooth earphones are convenient and portable in use so they are a great choice for listening to music. With innovation in the technology now wireless Bluetooth earphones are available in the budget range. For best Bluetooth earphones under 1000, less known brands with hundreds of different options are available, so to make your confusion clear, … Read more