HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review [Affordable and Fast]

Whether we talk about gaming laptops or normal laptops (laptops for office and study) HP has all types of laptop machines. HP is trying to give its best with its Pavilion gamin series laptop. In this HP Pavilion gaming laptop review guide, we will discuss all the details about the HP Pavilion laptop for gaming.

HP Pavilion gaming laptop is a powerful gaming machine from the HP house in the budget price segment.

HP has also other gaming series laptops but their prices are high and out of the budget for most people. Although the HP Pavilion series is an entry-level gaming laptop, its high-end specifications and ability to run all games smoothly give tough competition to other big-budget gaming laptops.

It is mileage for consumers if they get a perfect gaming laptop at an affordable price. This HP laptop is a true winner in the entry-level segment. The gaming industry at boom and HP want to show its presence in the gaming laptop market.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Configuration

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5-4600H
Graphics cardNIVIDA 16650ti 4 GB
Screen size15.6 Inches
Screen refresh rate144 Hz
Storage1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD
Battery life8 Hours
Weight1.9 Kg
Colling systemAdvanced thermal management
Backlit keyboardYes
SoundB&O audio technology
ColorShadow black
Screen resolution1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Processor speed3 GHz
Hard disk rotation speed7200 RPM
Wireless connectivityIntel Wi-Fi 6 AX 200 (2×2) and Bluetooth 5

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review

HP is a trustable laptop brand. When you purchase an HP laptop, you are sure that you are investing in the right place. With a decent price tag, you get a fast-performing and stylish gaming laptop. RGB lighting on its keyboard gives a stylish look to it. Along with gaming, the HP Pavilion gaming laptop can be used for other productive works like study, office work, etc.

hp pavilion gaming laptop review

Main Features

  • Durable body for long-lasting use
  • Fast performance with AMD Ryzen 5
  • Advanced heat-control feature
  • Good battery life
  • Up to 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Dual storage option
  • Suitable for gamers, graphics designers, content creators, programmers
  • Anti-glare display for better picture quality

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop – Design and Style

It comes in shadow black color and the design of the HP Pavilion gaming laptop is not like a usual gaming laptop. The hexagonal shape gives a unique look to the laptop. The best part of its design is that it can be used in the office also.

Shadow black lid with HP logo in the center gives an aesthetic look to the laptop. HP has a dedicated team to design every laptop. They make sure that people should fall in love with the design of the laptop.

Plastic is used to construct the body of the HP Pavilion Gaming laptop. The matte finish of the laptop keeps it safe from fingerprints. Glossy finish catches fingerprint easily, so you need to clean it regularly to maintain its shine but the matte finish has not any issue like that.

Build quality of the HP Pavilion gaming laptop is durable and gives a premium feel to the laptop. HP has designed this laptop for dual-purpose use (gaming and professionals use).

Many people want a gaming laptop that can be used in the office also. Most of the gaming laptop comes with funky colors and RGB backlit keyboard but the decent look of HP Pavilion gaming laptop makes it a perfect choice for multipurpose use.

HP Pavilion gaming laptop is not heavy like other gaming laptops. When you take it with you into the bag, you can easily roam anywhere due to its 1.9 kg weight. Dimension of the laptop is 36 x 25.7 x 2.4 cm.

ha pavilion gaming laptop

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop – Display

HP Pavilion gaming laptop has 15.6 inches screen. Left and right side of the display has a thin bezel that makes screen wider for better visuals. HP Pavilion gaming laptop has a Full HD IPS display that has 1920 x 1080 pixels resolutions.

HP Pavilion laptop has a 144 Hz refresh rate. For the gaming laptop under 1 lakh this refresh rate is quite impressive. This refresh rate is a delight for the gamers because all games run smoothly on a 144 Hz refresh rate.

15.6 inches display size is perfect for gaming and office work. The brightness of the display is not high and it comes with 250 nits and gives a balanced brightness for images. Personally, I feel that brightness could have been more so the laptop can be used in the sunlight easily.

Anti-glare coating on the screen keeps it safe from fingerprints and also it reduces your refection into the laptop screen. Gmaut of the screen is around 65% which is similar to other laptops in this price range.

hp pavilion series laptop display

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop – Keyboard

Mostly a keyboard differentiates a gaming laptop and a regular laptop. Lighting on the gaming keyboard is the main attraction of it. The size of keys is big on the HP Pavilion gaming laptop so while typing or playing the game your fingers are free to move easily on the keyboard.

HP doesn’t compromise on the quality of the keyboard. You get a numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard.

Keys quality is superb and it has passed millions of typing tests so you can play games on it easily without fearing damaging keys. Distance between keys is enough for better typing.

HP Pavilion series comes with a white backlit keyboard laptop. If other color options would have been available then the keyboard looks more beautiful. But as I said this laptop can be used for office work also so HP has used white keyboard light to match all types of environments.

hp gaming laptop keyboard

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HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop – Storage and RAM

Storage is one of the main features of this laptop. It has a huge storage capacity. HP Pavilion gaming laptop comes with a 256 GB SSD along with a 1 TB HDD. In Hp Pavilion laptop windows 10 is installed into SSD storage.

SSD boosts the performance of the laptop. SSD is 17 times faster than HDD and it turns on a laptop within 10-12 seconds.

Most laptops in this price range come with only SSD or HDD option but in the HP Pavilion gaming laptop, you get a dual storage option to store more games and data. You will never need to buy an external hard disk in the future.

It comes with 8 GB DDR4 RAM but an expandable RAM feature is available so you can increase RAM size up to 16 GB. Due to SSD storage, you don’t need to increase RAM size.

hp laptop ram

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop – Graphics

HP Pavilion gaming laptop comes with a 4 GB NVIDIA 1650ti Graphics card. NIVIDA is known for its quality graphics card.

This graphics card is able to play all the games in a high-level setting. All the latest games like Free Fire for PC, GTA, PUBG, Fortnite, Asphalt legends, etc. can be played on this laptop due to the NIVIDA graphics card.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review – Touchpad

HP Pavilion gaming laptop has a precision touchpad. The size of the touchpad is 2.4X4.6 inches. It tracks all your finger activity precisely. It perfectly detects multi-touch. You don’t need to press hard on the touchpad. A soft touch will activate the touchpad.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review – Performance

HP Pavilion gaming laptop comes with AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor. Ryzen 5 series is equivalent to Intel 7 core 7 series. Its clock speed is 3.0 GHz.

For fast performance, it has all things. 256 GB SSD storage with 8 GB RAM support handles all the background tasks easily. Proper RAM allocation increases the performance of the laptop. To take care of high-end game graphics it comes with a NIVIDA 1650ti graphics card.

HP Pavilion gaming laptop runs on Windows 10 operating system. It has pre-installed Windows 10 that comes with lifetime validity.

144 refresh rates of the screen display all the visuals clearly. Whether you play racing games or multiplayer games, all games run on it without any lag. I have tried several games on it like PUBG PC, GTA, etc., and didn’t find any lag issue.

Apart from gaming, the HP Pavilion gaming laptop can be used for programming. All big software like an android studio and others, run on it perfectly. For gaming and programming, this laptop is the best choice.

People complain that when they open more than 15 tabs in the google play store, their laptops start lagging but with the HP Pavilion gaming laptop, you can open 20 tabs at the same time without any lag issue, all thanks to its 8 GB RAM and 256 SSD storage.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review – Cooling

Gaming laptops use their all resources while playing any high graphics game. Without cooling, the features body of the laptops gets started heating. In half an hour, you feel the heat on the body of the laptop.

Touchpad and keyboard become hot and you may face heating issues with them. To control the heating issue of the laptop, HP has used an advanced thermal management system in this laptop.

This thermal management system keeps the temperature of the laptop at a normal level.

You can play high-graphics games on it for hours without getting any heating issues. While playing PUBG PC on it I faced a little bit of heat on the keyboard at high settings on the game but that heat was not such a big issue.

hp pavilion laptop cooling

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review – Audio

HP has used Bang and Olufsen speakers for this gaming laptop. When you open the lid, speakers are clearly visible on the top of the keyboard. The hexagonal shape of the speakers gives a unique look to the laptop.

Speaker’s sound is clear and loud. All types of games, you can easily play on it. But I would recommend the best gaming headphones in India for a better game sound experience.

Speakers are loud but vocals are clear so to watch a movie, you don’t need to use any external home theater system. Bang and Olufsen speakers give a surround sound experience.

The best part about the speakers of the HP Pavilion gaming laptop is that instead of loud sound, you won’t feel any type of distortion on the top level of the sound.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review – Ports

There is no lack of ports in the HP Pavilion gaming laptop. On both sides of the laptop, you get enough ports to connect multiple devices.

Both sides of the laptop are bend at an angle so ports are not visible easily and it gives a premium look to the laptop.

The right side of the laptop has various ports option. On the right side, you get a USB Type-c port and a USB Type-A port. The transfer speed of the USN Type-c port is 5 GB per second. Type-c port charges laptop and transfers data with speed.

Card slot, headphone jack, RJ 45 ethernet port, and HDMI port are also available on the right side of the HP Pavilion laptop. Multiple ports connectivity makes life easy and you can connect different devices to HP gaming laptops.

On the left side also 2 port options are the available power source and USB Type-c port. In this wireless era, these ports are enough. WIFI 6 and Bluetooth 5 wireless connectivity features are also available in the HP Pavilion gaming laptop.

hp pavilion laptop port

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review – Battery

HP Pavilion gaming laptop has 8 hours of battery life. This battery life is enough to do all your office work. While playing games, you get less battery life around 6 hours although this is not bad.

It has a 52.5w lithium-ion battery which uses 3 cells. Fast charging is also supportable for it. To maximize the battery life close all the background apps. If you have useless opened google chrome tab, close them otherwise they will consume more battery.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Review – Pros and Cons


  • Budget gaming laptop from HP
  • Enough number of ports
  • Latest wireless connectivity features
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Large touchpad
  • Loud and clear speakers
  • Thin bezel micro-edge display
  • Omen command center option
  • Upgrade memory and storage option


  • No thunderbolt ports
  • Only white light in the backlit keyboard

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Price

HP Pavilion is a budget gaming laptop. Its price is in the range of many people. Its price is around 67000 Rs. Price may be increased if you expand the memory or storage of the laptop. Overall in this price range, it is a good gaming laptop.

FAQ About HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

What Games Can The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Run?

HP Pavilion gaming laptop runs all types of games. You can play GTA, PUBG, Tomb Raider, and other high graphics games. Its 144 Hz refresh rate helps to run all games smoothly.

Can You Upgrade HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop?

Yes, upgradable options are available for the HP Pavilion gaming laptop. It comes with 8 GB RAM and you can expand it up to 16 GB. It has a 1 TB HDD and 256 GB SSD which is enough for most users but if you need more storage, you can expand it.

Can You Upgrade Graphics Card on HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop?

No, you can’t upgrade the graphics card in HP Pavilion. It comes with a NIVIDA 1650t1 4 GB graphics card.

How Can I Make My HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Faster?

The best way to increase the speed of the HP Pavilion laptop is to close all the background applications while playing games.

Final Words – Should You Buy HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop or Not?

Definitely a yes. HP Pavilion gaming laptop is a budget gaming laptop and offers all the essential features of a gaming laptop. Apart from gaming, this laptop can be used for office work, graphics design, streaming, etc.

While playing high-graphics games on it I didn’t find any big issue with it. 144 Hz screen refresh rate is superb to run all games. The anti-glare screen of the laptop hides any type of reflection on the screen of the laptop.

Battery life is 8 hours that is enough for normal use of a laptop. Its lightweight is another good point about the HP Pavilion laptop for gaming. Distance between the keys is enough so you can type with speed.

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