How To Install Norton VPN on a Firestick?

How To Install Norton VPN on a Firestick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is known as a firestick. There is a feature in the firestick that tracks the locations of users and geoblocks content. So, you can’t see the content from other countries. VPN is a solution to this problem. With VPN, you can access the content of any country in the world. Norton … Read more

Can You Listen To Spotify on Airplane Mode?

can you listen to spotify on airplane mode

In daily life, we don’t need to put phones into airplane mode but sometimes it becomes necessary to put phone networks into airplane mode. When you travel on the plane, it is advised to turn on the airplane mode of the phone. In airplane mode, there is no network on the phone so can you … Read more

Why Does Spotify Add Random Songs To My Playlist?

why does spotify add random songs to my playlist

Playlists are a main part of Spotify. Spotify gives you access to millions of songs from all over the world. You can create playlists of your favorite songs. Playlists create your own world of music. By creating playlists, you can group your favorite songs. People create playlists for high-intensity workouts, midnight charades, long drives, etc. … Read more

How To Block Ads on Spotify Without Premium?

How To Block Ads on Spotify Without Premium

Spotify has free and premium plans. Premium users don’t have any ads while listening to songs but free users have to deal with annoying ads. Ads are a core part of earning from free users on Spotify. Repetitive ads interrupt the mood and feel very annoying. How to block ads on Spotify to get an … Read more

The Ultimate List of eCommerce Website Features

ecommerce website features

People are moving online shopping visiting a physical stores. The growth opportunity for an e-commerce business is much higher now. However, success depends on your e-commerce website. It is because various features of your site affect shopping decisions. Which crucial factors to keep in mind while developing the website? It must load quickly and be … Read more

Omnichannel VS Multichannel: Key Differences to Know

Omnichannel VS Multichannel

In the customer service industry, omnichannel and multichannel are the two words that get thrown about a lot. What they have in common is that they offer more than one channel for customers to reach out to the brand through. Every business practices this method of customer service. Comcast Xfinity has the same approach to … Read more

Is 200 Mbps Good For Gaming?

is 200 mbps good for gaming

When it comes to the best experience of online gaming, internet speed is the key. High internet speed and development in the gaming industry have changed the world of online gaming. Now you can play any game at your house through WIFI. Is 200 Mbps good for gaming or not? What speed do you need … Read more