Netflix Mod Apk Download Free [100% working]

Do you love to watch Netflix web series but don’t want to buy its paid plans? You can use the Netflix mod apk to access all premium content of Netflix for free. This mod app provides all the premium content without any ads.

The craze of online streaming increasing day by day among the youth. Netflix is one of the fastest-growing online streaming platforms. This mod apk of Netflix allows you to watch all Netflix shows, and movies, on any device for free (Without paying any money).

It provides both tv shows and movies online through the internet. Netflix has 150+ million customers across 190+ countries. It started its business as a DVD rental business model.

Netflix is a subscription-based service to watch its web shows and movies. You have to buy its premium service which you can pay monthly or yearly but with the Netflix mod apk, you can watch premium content of Netflix without buying any plan of it.

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online streaming service and it has huge collections of web shows, movies, and documentaries. Every week new shows are added to the list of new shows on Netflix. Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

Starting as a DVD rental service now as the number one streaming app Netflix gains so much. Netflix uses a content delivery network (CDN) to store and transmit its shows worldwide. In 2007 Netflix started its business as an online streaming media company.

Netflix has a wide range of genres for its shows and movies like Horror, thriller, romance, action, comedy, suspense, etc. On mobiles, laptops, television anywhere you can use the Netflix app.

Netflix mod apk free download

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What is Netflix Mod Apk?

As you know to watch movies and shows on Netflix you have to choose any plan for Netflix. Netflix mod apk is basically a cracked version of Netflix’s real app. This mod app provides free subscriptions to Netflix.

You can watch any show or movie on this mod apk as much as you want. There is no restriction in this app. Without advertisements enjoy your favorite movie for free on Netflix.

When you download the mod apk of Netflix and install It then you don’t have to buy any plan Netflix and you can watch all of its shows and movies for free. In this Netflix mod apk, you don’t need to use any username or password. Just download it and use it for free.

netflix mod apk download

Features of Netflix Mod Apk

Netflix is the most popular streaming service nowadays. Subscribers of Netflix are increasing day by day. If you have a big family then you do buy a Netflix plan for all the members but it costs so high.

The main benefit of the Netflix mod app is that you don’t have to buy any plan you can use Netflix on as many mobiles as you want. So, don’t worry if you have a big family download the Netflix mod apk and enjoy Netflix on unlimited mobiles.

netflix mod apk free download

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1) No Advertisement

While watching any movies or web shows online if you have to watch any advertisement during any web show then it becomes very irritating.

Many online webs show display advertisements during shows to earn money. But with the Netflix mod apk, there is no problem with advertisements you can watch all shows without any ads. No ads during the show mean great entertainment.

netflix mod app download

2) Different Language Supports

Most of the user on Netflix doesn’t understand the English language. Language is a big problem for all those people who wants to watch shows on Netflix but don’t understand English so they can’t watch.

But with Netflix’s cracked apk there is no problem with language. On the Netflix mod apk, all Netflix shows are available in all dubbed languages. So you can choose what language you want to watch the show in (if the show is available in that language).

Netflix mod apk supports different language

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3) Watch Shows in HD Quality

On Netflix, there are limitations to watching shows of different quality. In a low-budget plan you can’t watch the show in HD quality you have to upgrade your plan to watch the show in HD quality on Netflix.

With the Netflix mod apk, you can watch all shows on Netflix in HD quality without paying its subscription fees. Change video quality anytime. High video quality will take more data to play movies.

show quality on netflix mod app

4) Watch All Shows – No Limitation

On Netflix, there huge contents of movies and web series are available to watch. when you buy Netflix plans then Netflix display mostly movies and shows on your device related to your country.

In the Netflix mod apk, there is no limitation of shows according to country. You can access shows and movies all across the world. In the Netflix mod apk, subtitles are available in the English language for most of the shows, so you can watch other language shows easily.

How to watch netflix in free

5) Watch Shows in 4K Resolution

When you buy Netflix basic or mobile plan then there is no option to watch movies and shows in high definition. Shows on Netflix cracked apk can be watched in ultra HD mode for free. Also, casting your mobile to a TV facility is available with this Netflix mod app.

How to watch netflix in free

6) Unlimited Users

In the Netflix app, there are restrictions on the number of users. At the same time, only 4 people can access the same Netflix account. Netflix mod apk doesn’t have user limitations. On the mod app, at the same time, unlimited users can access the same account.

unlimted-user in Netflix crack app

7) Unlimited Downloads

Not all people watch shows online, some people like to watch shows offline. Netflix app has different plans and every plan has its limitations to download movies and shows. Download the movie and watch it later.

At the time of traveling, this feature is good. In traveling network issue occurs so shows on online streaming start buffering so it would be better if you download shows before traveling. Good thing is that the Netflix mod apk has no limitation to download web shows.

netflix show download

Netflix Mod App Specifications

App nameNetflix mod apk
App size 11 MB
App version7.32.0
Category Entertainment
Downloads 500,000,000+
Android requirementAbove 5.0
Update on1-12-2021
Operating systemAndroid

How To Install Netflix Mod Apk?

To install the Netflix mod apk, you need to follow the below steps. The file size of this app is not big so, within one second, the file will be downloaded on your mobile phone.

  • Click on the below-given link and you will be redirected to the download link of the app.
  • Wait until apk file downloads on the mobile phone.
  • Now go to the file manager.
  • Find the download folder and open it.
  • Click on the Netflix mod apk file.
  • Before installation, it will ask for some permission, and give permission to it.
  • After giving permission, a mod version of the Netflix app will be installed on the mobile phone.

Download Netflix Mod Apk

Netflix Premium Mod Apk Download

Nowadays youth is so much in love with online web shows. Netflix is providing quality content so people are loving its online shows. On Netflix premium mod apk famous web shows like dark, money heist, breaking bad, etc. are available.

Those who love to watch movies and shows for free should definitely use this premium Netflix mod apk. All shows and movies are available on it free of cost. Good thing is that without login, you can use this Netflix app. This mod app doesn’t have any type of restrictions.

Netflix premium mod apk

Netflix All Plans Details

In 2012 Netflix started its Netflix original content. Netflix collaborates with many big producers and directors to make Netflix’s original series.

On Netflix, you can create different profiles for your family members so they can add their favorite shows to their profiles. Netflix premium service is paid but with the Netflix mod apk, you can watch all premium content for free.

There are four types of Netflix plans according to your needs. Plans are divided by the number of devices you can use.

According to plans you can use Netflix on various devices. From one device used to four devices use you can choose from fur different plans. You can install Netflix on as many devices as you want but you can use the device only according to your plan.

1. Mobile Plan

In this plan, you can watch Netflix shows or movies on a single mobile or tablet. This plan does not contain a high-definition streaming facility you can only watch in standard definition.

In this plan, you can download titles on a single phone or tablet. A monthly subscription to this plan is 199 Rs.

netflix mobile plan

2. Basic Plan

This plan is as same as the mobile plan main difference between both plans is that in this plan you can watch movies and shows on your television. A monthly subscription to this plan is 499 Rs.

3. Standard Plan

This plan includes two mobile subscriptions. In this plan, you can use the Netflix account on two different devices. Also, this plan includes the streaming of movies and shows in high definition. A monthly subscription to this plan is 649 Rs.

4. Premium Plan

The best plan for family members is this you can use Netflix on four different devices. With high-definition streaming, you can also watch movies and shows in ultra-high definition.

All plans include a one-month free subscription so you can try streaming quality. A monthly subscription to this plan is 799 Rs. If you don’t want to pay any subscription fees then use the Netflix mod apk to watch Netflix for free.

netflix premium plan

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FAQ About Netflix Mod Apk

Is Netflix Mod App Download Free?

Yes, It is totally free. you don’t have to pay any fees to use Netflix mod app.

Netflix Mod App Download is Safe or Not to Use?

Safety is the first priority for our users so I have tested this app on different mobile phones and I found that this app is safe in use there is no virus in this mod app Netflix.

On Which Device, I can Run the Netflix Mod App?

On all those devices that can run the Android app, you can run the Netflix mod app on that device. You can install the Netflix mod app on android tv, amazon fire stick, and many more devices that are supported by android.

Netflix Cracked Apk is Free For a Lifetime or a Limited Period?

Netflix mod app is free for a lifetime there is no limitation period for it. You can watch all web shows and movies on it free for a lifetime. No need to pay any fee to watch Netflix web shows. Just download this mod app and enjoy all its premium content free.

Can we watch HD and 4K content on the Netflix mod app?

Yes, you can watch all the latest web shows and movies on the Netflix mod app in Hd and 4k format. Watching a show in HD or 4K format is a good experience for users. So the developer of the Netflix mod app provided all the content in HD and 4K format.

Netflix Mod Apk is an Advertisement Free or Not?

There is no advertisement is shown on Netflix’s cracked app. you can enjoy web shows without ads.

Final words

So, this is all the information about the Netflix mod apk. Download it from the given link and enjoy all the Netflix shows and movies for free. We regularly provide updated mod apk so visit this page regularly to get an updated version of the mod apk.

All contents of movies and shows are available for free and also in ultra-high definition.  If you like the article share it with your friends or family so they can also use Netflix’s premium account is free.

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