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Nowadays there are many online music streaming apps. Among all of them, the Spotify premium apk is the most popular music streaming app. On Spotify, you can listen to all types of music from all over the world. Free and paid versions are available of the Spotify premium apk mod for use.

All big music label brands are available on the Spotify app which you can listen totally free but with some restrictions. For those who don’t want to buy the premium version and still want full access to the Spotify account, here in this article I am showing how to download the Spotify premium apk?

Spotify apk is very easy to use download it from the play store. Create an account with your email or you can create an account with Facebook. When you connect your Facebook account with Spotify you can see all your Facebook friends in your friend list who are using Spotify.

In Spotify’s free version you can’t download any song to listen offline, listen to music only on low quality, or show ads, to remove all these restrictions Spotify premium mod apk is helpful.

Spotify premium apk mod

What Is Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify is the number one music streaming app all over the world. Spotify premium apk is a cracked or modded version of the Spotify app. In the Spotify premium apk, you can use all paid features of the Spotify app for free without buying a premium subscription to Spotify.

In the free version of the Spotify app, you can’t play any song in high quality. You have to listen to songs of low quality but in the Spotify premium apk mod app, you can listen to songs of any quality.

The best thing about the Spotify premium apk is that all the paid features of the Spotify app you can access for free. No need to purchase any subscription to Spotify.

One thing you should take care of while using the Spotify premium apk mod version is that doesn’t use your real mail id for the cracked version of the Spotify app. Use any secondary or temporary mail id so somehow if Spotify bans you from their platform for using Spotify premium mod apk then your main mail id is safe so, in the free version, you can use that mail id easily.

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Features of Spotify Premium Mod Apk

There are various plans for its premium version for all types of age groups like Spotify family or Spotify student plan etc. But why do you need to buy these Spotify plans, when you can use all these features for free in the Spotify premium mod apk.

Below there are some points from which you can easily understand the difference between the Spotify premium apk and Spotify free version. After reading these all points you can decide you should use the Spotify premium apk mod or not.

1. Price of Spotify Premium Apk

You can enjoy over 30 million tracks in Spotify’s free and premium versions but in the free version, you may get irritated with ads, and no offline download option. For premium members there is a $9.99 plan for months and for students plan rate is half. All these premium features you can get free with the Spotify premium mod apk.

Price of Spotify Premium Apk

2. Advertisement

Spotify also generates revenue from its free user by showing ads during song play. After 3 or 4 songs for Spotify show ads to the free users, it may be irritating. Premium users can listen to music without ads.

You can’t skip these ads in Spotify’s free version you have to listen to these irritating ads. But in the Spotify premium apk mod app, there are no ads. You can listen to songs without listening to any ads.

no adds in spotify premium

3. Audio Quality

Free users have to compromise on the audio quality they can only listen to music on 96 kbps on mobile and 160 kbps on desktop.

While on the other hand premium users can enjoy music on 360 kbps. Earlier when data plans were costly at a time low bitrate was good but now when data plans are cheap then enjoying music at a low bitrate is not a good option.

In the Spotify premium mod apk, there is no restriction on the audio quality. You can listen to music of any quality you want. On high quality, you can feel all the beats of the songs. All small beats are listenable in the high quality of songs.

Spotify premium mod apk audio quality

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4. Song Limit

There is no song limit for the free and premium versions. You can enjoy up to 30 million songs from the song library in the free version also.

With the free version, there is only one disadvantage in the song library you have to wait for a few days to listen to the latest release. While in the premium version you can enjoy all the latest releases on the same day.

In Spotify premium apk you don’t have to wait to listen to the new songs. all the latest songs are available in your music library for free.

spotify song limit

5. Song Downloads

There is no option available on Spotify for free users to download offline songs. Premium users can download 10000 songs each across five devices. The main benefit of downloading offline songs is that when you are out of network or your network connection is weak still you can listen to your favorite track easily and use Spotify on the plane.

Another benefit is that it also saves your mobile data because when you listen to songs online again and again then Spotify uses your mobile data, so if you have downloaded the song in the music library then you can easily enjoy music without data loss.

Use the Spotify premium apk mod app and remove all the restrictions of downloading songs in Spotify.

spotify premium apk song download

6. Shuffle

In Spotify’s premium version while playing the music you can shuffle as many times as you want. But in the free version, unlimited shuffle is not possible if you shuffle more than the limit then it asks you to buy the premium version for more shuffle.

spotify shuffle feature

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7. No Root Required

For most mod apk you need to root your android phone. Rooting an Android phone sometimes becomes risky. Your phone may stop working after rooting. Spotify premium apk mod version works on any android phone. You don’t need to root your phone.

no root for spotify premium

8. Unlimited Seeking

Sometimes we want to jump any particular timing in the song, these are called seeking. In Spotify seeking is not possible in the free version. You have to listen to full songs. In the Spotify premium apk mod version, you can seek any song for any time period.

spotify app song seeking

How to Install The Spotify Premium Mod Apk?

Installing Spotify premium apk mod is as simple as installing other apps. You just have to download it from the given link and follow the process.

install spotify premium app
  1. After clicking on install if you see an error message which says can’t install the app from unknown sources then go in settings and turn on install from unknown sources.
  2. Now again go to Spotify premium mod apk file destination and click on install.
  3. After installing the open app and click on the sign-up button.
  4. You can sign up using your Facebook account or Google account.
  5. After login enter your date of birth, gender, and a few other things and your account are ready to use.

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Download Spotify Premium Apk Mod Version

Download Spotify premium apk from the below-given link and install it on your phone. This link is 100% safe and we always give a genuine link to our readers. Our team has tested the app on different devices and it is working fine on all devices.

Spotify premium apk mod
Spotify premium apk mod

What Is The Benefit of Spotify Premium Apk Mod Version?

spotify premium apk benefit

As you know that you can use Spotify in premium and free versions. The Premium version is ads-free while in the free version after every 4-5 songs users have to listen to ads and this is so irritating all the free users know it. Also, high-quality audio song is available only for premium users.

If you want to use all the premium features of the app then you have to buy a premium version of the app which is costly and not affordable for everyone. Spotify premium mod apk is developed to enjoy this all premium feature for free. So you can listen to your favorite track without adding it and in high quality.

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FAQ About Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Can We Download Music From Spotify?

The answer to this question is yes or no. In the free version, there is no option to download music but in the premium version, you can download the song. But these downloaded songs are not the same as the song that is in your phone gallery.
In Spotify, you can download 10000 songs on 5 different devices and listen that songs anywhere without using your mobile data.
When you download any song from Spotify, the song downloaded in the Spotify app is not in your phone memory or card memory so you can’t burn a disc with this song or you can’t transfer this song to another mobile or in a USB drive.
So, you are thinking then what is the benefit of downloading songs from Spotify. The main benefit is that when you are not in-network zone or your mobile data is turned off at that time you can easily listen to your favorite track without wasting your mobile data.

How Much Amount of Data does Spotify Use During Play Songs?

The amount of data used during playing songs depends on which quality you play songs. In the free version, you can only play a song of low quality but in the premium version, you can listen to a song of high quality.
If you set song quality on auto mode then Spotify chooses the best bitrate according to your network strength.
There is not any exact calculation that how much data the Spotify app uses during song playback but here is some rough figure.
When you play music on normal mode then it uses per hour 50 MB data approx. By this calculation on normal mode when you listen to music the whole day means 24 hours then it uses 1 GB of data. In high-quality mode, 1 GB of data is used in less than 13 hours, and in extreme high-quality mode, it uses 1 GB of data in less than 6 hours.

Types of Bitrate on Spotify Apk

There are 3 types of pf bitrate available for Spotify premium users. Norma bitrate is 96 kbps, high bitrate is 160 kbps and extreme bitrate is 320 kbps. For the free user, there is only one bitrate which is normally 60 kbps. The more bitrate the more data will be used to listen to the song on 96 kbps or 160 kbps. In low network areas for better experience use normal bitrate mode.

Can We Make or Find a Friend on Spotify?

The best way to find a friend on Spotify is that login to Spotify with your Facebook account. When you can connect your Facebook account to Spotify then you can see all your Facebook friends on the top right side of the window.
From there you can choose all those friends who have the same music taste as you. Also, you can share a new song with them so they can know that their favorite genre of the new song is released.
At the bottom, there is a search button form where you can find artists and friends by typing their names. And when you find your friends on Spotify then you can follow them. For any reason, if you don’t want to add your Facebook account to Spotify. Still, you can find friends but this time finding a friend is a difficult task on Spotify.
To find friends without login in through Facebook you need to type a search query in the search box the query is Spotify:user: USERNAME.
Here replace your username with your friend’s name. This is a little bit confusing so instead of using this tell your friend that send their profile link to you so you can directly add them through the link.

What Is Spotify Private Listening Mode?

As I told you earlier that on Spotify you can add your Facebook friends. All that person that is on your friend list can see which songs you listen to.
Also, you can watch your activity on Spotify. Sometimes you don’t want to show your friends what songs are you listening to on the app. For this purpose, there is Spotify’s private listening mode is useful. It is simple to activate this mode just go into the setting and click on private listen mode and enable it.

Is Spotify Premium APK safe?

Yes, the Spotify premium apk is safe. There is no malware in the Spotify premium apk mod version. You can download it and enjoy music for free. All the premium features are free in the mod version of Spotify.

Final words

In this article, we have given all the detail about the Spotify premium apk mod version. You can use all the Spotify premium features for free and no need to subscribe to any paid feature of Spotify. We always provide a safe link for our users so you can download Spotify premium mod apk without any worry. If you have any questions regarding Spotify then write in the comment section, and we will try to solve your all query.

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