21 Best Sites Like 123Movies To Watch Movies In Free

If you are a movie lover, you would have known about the 123movies website. 123movies is a very popular website among people. All the content on this site is free. From movies to web series all is available on it. But 123movies is no longer giving its service in all countries due to the ban of the government.

People search sites like 123movies to watch free movies but in the end, they waste their precious time without finding any useful site. So, our team has researched on the internet and checked more than 100 sites. Among all those sites we have picked 21 best 123movies alternatives for our readers. So, without wasting time, you can watch movies for free on your mobile or desktop.

What Is 123Movies?

sites like 123movies

To relieve stress and make the mood happy, people watch movies and web series. 123Movies is a big name in online movie streaming sites. It also provides a great variety of movies and shows. One of the main reasons it is loved by most people is the HD quality of the picture.

You never run out of movies due to its large library of movies and shows. All genres were available on it. There were no limitations to watching or downloading movies.

One good thing about the 123Movies site is that it uploads movies on the site as soon as it releases in the theatre. You don’t have to wait for a few days to watch your favorite movie.

On the 123Movies, you can search by genre, year, language, alphabetical order, etc. If you can’t find any movie on it, you can contact its owner through the mail and ask him to upload the movie. But 123movies is not a legal site so due to government restrictions, this site is not available in many countries. Still, you can use VPN to see banned content in your country.

21 New Best Sites Like 123Movies To Watch Movies In Free

1. MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy is the first choice for sites like 123Movies due to its extensive library of movies and shows. Its simple user interface and sleek navigation help users find their favorite content at their fingertips.

You will find everything on it that you are looking for and aren’t too eye-straining. The best thing about MoviesJoy is its pop-up and ad-free interface. You don’t see any annoying ads on this site. This feature makes it popular among people in a shorter period.

MoviesJoy is the best alternative to 123Movies because here you get all the latest releases on the same day. The print quality of movies is good. No need to wait for a few days to get a better-quality print. On the home page, you will see the latest upload. Also, you can find a movie by entering the movie name into the search bar.

To make movie search easy, it has categorized movies into different categories like genre, country, movies, Tv shows, and Top IMDB. Moviesjoy has a great collection of movies.

2. ShowBox

Showbox sites like 123movies

Searching for sites like 123Movies where you can watch full movies and shows for free without doing any registration, try ShowBox. ShowBox is offering its service for a long time for free.

ShowBox has fast servers that make downloading super-fast. The best thing is that they don’t compromise the quality of the movie.

The navigation system of the ShowBox is simple so quickly, that you can go to any section. You get anything easily whatever you are searching for it. ShowBox has a huge collection of movies and shows. With a single click, you will get the latest movies, shows, and everything.

Along with the website, ShowBox has an app that gives you the freedom to watch movies anywhere. The app is also free like the website. It doesn’t require any subscription to use it.

3. Prime Wire

primewire sites like 123movies

The prime wire is an organized movie-watching site. The prime wire is for those who want a great collection of movies and web shows. There is no charge to watch or download movies on your mobile phone or desktop.

Prime wire regularly updates its database so you get all the latest movies on it. Here you can find movies in genres like action, romance, crime, adventure, and more. We are sure you will definitely find movies here.

Prime wire is offering its service before 123Movies. But it becomes popular after the shut-down of the 123Movies site. Here you get options to download or watch movies in HD format. But if you have a limited mobile internet plan, you can download movies into the lower format.

On prime wire, you can also see IMDB ratings of movies and web series. So, it becomes easy to decide, whether the movie is good or not. If you want to watch a movie of any specific language, go to its language section and select movies. For some movies, subtitles are also available.

4. Vumoo


Vumoo is the next site on the list. On its homepage, you can easily see trending movies and shows. Click on the movie and you will get all the details about it. Due to its clean and simple user interface, Vumoo is giving tough competition to other free movie downloading sites like 123Movies.

No annoying pop-ups on the Vumoo. Users get frustrated with pop-ups but on Vumoo, you can enjoy the movie without any distraction. On the Vumoo, you don’t need to enter your detail to see movies. Just launch a website, find the movie and watch it.

One thing, we don’t like about Vumoo is that there is no category to find movies. You need to search movies by the search bar. So, if you don’t know the movie name it becomes difficult to find the movie on it.

The download speed is good. Also, streaming movies without buffering is possible due to its fast blazing servers.

5. ZMovies

zmovie alternative of 123movies

Another great name on the list to replace the 123Movies site. Zmovies has a feature-rich interface. On the Zmovies, you get a smooth UI experience. Its streaming servers are located at 5 different places in the world to give fast speed to its users.

To enjoy the movie, you don’t need to create an account on it. Ads are limited on this site.

Whatever is your favorite genre of movie, you will get your choice of movie on Zmovies. Its wide genre provides romance, crime, thriller, sci-fi, horror, adventure, anime, and more. All new movies are updated on the site with their releases.

6. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix offers all its HD content for free without getting your personal details. The site is loaded with movies and web shows. There is a menu bar that helps you with quick navigation.

It gives you free access to stream and downloads movies for free. Its navigation is not complicated and within a few clicks, you will get what you are looking for. PopcornFlix UI gives a premium feel when you open the site.

PopcornFlix has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. So, if you are travelling still you can watch your favorite shows and movies.

Along with the latest movies, it provides all the latest web shows. For web show lovers, PopcornFlix is the best alternative site for 13Movies. Once you visit PopcornFlix, you will love this site and it becomes make space in your favorite site list.

7. CMovies

cmovie alternative of 123movies

Cmovies is one of the popular websites where you can watch all the latest movies for free. Its homepage is not much stylish. Sometimes it feels like, you are using an old site. But on the homepage, you can see categories to find movies and also the latest movies.

Cmovies offers different filters to find movies. Filters make search results short. On Cmovies, you need to face lots of ads. It doesn’t charge any money to stream or download money so it shows ads to earn money. You can use adblocker to block all ads.

8. Amazon Prime

amazon prime

Amazon prime is a legal alternative to 123Movies. To use Amazon prime, you need to buy its subscription plan. It has different plans which you can choose according to requirements.

Once you buy a subscription to it, you can access all its content. On Amazon prime, content is limited. You get only those shows and movies that are partnered by Amazon prime. Hollywood movies are available on it in the dubbed language.

9. Movie Ninja

movie ninja

For sites like 123Movies, a movie ninja is a good option. For many people, Movie ninja is the first site that pops in their mind when they think about websites like 123Movies. In its large database, you can pick any movie and watch it for free.

Here you don’t get any complaints about the site speed. Once you start downloading any movie or show, it gets finished quickly. Its server speed is much better than other sites on the list.

Its eye-catching interface easily attracts anyone. Movies on movie ninja are categorized into genre, language, and year. To play a movie, click on the play button and close the pop-up to enjoy the movie. Also, when you click on the movie name, you will get details about the movie.

10. Yes Movies

yes movies

Yes movies are currently is one of the most popular sites like 123Movies. Without doing any registration on the site, you can watch all its content in HD format. Yes, movies are especially dedicated to movies. For web shows lovers, here options are fewer.

You can see a popular movie tag on its homepage that helps you to find a good movie. Also, the search bar helps you to find movies. If both these are not enough, use its category section to watch any movie online.

To prevent any pop-up ads, you can use adblocker. From old to new, all types of movies are available on Yes movies. You can find movies by year. Every movie on this site is listed with all the details about the movie. With every movie, you also get a torrent link.

11. Movie Zap


Movie zap provides both movies and web shows for free to download on your pc or mobile. Without any buffering, you can stream movies on it. You get options to select the download quality of the movie.

Movie zap is a reliable site like 123Movies. Here you get large collections of movies from every genre. Like other sites, you can see the latest movies and web shows on its homepage. Open the website and start enjoying the movie without doing any registration.

It offers different servers to download or stream movies. If one server is taking more time, you can switch to another server for the fast speed. Even with mobile data, you will get good speed. It also gives options to share movie links directly on WhatsApp groups, Facebook, discord server, and more.

12. Look Movie

look movie

The next site in the list of sites like 123Movies is look movie. This is a pretty good option for those who are searching for a reliable movie streaming and downloading site.

You can choose the quality of movies and web shows to watch so you can save mobile data. Enjoy everything on the look movie site without giving anything to them. The good thing is that the number of ads is low so ads don’t bother you.

You can access look movie content from mobile, tablets, PC. As the name implies, you can watch any movie on it. You can also watch movies with subtitles, so no language barrier on this site.

13. Soap2Day


Soap2Day is the best alternative for the 123Movies website. Here you can watch all types of shows. Its homepage design is similar to 123Movies. For movie lovers, this site is something like heaven.

Its home page has a good navigation bar that is easily accessible through a single click. With movies, you can also watch anime on it. Anime like Demon slayer is available on it.

Sometimes this site takes time to upload new movies. So, you have to do wait until you don’t get a good quality movie. TV series are available on it in English and dubbed languages. On soap2day, you get several different options to download the movie. The overall experience of soap2day is good.

14. YoMovies


YoMovies is another name in the race of sites lie 123Movies. Every day they update their database with new movies. So, its database is becoming huge day by day.

Its user interface is different from other sites on the list. Different filters help you to search for the right movie. No requirement for registration on the site. In terms of quality, you get different options to play movies.

15. WatchFree

watch free

Its name indicates that the whole content on the site is free. Stream movies and web shows in high-quality form anywhere. It lets you watch movies from different countries in different languages. There is no shortage of movie genres.

WatchFree has all the latest movies in its database. To show more details about the movie, click on the movie name. It also shows the IMDB rating of the movie. You can also sort movies according to the IMDB rating.

On the watch-free website, you have to deal with annoying pop-ups ads. It becomes irritating to close every pop-up. Whenever you click on any part of the site, a pop-up appears. So, adblocker is a good option to use on it.

16. Movie Watcher

Movie watcher has a well-organized interface. Here you get a wider range of movies and web shows. It includes IMDB ratings with movies.

To get a better experience of this site use adblocker. It will block all pop-ups on the site and make your experience good. It always updates the latest movies on the site which can be found on its home page. Also, use the category section to search for old movies.

17. Crackle


Crackle is another legal movie streaming website. Crackle has a whole new concept of streaming. It gives you a plethora of options to watch web shows and movies that take the movie experience to a whole new level.

Crackle is a paid streaming service like Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Content on crackle is not free but it won’t cost you as much as other streaming sites. The design and interface of the crackle are cool. It has an app for mobile users.

You need to require to create an account on crackle to access its content. There is no limitation on TV shows and movies like Amazon prime. Your all favorite content is available on the crackle. Every day it is gaining thousands of new users due to its seamless user interface.

18. House Movie

House movies and 123movies are almost similar sites to download movies. You can say these sites are twin. House movie is considered as best competitor of 123Movies sites. But now 123movies is shut down in many countries, you can use house movie.

Its advanced search option makes the movie search experience awesome. Its search feature shortens down only related movies. House movies is having a good collection of horror movies, action, drama, romance, adventure, etc.

Without doing any registration it allows you to enjoy all movies and web shows from its site. You will be tired of scrolling movies but its database won’t end.

19. YifyTV


YifyTV is an old site that streams movies anytime and anywhere. Those who have a slow internet connection can use YifyTV. It can increase the speed of the download at a slow connection.

YifyTV is considered a good website to watch mini-series. Here along with movies and web shows, you can find documentaries. So, for a documentary lover, it is heaven. Ads on YifyTV are low. Only a few ads are visible between the content.

It doesn’t ask for any personal detail of you. Before watching any movie on it, you can read basic details about the movie like movie story, star cast, rating, and more.

20. Moviestars

The popularity of moviestars websites is increasing day by day. You can watch movies on it at full high resolution. Because of its unlimited movies and web shows collections, its database size is increasing every day.

To give the website a professional look, the developer has kept the user interface simple and clean. Clear-cut navigation allows you to move any segment of the website quickly. To enhance the streaming experience its player uses night mode.

Its single-click movie streaming and no pop-ups ads make it a big competitor to other sites like 123Moives. To get the best experience of the site opens it on the PC instead of mobile.

21. PutLocker


Putlocker is a movie streaming site and app. You have tried many sites like 123Movies but still can’t find the right one, try putlocker. For the past few years, putlocker is among the top movie streaming sites. Once you use putlocker, it becomes difficult for users to use any other site.

Whatever movie genre you like, you will find it on the PutLocker. Its quick server will search movies from its large database within a second or sometime in the millisecond.

When you open the PutLocker site, you can see how well it is optimized. When we check this site, we were impressed with its navigation feature and clear picture quality.

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Does 123movies Give Virus?

It is not a good idea to download a movie from a pirated site. You may get viruses in downloaded files. People who refuse to pay for movies or shows, use pirated sites to download movies.

Not all pirated movie file contains virus but you don’t know which one has a virus and which one does not.

If you are one of those people who regularly download content from pirated sites like 123movies, you should use a powerful antivirus. Antivirus will warn you if the file contains any virus. It will stop downloading the file.

We always recommended McAfee and Avast to our users. These are powerful antiviruses that provide better protection from malware files. Currently, they have offers, check them.


What Site Is Better Than 123movies?

With 123movies it has become lots easier to watch movies without paying money. Here you can watch comedy, action, horror, sci-fi, and all other popular genres.

123movies offers a large collection of movies and web series for free so this site is popular among people.

If the 123movies site is banned or not available in your country, you can browse similar sites 123movies. MoviesJoy is a popular site that is considered a good alternative to 123moives. It never fails to supply something to watch.

MoviesJoy has lots of categories for movies and web series. It’s not difficult to find your favorite show or movie on MoviesJoy. Its fast downloading servers are one of the reasons why people love it.

Is 123movies Still Working?

123movies is not working anymore. Its main domain is shut down. It was one of the largest pirated sites in the world. But you would find 123movies similar sites on the net. These are not original 123movies sites but they offer similar content and interface.

Most countries’ governments don’t allow piracy. They regularly shut down pirated sites. 123movies was one of the successful pirated sites. It had millions of users every month.

Its servers were based in Vietnam. Piracy laws in Vietnam were not strict earlier. So, 123movies was running easily. The later government took some strict actions against pirated sites and closed servers of 123movies.

What Is The New 123movies Website?

123movies allows you to download and watch movies on its site. From any part of the world, you can access 123movies. But as you know, it is an illegal site so government bans its servers. Every few months, you will find a new domain of 123movies.

Here is the list of popular 123movies domains.

  • 123movies-to-org
  • Ww5.0123movie.net
  • Ww1.123moviesfree.net
  • Ww4.123-movies.buzz
  • 123moviefree.sc
  • Vw.movies123.sbs
  • 123moviesite.one
  • 0123movie.onl
  • 123movies.today
  • Vw.123movies.college
  • 123movies.wiki

Is 123movies Com Illegal?

Piracy is illegal in most countries. 123movies doesn’t own any content on the website. It uploads pirated content on its site.

So basically, if you are watching or downloading any content from 123movies, it is considered illegal work. It also depends on your century. If there is no rule against piracy in your country then 123movies is legal.

Due to copyright infringement, the 123movies government banned servers of 123movies. But 123movies owners always shift site’s content on new servers and domains.

Disclaimer – On geekymr-The tech zone we don’t promote any illegal way to watch a movie. This article is for only educational purposes. Instead of downloading a movie from the internet go and watch a movie in theaters, you get a better movie experience in the cinema.


123Movies is a good site that allows you to watch and download web shows and movies but unfortunately, it is not a legal site so this is not accessible in many countries. Movie lovers search for sites like 123movies, so to help them with genuine sites we have compiled this list. All sites in this list are free and without any registration, you can use them.

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