How To Watch Yellowstone For Free on Firestick?

Don’t know how to watch Yellowstone for free on firestick. Here is a detailed guide for you.

Recently latest season of Yellowstone has streamed on TV. Yellowstone is a hugely popular show on TV in the USA. It has fantastic casts and an engaging storyline. Its first season was released in 2018. Since it is popular among its viewers.

Due to its popularity, people are eager to watch the Yellowstone series. Yellowstone is produced by Paramount pictures so it is officially available on the Paramount network but not on the firestick.

So, what about firestick users. How they can watch Yellowstone on Amazon prime firestick device? Don’t worry, this article contains various ways to watch Yellowstone on firestick for free.

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Is Yellowstone on Firestick?

Yellowstone tv series

Yellowstone is created by Taylor Sheridan. Its story rolls around the Dutton family. Yellowstone series is filled with drama, dark secrets, and many other thrilling events.

Yellowstone is not directly available on the firestick. Yellowstone series is owned by Paramount pictures, so you need to buy its subscription to watch it. But there are some apps, where you can watch Yellowstone for free on firestick. All apps are mentioned in this article.

Yellowstone Star cast

John DuttonKevin Costner
Jamie DuttonWes Bently
Beth DuttonKelly Reily
Kayce DuttonLuke Grimes
Lee DuttonDev Annable
Rip WheelerCole Hauser
WriterTaylor Sheridan
ProducerJohn Linson, Barry Berg
DirectorTaylor Sheridan, Stephen kay, Ed Bianchi, Christina Voros
StuntsJason Rodriguez
Special EffectsKatie Riggs

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free on Firestick?

Yellowstone is the most watched cable TV show of this year. But with time, people are switching to OTT platforms from cable TV. The story has tons of cliffhangers that make it a perfect binge-watch series.

To watch Yellowstone for free on firestick, you may use Hulu, Philo, Sling, YouTube, and Paramount streaming apps. These apps give free trials before buying their plans. Claim your free registration on these apps and watch the Yellowstone show.

Method 1 – Paramount Network

Paramount Network is different from Paramount plus. Paramount Plus is a streaming service from Paramount but Yellowstone is not available on Paramount plus.

Paramount Network app is available for firestick. Go to the firestick application store and download the paramount network app. Here is the detailed process.

If you have just started using firestick then the first setup it up. Turn on the firestick and connect it to the WIFI or internet connection.

Turn on the firestick and on the home screen, go to its search setting.

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free on Firestick

Enter Paramount network in the search bar. Select the app from the search result and tap on the get button.

Watch Yellowstone For Free on Firestick

Now after installing the Paramount network, sign in to your paramount network account. On the welcome screen, there would an activation code.

Watch Yellowstone For Free on Firestick

Now open a web browser on your PC or phone and go to the paramount network website. In the activation corner of the screen, enter the activation code. Tap on the next. It will connect the paramount account to the firestick.

Open the paramount network into the firestick and search Yellowstone. Here you can watch Yellowstone for free.

Method 2 – Peacock TV

Yellowstone is made by Paramount network but the peacock has its official live streaming rights. Paramount has its own Paramount plus streaming service but due to dealing with Peacock TV paramount plus can’t telecast Yellowstone episodes.

stream Yellowstone For Free on Firestick

Peacock has paid plans but they offer free 7 days trial to watch their paid content for free.

First, go to peacock’s official website and claim your 7 days free trial. Enter your details and set your username and password for it. If you are using Xfinity or cox, then you would already have premium plan access to the peacock app.

Cancel the free trial, before 7 days otherwise, money will be deducted from the credit card.

Peacock tv is directly available for the USA people. Without any sideloading, you can install the peacock app directly.

Go to the amazon app store and search for the peacock app and install it on firestick.

stream Yellowstone For Free on Firestick

Every country has different apps on the Amazon app store. So, maybe the peacock app is not available in your country. For this situation, you may use a VPN. Nord VPN is best to change the location of the country.

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free on Firestick

After installing the VPN, change its country location to the USA. Now you can install the peacock app on firestick to watch Yellowstone for free.

Method 3 – Hulu Plus

Hulu plus is also a streaming service. Hulu has different plans for its users. Hulu offers partners add-ons. You can add other live streaming services to your Hulu plan. By paying extra, you can add HBO max, paramount network, showtime, Cinemax, and other services.

Hulu live TV has many top sports and movie channels that you will find on cable TV. HULU ad-free plan charges extra. You can add or remove an extra channel bundle as per your requirement.

Method 4 – Sling TV

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free on Firestick

Sling TV is another option to watch Yellowstone for free on firestick. To reduce your cable TV expenses, People use Sling TV on the firestick.

Sling TV has lots of channels to give you hassle-free entertainment. Here you can watch on-demand content.

The good thing is Sling TV is available on the Amazon app store so without using any downloader, you can install Sling TV on firestick.

Sling TV has a 7-day free trial plan. With the help of sling TV, you can watch all seasons of Yellowstone on firestick.

Method 5 – YouTube TV

YouTube TV has more than 85+ channels. YouTube TV is not free. It has paid plans. If you have access to YouTube TV, you can watch its content anytime.

YouTube TV is available for firestick. Once you install YouTube TV on firestick, you can watch any content from its channels.

Go to the paramount network channel on YouTube and search Yellowstone there. Yellowstone has more than one season. Open any season of Yellowstone that you want to watch.

Method 6 – Philo TV

Philo TV offers a wide range of programs that guarantee endless entertainment, with over 50,000 hours of on-demand video content, including movies, series, TV shows, and more.

With Philo, you have the freedom to watch unlimited programs and shows at your convenience, either immediately or by accessing the extensive on-demand library. Additionally, you can personalize your experience by creating up to 10 profiles on this platform, allowing each member of your household to have their own customized settings.

Furthermore, Philo enables you to share your screen with friends and family, enhancing the joy of watching together.

Philo is easily accessible through its website and is compatible with various devices such as Firestick, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere. Its impressive lineup includes 63 channels, featuring popular networks such as AMC, Animal Planet, Aspire TV, AXS TV, and America Heroes channel, among others.

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How To Watch Yellowstone Season 4 For Free on Firestick?

Every Yellowstone fan wants to watch its season 4. Those who have premium subscriptions to the peacock app can watch it. But what about those who want to watch Yellowstone for free.

To stream Yellowstone on firestick, you need the vidgo app. It has more than 100 channels. Paramount Network is included in the channel list. Open the Paramount channel, into the vidgo app to stream any season on the Yellowstone.

Why Does Firestick Crash Watching Yellowstone on Paramount?

If you are watching your favorite movie or web series and the firestick screen freeze or crash, it becomes very annoying.

Here are some common reasons for the repeated crashing of firestick while watching Yellowstone on paramount.

  • Out-of-date app
  • Wrong installation
  • Not enough space
  • Operating system
  • Weak internet connection

Try these solutions to fix the crash

  • Remove the old app and install a fresh version of the app.
  • Log out from the paramount network and firestick account. Now again login into both accounts
  • Check your WIFI or mobile internet speed. Restart the WIFI for better speed.
  • Update the OS of the firestick.
  • Check the space of the firestick. Remove the cache to make more space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What App on Firestick To Watch Yellowstone?

Peacock, Hulu, sling, and more apps are available on the firestick app store to watch Yellowstone. With these apps, you can watch all contents of the app. Without using any third-party app, you can install these apps into firestick.

Why Can’t I Watch The Yellowstone Series on Firestick?

Yellowstone series is not directly available on firestick. If you have a subscription to the peacock app, you can watch it. Due to the deal between paramount and peacock production, the Yellowstone series is only available on the peacock app.

How Much Is Paramount App on Firestick?

Paramount Network app is free of cost and available for the firestick. You can download it from the Amazon app store and can access its contents. But the paramount + app is different and it has paid plans. You can choose either a $5.99 or $9.99 plan.

Is Paramount Network Free With Amazon Prime?

Yes, the paramount network is free with amazon prime. You don’t need to pay any money to use it on the firestick.

Can I Watch Yellowstone on Firestick?

Yes, you can watch Yellowstone on firestick. People love to watch the drama of the Dutton family in the Yellowstone series. Use Hulu, Sling, Philo, paramount +, and other streaming services to watch Yellowstone for free.


Yellowstone is a popular TV show in the USA. This guide was all about how to watch Yellowstone for free on firestick. If you use any app which we have mentioned in this article, you can easily watch the Yellowstone series on firestick TV. You can watch any episode of Yellowstone on the demand.

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