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What first thing you do when you buy new android phone? Common answer for this is “We installs apps”. There are millions of apps on play store. Among these apps some are fake apps which are harmful for your phone. To secure your phone from hacker you should know how to identify fake apps in google play store?

Google regularly update their algorithm to detect FAKE APPS in play store. But developer somehow manage to upload fake apps on play store. Latest incident was happened with whatsapp. Last year fake whatsapp version was available on play store and around one million people downloaded fake whatsapp. Later google removed it from play store. Furthermore example of fake apps are available like swift key, vlc player etc.

Developer uses lookalike name and icon of popular apps to confuse users between original or fake. Sometime experienced person can’t just recognized that it is real or fake in first glimpse. Many of us assume that apps we are downloading from play store are safe in use but it not 100% true.

So be careful next time when you install any app. In this article we show you some methods How to identify fake apps in google play store.


Why they developed fake apps?

There may be several reason to develop fake apps but main two reason is First to steal your personal information from phone and second one is show adds without your permissions.

These apps may have malicious code that is inserted into your device at the time of installing. With this code they can spy your phone and steal your bank detail, personal detail etc.

How to identify fake apps in google play store?

Through search result in google play store

First thing you can do to spot any fake app pay attention on search result. When you search for any popular app then search results show many apps related to that keyword. If in results you show you repeated name or logo of apps then it should cause immediate suspicion that only one app among them is genuine.

Check app name and developer profile

To confuse user developer uses almost similar name and logo for fake app. They use any suffix or prefix in name of app so any user which is installing first time that app has chance to install fake app instead of real.

Sometime they added extra space or letter in app name which is hard to differentiate with real one. Like swiftkey keyboard, fake app was uploaded with name swift keyboard. Unaware user who didn’t know what real name of swiftkey keyboard was had chance to install fake app and same exactly happened.

If you can’t differentiate in name then check developer profile. When you click on any you can see developer name below app name. In below screenshot you can see that developer of PUBG mobile game is tencent games you can check developer profile.

In profile you should check that how many other apps has been developed by that developer. Genuine developer profile will be written in proper way and their website link will be attached in profile.

how to identify fake apps in google play store

User ratings and review

User rating and reviews play important role in finding fake apps. Before installing any app read its reviews and see ratings of apps. people who have used app before can be the best one to reveal the fact about app. Apps which has low user rating and lots of negative review has huge chance of being fake.

In screenshot you can see user writing about a free wifi app and they are giving bad reviews about it. Sometimes developers bought paid positive reviews about app so be sure check most of reviews not only the top reviews which may be fake.

fake apps in play store

Check numbers of downloads

This is another trust-able way to check whether app is fake or not. Popular app will have high number of downloads. Like in screenshot you can see instagram has downloads in billions. Any fake app will have download only in thousands. So we can easily identify which is genuine or which is fake.

android fake apps

Choose Editor’s choice and top developer

Google has started new feature called editor’s choice. In this google picked most famous and trust-able app in every category. So you can trust these apps. They are 100% genuine apps. Google also show in result that which are top developer. Top developer are those who makes reliable and genuine app.

What to do when you find a fake app?

If you find a fake app on play store first thing you should do that avoid to install that app. If you already had installed it then uninstall it immediately.

You should inform google about fake app. To inform google scroll down the app page at last you see report button is shown in screenshot. Click on FLAG AS INAPPROPRIATE you will be redirected to report page of google. Where you would be asked to choose reason for reporting the app. Google will check you objection and take appropriate decision according to them.

fake android apps


Google is trying hard to remove fake apps form play store. They regularly updated their algorithm to detect fake apps. But somehow fake apps are still on play store. We should also spread awareness about fake apps to other users.


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